John Gopaul of Team 1 International Tells a Different Story About His Departure From Panther Mobile

John Gopaul and I have built a trusting relationship over the last six to nine months. So when I started hearing some critical issues about his affiliation with Panther I was concerned. So last week I posted those concerns, and made it clear if I found these allegations were true I would report on it.

John Gopaul took time to talk with me today, and made it very clear, he was ready to do whatever he needed to do to prove neither he nor his organization has done anything unethical or illegal while affiliated with Panther Mobile.

There is no doubt John Gopaul and Team 1 International have been working for months to find the right MLM Wireless Company, and that he was affiliate with Global Verge and Panther. He even contacted DNA asking them specific details and worked to create the best opportunity for his team. In the end he along with Chris Greco and several other leaders decided it was best they launch their own company Global Pros.

I have talked to several leaders on John Gopaul’s team and they all say the same thing. “John Gopaul is a servant leader, who looks out after his team, even if in the short team it is going to cost him money.”

Since we have yet to receive any documentation showing John or his team have done anything unethical or illegal it is out stance, that John is telling us the truth.

If or when we receive any documention from Panther stating otherwise we will post that info also.

I do have major concerns that it is purported Panther Mobile is owing commissions to several distributors, and that Panther makes it hard for people to cancel their monthly membership.

These are the same concerns I have about any MLM company who allows online signups, but does not allow online cancellations.

If you are owed commissions from Panther Mobile then please comment and let us know the amount owed so we can check into it.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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  1. Christopher …one more thing,

    Mr. Harry Aston IS one of the nicest people we've ever met as is Kevin Sipe and several other of the leaders @ Panther Mobile. We don't know your EXACT circumstance however, as prior posted, we WILL BE HAPPY to see what we can do in the way of helping you if you so desire.

    Panther Mobile DOES in fact have support tickets, a main number for support and also a LIVE chat where you can ask about and get answers to your concerns. Again, IF you are open to conversation, we will do everything we can to be helpful and attempt to get your issues resolved in a timely manner. Feel free to contact us @ 386-438-8056.

  2. Hey Christopher,

    If you read back, you'll find WE DID NOT say … "we don't think others should be paid also." We apologize if our words aren't always interpreted as intended and at times misunderstood as are everyone's – we're only human and aren't computers that write words perfectly to everyone's understanding. However, your reply certainly does give us the opportunity TO CLARIFY as best as is possible …

    *** You posted …"because YOU receive payment every month doesnt mean that I and many other people should not be, With your logic then it would be ok for your current employer to pay some people and not others and somehow that is fair".

    That WOULD NOT BE our logic and we actually DO AGREE WITH YOU and that EVERYONE WHO IS ACTIVE and NOT terminated or failed to pay their monthly membership fees – SHOULD BE PAID!

    *** You also posted …"You honestley believe that it is ok for a manager, owner, or employee to be rude to customers because business can be stressful."

    NO and that would be an INCORRECT assumption. OF COURSE Customer Service SHOULD ALWAYS be friendly, helpful and professional at ALL TIMES with NO EXCEPTIONS!

    What we DID say is …"Sometimes it IS just that person is having a bad day, may have an ill or dying relative or friend or …they may simply just not feel good themselves. Maybe like many of us marketers, not getting enough rest the night before or whatever else could happen along the way in each of our daily lives. "

    That DOES NOT MEAN that someone can justify rudeness on a regular basis as THERE IS NO EXCUSE for always being mean spirited, unhelpful, short or otherwise rude to anyone no matter what the circumstance, especially IN BUSINESS!

    We fortunately have NOT HAD some of the issues apparently SOME are concerned with @ Panther Mobile BUT …that DOES NOT exempt us from every having them as we're SURE that with being a newer company there ARE STILL some "tweeks and hiccups" to resolve as there are in any company new or already established.

    Please don't think we aren't concerned with people getting paid – we definitely ARE and would not want to be in that position ourselves. We have no "special" powers to change what is with others, only to emphathize and do our best to explain what we do know and see how we can help if possible.

    IF you'd be open to speaking with us concerning YOUR issues @ Panther Mobile – PLEASE FEEL FREE to contact us @ 386-438-8056. We don't know what or if we can help you but we'd certainly be open to meeting you by phone, having conversation and seeing how we can be helpful in YOUR situation!

  3. Armando…lets just say I have been watching and listening to Chris for months now , most of what I have heard was hype. I use to believe in him but since he has to failed to deliver twice I'm no longer a believer.

    And Armando, if you don't know do your research.

