How To Get Your Global Verge Refund Or Dispute The Charges

How To: Get your Global Verge Refund or dispute the charges correctly. I have received several emails and phones from Global Verge distributors who have requested refunds and have not received them, or have been told the Global Verge legal team is not issuing refunds. This short post should help anyone in this position.

Let me explain what you should and should not do, when contacting Global Verge, your credit card company and/or the Attorney General of your state and the state of Missouri.

1. When contacting Global Verge, DO NOT send an email. With email you have no way of knowing it was delivered. Instead, write a Refund Request letter to Global Verge. Include the dates of the charge, the amount of the charge, and what the charges are for. Make sure you give Global Verge a specific date (10 days) when you expect the refund back into your account or back on your credit card. Make sure you included your Global Verge ID number, and all your contact info. Signed it and send it Certified mail, with Return Receipt Requested.

2. If the ten days come and go, and you do not receive any type of refund and/or response from Global Verge, then it’s time for a second letter. This letter will be addressed to your state Attorney General, your Credit Card company and the Attorney General of the state of Missouri. You will include a copy of the letter and Return Receipt showing Global Verge received your letter. Share all the information you sent to GLobal Verge, and add to this information the fact you have not heard back from Global Verge. If you have left messages and sent emails then add those dates and copies of the emails. Send Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested.

3. Send, a separate Certified Letter directly to your Credit Card company, disputing the charges from Global Verge. Share all the information you have provided above, and make it very clear the company has not responed to your request.

The above steps should start the process of you getting a refund.


If you waited to request your refund after the cutoff date, you may be out of luck.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

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20 thoughts on “How To Get Your Global Verge Refund Or Dispute The Charges”

  1. Suckers …Really? As unprofessional as that comment was …

    Better to have a little faith than to go out and bombard the neighbors pig pen with heavy cannons and end up with the pigs mud all over you too! We're all out here trying to make a decent and hopefully honest income. It does no one, no good to name call and sanctimoniously suppose they have all the answers as to why something works or doesn't work!

    Everyone with any experience and knowledge in this industry knows the hiccups that come with start ups and then some! Let's not all assume that Global Verge people are bad and uninformed people, they're not! They may just have faith the size of a mustard seed …but they have it and that's all that counts! It's people with fortitude and true strength that recognize everything doesn't always come easily in life and that some things are better left to individual decision!

  2. GV Sucks,

    If you have documentation, please send it to me for review at and if it can be validated as legit (I think you understand) then we will gladly post it.

    If you have questions call me.

    Living An Epic Adventure.


  3. Here Here to Brian,

    You are so correct. So many of us invested our trust in GV and they lied through their teeth to us. Every single deal that Mark Petchels has bin involved with ended with someone losing money or a lawsuit. We had him investigated by the FBI and he does not have ONE legit deal to his name. The guy is a Mini Michael Milken without the brains and about enough Charisma to dazzle the below 90 IQ crowd.

    Jim Hellman is a person that gives this industry the reputation it does not deserve. He and several other leaders where left to run freely with both Mark and Ted knowing all to well they where using 5G, 6 way video, 180 Meg download speeds and all the other crap. They didn't care as it created the frenzy that brought in 50,000 reps. Dust settles, they take some heat, and there will still be enough "unknowing" to stay in the system.

    If you Troy would allow us to post documents I could show exactly what these scum bags have been up to. The whole story from Everge, investors, no payment on commissions to distributors and on it goes. It is insane how deceitful these guys have been and still manage to keep a following. If you where truly a Voice for the people you would enable us to share these docs with your loyalists!

    And so it is………….

  4. Oh my. I was a Buzzirk Rep also. I was strung along like the rest of the heard. I always keep and ear and eye out for new info. The latest is mobile phone service will be available Oct 19th. ( what year i dont know)

    I belong to a certain forum where members are so excited about this news. Its so pathetic. Some say they want the Mandi product and cant wait and really are excited. For anybody that dosent know Mandi a few years old and could be incorporated into any phone carrier if they wished. My point is if GV is touting Mandy as there #1 product. no longer is it the phone service. they have shifted there focus and some people are blind to this. Truly sheep being led to the slaughter.

    Anyhow so far i know a dozen or so people that haven't been paid or weren't paid correctly. This shows me this company just dosent have any integrity. How can you trust a company that still hasn't paid there reps correctly? I can guarantee October ends without a phone and another laundry list of excuses.

