Has Anyone Heard Of MyShoppingGenie

Over the last few months I have received several requests about a company called MyShoppingGenie.com. So I thought I would take a little time today and share a little about the company.

MySHoppingGenie.com is owned by a company called MyNet Universe based out of TX. and is run by several people who have been in and around network marketing for years.

Now if you do a Google search you will find some very interesting comments about some of the people connected to MyShoppingGenie.com. However, I want to say right up front that I believe everyone deserves a second chance. Even a third or fourth, if they will finally learn from their mistakes.

The concept of MySHoppingGenie.com is to allow authorized licensed reps to distribute free of charge the MySHoppingGenie software. The software is a desktop widget that connects to some of the largest most respected online shopping sites on the web. Sites like eBay and Amazon, and the company plans to add other sites in the near future.

For those who might be looking at MyShoppingGenie.com here is something to think about.

Will the 3×5 matrix hold up under TX & Federal laws governing MLM and business opportunities. The last time I looked for a compensation plan to be legal commissions had to come from the sale of products to the end user, not from signed up fees or the sale of licenses to new distributors.

With the A.G. of Calf filing suite in the tune of $25 million dollars against YTB (Your Travel Business), as a pyramid scheme after years of successful business, it makes me wonder what will happen to MySHoppingGenie.com when he gets wind of them.

Or maybe we should look at the $53 million dollars in assets seized by the Secret Service and the U.S. A.G. this week from Ad Surf Daily, another company who had a compensation plan payouts based on new money coming in and not from the sale of products or services to the end user.

I love the profession of network marketing, but as distributors we must not fall prey to the slick sounding story of those who have a vested interest in taking out money. And as for MySHoppingGenie.com I am still looking for distributors who are earning high payouts from the eBay partner program, because people who have downloaded the free software are buying more stuff of eBay.

My suggestion is to contact the DRA (Distributor’s Rights Association) before you join any company that sounds to good to be true.

DRA Founder.Click to Verify.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly
The Maverick Leader

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25 thoughts on “Has Anyone Heard Of MyShoppingGenie”

  1. Wolmir,

    This is great. Seems you need some free marketing, so I figured we would take this one live. If you want to be taken seriously as a marketer, then you should be more interested in building relationships, than making personal attacks.

    Please explain to this community, exactly what you do not like about the reports we have done on MSG. Then maybe by sharing a different perspective you will gain credibility.

  2. Madiba, I love this two + two = 4 explanation of MSG that you gave. 🙂 When you don't have to be a proverbial "expert" to figure it out, it's a good deal….period! I… like most people have a "DUH"gree and it doesn't come from an accredited institution…thank God for simple, you nailed it!

  3. A few points are relevant here.

    Firstly, there is a 30 day refund policy for the $199. The $29 isn't paid until 30 days after joining, so there's plenty of time to consider and change your mind if you want to. There's also no contract to continue paying – you can cancel at any time. The cancellations policy is stated on the myshopping genie site and in the agreement (which you have to confirm as having read) upon sign up.

    You can pay the $199 & $29 and just earn click income from the Genies you distribute. You don't need to build a team to earn. Give away 15 Genies and your monthly subs is covered anyway. How? Because each Genie install generates on average $2-$3 in pay-per-click commission income, earned from the shopping sites in the genie. So the statement "The only source of income is $199 to join and $29 a month thereafter." is basically not only flawed but demonstrably untrue.

    Secondly, MyNet Universe is actively pursuing membership of the DSA in the UK. MNU's solicitor in the UK is also the Secretary/Treasurer for the DSA. MNU are also aggressively seeking confirmation of compliance with regulators in both the UK and Ireland. They have not been placed under any investigation either.

    Get your facts straight.

    Not for the first time have disgruntled Kleeneze reps (losing residual income are you?) posted inaccurate and flawed blog posts to try and discredit MSG. Mainly because downlines are promoting MSG and dropping Keeneze.

    For anyone who wants to know exactly how this direct sales opp works, I suggest you email me at findmybestdeal at gmail dot com and I'll show you what the future really looks like for outdated distribution models like Kleeneze.

  4. My Shopping Genie (MSG)has now hit UK and it appears to contravene the UK's Trading Schemes Regulations http://www.berr.gov.uk/files/file24757.pdf. MSG has been going for 4 years but it not registered at the Direct Selling Association for the USA. That seems odd if it was trying to promote itself as an ethical company. It is also not registered as a trademark. It is also required to have wealth warnings on its websites and to have a 14 days cooling off period to allow people to get their money back if they change their mind.

