How To Win The MLM Energy Wars

You may not even know there are any MLM Energy Wars going on right now, let alone how to win them. But take a second and watch this video and read this article and you will know how to win the mlm energy wars going forward.

It is truly amazing how just a few years ago we were facing the MLM Juice wars between Noni, XanGo, Vemma, Lima, Goji.

Then came the Energy Drink wars – Nope that one was won before it got started by Drink ACT who hit the ground running and gave away millions of free samples, and now lead the pack.

But, even after reaching over $500 million per year in less than three years, Ignite Energy is not even close at winning the MLM Energy war.

This is truly the new wave of companies and like Excel Communication, these new energy companies are going to dominate in the next few years IF… They can keep their distributors in line, and focus on long term growth, and not just short term quick cash.

Rod Cook the MLM Watchdog has written a great article on this very subject. After you watch the video above go read what Rod has to say.

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Troy Dooly

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10 thoughts on “How To Win The MLM Energy Wars”

  1. @Denis,
    The original service we used at the time has shut down. I will be doing an update over the next several weeks on many of the old post as we see where traffic is going.

  2. Troy, I think your iframe where the video is supposed to be doesn’t work any more. Is there any way to fix this and have users be able to see the video you mention in the post?

  3. Zurvita,

    This is great. I am going to be doing a three to five part series coming up pretty quick.

  4. Hi Troy,

    Thought I'd jump in here and give some answers as to just how Zurvita is doing…albeit a few weeks behind this posting (this one is buried!).

    Zurvita is doing great! As you mentioned, we acquired the rights to market the LocalAdLink product from its original company. We also absorbed their distributor base (the ones willing to come on…it was no secret that LAL had it's issues as its own company).

    But the product has been improved and, most importantly, clients are seeing results.

    This past weekend was our Freedom Crusade, one of two annual conferences that Zurvita holds. At this conference, they laid out a one year plan with a very small team size (20 total working reps, to be exact) and how to break the six figure mark with just 20 people. Yes, it takes work by all 20 and you, but its a plan based on consistent effort and the math behind how the product pays.

    We also launched a video phone service that will be available to the public in the near future (1 month or so). It is open to reps right now…I plan on ordering the middle of the month.

    On the energy front, we have expanded into commercial energy over the last 6 months or so, with Texas and California being the first two states.

    And so many other things, its hard to break it all down.

    Zurvita's goal is to provide networkers the ability to choose how they want to build their business: With our great line of consumer products, or in our new B2B model (or, as we like to call it, the Z2B model).

    It was great stuff all weekend long. We heard from 3 retired NBA players who all joined Zurvita as consultants (i.e. reps)…they all have big goals and dreams to build this business with us.

    I try to keep things up to date on my blog…but yes, try to grab Mark sometime and do an interview. He's an incredibly humble servant leader and awesome CEO.

    My recent post Zurvita Freedom Crusade – Day 2 And Wrap Up

  5. Jesus Collazo,

    Have not done anything lately on ZurVita but they are doing great. The bought the rights to the Local Ad Link software and gave a home to some great reps for the old LAL company.

    I'll reach out to Mark Jarvis this next week and see if we can schedule a good solid review on the company for all who read the blog.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  6. Troy , do you have any updates on zurvita, how they are doing. Would appreciate it. Siemper fi devildog

  7. In the first paragraph of this post you say:

    But take a second and watch this video and read this article and you will know how to win the mlm energy wars going forward.

    But I don't see a video.


    Sherry 🙂

  8. Hey Troy,
    You say to watch the video in this post, but there is no video as far as I can see.
    All the best,

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