How Does Google Caffeine Help or Hurt Your MLM Landing Page, blog or Social Networking?

Since June 8th of 2010, Google’s new search indexing system has been indexing web content fastest than ever before. For those of you who watch your Alexa or Compete ranking and have wondered why the fall, more than likely it is because you are not putting fresh content up as fast as your competitors, and you have lost your coveted SERP location (Search Engine result Page).

This is great news for those of us who are constantly putting up fresh content. And it is priceless for those people searching for fresh up to date content. According to Google the organic listings are now at least 50% fresher than in the last. This means fresher videos, images, audios and yes, reviews on products and services.

This will change the marketing landscape for those who use subterfuge marketing, and give legit up front competitors their rightful organic SERP listing back.

Watch the video below to learn more.

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8 thoughts on “How Does Google Caffeine Help or Hurt Your MLM Landing Page, blog or Social Networking?”

  1. Thanks for the share your the best! I finally understand why I have been through Google AdWord and website with keywords and descriptions. It's tough. Much new to me I learned since few weeks ago.

  2. I guess it really proves that if you snooze you lose. I knew content was key but the fresh content is even more important. Thanks Troy.

  3. Great video this help me a lot to understand Google and how it works. You have a great website, thanks for all the great content.



  4. So that's why my personal web page can barely be found on search results now. I haven't updated it enough. Time to make newer content, I guess.

  5. I personally like the video by Google.

    Before they said that keywords in the URL had no bearing on the serach results. However, after testing, many SEO experts have determined that it really does.

    Now in this video, he even mentions having the keywords in the URL. So there you have it. They have finally come out and stated that keywords in the URL are part of the weighting for their results!

    Another great post Troy!

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