  4. In response to your post I would like to say that I am very happy that YOU have received payment every month from Panther Mobile. I hope that YOU and many other people receive there payments on time like a legitimate business should. But just because YOU receive payment every month doesnt mean that I and many other people should not be,With your logic then it would be ok for your current employer to pay some people and not others and somehow that is fair.You would be singing a different tune if you were the one not getting paid. Next I will address your comment about "rude management" and I will keep a straight face. You honestley believe that it is ok for a manager,owner,or employee to be rude to customers because business can be stressful. Hello have you ever heard of customer service. Have you ever worked for any company that says its ok to be rude to your customers because business is stressful. PLEEEZE! That is completely stupid. If you go into a store to customer service and the manager is rude to you its ok because business is is business. I dont know which stores you frequent but come on. If you say Harry is a nice guy and I have no reason to doubt you. But im telling you he was a complete jerk in our dealings with him,but I guess thats ok because its business.Oh and im not the only person he has not paid. I have over fifty yes I said fifty people in my downline that have not received payment.But YOU get paid and that makes it ok I guess.
    .-= christopher´s last blog .. Breaking MLM Wireless News: Global Verge Wins Judgement Against Zer01 and Ben Piilani =-.

  5. CHRIS GRECO IS A PASSIONATE BUSINESSMAN, I cannot wait for Chris to prove you guys wrong, Im sure chris knows this is his last chance to have a mlm division under his "REAL NAME" This guys no Phil Piccolo, so don't feed into any garbage you heard over at DNA, I don't care if you thought it was the best opportunity ever, IT WAS PROBABLY ONE OF THE WORST

    If you weren't smart enough to join Global Pros as well as DNA when they were together, then you really don't know what your doing, WHY WOULD YOU STRAIGHT TO THE OWNER OF THE PLANS, THAT WASN'T SMART AT ALL.

    ANYWYS Chris knows he can never start another mlm if this fails, so as you can see how he is defending himself here on MLM Help Desk, hes a serious guy, and HE HAS A MANGEMENT TEAM AND LAWYERS WORKING HARD TO MAKE HIM A SUCCESSFUL MLM CEO, he has never done this before

    He has the knowledge of prepaid wireless business, but not so much in the mlm industry, but so what, give the man a chance, hes not trying to sell u unlimited everything for 89.99 a month like PHPI

  6. Eric,

    First of all I find the article humorous, and sad at the same time. The blogger doesn't seem to ever provide any facts, just personal opinions, propaganda for the company is is currently marketing, baseless facts. If he truly talked to Long Beach or LA County, then he would have been given the following (which is public information) – The issuing agency, the date the warrant was issued, what the original charge is, and if the charge is bondable and the amount of the bond.

    I would guess this blogger was contacted by someone who has a beef to pick with Piccolo from the "Gas Deal" days.

    Now, let's take a logical look at things.

    1. Piccolo has lived in the same general location for years. If any law enforcement was interested in him, he is easy to find.
    2. Piccolo is actively giving his address all across the internet. So if they want to go pick him up or have the local authorities pick him up, it would be very easy.
    3. If there is an active warrant, it must be a misdemeanor or a very low Felony Class (non-extraditable) or the above would have already taken place.

    Now, since I personally have asked people to provide facts to us, and to date not one piece of valid documentation has been sent to our office, I am really concerned that again everything is just a rumor.

    Now I have talked to Lynn Edgington of Eagle Research Associates and he informed me he is "re-opening" an active investigation. So maybe he can give you some insight.

    Personally, I'm not going to spend time chasing rumors. When folks provide valid facts, we'll research.

    If you find out more keep us posted.

  7. I just came off the site, Phil Piccolo was addressing the warrant issue, He did not say that he didn't have them, This is interesting, just that it was a bunch of BS, Look I called the Long Beach Police Dept. I asked for the Warrants Division, they transfered me to County and low and Behold, Phillip Piccolo has Warrants for his arrest, They wont tell you what they are for but they do confirm it. So Troy can you let us know what this is about and what Phil has to say, Looks like he is hidding something and DNA affiliates should know.

  8. Chris is in the hospital for observation tonight. We have sent several emails back and forth and I would not be surprised if he is on his regularly scheduled Wednesday afternoon call.
    .-= Paul Douglas´s last blog .. So You Think Network Marketing Is Tough? =-.

  9. Chris is alive I spoke to him at the hospital by phone. The nurse was giving him a hard time about using a wireless phone at the hospital.

  10. Hey Bart,

    We'll state this again for those who did not read above. IF you terminated your position in Panther Mobile OR …IF you became inactive – don't expect to be paid commissions on your efforts. MOST if not ALL companies internet connected DO NOT PAY COMMISSIONS to ANYONE that HAS TERMINATED or BECOME INACTIVE!

    It would be neat if we could go back and make all the companies we've worked for and terminated our positions with PAY US the monies they owed us BEFORE the fact. But facts are facts and GETTING REAL – if you haven't been paid those are the ONLY TWO REASON's WHY you wouldn't be.

    Problem is: MOST people DO NOT READ the Terms and Conditions or Policies connected with the company and business they're becoming involved with. IF they do – THEY KNOW what the deal is BEFORE they hit the SUBMIT Button.

    Truly, we're sorry for your loss and maybe next time around ALL people WHO READ everything HERE at Troy's site will have a BETTER IDEA as to what expect the NEXT time around.

