Happy Mother’s Day

The Robinson KidsI was inspired this week by a combination of my requested gift for Mother’s Day as well as an insightful article on Terry Neese’s blog.

I have two beautiful children whom, on most days, can light up a room with just their smiles. My son has developed the most adorable trail of freckles across his cheeks and, having lost five front teeth within just a few weeks, his grin is the epitomy of childhood innocence. My daughter, for better or worse, is nearly an exact replica of me. She requires constant hugs and tells me I’m “pretty” until I can barely stand to hear it anymore. That said, we do have our fair share of whining in our household, often prompted by my request for them to clean up their toys. When asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day, my request was simple (or so I thought) – no whining and a clean house.

I anxiously awaited waking this morning to see if my request would be fulfilled. So far, I’ve had to endure whining about the number and size of pancakes each child would receive, what clothes are appropriate for a birthday party we’ll be attending later today and, of course, the expected whining when I asked that misplaced toys be cleaned up so I could use one of my exercise videos.

I think I’d have better luck waiting for Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or, really, even the tooth fairy. But wait, I play all of those roles as well, so I guess I’d better strap on the beard, fluffy tail and wings and get to work cleaning the house.

But I digress. Back to Terry Neese’s article. Neese points out that flowers, gifts and nice dinners are much appreciated by hard-working moms, but there are other things – namely time and money – that really embody what most moms are looking for.

I couldn’t agree more.

As a working mom, I often find my mind wandering during the drive home, thinking about the many hours my own mother spent with me while I was growing up. She was always there to greet me when I arrived home from school, and summers could be summed up as a three-month-long play date. She and I were inseparable. Of course, when I think about what it would be like to be a stay at home mom, I am immediately jolted back to reality when I remember that living on a single income is difficult in today’s society, and for many is just not possible.

But many moms have found a happy solution to this dilemma in direct selling. It’s an alternative that can provide supplemental income, but also the opportunity to buy products and services you probably already use at a discount, and perhaps most importantly for some – contact with other adults! 

It’s flexible – accommodating weekend or evening schedules – and can either be a short- or long-term endeavor. You can take it easy during the summer if you choose, and once the nest is empty, you don’t have a multi-year gap on your resume. While parenting and running a household should trump any MBA, many mothers returning to the workforce find the cards stacked against them if they haven’t kept up their professional activities – but who can argue with building your own business?

So, for moms who desire the gift of time and money this Mother’s Day, consider if direct selling might be a fit for you.

But above all, Happy Mother’s Day!

(Now, where did I put that Santa hat?)



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