    One final insult from global verge is they no longer hold live calls. So any call is a carefully scripted and choreographed Broadway show.

    Good luck suckers! I wash my hands of this!

  5. Randy,

    This is a good thing. At least this time around, they slowed down and seems to be making sure things are in place, before the HYPE!

    Keep us posted.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  6. Globalverge has posted dates about the launch of all their products. Im not saying it will happen, but they look like they are making strides.

  7. Brian,

    Happy to see there are individuals out there that recognize and don't agree with 'snakelike' tactics like what Steve Lewis pulled. Maybe Televarus should hve dug alittle deeper before they hired him to be their spokesperson!!!

  8. Brian,

    Thank you for sharing a personal testimonial. These type of testimonials give folks who are doing their research the ability to read first hand from someone who did not join WOW Mobile blindly.

    Please keep us posted on your success.

    I do have one question. This question raised some concerns for me yesterday, when it was received from a subscriber.

    In his email, he said, WOW Mobile is not accepting credit cards at this time, to join. Instead if you want to be a rep you have to do a bank draft. Is this correct?

    Never Give Up,


  9. Troy, My wife and I stuck with GV for 14 weeks. We were totally committed to this program, going through our savings and driving more than 10 thousand miles doing meetings. In retrospect, if we weighed decisions about building an MLM business as we would with a traditional business, we would have been a lot better off.

    We heard great things about 5G and 2100mhz, delivery being on track for early July. This was from corporate calls as far back as early June.

    I have switched to Randy Jeffers program and though there issues with Destiny, I am very happy to say, we now have a phone and our first check.

    This is a fascinating industry, filled with solid people as well as people lacking ethics. We did not receive our July commissions from GV, and as far as only 4 people missing their checks, I know more than 20 that have not. It should be the last hurrah for these folks, especially when you have master distributors lying through their teeth about speaking on the network,(Jim Hellman ).

    Corporate does calls and they cannot give a straight answer about phone delivery, you see why this is ready to collapse. Steve Lewis behavior after leaving, when he was calling and emailing distributors, was absolutely despicable.

    As I said there are good people and seemingly, alot more who lack ethics.

    All the best.

  10. Jim,

    I do find your comments funny. It is very clear, you are clueless to what I stand for. But it is fun living in America where we all have the Right and Freedom to stick our feet as far down our throat as we can.

    So, while you are pulling your out of our throat, let me clarify some things for you.

    1. Read my bio and you will see very clearly which company I happen to promote.

    2. I have personally know Steve Schultz for years, and have supported his organization in training, leads and marketing for close to a decade. SO when I personally ask Steve a question, yes I fully believe what he tells me, because in all the years I have known him he has NEVER lied to me.

    3. I’m a Southern boy, I would not be on staff of a Yankee run company, because they would all look at me with as stange of look as I would have towards them. Have you ever heard a Yankee talk? They have funny accents.

    4. I’m a Federalist. My family has been fighting Terrorism since 1861. I truly don’t think the Democratic party would not accept me for membership, let alone an office position. However, if they did, we might get a few things straightens out.

    I am glad you are willing to use your Right to speak freely. And as you can see, unlike a Democrat, I published your comment, and did not change any of your words to make it politically correct and change your meaning.

    Never Give Up,


  11. Jim,

    My hat is off to you, and I 100% respect your stance.

    However, if you do take the time to review the working relationship between Buzzirk and Zer01, you may find all the blame is not on the back of Zer01. As a matter of fact, it all started with the Buzzirk top leadership inside and in the field, who started off hyping everything before they had they facts straight.

    Leaders never shift blame to others. Leaders understand when things go great, it’s their team who caused it to happen. They also understand when things go bad, they take full responsibility.

    Never Give Up,


  12. LOL…

    Well, I do know where you are coming from. But my hat is off to the Tanitansy of the die hard GV field force. Those left have truly signed on to the brand, and it is that type of attitude which may keep this company alive.

    Never Give Up,

  13. Troy

    I was shocked to open my email box and see a email of someone still pushinh buzzirk like nothing happened. So all I asked was when are the phones coming?

    His answer now question are they really still trying to come out with the same product zer01 was offering?

    Hi, Kerry –

    Since one question generally lead to another, I thought I would just send my
    latest update which I distribute to those who have expressed such interest:

    *I projected in my last update that some fashion of a Buzzirk Mobile
    timeline would be officially published upon my return from a Labor Day
    Holiday of frustrating golf. It didn’t happen, did it ….? That was
    really disappointing to me.