  11. I am giving a 5,000.00 Reward for people who were apart of Phil's Fiascos, in the past that have been burned, Who ever can show me they were in that company and royally screwed, If you can provide evidence he did something Illegal 10,000.00 The best information wins, We want this to help Troy expose this guy, I met him personally, What a scum bag, Everything is in his Wifes Name, LOL guess we know who wears the pants in that house. Phil your kids are telling on you. It is so so so so Funny, Your mouth is getting you exposed all on your own.

  12. Phil, LOL you are hysterical I can't wait till Chris gets home, look Phil your 100% right you were apart or the owner of multiple Failed companies that never paid people the commissions they were owed, Hey phil have you seen the story out on you, Active Warrants in California, WOW, I have to say I wish I could see you now like I did in Florida that day, I bet your face is ashen.

    Why are you so worried Phil, Is it because Jeff Long and others have followed Chris, ummmm, I think so, Your alexa ratings speak for themselves. Down Down Down, this month, And I love the Mr.P gimmick your using on the DNA calls, Your the owner Phil and Chris Exposed you, And hey who knows Maybe we will see you on an episode of DOG the BOUNTY HUNTER, LOL, Why don't you address the Warrants Phil? Also anyone that wants to confirm can call the Orange County Sheriffs Dept and the Long Beach Police Dept. Warrants Division to confirm, Not so sqeaky clean now huh Phil, Cant wait for your Radio Show with Troy so everyone in your past can tear you apart, Further, Go ahead hide behind the Kids, The Religion, Yup but your own Estranged Kids are calling you out. Nice, Facts are Facts Phil, Owner of DNA

  13. Christian,

    In the first place if you've terminated with Panther Mobile – don't expect a check or any form of payment for your past efforts. Usually when someone terminates or becomes inactive from ANY company – they don't get paid.

    On the other hand if you are STILL active, you have monies coming! The debit cards have been processed, loaded and sent out and you and everyone else who chose to apply for and ordered to order one should be receiving them within this week and next.

    As stated before – the Panther Mobile Debit Cards were NOT ordered individually. They were ordered in BULK after the company had a fair amount of orders. Panther Mobile is using the CARD FLEX program to issue Panther Mobile Debit Cards to those who ordered them as a means of payment for their commissions.

    In addition, since March, we have been paid each and every time on time and to the amount earned in commissions. Again – if a person IS inactive, they don't earn commissions. The only reason you would not have been paid commissions due is if you terminated your position and all payments to Panther Mobile for your monthly website and back office fees.

  14. Real Source,

    I appreciate where you are coming from. However, from the emails we have received and the complaints filed at the AG's office in Missouri, and the recorded calls from Global Verge, there was a problem with the software, or something because very successful networkers who do own their business, were charged after turning off their autoship. Although I do believe all or most of these situations were taken care of, it is clear there were issues.

  15. Tracy,

    Chris was in an accident, but from talking with Global Pros leadership he is not dead, and is doing well. I will post more as soon as all the news is in.

  16. Troy I have heard a nasty Rumor that Chris was involved in a Accident and maybe Hurt or even Killed, Can you find out what was going on, we had big news that was being announced on his call and now no one can get Chris and the Leadership isnt talking whats up.

    Tracy Bynum

    Team One International

    Global Pros

  17. Troy, I can't comment prior to June 09, but since then it has been that easy. Every GV rep has had the ability to go in their backoffice and turn off autoship or manually terminate their positions. It was the reps that didn't take ownership of their own business and left their autoship on and was charged each month. It's no different than any other company, a rep could be paying for their website each month on an autoship and just because the rep is not working the business doesn't mean that company won't charge you every month for your website. It's a business take ownership.

    Real Source

  18. Hey Troy,

    Praise The Lord for all you do to keep us informed.

    Troy, can you do a review on Savings Society and also on Traverus' new company launch

    of Hi5?

    Bless you Brother!

    In Christ Alone,

    Pastor Charles

  19. Money By Day 1 …

    You're absolutely right! If anyone isn't happy where they are, it's as simple as cancelling a catalog order. Simply call your bank and tell them you feel you've been frauded or had a debit on your account that you did not authorize.

    It WILL take up to 10 days to receive a new debit / credit card BUT …IT CAN BE DONE! It's a matter of inconvenience whereas IF you HAVE checks you can write, there shouldn't be a problem as your checks have nothing to do with your debit / credit card.

  20. Hey Armando,

    Try out 1200 Talk Minutes, 1200 Text Minutes and 50mgs of Data for a flat $29.95 per month!!!

    Now THAT is what we'd call progress!

    Doesn't matter anyway – why? Because in this industry called Telcom, there's always going to be a little thing called "competition" and the FACT is that the TOP 4 carriers aren't going to go that far and they don't have to. SIMPLE …competition being what it is in this world of ours and technology …it's just like the weather. WAIT 15 minutes and it will change and TOMORROW IS another day!

