How To Build Your MLM Business The Right Way

Building your MLM Business is not rock science, but it does need to be done The Right Way!

This week I was reading a blog article by Jeff Madsen on building a network marketing business the new way .vs old way. Personally I do not believe there is a old .vs new, there is just right and wrong when it comes to building your mlm business.

See the basis of network marketing has never changed – It is all about Building Relationships!

It doesn’t matter if you lead with your business opportunity, or your one of a kind catagory creating products, then¬† only way you will attract your prospect into your business is to build a relationship with them.

Now for some using the internet is how they look for new connects, while others work their local market. Both ways are the right way for the right person. However, both ways can also be the wrong ways if the person is not confident in their approach.

As a coach to some of the most successful home based CEOs today, I can tell you there is only ONE corrent way to find, launch and grow a successful home-based business.

And that is by finding a business that will be the vehicle for you to fulfill your true life passion. Most of the time this will be something you have always been interested in.

In my personal case, my life passion is serving others, and wathcing them fulfill their dreams and goals. So I have invest most of my adult life training, equipping and mentoring people who have “Heart.” People who deep down inside know they were created to BE SOMEBODY!

If you were to research and read about the Forbes Richest 400 Entreprenuers you will find they all have 7 keys to their success in common, and none of these seven keys have anything to do with MONEY!

Money is always the byproduct of fulfilling your life passion.

So, today ask yourself this one question РWhat is the one thing in this world, you would do for free, because you love it so much?  Now go find a business that will act as the vehicle for you to fulfill this passion.

By the way, if you want to find out what the “7 Traits Of The Forbes Super Rich” are, then read my article here.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

The Rainmaker

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