    However, the real kicker is that opportunities which appear to do only team building are illegal. My Shopping Genie appears to have all the hallmarks of an illegal pyramid. The only source of income is $199 to join and $29 a month thereafter.

    If you happend to be in the UK, you can report such scams to https://secure.consumerdirect.gov.uk/reportascam….

  5. Courtney,

    Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts. I find a lot of value in the questions you are raising.

    Let me give a few thoughts of my own.

    1. There does not have to be a “mark up” on a product. In the case of the wireless telecoms you mentioned they offer a service at fair market value to the end user. Distributors earn a commission of the sale of the equipment and in most cases a monthly residual income off of the monthly service.

    2. In the case of MSG, there is nothing being sold or marketed to the end user for the company to pay a commission on.

    Unlike the telecoms which all offer both commercial and individual services, MSG, doesn’t offer anything of value, based on the fact they give away the product for free. Which brings up the question, “why would a person pay for a “License” for a piece of software which the company has valued at $0.00?

    I fully understand the distributors can earn residual income from PPC advertising. But, most professional internet marketers already earn residual income for free from PPC through Yahoo, Google and several AdNets which do not charge to join.

    I do hope this clears up the inaccuracy that this is about a “Mark up”, this is about fair market value! In all the cases above the fair market value has already been set by the respective industries represented.

    Living An EPic Adventure,


  6. Hello Troy:

    I listened to and read your review of MyShopping Genie. I
    personally am not a distributor however I did review it as a
    number of people have approached me with it. I have the same
    problem with it as I have with ACN, 5 Linx, LightYear and all the
    other intangible MLM’s. That is there is nothing to mark up and
    resell. You mentioned this regarding the Shopping genie as the
    main problem however I see that you don’t say that about the
    telecoms. Since these telecoms have been around mostly for years
    could we be wrong about this Genie thing?



  7. Hello,

    I am giving away the free genies, and am having a great time with it. I have not had any problems with MyShoppingGenie . I also have a ebay store. Since I downloaded my free genie , I have saved alot of money. I use it to find great prices on things I buy to sell in my store. So if your not intersted in the bussiness side, you should do yourself a favor and download it. It is a must have with Christmas comming up. You can download it here http://myshoppinggenie.com/61914 .

    Happy shopping,


  8. Hi Troy

    Great website.

    I have been involved in various MLM's over the years, some with great results.

    I am interested in your take on My Shopping Genie and Dubli.

    I appreciate any feedback that you can give me.



  9. Bert,

    It has been over a year since I did a review on this company. I'll add it to the list and do an update.

  10. Hi Sunshine this comp plan is based on a binary very lucrative comp plan built for speed, but again I think what is absolutely tremendous is that someone can come over here and make money just by giving away the free app. This is definitely not one you want to hold off on go for it besides it's only $199 it will only take you 4 people to make your initial investment back. This site may help get you some great insight on the power of what this company has to offer you even from a 3rd party perspective not involved with the company. http://shoppinggeniereview.wordpress.com/

  11. This is sunshine funny to read your info tonight, i was just told about this company MSG not more than 2 hours ago. Is it a 3X5 or and unlimited program? What else can you share if any thing? Yes go for it or HOLD OFF/???? Please share/ Thamks

  12. Hey Troy,

    I will tell you all, it is pure magic what this company has created pure simplicity at it's finest.


    1. People would love to get into the industry of MLM and they do but the end result for most is they do nothing and say I don't want to sell anything, right?

    2. People don't get involved in our industry because they don't want to sell anything.

    What's the fix MSG a company that is saving people money and you literally can get involved and give away the free patent genie tool and get paid from benefiting your customer without having to recruit a single soul if you don't want to or selling them anything. You don't have to sell your friends and family just give them a tool that helps them.

    I love the fact that we will and are attracting the masses because of simplicity. Now lets look at a traditional business like real estate or someone who is in another networking company. You can brand the genie meaning at the top you have your own ad space, so lets say you have a buy one get one free special with your company and you've given away 100 or 1,000 genies to your clients as a thank you and they are obviously going to use Google or some search engine and BAM your genie pops up with your ad and now they want to click to find out about your special or what you are doing. Can we say free advertising that's awesome!!