    If you're wondering WHY one is better over another – LOOK at your monthly bill. SEE what you have as far as Unlimited Voice, Unlimited Text and Data. The FACTS ARE:

    People WILL and DO CHOOSE what THEY are comfortable with. THEY CHOOSE what has worked for them BEFORE or WHAT IS cheaper and IS BEING PROVIDED! PEOPLE CHOOSE what's in THEIR budget NO MATTER how much or how little income they have to spend.

    NO ONE is doing it better than THE person or entity that ANY ONE INDIVIDUAL CHOOSES …period! Doesn't matter to SOME how MUCH they pay …ONLY THAT they have service!

    PIPE DREAMS are still PIPE DREAMS no matter how you cut it. CUT OUT the middle man and who knows? MAYBE we'd ALL be a little bit richer, ha!

  21. Stop with this $10 plan are you talking about the $10 plan on is $10 for FIVE DAYS… what $10 plan… there is no such animal… NO WHERE…

    its all BULLSHIT…

    I will pay $1000 reward for anyone to show me in writing a $10 a month plan for unlimited talk and text anywhere in the USA… for CELLULAR PLAN on the backbone of any of the major four… IT JUST DOES NOT EXIST…

  22. THAT IS 1000% B.S… NO ONE WAS EVER PROMISED TO GO ON TOP OF THE 112,000 now over 130,000… who ever sold you that crap you need to run… no one and we mean no one has ever gotten a free ride or a free lunch in DNA… Even Joe Reid came in and paid for his B.B.P. just like anyone… So you have been 100% HAD by your leaders… Another thing we at DNA think that MATRICES are for LOSERS… Promising SPILLOVER is the biggest SCAM EVER… and I know because I use to TRY to give SPILLOVER in fact I was the SPILLOVER KING… and in all the programs where I promised spillover and gave spillover… NOT ONE WORKED…

    In 50 years of MLM their is not a 2×10 or 3×10 matrix around… THEY JUST DO NOT WORK…

  23. Troy, I cannot comment on anything before June 2009, but since then it has been that simple, those options have always been available in everyone's backoffice to either turn off their autoship or terminate their position. Anyone that physically turned off or terminated their positions were not charged a penny, it was all the people that didn't take ownership of their own business and had left their auto ships on that continued to be charged.

    Real Source

  24. Real Source,

    Global Verge has not always been this easy. And even after canceling reps were still charged. Global Verge even addressed this issue on conference calls. this was not a dig at GV, it is a DIG on ALL companies who play the game of making it hard for reps to quit, when they lose faith in the company for whatever reason.

  25. Troy, I just listened to your post. The part where your talking about making it as easy to get out of a company as it is to get in, having a button to click to cancel your autoship, and not just using a support ticket. I wanted to correct your negative statement where you said Global Verge did this. Troy, how easy does someone need it. Every Global Verge rep can go into their backoffice under Manage Autoship and if they choose they can click the button that says cancel my autoship. Also they can go into their Account Settings and they can click on the Terminate my Subsctiption button. Keeping it real.

    Real Source

  26. What I would like to know is who has else has that nationwide coverage, Were not talking Metro PCS here. This is a nationwide CARRIER, unlimited talk, text, international text and calling and Web for 49.95, Please Jones Please tell me who that is, I have been in the business 11 years, and haven't seen it, what chris has brought to the table is amazing. Now that being said Who are YOU WITH? Global Verge, LOL, Panther LOL, WOW Mobile, LOL, Tell me who do you have and what do you have that is better?

  27. $10 Plan is not on the GP website. And you are not the only one with the 49.95 unlimited talk, text, and int calling. Oh, I'm not with DNA.

  28. The ten dollar planleft with me. And is being offered with global pros.

    We also are launching unlimited talk, text, int text, int calling for 49.95 as well
    The only nationwide prepaid with unlimited international calling by the way.
    How is that 49.95 plan at dna working for you with that contract? ………………………………………….. Exactly………

  29. Hey Troy. In reference to your request regarding non payment by Panther Mobile I also would like to throw myself in the mix. I contacted you approximately two weeks ago via this web site and explained that Panther Mobile had not sent me a mastercard for payment nor had sent anyone in my downline their mastercard for payment. Several attempts to contact Harry went unanswered. When Harry did call back my wife just happened to answer the phone call and received an extremely rude and unprofessional explanation from Harry Aston. Harry tried to make excuses as to why nobody had received mastercards for payment. I am due over $400.00 and many of my downline deserve their earned money as well. I am not trying to bash Panther Mobile or Harry Aston because its not in my nature to do so. I am however just relaying the facts. Many people including myself did work this company, brought in money, and deserve to be paid. What Panther has done thus far in my opinion is unethical,illegal,and gives honest mlm business a bad reputation. I hope Harry Aston fixes this problem. If my downline and myself receive payment soon I will post it as that is only fair. As always thank you Troy for letting me vent my issues.
    .-= christopher´s last blog .. John Gopaul of Team 1 International Tells a Different Story About His Departure From Panther Mobile =-.

