Internet Marketing Is Exploding According To Google

If you think the Economy is upside down and we are heading towards a recession, well think again. According to Google – Internet Marketing is Exploding! Which means, your MLM Internet business should be Exploding.

Google released their third quarter earnings and what a powerful blow to the media hype about the Economy being upside down and we are heading towards a depression.

Now don’t get me wrong, we all know there are some major issues with the economy and people from the bottom to the top got greedy over the last few years and spent more than they were earning.

But look at these numbers. Just last quarter Google’s earnings jumped 26%. WOW! This was the same quarter when both Presidential candidates, Congress, The President and just about everyone else were scrambling to bailout Wall Street.

Here is what these numbers represent:

Google made $1.35 billion dollars for the 3rd quarter of 2008. For the year there have earned $5.54 billion dollars, which is a 31% jump over 2007.

Now listen up! If Internet Marketing was dying and people were not buying products and services, the advertisers would not be paying Google, and Google would have seen a decline in 3rd quarter revenues.

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