Breaking Update December 6th: Is RippLn ready to R.I.P. Or Is There More To The Story?

Breaking RippLn News December 6th, 2013: 

I just received a call from Brian Underwood and the RippLn Chat App is now live in both Apple and Andriod Platforms. There will e a special State of Play call tonight where the RippLn team will share more details.

For Apple Users:

For Android Users:


Over the Thanksgiving Holiday I started seeing a few articles come out on RippLn and the lack of communication coming from their camp. Then I started receiving some text, emails and social messages asking why RippLn communication had gone dormant.

Now I have to tell you, I was a little surprised, because I was receiving emails talking about the weekly calls, when I realized people were watching their Blog and social profiles.

And, when it came to the critics, I realized they were asking some good questions, so I reached out to Brian Underwood, co-founder and CEO of RippLn to ask a few questions of my own.



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