  30. I agree as long as that $800 was not spent by her in paying 15 or more reps way into Panther.

  31. Paul, I will state that I have told people that if they had (for example) 2000 paid reps under them in a forced matrix, and they hit their qualifications, they could earn 'x' dollars as it (the comp plan) was set up. I told people not to quit their jobs, because it had not happened yet. I have never spoken to TJ before, but it is a dangerous game quoting money that someone could earn, before they ever do anything. I don't know TJ's total circumstance except what was posted. The thing that makes me nervous, is that it sounds like she paid for 33 reps and entered their information into Panther. That is not good business.

  32. Hey Bart,

    As to being one of SOMEONE ELSE's leader – WHY NOT BE YOUR OWN LEADER? You certainly HAVE the ability to LEAD your own team and the capability of BEING a LEADER on your own. GIVE YOURSELF CREDIT – it wasn't John GoPaul or ANYONE ELSE that made you WHO and HOW GOOD you are – IT WAS YOU ALL ON YOUR OWN and YOUR ABILITY that made you the LEADER YOU ARE!

    We just had to say that because it's NOT ANYONE ELSE who makes another a LEADER. It takes years, months, weeks and days to FIND yourself IN BUSINESS along with the WILLINGNESS, COMMITMENT and DESIRE to BECOME a LEADER! Obviously, YOU HAVE what it takes SO PLEASE …CREDIT YOURSELF and KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

    John C. Maxwell states in his book "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership" …"Being a Leader is No More and No Less than Influnce". We'd have to state that BEING a LEADER IS a little more than being INFLUENTIAL – It's KNOWING when, where and WHO to follow as well as KNOWING WHO to help, WHY to help and WHEN HELP is needed!

  33. Let's try this again …it doesn't say "Awaiting Moderation" …just the first sentence shows up, ha!

    Anyway …The THREE Key Aspects of Ethics:

    First, do no harm.

    The second involves the ability to discern right

    from wrong, good from evil, and propriety

    from impropriety.

    The third involves the commitment to do

    what is right, good and proper. Ethics entails

    action; it is not just a topic to mull or debate.

    It's truly sad when people don't recognize or

    refuse to abide by honesty, ethics and respect

    in business. People NEED to know and feel

    that they are important. People NEED to know

    that they CAN trust the person with who they're

    dealing with in business.

    We just hope and pray that lessons are learned

    throughout all of this and people understand

    that above all as important as they are themselves,

    others are too!

  34. Hey Christopher,

    Just wanted to put our $2.98 cents into the mix with your post. We have been in PM since February and HAVE BEEN PAID EVERY MONTH ON TIME EVERY TIME. The PM Debit Cards are being manufactured and loaded by a company out of Palm Beach, California and a very well known bank Wells Fargo. This is NOT secret information and in fact has been stated on every call since the PM Debit Cards came about as a member benefit.

    PM Members are allowed to PRE-ORDER their PM Debit Cards. As with anything else ordered online or out of a catalog and even from a bank – we're deaing with HUGE numbers of members that ordered their PM Debit Cards. PM Debit Cards are NOT ordered individually but in bulk. NOT everyone ordered the PM Debit Cards and in FACT …some CHOSE NOT TO have the PM Debit Card but to be PAID MONTHLY by Panther Mobile, Inc. check instead.

    As for "rudeness" – ANYONE IN business, let alone a CEO doesn't have alot of time to spend on the phone with each and every person that calls or emails them on a daily basis. That's simply a factor of doing business. Being a CEO of ANY company is a difficult and time taking job, let alone all the little quirks and issues that need resolving daily. We're sure that Mr. Aston had NO intention of being "rude" to anyone. Harry Aston is one of the nicest people you'd every want to know and is ALWAYS helping people NO MATTER what time of day or night.

    Fair to state: we all need to understand that IN BUSINESS …IT's BUSINESS and we all at times could use a little more patience and understanding. Yes we'd agree, there have been a lot of frustrations as there are in ANY business new or already established. If we can ALL just remember, we're human beings and in our current world of "instant gratification" it doesn't always happen that way.

    We have the understanding that when or if someone appears to be "rude", we don't take it personally UNLESS we know for a fact that is the person's personality or something has happened that would cause that person to be "rude" or "short" with us for any reason.

    Sometimes it's just that person is having a bad day, may have an ill or dying relative or friend or …they may simply just not feel good themselves. Maybe like many of us marketers, not getting enough rest the night before or whatever else could happen along the way in each of our daily lives.

    We all need to try being more understanding, find out the facts and then address them appropriately. In any event, things aren't always the way they seem and business "being business", not all of us are prepared to have a short conversation as we all have things we consider to be important enough to warrant a lenthgy conversation. In our opinion, you couldn't meet a nicer person than Harry Aston. He's a very busy man trying to field everything having to do with Panther Mobile, Inc. business and is doing one spectacular job!!

