How Can Network Marketing Founders Attract And Keep Their Top MLM Income Earners From Going To MonaVie

This article is focused on Network Marketing founders and CEOs who have been watching their top income earners leaving to join Dallin Larsen over at MonaVie.

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Now, for those CEOs who have not watched the video above… YET!

Here are a few questions you need to write down then reflect on as you answer them.

1. What has changed in “ME” since I launched my company?

The reason this is so important is because as CEOs we sometimes fall victim to our own Press! In other words, we start to believe what the media, bloggers, our own media team, critics, our “yes men” and anything else written about us.

And in the process, we forget where we have come from and those who helped get us here.

Most of the time, we do not realize it, and would deny it, if asked. Yet, the reality is in he fact our friends, top earners, best field leaders and raving fans, are leaving us for a “NEW LEADER.”

And it hurts…

2. What hasn’t change in me since I launched my company?

The reason this is so important, is because as leaders, if we are not growing, we’re dying, and as the CEO of Primerica, John Addison states “The numbers do not lie!”

So if our leaders are leaving, there is a great possibility they are leaving because of one small fact… They are looking for a leader who is willing to help them grow to the next level.

No matter what the excuse given… Everything Rising & Falls On Leadership. You can only attract and keep leaders who are at your level or below.

There are only two reasons leaders leave and take their teams with them.

I. They are looking for stronger leadership.
II. They have started believing their own press.

And when a leader leaves because they beleive their own press, 97% of the time, their team will not follow.

3. Where or who can I go to get back my Leadership Edge?

This very well could be the most important question you ask yourself. The reason I state that is because by the time you answer it, you have already started to figure out what you need to change in you.

Now, in closing let also add, that if you are a Network Marketing Founder or CEO who has seen some of your top MLM PLayers leave over the last couple of years to find new leadership, then I want you to take three actions.

1. Call your former leaders and thank them for their leadership while they were with your company, and ask them to tell you an area in your leadership where they think you need to grow.

2. Call your current leaders and thank them for their leadership, friendship and loyalty, and them to tell you what areas in your leadership they believe you need to grow.

3. Leave the office early and go home. Set your family down, let each one of them know how much you love them, and express to each one what you are most proud of them for. Then ask them to tell you one area in your life where they want to see you grow.

As Network Marketing CEOs and Founders if you will take these three actions, you will very quickly start to learn how to keep your Top MLM Earners from leaving for MonaVie or any other MLM organization.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

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  1. Great stuff, I like the last 3 points because they focus on self improvement. Everyone tends to blame the “lazy downline” but sometimes a personal change can be very beneficial.

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