Internet Safety News: What To Do When You Are Hacked

<h1> I’ve Been Hacked, Now What?</h1>

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John R. Quain over at Fox News wrote a great article on what to do when you’ve been hacked.

One item I found very straightforward is the fact you will get HACKED! It is not a matter of will or won’t it is when.

“You’re going to get hacked. And no matter how careful you think you are, the truth is there’s nothing you can do to stop it.”

This is a must read article when it comes to better understand how to protect yourself and use best practices in and around Internet Safety.

– <a href=””>Apple and Google tracking innocent Internet customers</a>
-<a href=””> Sony’s PlayStation Network hacked</a>
<a href=””>-TomTom selling personal data</a>
<strong>Here are a few Internet safety tips:</strong>

1. Assume your computer may have already been hacked and go from free anti-virus to a paid subscription. Collective Intelligence provided by <a href=””>IgniteSecure</a> is one solution powered by <a href=””>Panda’s Cloud Security Engine</a>.

2. Take action into your own hands and pro-actively monitor your personal information. <a href=””>INVISUS</a> offers a great service called <a href=””>iDefend</a> which provides constant monitoring of personal information to protect against identity theft. <a href=””> INVISUS</a> has also created a package where you can protect your identity, computer and get live US based tech support at a discount called<a href=””> iCare</a>.
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Take some time and read John Quain’s full article here on Fox News.</a>

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