    People folks pay a lot for advertising and now you can keep your business and offers in front of people. Also think about business owners that want people to opt in to a website and you have a valuable tool like the Genie you are giving away. Well now you have more chances of someone wanting to opt in because of that. This is pure magic and I don't know all I know is checks in the mail. If you would like more questions answered in regards to the Genie then this is the place to hang out and I will be happy to help. I'm also excited about what Troy has to say because I know it will be no holds barred because he is most concerned about serving you and I.

    Lastly I call this a win win situation because at the end of a conversation I always win because even if someone doesn't take advantage of the business, they win because I now save them time and money when they surf the major search engines for deals because they will download the genie for free, it's like DUH! Also I win or we win that get involved with MSG because when they use the genie we make revenue. Hope you have a most productive day and like Troy Dooly says Never Give Up.

  13. Mike,

    MSG will be updated this week. I figure to have a new post up by Thursday afternoon. If you do not see it, just give me a shout out.

  14. Hi Troy,

    When do you think you get the time to give an update if MSG is to still stay under scam alerts?

    I'm really wanting to know as I signed-up a week ago as a rep before coming here and your input would be greatly appreciated so I can make a dicision to whether to still go ahead in promoting the MSG or not.

    Thanks Troy….looking forward to your reply !

  15. Hi Tony

    I love you site. It's very useful as i'm doing homework about MSG!!

    Yes, i can see they use new user money to pay old user and monthly for their company profit share life pool. Distributor's money spining around and around in there like a big swiming pool.

    Yes, best side of this big swiming pool is favourite for Ebay seller like me!

    Love to hear and know more about MSG and other marketing and affiliate program from you^_^

  16. Troy, as always, I am eager to hear your take on the 'new and supposedly improved' MyShoppingGenie. I know several 'top' networkers who have been booted out of a BIG company (that says they are not MLM) and who are currently being sued by that BIG company, and who are now involved with MSG.

    I am aware of some of the problems MSG had when they opened, so am curious as to what improvements have been made, and why these 'top' networkers have hung their hats here (other than the quick money, so they say). Or is it the 'quick money' and not any hopes of longevity at all?

    Looking forward to your wisdom!

  17. TNT,

    Because of huge changes at MSG I will be doing a new review and update this week.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  18. (Copied for you above) Now if you do a Google search you will find some very interesting comments about some of the people connected to MyShoppingGenie.com. However, I want to say right up front that I believe everyone deserves a second chance. Even a third or fourth, if they will finally learn from their mistakes.

    Hey Troy,

    Do you have any more information MSG. Like mentioned above it sounds like our guard should be up a little based on the people that are at the helm. Now it's my undertanding that when you sign somebody up you are also selling them the licencing rights to thier own Genie, Software is a product, I'm sure you understand that. That is the product. The genie software itself.

    Anyway the company looks good from the onset but what worries me is getting 2 years down the road just to have the owners run off with the money or get shut down by the FTC or the Attorney General. We've experienced what the AG did to YTB. Couldn't hardly give it away when that suit was filed.

    Anyway It sounds like you give a fair opinion based on research and your right. when you google Some of the owners names it make you want to pass on the opportunity because of what you read. But again you can't alway's believe what you read.

    Looking forward to your insight.

    Ed Morrow

  19. It is working very well for me with MyShopping Genie. The co-branding feature of the new Genie 4.0 has allowed me to gain several new business customers as I can show the Genie as a value add to their existing business, instead of trying to "pull" them into a seperate business. Before presentations I add their logo, website link and taglines to my personal Genie to show them how their business can ride on top of major search engines. It's a remarkable tool. Email me for more info a kevin@kdbglobal.com

  20. SoDsappointed,

    My Shopping genie has changed their whole business model over the last few months. I will schedule an update now that all the changes have been put into place.

  21. Anything on this Troy? I see you have it in the spam section but it is all of a sudden getting very popular and some key player are taking advantage of the product because of the branding feature on the MyShoppingGenie 4.0. I love the product and everyone keeps saying that it is not the same management as before. There are some key players on the team now like Ted Turner. Can you she some light on this opportunity?

  22. Loving the site Tony. Wondering if there was any update on your take on MyShopping Genie? I am doing some homework on it, I'm not an affiliate. It seems to make business sense on the PPC/Affiliate side, and the MLM side appears to have been changed to a binary, instead of the 3 X 5 matrix you mentioned. Think it has improved viability?

    Stay toasty,

    Jeff Horihan/WJeff

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