How To Build Your Personal Brand With Internet Video Marketing

Building your personal brand with internet based video marketing can be both fun and profitable when done correctly. However, most people make it harder than it really needs to be.

Unlike the days of old where slick headlines and long ad copy were the norm, today, if you can’t inspire your audience to “click to learn more” in 140 characters or less, then you have lost them to your competitors.

In addition, this is not just on the internet. Think back to when you were kids. Your mom and dad’s shows on TV would last an hour; shows like Gun Smoke, the Tonight Show, 60 minutes. Yet, your shows were 30 minutes long; “Batman”, “Lone Ranger”, “Leave It to beaver”.

Now, jump forward to the 21st Century, and what do we see? Four-minute music videos, headline news, and around the world in 80 seconds as we watch Shepard Smith, give us a quick update.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still hour long shows (45 minutes or so, when you add in the commercials) and 30 minute sitcoms (20 minutes without TV), yet, for the most part, the Internet is where people are going for connection, questions and answers.
People do not just believe the folks on the TV or at the local newspaper these days. They listen, and then hit their social network to find and real scoop.

My friend Erik Qualman in his bestselling book Socialnomics shares some interesting facts about social networking. Watch this video on the Social revolution.

I am far from the expert in this area, but over the last few years, I have learned a little about building a Brand via video marketing online.

Creating Your Video Brand

1. You have to identify your personality and the target niche you are looking to become an authority. Don’t expect to just shoot a video and “BAM” you’re the top dog. Research and find who the true authorities are in your niche and reach out to them. Find a specific need in your niche that is not being filled and fill it.

If there are a few authorities in your niche, then learn what each one is an expert at, and build your brand away from their expertise. This will allow you to make friends with them, and to share some “link love” with them when you shoot your videos.

2. Make sure you understand the values behind your brand. It is one thing to create a band, and another to build it correctly. My #1 value is to be authentic. I don’t pretend I know all the answers, which is why I ask some hard questions. I figure if the viewers of the video listen to the questions, they may comment publicly and others will find the answers we are all looking for.

3. Identify the emotional benefits of building an authentic brand. To many times people have been taught to “fake it till they make it.” However, in the 21st Century, when using videos to get your message across, people can tell very quickly if you are authentic. People aren’t looking for leaders with all the answers, they want a leader who will ask the questions, and tell them the truth, when they can’t find an answer.

4. Let the world know your core belief. When your target audience fully understands what you stand for, they will continue to tune into your videos, even if they do not agree with all you say. Many times I shoot a video sharing my personal spiritual or political beliefs. In a few cases people have made it clear they disagree with me, but love the fact I am open. The goal of building a brand with video marketing is not to change people’s mind, but to help them ask better questions in order to find the right answers for their situation.

5. Reduce your mission statement to a solid one-sentence thought, which people can remember. Over the last decade I have used two one line mission statements. The first was “Never Give Up!” In 2009, I changed my mission statement to “Living An Epic Adventure!” Today, I use that mission statement in almost every video, and in all my posts. And when it comes to my social profiles, I change it up in different ways such as – Living An Epic Adventure – Loving My Family!

6. YOU are the brand, not a logo, product or service. You have to learn how to connect with people at the heart level. To many times in life brand builders try to connect with the head and not the heart. When you can connect with your viewers at a heart level, then you are well on your way to creating your unique brand. Just remember to keep it authentic!

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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