Have You Heard Of Zilis – It’s The New Global Children’s Wellness Company?

Steven & Angie Thompson Fulfill Their Life Purpose To Eliminate Child Malnutrition

Over the last year or so I have come to know Steven Thompson well. We have invested hours on the phone talking about his past successes and failures, and the vision he and Angie had for the future. Early this year, we all met, along with our attorney Kevin Thompson in Dallas to just chill, enjoy some great fellowship, and a few of us a competitive game of darts. In that time together, I got to take some time with Miss Angie and hear the passion she has for what they now call Zilis. WOW Talk about a power couple of a mission. Read below what Steven Thompson has to say about the launch of Zilis on August 17th, 2015. 

Steven-in-Haiti-child$34 billion.

This is the revenue generated in the United States each year by Direct Sales companies.  According to the DSA, 30% (over $10 billion) of this revenue is produced in the wellness product sector.   Of the 18 million participants in the industry, over 5 million of us build our businesses by selling wellness related products.  These numbers are increased exponentially on a global scale.

As a 19-year veteran, I understand the power of wellness to change lives.  I’ve been fortunate to be involved with some of the best selling wellness products of the past two decades and I’ve seen first hand the impact these products have on people’s lives.  As the old saying goes, the greatest wealth is health.

A few years ago my viewpoint toward wellness and took a sharp turn when I learned about childhood malnutrition.  Each day, 165 million children under the age of 5 are suffering from this epidemic and the results are devastating. According to experts, malnutrition is the single largest contributor to childhood illness and disease.  As a father of three, I find it hard to imagine what it must be like to not be able to provide them with the nutrition they desperately need for basic growth and development.

Nutrition Pack distribution Bourgne Haiti May 2015 For those of us in the wellness side of the  direct selling community, we are blessed with access to the greatest products money can buy.   Yet, each day this travesty for millions of children continues.  Why do we still have children suffering from the devastating effects of malnutrition?  This reality forced me to ask a tough question.


Why am I investing my life into creating products for distribution here in the United States and the developed world, when hundreds of other companies are already doing the same thing and offering many thousands of alternatives?   What if we took our expertise, connections and resources and invested them into building a wellness company that served the children of the world?  We all know the power of our business model for distribution, rapid growth and impact.  It was this question that led to the creation of a new type of company and paradigm, what we called social entrepreneurship based Direct Sales.  Most of us have heard the term social entrepreneurship, but do we really understand the meaning and what is the potential when combined with Direct Sales?


Social entrepreneurship was best described by Rich DeVos years ago when he coined the term “compassionate capitalism”.   Social entrepreneurs build businesses that are created to serve others with the goal of solving major social issues.  Social entrepreneurs gauge success not by profit margin, but rather by the positive impact they have on society.  The Harvard Business Review recently stated that, “social entrepreneurship will become the most dynamic business model of this millennium.”   I decided to look up the word and was surprised to learn that a millennium is 1,000 years.  That is a significant statement from a fairly conservative publication.  Examples of social entrepreneurship are all around us with more well known examples being Kiva and Tom’s Shoes.   Social entrepreneurs truly do create companies that change the world.

The genesis for our idea was to take the leverage one step further by combining social entrepreneurship with Direct Sales.  If you’re reading this article, you already know the power of Direct Sales.  Many examples in the last decade alone prove the potential power of the Direct Selling model.  The question to ask is, what if we could employ this potential power to fight a global epidemic?

steven-angie-profile-200x200For my wife Angie and I, our efforts to accomplish this end are through a new company that breaks the mold of what most of us consider a Direct Sales organization.  We’ve named that company Zilis.  Zilis is a global children’s wellness company…with a twist.  Our mission is to provide proper nutrition to children worldwide.  We believe that adequate nutrition is the human right of all children, not only those whose family can afford it.

Through our unique model, our Customers purchase Nutrition Packs for delivery to malnourished children in some of the most at-risk locations in the world.  Each Nutrition Pack provides a child with a daily serving of the 15 most essential vitamins and minerals their bodies so desperately need for proper growth and development.  The exciting thing is that we’re able to do it all: manufacturing, international shipping, all taxes, customs and duties are paid for as low as $9.50/month.  That means we are able to properly nourish a child for about 30¢ a day.

Beyond providing proper nutrition to a child that desperately needs it, Zilis also offers people the chance to become a social entrepreneur through our program by enrolling as a Zilis Ambassador.  As an Ambassador, you have the capability of building a solid, long-term residual income by earning a commission reward on every Nutrition Pack sold by you and your organization.   The most exciting part is that by utilizing the natural economic benefits Direct Sales provides, Zilis is able to provide a lucrative compensation structure to their Ambassadors at about half the normal delivery costs of traditional service organizations.

Zilis will be officially launching in North America and Europe August 17, 2015.  Our company is looking for leaders who have a heart for children and also for promoting social entrepreneurship throughout the world.  If you feel this might be you, we’d love to hear from you.  For more information about Zilis contact us at support@zilis.com

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