    *I do, however, have some insight, albeit “unofficial” but from a credible
    source, that limited mobile product will be available in 2-3 weeks with
    complete rollout by October 1. Now, that’s a Thursday, so it may lag until
    the following week. I’m tired of these delays even though it is a realistic
    target given all that Global Verge is attempting to do.

    *Regarding the product, the “mole” shared that GV has multiple agreements
    with multiple carriers to offer a broad range of product which will be
    available concurrent with the introduction. So, as soon as announcements
    are published, orders can be taken & product can be shipped. *

    – *The carriers included will blanket the networks & extend beyond the
    original GSM which will also address the “4g” issue. *
    – *Price points are expected to be as previously announced, $80 & $90,
    bottom line.*
    – *No contract.*
    – *Self activation*

    *BTW, the extent of product & service, along with the immediacy of
    availability, is far beyond what Zer01 projected. I believe the Zer01
    description remains a deep mystery.*

    *Nonetheless, the land-line based VoIP Product is now available. I must
    admit that I don’t know much about this since I just have a cell phone. Those
    closer really like its lower price & international capabilities through the
    “Mandi” concierge service. Inphonex is the carrier which is a replicate of
    Vonage. This service can further be integrated into the Buzzirk Mobile
    handset. Check it out for yourself; there’s a video on the website.

    *While you’re there, checkout the new program in ** This
    program presents each member with a $25 certificate for use at select local
    restaurants every month at No Cost** to you. Free! So, this lowers your
    net monthly investment, doesn’t it? *

    *Other than that, Buzzirk Mobile is preparing videos, press releases &
    testimonials. That’s what they say. We have all heard this before. We’ll

    *In the meantime, I have embarked on one or two other ventures while this
    one stews. I believe in the Buzzirk opportunity, but the bill collector’s
    won’t sit around while we all continue to wait. If you are interested in
    exploring another good opportunity, also low investment – high return,
    return an email.*

    * Take care,*


  14. Why not give Global Verge the credit they deserve. Not their fault that Zer01 could not deliver. I am sticking with GV and we will laugh at your silly comments later.


  15. And I guess you personally checked out FDI’s computer glitch? Seems like you are either a FDI Distrubutor or you should be on the staff. You should run for an office in the Democratic Party, you would do well.

  16. Excited,

    I have heard from several folks who HAVE received refunds, so I think you are right. However, there may be a few who just slipped through the cracks.

    Now let’s set the record straight. FDI is NOT short on phones. However, if you read my last post, they did have a computer glitch with their shipping company software, and had to manually take care of 3500 phones.

    Never Give Up,


  17. AM,

    What have you been smoking? 🙂 FDI has had phones in the field since last month. If you take into account GI Connects 6 year history, they have had phones in the field for years. GV still doesn’t have phones in the field. As for Televerus, the did move fast also.

    As for joining any company, do your homework. I’m not with any of the wireless companies, and will not join one.

    Personally, I just don’t get the hype. All this technology has been around for years. Besides where is the security? Anyone using a cell phone with a sim card on an open network is leaving themselves wide open for a breach of privacy.

    You guys have fun, and I’ll gladly watch. 🙂

    Keep it rocking.

    Never Give Up,


  18. yea,yea,yea, FDI aonther GLOBAL VERGE lets face it Troy stop the promotional with FDI simple another Comming Soon is goin on with this VOIP FDI is not been able to developed the big idea from smart guys in side of FDI and GV they have same problems as GV…like it or not…
    from the otherside TRAVERUS/TELEVERUS they don’t talk too much and the phones all ready on normal people hand’s and working hey you should JOIN us and be part of REAL BUSINESS
    this is goin huge for us with televerus after been investigating FDI and GV I belieave TRAVERUS is the ONE…thx
    excuse me for any inconvinience…I could cause to any body.

  19. Hi Troy,

    I’m sure there is no problem with a refund from Global Verge, unless, of course, the Associate is
    past the cut off date. GV gave plenty of time and fair notice for anyone who wanted a refund. As a matter of fact, they refunded close to 1.4 MILLION Dollars. That’s a lot of money. Kudos to them!!!

    As far as FDI being short on phones, sounds like Dejavu. Seems to be an explanation you are comfortable with. Let’s wait and see what happens.

    We appreciate your updates!

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