Is eFusjon Really A MLM Pyramid Scheme Or Just A Misunderstood MLM Company

Is eFusjon really a MLM pyramid scheme, or just a group of overzealous men who love network marketing distributors, but are confused on how to launch and grow a legitimate MLM company?

Now, don’t mistake my question above. I know the answer, or at least have a very strong opinion. However, this is a question which I keep hearing over and over.

Let’s take a look at some of the facts in the eFusjon class action lawsuit.

1. The company has a suggested retail price of $140.00 per case or $2.92 per can of the eFusjon Energy Drink. Which is less than it costs the distributor at wholesale. At wholesale the eFusjon distributor pays $120.00 per case, plus shipping of around $36.00 or more. Making the wholesale cost per can at $3.25 or higher, providing the eFusjon distributor with a loss of $0.33 per can. There is no way for the distributor to retail product and make any kind of a profit, outside of recruiting into the eFusjon matrix compensation plan.

2. Now some may say “eFusjon allows their reps to retail the eFusjon energy drink via their replicated websites.” Which is true. The product can be bought in units for $35.00 with a commission to the rep of 4.5%. So for ever $35.00 of retail product an eFusjon rep earns $1.58. Yet for every new eFusjon rep they sponsor into the matrix compensation plan they earn $75.00. So what is the incentive to retail eFusjon product?

3. For every $360.00 in new volume (according to the compensation plan pdf, new volume is 3 new distributors at $120 each), the eFusjon distributor earns a $200.00 bonus. Again, all the volume and money is coming through the matrix, not from retail sales.

4. As an eFusjon associate (someone who has paid $30.00 and who is forced to be on $120.00 autoship) doesn’t earn any money from their personal sales, or the personal sales of the first two distributors they enroll into eFusjon. It is not until a distributor recruits 3 people into the eFusjon matrix before they are allowed to earn any commissions. Not even from the retail sales through their replicated eFusjon website.

This is just four examples of why eFusjon falls under the legal definition of a MLM pyramid scheme, “pay-to-play” and why this class action lawsuit was file on behalf of former and current eFusjon distributors.

The Purpose Of The Class Action Lawsuit

eFusjon Compensation Plan Document

eFusjon Class Action Lawsuit

The Attorneys Involved

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Although I have strong beliefs on this case, I am 100% open to feedback and comments.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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6 thoughts on “Is eFusjon Really A MLM Pyramid Scheme Or Just A Misunderstood MLM Company”

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  4. Hello Troy, I unfortunatey was also a distributor for Efusjon. I joined April 17th. I got my 3 people within 1 week and helped them get their 3 people. Within three months I was making $470.00 minus the $165.00 for autoship which actually gave me a residual of $305.00 (not bad). I spend countless hours (no complaints) in presentations and giving presentations as well. I was told that the $5.00 paid on any overlap would always continue for people that enrolled prior to May 1, 2009. Well, that obviously was not the case and after changing the comp plan 3 times; I had no reason to trust Efusjon. I along with many others, were slapped in the face with the BS that Efusjon had to dish out with no logical explanation. Many people left their full time jobs that they had been with because they were making enough money to pay their mortages. Efusjon and the promises they made "The Pay It Forward" concept was again another lie. Many people have been hurt, and again; I can't express enough that the lawsuit is very well justified. Thank you for your post. Melissa

  5. Derek,

    Thank you for the kind words. Like you I hate seeing this kind of company out there hurting good folks.

  6. Great posting, Troy. Companies like eFusjon give a bad name to other MLMs. It's always the rotten apple that gets so attention and reflects badly on the rest of the bushel. Kudos to Kevin for action today to limit heartache for thousands of distributors tomorrow.

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