  35. Troy,

    I am a past Panther Rep that is due over $400 for what I brought into the company in April. I understand that they are supposed to pay us on the 15th of every month. I have been very unhappy with the customer service with Panther. I have attempted to get an idea of how I would be paid since I never did receive my Panther Mobile Card I was promised. I sent in the proper paperwork required to receive the card months ago and still have never received anything. IF I am going to get paid, it will be sometime this week. I will let you know if they send me a paycheck.

    Thanks Troy for looking after us!

  36. You know Sam, you and I spoke several times while all this transpired. Not once did you say that if I enrolled three, I would receive a check for $1500.00. In fact with anyone I spoke with at that time not once did anyone ever say, or promise to me that if I enrolled three, I would get a $1500. 00 check.

    Making any kind of income claim for recruiting activity is irresponsible, and in my not so humble opinion unethical. Sell the opportunity on its merits, not on outrageous claims.

    TJ, it is regrettable that your lifelong friend misinformed you either from his own enthusiasm, or due to the misinformation he received.
    .-= Paul Douglas´s last blog .. So You Think Network Marketing Is Tough? =-.

  37. Hey TJ,

    We agree with TROY – THANK YOU for the thought and element of research YOU did. In the first place, YOU ARE RIGHT regarding TRUTH: "the common denominator IS the people". SOME People CAN, DO and WILL say things that are illegal, dishonest, unethical and hurtful to others. LONG ago people dealt with each other with a simple nod and handshake. BACK THEN they COULD TAKE THE WORD of another …BUT NOW, it isn't always the best idea.

    Human beings sometimes can not help themselves or who they are but …THEY CAN CHANGE who they are and HOW they live their lives and do business. It's MORE a matter of what THEY have learned, HOW they've done things in the past and HOW willing THEY ARE or ARE NOT to accept BEING HONEST, RESPECTFUL of others in business and BEiING ETHICAL in ALL THEIR dealings. In the industry of networking and marketing – THERE ARE people WHO CARE LESS about the people they introduce to a business and PEOPLE WHO CARE MORE about THEMSELVES, THEIR FAME and THEIR INCOME than they do others!

    They will use "Christianity, Unethical Marketing Tactics, dishonesty" and literally MAKE ANY AND ALL ATTEMPTS TO GET what THEY want NO matter what it takes OR WHO IT HURTS. We even had a well known marketer tell us one time – "it's just business and marketing tactics". This was a person who always ended their message with "in God's Grip" in every email. We thought we knew this person …obviously we didn't know them as we thought we did and learned a difficult and heartbreaking lesson.

    WE CARE MORE about people and seeing them SUCCEED which is the REASON WHY WE put "principles and character" BEFORE the almighty dollar. UNLIKE SOME – WE GENUINELY CARE about people and that's THE one reason we've been able to meet and make LONG TERM friends in this industry. WE CHOOSE to take the HIGH ROAD rather than doing the "whatever it takes" and "fake it til you make it" routine implemented by THOSE that see things MUCH differently and MORE to THEIR OWN benefit INSTEAD of others. WE have learned that TO GET MORE …you MUST GIVE MORE!

    Zig Ziglar says …"If you can dream it, you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want."

    In the case of WHAT IS and WHAT ISN'T in this particular situation: TRUTH'S ARE NOT BEING TOLD on ALL fronts. People ARE definitely being "baited and switched". For THOSE INVOLVED in "strategically placing" OTHERS into positions in ANY one company: THOSE Personalities PRIDE THEMSELVES as someone BIG in the industry. They've literally APPOINTED themselves as "someone in the know" and WILL STOP at NOTHING to prove THEIR point. THOSE PEOPLE KNOW WHO THEY ARE and THEY KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE doing and HOW THEY ARE doing it. Sadly, someday soon, they TOO will find out what it's like to be part of the NFL CLUB i.e., NO Friends Left.

    SOME of the people we're all hearing about in fact …ARE demanding, overbearing, fast talkers, stalkers, interested ONLY in how many people they can place in a business for THEIR OWN FINANCIAL benefit. THEY WILL quote you "chapter and verse" of ANY business they've been a part of before and WILL quote you PEOPLE THEY KNOW. THEY WILL tell you ONLY THEY have the goods and ONLY THEY can provide what you want. THESE TYPES of PERSONALITIES WILL come into most ANY company demanding a HIGH position, compensation for their efforts and NOTARIETY as a company TOP's in the business!

    IF that doesn't speak to THIS SITUATION and HOW the truths have been TWISTED – we don't know what will …period! SIMPLY TAKING A PERSON AT THEIR WORD is something that came with a HANDSHAKE LONG AGO and …NOT HOW IT IS today. TODAY it's a HIGH RISK to take SOME PEOPLE at THEIR WORD and particularly in THIS situation. JUST BECAUSE a person is known in the industry (or thinks they are) , HAS TON's of MONEY (inherited, worked for, earned or gifted) …DOES NOT MEAN they are someone who can BE TRUSTED.

