High-Risk MLM Alert: Red Flags With “That Free Thing” A Real Deal But Risky

High-Risk MLM Alert: That Real Thing Risky But NOT a Scam!

That Free Thing Update March 23, 2011

High-Risk MLM Alert: The Red Flags With “That Free Thing”Troy Dooly's MLM News

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17 thoughts on “High-Risk MLM Alert: Red Flags With “That Free Thing” A Real Deal But Risky”

  1. Troy TFT are offering products (Free) and the Reps "are using" them, also they offer video e-mail (like other mlm's e.g Talk Fusion) which is a REAL mlm product, reps are using that too.

    Troy how can it be a pyramid or illegal when they have products that have value, that reps are using ?

    This is FAR from a ponzi scheme, I feel its other MLM's that are upset because their reps are distracted as they are TFT'ing it at full throttle.

    Sure every Man and his Dog are joining this program…some of the reps are talked unfavorably, but this is not the company or the majority of reps by any means. TFT just post their name in the leader board for to see. I think this transparency is good.

    NB if the sharks are in TFT its a good sign that there is plenty of opportunity for all.

    Troy perhaps talk to Seth and help tighten this up, if need be, there are a lot of good folks here, its a great idea, we all want it to excel, and your help would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Thanks for all you do

  2. Thank you Troy. I for one, am glad to find an honest review of this company. I've been doing some research and thought the hype was WAY high here.

    We just need to be informed and use that as a basis for making our own business decisions.

    Thanks again for your input and research. 🙂

  3. Kirk,

    Seth does seem committed to building a company with longevity. If his legal and general consultants are also of the same mind, then they will all listen to the concerns and make the changes needed to continue the growth and protect the distributors from regulatory issues.

  4. I've been approached with "that free thing" a few separate times and I appreciate your report Troy to help folks make informed decisions. With the economy right now people out there are definitely looking and can overlook the concerns you mentioned quite easily. Open dialogue is always a good thing and it appears Seth and his team is listening. There are a lot of good people getting involved in this and I know you're simply looking out for them as an ambassador to the industry. I agree that the concept is a good one and the comp plan just needs to be tightened up. Thanks for the report Troy, I appreciate all you do.

  5. Joe,

    I am not sure I fully grasp your comment. To be busted there has to be something unethical or illegal done. Based on the shortness and incompleteness of the full situation, I'm just not following. Respectfully, can I get you to share a little more.

  6. top Marketers from FantaZ, Asteria, and That Free Thing were busted on March 23, 2011 for hoarding referrals on a new traffic site. When asked, "Why did you do it?" they explained it's how they keep building massive teams.

    There's nothing illegal about traffic sites, so why do leaders tend to keep quiet about these secret hiding places to advertise and find referrals? The most logical conclusion is they fear their team will loose focus and be exposed to other top recruiters and opportunities. My advice, get in, place your ads and stay focused!

  7. David,

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing. I fully agree the concept is really remarkable when you think of how busy most of us are in our lives. To have one spot where you can save money and have fun at the same time is a great idea.

    I have found that these boys are looking at the long term and not just a fast buck in their pocket. Since my first report I have already seen they are not only willing to listen, but are pretty fast to start working on applying the changes their consultants and others are suggesting.

    I am a firm believer when people are willing to work together for the betterment of the companies, distributors and this profession then we will always see positive results. In this case I can already see it happening.

    I have told Seth and his team, we are going to continue watching and give them plenty of room to make the changes they see fit. I figure 90-days is plenty of time to get everything rolling in the right direction. I fully understand most of the changes apply to software and algorithms to the comp plan and do take time to implement and test before taking them live. So we will watch! They have said they will keep me up to date on things.

    I know so folks have stated "Troy it's only $9.95 how high risk can it be?" Let me explain why this is different than most companies like this from the past. Today everyone from the Feds to the local municipalities are looking for ways to generate more cash. Enforcing current regulations or precised regulations are a great way to do it. SO why give them a chance, if we can help each other?

