How To Use Web Based Streaming Video For The First Time

Using Web Based Streaming Video is one of the best ways to attract quality prospects to your replicating website, blog, or online marketing system.

But… Doing it the wrong way, will drive your prospects away, instead of attracting them to your Call To Action!

Most people think (and most guru’s teach), that the best way to get your message out, is using YouTube or one of the hundreds of social video sharing site available today. Yes, you can drive unlimited targeted traffic to your site. But the goal is NOT “unlimited traffic, it’s HIGHLY TARGETED Taffic”

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A few days ago Enrique Garibay, the founder of, and (the world’s only Macro-marketing Web 2.0 streaming media and communication platform) wrote a great article on Video Marketing.

And in the article he shared the 3 main reasons you DO NOT want to use Google Video, YouTube or any other social video hosting site as your main video delivery source. This is a must read, if you are using videos or are about to start using videos on your blog or websites.

Here is a great example of exactly what I am talking about.

Video Sharing Sites

Notice how some competitor sites show up? And worse yet, this video is showing up with some pretty questionable if not outright porn videos.

Go read Enrique’s article for even more tips.

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