    ANY person CAN quote HOW a downline works or is supposed to and THEY CAN tell you HOW a business is formulated and created. THEY CAN tell you HOW you're going to make millions (starting with $1,500.00 for a mere 3 people you introduce to the business) …IF YOU do this and that according to THEIR instructions. Of course THEIR INSTRUCTIONS COME WITH and "IF" and a big one that CAN BE changed at ANY time to SUIT THEIR BENEFIT and NOT yours.

    THEY CAN promise you the moon with a golden rope tied around it, THEY CAN ALSO ALWAYS quote "racketeering" laws and other LEGALITIES having to do with business and even TELL YOU the names of some HIGH END business attorney's THEY know (or not). HOWEVER …the one thing THEY CAN NOT DO is tell you HOW to get OUT of something when THEY ARE THE ONE(s) that PUT YOU in an illegal, unethical and dishonest situation in the 1st place and WILL NOT help you once you've SIGNED or SUBMITTED your commitment. THEN it's ALL on YOU!

    THERE ARE SOME PEOPLE (who think so highly of themselves, time and monies put into their own efforts) that In order to be a part of THEIR team, THEY DEMAND along with checking off the Terms and Policies of the company THEY introduced you to …that YOU MUST ALSO be willing to SIGN OFF on THEIR SPECIFIC Terms and Policies and PAY EXTRA to be on THEIR SPECIFIC team. To the best of our knowledge this would be creating a company WITHIN a company WITHOUT the ORIGINAL company's permission to do so and WOULD be illegal, but what do we know?

    HERE IS WHAT WE DO KNOW and ADHERE TO: In business ethics there are …


  38. Chris,

    Although you and I do not see eye to eye on everything, your willingness to protect this gal's $800 outlay is a cool thing to do.

  39. Troy let me say this. We stopped providing phones, for reasons that ill just say well talk about later. We provided no phones after the 14th of march I believe.

    As for the girl above. I invite her to come into global pros and I will personally give her that 800.00 credit troy towards the company. Meaning she can be a pro and not pay a thing. Period that's what ill say on this situation.

  40. I wanted to point out something from TJ's post. First, I understand that that TJ was acting based on what a lifelong friend was saying and is very undrstandable. in my opinion the following should always be a big red flag to everone in this industry

    "BC told me there was a deadline and I needed to sign up as many people as possible because CG had made a deal with DNA that all of us that came over to DNA from PM would be placed at the top of their matrix above 112,000 people and if I signed up 3 people I would get a $1,500.00 check the next week"

    Now I am not naive enough to not know that this kind of manipulation goes on. In fact it goes on way to often. That does not make it any less unethical. In this case those 112,000 were getting it stuck to them. And if they will do that to them you can bet they will do it to you if they can make a dime. A clear case of "the rich getting richer" at the expense of honest hard working distributors.

    The simple lesson here is if someone approaches you about being "positioned" above those already here, don't walk away, run as if your life depended on it.


  41. Just wondering what you spent $800 on? Panther was $39.95. You upgraded to pro plus so one time $100 plus phone service in Panther 34.95 + $ 25 activation fee (did you ust the SEO? If not why not, you paid for it?). The Moto Q was what? $159 (you did send it back to PM, correct?). So you canceled 33 reps accounts? How did that happen? If I read correctly you paid for them (how can someone do that?)? But how do you cancel someone else's accounts(KS was party to that?)?

    I can't begin to express how sad I am that people lost money here. Just wondering what rational or understanding that made you think that if someone got 3 reps in DNA they would get $1500? Was it, if you went in the matrix (when one was supposed to come) at the top ( above the 100,000 reps in DNA) and paid your auto ship you would earn the matrix pay from your position and qualified by having 3 reps plus phone customers? But since the deal didn't happen, and there was no matrix to go into, you didn't pay any money, just the free signup in DNA (if you upgraded, they stated that they would refund you). I am sorry for any hype that you were exposed to, but Global Pros hadn't launched then, and has not yet launched now. If you are interested in looking at the opportunity when we have launched I will be happy to take the time to be on a conference with you and your current or perspective down line, to give you a no hype, facts only explanation of the products ans services, comp-plan, and Q&A. I would not recruit you under me, just give you the info you need to make an educated decision.

  42. TJ,

    Great information. I hope all parties responds to this post. Thank you for putting such thought into your post.

  43. Hi Troy:

    I agree with you on all counts. Who in this world that has had to struggle & scratch from the bottom up does not carry baggage. It is when great servant leaders take these people under their wings and teach them how to become all that they can become that the baggage begins to be left at the station.

    I have seen Chris make great strides in cleaning up his language and that has come about because of the great mentors that he has chosen to surround himself with. I feel that we will continue to watch Chris evolve into the great leader that I think he can be.

