Heartline Ministries Needs The Help Of The MLM Profession To Help In The Haiti Relief

Heartline Ministries needs the help of the MLM Profession to help In the Haiti Relief

Now, there is no doubt some of you who read this, do not see eye to eye with things I have written about your companies. However, in this case, let’s put aside our ideologies and band together to help people who are hurting as bad as some of us did during Katrina and other Hurricanes over the last few years.

In my video I share about Patrick and his situation. Here are a couple of pictures. Your $5.00 donation to Heartline Ministries can go a long ways at helping the kids and adults served by John and Beth McHoul and their partners Don and Lisa Buxman.

Patrick Heartline Ministries

Partrick Heartline Ministries

Take a second and donate $5.00 to Heartline Ministries.

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