    Again thanks for stopping by. Please keep us posted on things moving forward.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  8. While I was a bit alarmed by your high risk alert on That Free Thing, I found your reporting spot on. I am in it, love the concept. But I also have some concerns about the comp plan and how they are selling it. I have sent my concerns to company support. I hope they listen to concerns and tighten things up, as I'd really like to see this company protect itself so it can be around a long, long time. I'm glad that you where very impressed with Seth, that means a lot. I hope that you will soon be able to report that they are tightening things up to lower or better yet eliminate the risk from feds, etc.

  9. Julie,

    Thank you for sharing from the heart. I'm in full agreement with you that people can take it as an inflammatory headline.

    However, in the past we used "MLM Scam Alerts" as a way to combat those who hate MLM and think everything was a scam. In those cases we found our information was used against the profession, by the very people you are referring who use "scam" in their urls. After doing some deep online analytic research we found the terms high-risk MLM was not used and was safe to use, at least for a while.

    So, I disagree that our tactic is the same as the people who use the word "scam" as a matter of fact I am a very outspoken opponent of any form of subterfuge marketing of any kind, and have written several articles and shot some videos on this unethical advertising method. I am in no way promoting any company over another, or am I in anyway calling this company a scam. I am however, providing non-biased 3rd party opinion based on the current facts inside the current regulatory attitude and current actions.

    How would you feel, if I had not said anything, until after something happened? Or worse, what if you and your team become the #1 team, and if a regulatory action takes place you are named in the case? Is it not better to at least be able to weigh your opitions and know the risks ahead of time?

    I do stand by the heading of "high-risk" based on the specific reasons I mentioned. Sadly the average person entering into our profession doesn't have the time nor the motive to see how things will effect them long term. They are in a spot where they want to earn some money right now to cover some major personal situation.

    Our goal with this article and any other is to inform and give people the ability to make informed decisions. If after researching they decide this is a calculated risk they are willing to take, then great, they go in with their eyes wide open.

    By with the anti-MLM zealots promoting a 95% failure rate, when companies of any kind launch and are hit by regulatory actions (like the 40 this week) then these zealots are once again able to point to the purported failure rate.

    We don't put out many "high-risk" alerts these days, but when we do it's for a two fold purpose. First for the distributors to realize there could be issues from a regulatory side, and second so the companies get a 3rd party opinion, which is not paid for, and who has no outside agenda.

    We love this great profession. And the majority of companies and their founders are great folks, with wonderful hearts. But like distributors, most do not think about the "what ifs" of the state and federal regulators.

    You, young lady articulate your argument in a very professional manner and are welcome to visit and add value to this community anytime. And I would love for you to keep us informed on your success at "That Free Thing" Without a doubt Seth and his team know what they are doing when it comes to providing value to their members.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

  10. Troy,

    With all due respect, I think you got the heat that you did from your first post not because of the video message, but because of your High-Risk Alert headline. Your headline is very inflammatory and you could have gotten the same message across without all that High-Risk Alert stuff.

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who see a headline and then stop there instead of further investigating and sifting through other people's opinions. I sure wish you would consider the possible damage you do prior to posting the headlines that you post.

    Your headline tactic is very similar to the people who promote their company using the word "scam" in their url. It's a really negative way to do business and it obviously works, but it comes across as very unprofessional.

    Enjoying my free things!

    Juile Larson

  11. Frank Borr,

    First thanks for stopping by and taking time to share your thoughts. I do have a few of my own.

    1. Did you watch the video? Seth Fraser owns "That Free Thing" so I am not sure where you get the idea it has anything to do with GV or Sipe. I covered who owns the company in the first video. Did you not watch it?

    2. You are right this is sad. If all you do is comment without watching the videos and reading the concerns, then I am not sure anything we say or write will help you, so if I were in your shoes I would stop reading anything here also.

    3. It is easy to see you have not come very often or you would have seen the news report on Zoom, and read some of the comments. Although, there is not anything about your purported fleecing. LOL… Might be fun to watch your face when some new News about Zoom comes out soon.

