Is MonaVie Presidential Black Diamond Orrin Woodward Really A Servant Leader

Well, what do you think… Is MonaVie Presidential Black Diamond Orrin Woodward really a servant leader? If you are not sure then watch this video, then read some of what I found as I did the research for this leadership article on Orrin Woodward.

I first met Orrin late last year after I wrote a series of critical posts on Orrin’s move from Amway to MonaVie. And after reading his book, talking with him and some of his team, reading piles of court documents, I came to the realization that Orrin cares more for his team, than anything but his Lord and his family.

Now, before you go nuts and think I am going to write about his massive rise to the top of Monavie, you’re wrong. What I am going to look at in this article is his core belief system on Servant Leadership.

With Orrin it did not start with the release of “Launching A Leadership Revolution”, nope, it all started when he realized “everyone is called upon to be a leader in some capacity at a certain point in their lives.”

And between you and me, I think if he had not teamed up with Chris Brady (the funny man of the dynamic duo), he might not have gotten as far as he has.

OK, maybe he would have, but what he realized is, that by teaming up with his long time friend Chris Brady, they complemented each other’s weaknesses and over the last decade of so, they have not only seen their dreams come true, they have helped hundreds of others reach some of theirs also.

I’m not just talking about money earned, I’m talking about watching people pay off debt, send their kids to school, remodel their homes, go on dream vacations and most of all, give to their favorite social justice causes.

Now, Orrin Woodward, is not without controversy, or his own short comings. His departure from Amway, caused long term relationships to get stretched to new levels, and in some cases become a distant memory.

And even today, you can find people who will not agree with me, on my opinion of Orrin.

In so many ways he reminds me of one of my most respected mentors, Art Williams. When Art was building his company he became one of the most controversial figures in business history, especially in the life insurance industry. But, some 35 years later the company he build on Servant Leadership Principles still stands today. As a matter of fact “We The People” Own 80% of it’s parent company Citi Group. The company is Primerica. Art went on to become one of a handful of billionaires form Network Marketing, and is still controversial.

Orrin has his same passion for giving others the ability to see their dreams come true.

Here are a few links to Orrin’s articles, book and charity.

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Never Give Up,

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