Kannaway Leadership Expands With Legendary Network Marketing Industry Leader, Robert L. Dean, Jr.

Atlanta-Based Multimillionaire and Mentor to 500,000-Plus Worldwide Embraces Kannaway’s Hemp Lifestyle Revolution, Begins Educating Followers on Unique Business Opportunity

San Diego, CA – January 6, 2015 – Kannaway has started the New Year with a bang. Multimillionaire mentor, author of “The Dean Effect” and world-renowned network marketing sales leader, Robert L. Dean, Jr., has joined Kannaway, the network marketing industry’s rapidly growing hemp lifestyle company.

“I am looking forward to the run of my life with Kannaway!” Dean states.

Producing more than half a billion dollars in revenue throughout his entrepreneurial career, Dean is poised to have a profoundly positive impact on Kannaway’s expanding hemp lifestyle revolution.

Around the world, hemp is known as a “super food,” “low THC cannabis” and “industrial hemp.” The ancient plant is well documented for its unique capability of producing more than 25,000 products from building materials, clean energy, auto parts, functional foods, personal care products and so much more. The industrial hemp plant is cultivated for its hemp seeds (a.k.a. “hemp hearts”), hemp seed oil, and all-natural cannabidiol or “CBD” oil that cannot get anyone “high” or “stoned.” This is the main difference that is fueling the return of hemp to the domestic economy. As of this year’s November elections a total of 34 U.S. states, districts and territories now grant accessibility to some form of cannabis.

A reputable source for evaluating network marketing companies, Dean continues: “There are several reasons why I chose Kannaway to build a future with. First, the extremely strong base of products backed with a tremendous amount of documentation captured my attention. When researching the industry, timing of the hemp lifestyle revolution is perfect. After learning first-hand about Kannaway’s very strong corporate culture, solid management and sound financial position, I was sold on the huge income earning potential today as well as opportunities for long-term growth.”

Dean is an example of how success can be achieved in the network and relationship marketing industry. An Atlanta native, Dean was born to humble beginnings and was instilled with the value of hard work to achieve success. A former parcel delivery driver, Dean trail-blazed his way to the top and became a multimillionaire, experiencing the kind of success others only dream of. Using network and relationship marketing as a vehicle to financial freedom, he has helped more than 500,000 network marketing distributors in over 60 countries. His philosophy has created millionaires, has positively impacted lives around the world and is focused on giving back to the community.


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