    4. "What about something positive" Another dead give away you NEVER come by this blog EXCEPT when we write about concerns. Even this article is positive, and each week we cover more positive than we do concerns. So before you stick your foot in your mouth, you may want to make sure of what you are referring. Maybe start with the weekly news reports.

    5. ROFLOL… First of all what industry? If you are referring to MLM it is a profession, where people called to serve others change their lives. But it seems folks like you who do not take the time to really get it right, want to take time to post comments which really cause you to look a little ignorant to the real facts of this profession. Sport, you can't even get it right about this site and what we report on. To you it's cancer, to the ones who get the facts, make informed decision, and move forward it is an antidote to failure. They know the risks of each company they are joining so they are not blindsided if some outside regulator comes around, or if the company hits a snag.

    The other part you really don;t get, is the company owners themselves have endorsed the work of this community, because it is the ONLY open tribe in the profession where ALL people can share, vent and educate others in the profession.

    6. I respect your opinion and have no problem giving you a place to share your thoughts. We will miss you, and you are more than welcome back anytime.

    7. Not sure what you mean on "negative" This post is not a negative post at all. You really must not have watched the videos. Although we do raise concerns that based on the current attitude of the regulators (they just shut down 40 companies this week, you might not have read that), this little company has attracted 15K paying subscribers in three weeks. Not back for a virtual company.

    It seems your real frustration is we are not reporting "negative info" but are truly supporting the distributors and company founders. There are plenty of sites you can go to where you will get the negative. Go checkout SCAM.com or others who hate our profession.

    Well Frank, I wish you all the best.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  12. Troy I have been watching you for years. This is no Global Verge or Kevin Sipe company they are legit. Its posts like these that hurt the very person you say you want to protect.

    This is sad Troy. You lose my readership because you had time to post this but still have yet to post about the zoom mobile collapse, or the fleecing of distributors.

    Where is that?

    What about talking about something positive troy.

    I can not believe im going to say this but this site is becoming a cancer to our industry.

    For the good you do do. You blow it all on things like this.

    People are tired of negative troy. And thats your niche.

  13. Who cares if Globalverge people are involved in this? This isn't globalverge. There are probably old efusjon distributors in this as well. That has nothing to do with anything. This is a sound concept and if people are like me then the $9.95 per month fee is 100% worth it to have a portal to access all of the free stuff that you can get. I've saved hundreds already thanks to this company. Maybe you don't understand how this works as these aren't a bunch of crooked mlm owners that are out to screw everyone. They seem to have hired one of the best mlm attorneys in the world to ensure that they are doing things correct. Thank you for your opinions and I hope that you allow the owners to share their views as well. I do think that you should have talked with them prior to putting out any information like this because if we dig deep enough with any company there is always someone willing to blast them.

  14. Rod,

    You have my full respect. However, you did not say what I got wrong.

    1. I did not call this a scam.
    2. I said Seth is a great guy. (Matter of fact talked with him today)
    3. I did state the regulators love this type of situation based on their current attitudes.
    4. I did mention that based on the Earnings Policy of the company which I show in this post, that the company themselves state the average distributor will not make even $9.95 per month.
    5. I did state based on the opportunity page of the company that they over hype the amount a distributor can earn in matching bonuses by at least $24,990.05 based on the companies own Earning Policy Disclosure.
    6. I know nothing about any attorneys hired to polish anything up. If you are referring to the ANMP Convention in Vegas, where you Scott Warren, Ariana and over 100 other folks were in attendance, then yes I was there, but I am not in any way part of this, nor did I know of any deal to hire anyone to polish anything.

    So, I'll stand by my concerns that there are Red Flags the average distributor should be informed about. And I stand by my opinion that Seth is a great guy, and this business model minus the compensation plan is a rocking business idea, especially since most folks would not take the time, nor have the time to find these deals on their own.

    Thanks Rod for stopping by, I just respecfully disagree with you on this one.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  15. Troy you are way off base here……..go after some $10,000 gifting programs. Besides you were standing in the room when MLM Lawyers were hired to start cleaning up and polishing this thing!


  16. Many Many of the old Globalverge people are pushing this one again. I can name names if you want.

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