How To Copy The Success Of Others For Your MLM Video Social Marketing Profile

The article today is going to cover, how to maximize your MLM Video Marketing Campaign by copying the success of other video marketers in your MLM video social marketing profiles.

By now I am sure you know there’s not “one perfect” way to make your videos successful. Although if you take time to test, test, and test you will create one of the most successful MLM Video Marketing campaigns of anyone in your niche.

So what is the first step in testing your MLM Video Marketing campaign? View what other video marketers have done and copy it! Now please don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about copying their content. I am talking about copying their presentation.

Here is an example. How many super hero movies have come out in the last few years? X-Men, Electra, Dare Devil, Fatastic Four, Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Ghost Rider, Hell Boy, see what I mean?

When something works, copy it. Although not all of the above movies were hits, they all have huge cult followings, which is what you want your MLM Video Marketing campaign to accomplish…

Massive viewers who spread the word about what you are marketing.

So where should you go to see what other successful video marketers are creating? If you don’t know then take time to read yesterdays article! Click Here

To start your research, pull out the copy of the keywords in the niche you want to dominate and type them into the search window on the social video site you are researching. However what you want to
do is search for your main keywords.

The first thing you want to look at is the amount of views the video has received. If the video has only received 200 views and it has been up for 3 years, then I really don’t think it is worth our time to view it.

Look for videos that are receiving 1,000 or more views per month. If a video is receiving 12,000 views a year, you can rest assured there is some money being made by the producer of the video.

Ok, now it is time to get out your pen and paper and take some notes. There are a few things you will want to look at right away.

The first thing to notice is the thumbnail view. What was the picture of? Is it the first frame of the video, or is it a text frame that tells you what the video is about? Does it grab your attention or peek your curiosity?

As an inside tip, most thumbnails are of the frame in the exact middle of the video. However I think you should use the first frame or create a text frame with a powerful attention grabbing title.

As a matter of fact, let’s take a second and talk about the title.

The title of your video MUST have have your main keywords listed to get top search results – “How To Create An MLM Video Marketing Campaign To Generate Massive MLM Leads” See how I got MLM, Video Marketing and Leads, all in the title without them looking or sounding out of place? And because I made it a “How To” video I will get massive views.

Here is another example that is totally focused on a specific niche. “How To Generate The Best MLM Leads for your Drink ACT Business” Or “Learn Which Energy Drink Acts As A Natural Viagra”

And, yes the original Drink ACT energy drink does contain a natural herb that is known to act as a natural Viagra, for any of you who wondered where I came up with such an example.

Notice in my Drink Act example I used very targeted key words “Drink ACT & MLM Leads” in the first example, and Energy Drink and Natural Viagra in the second example. By focusing using the keywords in my title I am guaranteed very targeted traffic to watch my videos. (Now remember you goal is not to give all the information in the videos you place on Social Video sites. It is to use the videos as teasers to get your viewers to click and go back to your site where they can opt-in for more information or request a sample of your product.

Another area you want to copy from other successful MLM Video Marketing Campaigns is the tags they use. In most cases these will include the main keywords from the niche you are striving to dominate, and several secondary keywords. As an example I would use the above keywords Drink Act, MLM leads, plus as secondary tags I would use “Local MLM Leads, Real Time Company Specific Drink ACT Leads, and so on.

The final thing you want to look at is the description. This does not help out so much for the social video site search but for the search engines it is huge. Your first paragraph should be 26 words or less and include your main keywords. The maximum length of your description should not be more than three paragraphs, and they should each be 26 words or less also.

Inside Secret: Your website URL should be the first thing you put in your descriptions. And remember to use “http://”. This is the only way to make it clickable.

By the way, if within the niche you are focused on dominating you find that most people are not using a description or many tags, in their Video Marketing, then you should have no problem DOMINATING your niche!

Although good keyword optimization is a top priority in gaining massive views, it’s not the only factor. Your video MUST provide something of value to the viewer. If your only focus is “closing the sale” then you will be seen as a spammer and band or worse yet, blacklisted by the viewing members as a spammer.

So in summery in today’s article we learned how to maximize our MLM Video Marketing Campaign by copying other success of other video marketers.

Never Give Up,
Troy Dooly

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