I Love MLM But I Hate The MLM Egos Who Screw It Up For Everyone

One of my mentors and close friends Rod Cook “The MLM WatchDog” announced today that Amway is suing MonaVie.

Now on the surface, most folks will say, this is just one big company trying to put a smaller company out of business. But that is the furthest thing from the truth.

See this whole mlm nightmare starts way back last year when a few Amway Top Distributors started believing their own press, and decided they were big enough, and had enough influence to force Amway to do things their way.

When all the dust settled both sides had said and done things that would forever break what had been a solid business partnership for years. Not only did they hurt each other, they hurt tens of thousands of good distributors,who were not close enough to the top, nor had the energy or time to do their own investigation to know the truth.

As a Board Member of The DRA, I took the time to dig into the court records and found both sides let their ego get out of hand. And now we get round five, or maybe six.

And all this does is hurt us all. Network marketing is about finding a company with the right combination of services, products, leadership, compensation and crusade for us to use it as a vehicle to reach our dreams and goals.

Over the last 40+ years Amway has proven over and over they are the type of company that can create millionaires. As a matter of fact most of the top companies today have former top Amway leaders as top earners.

So what causes a divorce between business partners?  I believe it is the same thing that causes divorces between people.

1. Communication

2. Money

Statistics show us the most couples get divorced because if money and communication issues. When it is money, it can be due to having to much or not enough. And when it is communication it can be because of a lack of open communication (which leads to loneliness, distrust and even affairs because someone else takes time to listen.)

Well the same thing rings true with top leaders decide to leave their chosen primary company. When it is money, it can be due to the fact the company changes its compensation plan and takes money from the top leaders to give to the average distributor, or because the company causes the top leaders to get off their butt and go to work. And yes, every so often it is because the company just takes it away.

Another money reason, is when the ego of the leaders become so big, they believe they deserve more, and should be allowed to violate the P&Ps of the company or worse yet, violate federal laws.

Ok, back to open communication. When a company makes decisions without consulting with thier top field leaders, this can also cause a divorce. Sometimes it can be a small thing, and other times it can be huge.

But no matter what, when a divorce takes place people get hurt. And in most cases people quit network marketing with a bad taste in their mouths.

No matter what side of the current divorce you may fall on, remember we all want the same thing… To see our dreams and goals come true through network marketing.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

The Caretaker

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