Is Mike Dillard And His Online Empire For Real Or A House Of Cards

Mike Dillard came onto the Internet & Network Marketing Scene a few years ago when he published Magnetic Sponsoring.

Soon after the launch of Magnet Sponsoring he launched the Traffic Formula. Then last year he started a social community for Mike Dillard fans.

Well, Mike is back at it again. Last night I sat down and watched Mike’s promo video on his new Traffic Formula 2.

After watching the video I decided I could not sat back any longer and keep my mouth shut.

I’ve known Mike Dillard long before he was known as Magnetic Mike. Back when XanGo 100K Premier Mark Wieser recruited him into MLM.

Back when all of these guys were making tens of thousands of dollars a month promoting the world’s only MLM Lead generation and training company. And yes they were earning tens of thousands of dollars building their lists buying thousands of leads a month.

What I can say is Mike is a man of influence and one of the few people who puts his heart and soul into creating his training programs.

He lives fast works hard and shares the wealth with those who come to him for advice.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

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5 thoughts on “Is Mike Dillard And His Online Empire For Real Or A House Of Cards”

  1. @Susan – I'm confused by your comment. What does DUBLI have to do with this blog post about Mike Dillard? Did I miss something? … forgive me if i did!
    – Curt
    My recent post Ninja Marketing – Ninja Sales – Ninja Ads – Ninja PR

  2. I think the article is very informative and I tend to agree with Mike analysis. I do have one question. Are the discounts that Dubli offers through the department stores valid? Are these name brand department stores negotiating deals with Dubli or does Dubli acquire these discounts another way?
    If Dubli’s business practices are in question why would these stores deal with them?

  3. Very interesting stuff. Targeted, purchased leads seem to not be the “flavor du jour” at the moment (at least if you just look at what has the most buzz), but that obviously is not a true measure of their value. Numbers don’t lie, and the ROI figures provided in Enrique’s excellent article are compelling.

    Of particular interest should be the subject of branding yourself, rather than the system you are “participating” in. This is probably the Catch-22 of any affiliate program that features a dynamic personality as the big calling-card. There are certainly some pros and cons.

    Agree or disagree with his style, most all of us can learn from what Mike has done and is doing, from a business-case perspective, I’ll give you that.

  4. Enrique you make a great point.

    As a matter of fact in doing research last year on Funded Proposals from Mike Dillard, Ann Sieg, Ellie Drake, and mark Weiser, I have yet to find anyone who will step up to the plate and say “I just started earning six figures, rose to the top of my comp plan, or build a massive team in the primary company.”

    But, what I have found is that the creator of the funded proposal and those of us with large lists of current networkers all seem to make five to six figures from the sale of the info product being offered through the funded proposal.

    And I love your article it hit some very solid points.

    Plus with our Direct to Website leads, a person can still build a solid list, start building relationships with their new prospects, and only contact those who truly show an interest in their primary company.

  5. Okay Troy, so you like Mike. That’s great. Now that said, I don’t know of anyone that’s made it big in the industry building their primary company using any of his info products. If I’m incorrect, please give me a name that I can verify.

    I posted the untold story of funded proposals. You might let your readers know:

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