Jamie Redman Reports: The Definitive OneCoin Ponzi Exposé

OneCoin: One of the Largest Digital Currency Scams Exposed By Tim Tayshun of ezCoinAccess

Bitcoin.com chatted with Tim Tayshun, owner, and operator of ezCoinAccess, who has been in the industry for quite some time. Tayshun gives our readers a definitive well-researched synopsis of the alleged Ponzi and cryptocurrency MLM scandal called Onecoin. He believes he has provided enough information here (which is extensive) to prove that Onecoin is indeed a scam and not the “Bitcoin Killer” it claims to be.  

BC: When did you first hear about Onecoin?

one-coin-debit-card-1024x687TT: Let me preface the rest of this interview by stating that I am SOURCING nearly everything possible from their original sources, despite the language. The information IS mostly available in English, if you look, but Onecoin Kool-Aid drinkers are very easy to dismiss any negative report on their company and have been deeply indoctrinated into believing that bloggers are just “PCP’s” (“Penny-chasing-parasites” who thrive on collecting advertising pennies by getting people to click-through the links on their pages, and who seek out Top Companies to attack and sensationalize lies about them).

A “PPP” is a “Pictureless Profile Prick” who comments on blogs or stories without an actual photo of their face on their thumbnail image, and who is just “jealous,” a “hater” or having “fear” (as opposed to “faith” in Ruja and Onecoin). This cult-like indoctrination and brainwashing literally causes them to proceed within the scam with 100% blinders on, believing ONLY what they are told by the Leaders, and NONE of the facts, evidence, and proof for which they are given from the “evil detractors.” Rather than following the dirty multi-million dollar money trail, which is lining the back pockets of the Top Leaders and co-conspirators in the scam, from themselves, the victims; their attention has been diverted to attack groups and people who are more likely to be considered Consumer Rights and Protections Advocates! It is true lunacy!

I first heard about Onecoin shortly after closely following the infamous Paycoin (XPY), GAW, Josh “Homero” Garza,“$20 Floor,” Merchants “Coming Sooooon!™” debacle and watching that train-wreck unwind. I remember thinking how absolutely crazy it was seeing their PayBase Logo flashed across the Miami Beach Hotel after-party and pool-side Paycoin HD commercials looped on every TV at TNABC 2015 (Onecoin tried demonstrating credibility by pulling a similarly expensive and 100% paid sponsorship stunt 9 months later by purchasing the 4th Annual EU – South East Europe Summit, held by The Economist)!

So, around March of last year, someone hit me up asking me if I wanted to join Onecoin. Onecoin is purported to be the “most transparent” cryptocurrency company (their *blockchain is “audited” – **read ridiculousness). However, they are both Centralized and Closed Source. Their claim is that they have “fixed” all of Bitcoin’s “flaws” and are “better than Bitcoin!” Ummmm… “Odd” – I thought. And about ten sec. after pulling up their embarrassingly novice looking website (perhaps speaking to their technical abilities to even make an alt-coin) and catching glaring spelling and grammatical errors, I realized that this was the first “cryptocurrency company” in the world, which did not even accept cryptocurrency!

For entertainment purposes, I decided to watch one of their terrible videos HERE: (Ruja describes “switching on” the blockchain),  and explains Onecoin “mining.”  Here I learned something about cryptocurrency “value,” which contradicted all previously known laws of supply & demand, which simply was that “the higher the mining difficulty, the higher the value of the coin!

BC: Can you tell our readers about the leaders of Onecoin? Such as Ruja Ignatova?

Dr-Ruja-on-ForbesTT: “Dr.” Ruja Ignatova has a fairly barren LinkedIn Profile and very little verifiable evidence for such an allegedly accomplished woman (dubious claims include: “200+ IQ/ MENSA Member,” “Business Woman of the Year, Bulgaria in both 2012 and 2014 [note: there is no such official award or Title],” “‘Expert’ in Cryptocurrency,” “Consulted cryptocurrency companies,” “has written a book on cryptocurrency,” and much more unverified claims). She is the Cult Leader, and there is some evidence suggesting that she and Sebastian Greenwood are really only the puppets to a far more sinister and nefarious criminal underbelly. But, let’s focus more on what we know and can prove.

So, here’s what we think we know:

  • She was an Associate Principal at the management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company (possibly from 2004 – 2009). She claims to have studied “Law and Economics” at Oxford in 2004. She claims to have received a  Doctor of Law (JD), Law, magna cum laude fromUniversity of Konstanz (1999 – 2002). Somewhere in between, she studied International Law. This would prove helpful for later setting up various shell companies to funnel around laundered money into real estate and other assets. She recently purchased over $20 million dollars worth of property in Bulgaria according to THIS investigative journalism in her local Newspaper in Sofia, Bulgaria. The article details much of how this money trail works, who the players are, and the insane amount of financial tributaries, which Prosecutors will eventually need to follow in order to recover any losses from this scam when it implodes.
  • We also know that her and her father, Plamen Ignatov, purchased and almost immediately bankrupted a company called Walthofener Gusswerk. The Workers Union, IG-Metal, filed criminal charges. Ruja was placed on probation and investigation for fraud in Bulgaria for stealing $1M euro and bankrupting the company, much of this is documented HERE and HERE.
  • One of the most important things we know is that Ruja founded a company called Crypto Real Investment Trust. Despite claims that she has (QUOTE) “never been involved in any MLM before Onecoin,” a damning and recently leaked video, proves she was clearly linked to another MLM ponzi scam called “BigCoin.”  This damning video features Ruja Ignatova speaking before an audience at the Kowloon, Shangri-La Hotel in Hong Kong in mid-2014, just three months before launching Onecoin. “BigCoin” was claimed to be “better than bitcoin/ the new bitcoin.” Its slogan was “The Future of Money.” Interestingly, Onecoin’s slogan is, “The Future of Payments.” (COMPARE).  Ruja’s company, CRIT, as detailed in the video, managed funds for both BigCoin and “Prosper Club.” These two scams were responsible for bilking investors out of over $50MM!!
  • The “Crypto Queen,” as she calls herself, an “EXPERT” in cryptocurrency claims Bitcoin started “before terrorist attacks and before September 11 (2001)” – EVERYONE knows that Bitcoin began in January 2009 (certainly, an “expert” would. Right?): TITLE: “Dr. Ruja “OneCoin” Ignatova in London 06. Feb. 2016:” See here starting at exactly 5:15 mark.

HERE is, I believe her first (and LAST) interview EVER with a cryptocurrency advocate group out of Estonia (where they are also under investigation).

Sebastian Greenwood is the Master Distributor at Onecoin. He was heavily involved in BigCoin (Onecoin’s immediate predecessor) and Prosper Club (AKA: Prosper Inc.) with partner/ scammers: Jarle Thorson and John Ng, which defrauded investors out of over $50MM. Ruja Ignatova appears to have essentially functioned as a Treasurer for this scam. Prior to this, He was also involved (as Global Product Mgr) in the SiteTalk/ Unaico scam, which followed the typical Ponzi playbook, and also cost investors tons, and which later merged a percentage of affiliates into what is now Onecoin. Additionally, he was CEO and Co-Founder of Loopium.

Nigel Allan was the first President and face of Onecoin, early on, coming freshly out of several scams which stole everyone’s money, including Crypto888 and Brilliant Carbon (which sold fake “carbon credits” to investors). He is a career criminal but had a falling out with Ruja in January of last year (probably too much dirt to wipe clean). Watch this short video for his and more of Sebastian’s history.

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