Kannaway Advisory Board Member Wes Bishop Shares Why He Joined The Hemp Lifestyle Company

I had the privilege of sitting down with Wes Bishop as he and the Kannaway corporate team opened the new Dallas regional office for the Hemp Lifestyle Company.

Wes_BlogBishop is not the traditional network marketing leader I am use to chatting with. Although his tenure is massive in direct sales, his real business success has come from the real estate industry where he and his team have facilitated the sale of over $300 million is real estate transactions over the last few years.

Wes also sits on the Kannaway Field Advisory Board, alongside of Billy Funk and Charles Vest.

Below is the interview Kannaway just released on their news site. (Read Here)

Kannaway launched in 2014 as the pioneer in Hemp CBD Oils marketed through a network marketing business channel.

In February 2015, Medical Marijuana Inc (MJNA) entered into a definitive agreement to purchase the company after it was valued at over $150 million.

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