    I commend Susan & John for their insight and ability to see through the rough facade of Chris & see what is really inside. Bravo to both of them, as I feel that they have found the vehicle that is going to make a lot of people who choose to work hard, a lot of money. And, I feel that Chris is going to become someone who we will admire for all the personal growth that he will have done.

    So, thanks again, for allowing me the opportunity to comment on these people. "Escalante"……and for those who don't understand……..onwards and upwards!!!


  44. Wayne,

    this is good to know, and I want you to keep me posted on this paradigm shift. I do believe ALL people can change if they desire to make the changes.

  45. Now Wayne,

    I do have to agree with you on this one. Time will tell, but you make a valid point.

  46. MLME,

    First of all, we did not remove any post. So if anyone needs to lighten up it is you! So if you want to take the time to review the community you will find the post. Now I can say, I have not done a specific post on Global Pros as of this date.

    Since this community went online the only posts we have ever removed are those where the companies are now out of business. As for saying things bad about Chris, I am pretty sure every post we have ever put up where we mention Chris people have good and bad things to say.

    But, just so you can sleep soundly tonight, here are a list of the most current posts. And the next time you want your 15 minutes of fame, do your homework first. There is nothing that pisses me off more than someone who wants to YELL at folks, but don't hav a clue what they are talking about.

    Breaking MLM Wireless News: Global Verge Files Suit Against Chris Greco, Unlimited Wizard, and Panther Mobile

    Breaking MLM Wireless News: What Does Global Verge Data Network Affiliates and MLM Help Desk Have in Common?

    MLM Breaking Wireless News: Chris Greco Caught Live Defrauding MLM Wireless Distributors

  47. Eric,

    Thanks for the update. Sounds like something is happening, so please keep us posted.

  48. I have to say I met chris today. He brought new phones to the meeting and we saw the satelite phone. I am all in this is great troy. Chris will get better. They also had people from Brazilian carrier and they are opening in three counties. And McCormick as the lawyer that's strong Troy

  49. Hello Bart,

    I'm ErgomexMan and I live here in Ca. You should be able to just go to your Bank and cancel that credit card and get a new one. Yes I know its an inconvenience but its better than giving them your money for some thing YOU don't want any more! Get Out Now before they take more of your money.

    Take care And Good Luck.


  50. Troy WHY DID YOU REMOVE THAT ARTICLE YOU MADE THE OTHER DAY ABOUT GLOBAL PROS, ABOUT CHRIS GRECO, DID you remove it because nobody had anything bad to say about chris, all the comments were from people happy with chris greco saying they have their phones, and couldnt be happier with global pros and their service, at least 80 comments, and all were good about chris greco.


    You really need to lighten up, you could lose your respect

  51. As a footnote in response to Greco wanting to dominate the wireless industry. Troy you and I spent time with a guy wanting to dominate an industry just as big. You remember he was a little rough around the edges in the beginning, and sometimes added a little color in his rhetoric.

    What he was and what he became, and dominate the industry he did.

  52. Rick,

    Thank you for the comment. Chris has promised both the Terrestar and an unlocked iPhone to show the new hardware he can provide to the field. I will be posting this next week on the conversation Greco and I had Friday to give more details.

    Now on a more personal note. Rick, I love your signature "Future Wireless Millionaire" This shows your focus, and drive… There is no doubt in my mind you will make it happen.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  53. Bart,

    Thank you for posting. It will be interesting to find out why commissions have not been paid.

  54. Patti,

    I agree Susan like John is a great Servant Leader. You are with a great team of MLM field leaders who have the proven success record to make Global Pros work, as long as they have the right corporate leadership managing the company.

    And, if Chris continues to surround himself with leaders like John and Susan, then he may get some of the rough edges wore down, and learn what it takes to succeed in MLM. However, he brings a lot of baggage to the game, and only time will tell.

    Thank you for taking time to comment, it truly adds value for all who read it.

  55. hey troy,

    My name is bart collins I am one of john gopauls leaders,

    I have myself and several downline that did not get commissions

    due us in panther mobile. march $ 6.00, april $197.00, plus

    fast start bonuses these are just my amounts!! we have others

    that are owed 250.00-300.00 dallors in commissions, and our

    group is still charging our credit cards.


    Bart Collins

    Collins Communications

  56. Troy,

    Excellent post about John Gopaul, I think you really did hit the nail on the head in regards to his Servant Leadership role. I have been on many conference calls with him and I can say this without a doubt that his is 100% genuine in his commitment to the distributors of Global Pros and to building a company that we can all be proud to be associated with.

    Chris mentioned today in a conference call that you and Rod Cook would be receiving the Terrestar Satellite phones to try out the service as would several leaders in the field…. (I hope I am considered one of those!) Man I love technology, just ask my girlfriend it drives her nuts!

    I am really looking forward to taking on Peoplezwireless and the other companies out there with all of our products and services when we launch! This should be a lot of fun!

    Rick Weston

    Future Wireless Millionaire

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