Global Verge Warns People Helping People CEO Derrick Rodgers To Cease and Desist

I mentioned a few weeks ago the Global Verge was going after all the companies and individuals who were harming the potential future of their brand and the financial future of their e-associates. Well, here is the latest on the MLM Wireless War.

UPDATE: According to PHP Reps the CEO of PHP is not the former NFL Player Derrick Rodgers as reported by the highlt visited site

After reading several emails over the weekend from concerned PHP reps, and the unofficial responses from field leaders, and the one response from Derrick Rodgers, the following questions seem valid.

1. How many of the founding distributors of PHP have or will be receiving Cease & Desist notices from Global Verge? Especially the leaders of Global Group, which was the purported largest leg in Global Verge.

2. Why has Derrick Rodgers and the top field leaders not addressed this officially with Global Verge?

3. Is the CEO of PHP truly the former NFL Player Derrick Rodgers or someone else?

4. What happens to the dreams of the field force, if what Global Verge states in the C&D is found true in a court of law?

5. What is the future of People Helping People? Will it become a Global Verge division?

7. Who are the true equity partners of People Helping People Inc?

8. Was Derrick Rodgers really trying to borrow 50k before the Raleigh convention?

9. Is the lack of funds why the people did not get what they were told they would at the convention?

Once again, I am concerned a wireless company hyped their propaganda and distributors may get hurt.

Read the info below then share your thoughts with us.

One thing I can say for sure, the upcoming five part series on Global Verge should be very interesting and thought provoking.

Global Verge Issues Cease and Desist Against Derrick Rodgers CEO of People Helping People

CEO Derrick Rodgers Responds to Global Verge Cease & Desist

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25 thoughts on “Global Verge Warns People Helping People CEO Derrick Rodgers To Cease and Desist”

  1. Hi,

    I was looking at your comment ablt Can you email me your information regarding your diect sales business online. I was looking into joining the php but reading all the negative comments got me wondering.


  2. The posting on stating Derrick Rodgers is a former NFL player is inaccurate and I have edited it to add a disclaimer. The inaccurate information was given to me when I was being recruited. I apologize for any confusion or discomfort I may have caused anyone.

  3. JDuron,

    I wouldn't say you have made a mistake. Just make sure you fully understand there will be some bumps about the way. And with all these lawsuits going on, the company and its founders may be a little distracted, or have to make some changes as they move forward to launch PHPI.

  4. I've just stumbled on to this page while checking into PHP, a company I've signed up with and have my 3 in place w/autoships.

    Have i made a mistake??

    Your reply seemed learned, can you tell me more?

  5. good job guys we need to say the thruth avery day until this real source or wherever guy is because new people can be ripoof again with this hype of evo phone fact avery corporate and stores can order the evo after lunch delay. not just global trash and don’t forgot all the victims from the past if you hype and lie just to make money what you expect from the future from thoes guys even if they are shiping some phones just to recrute more victims stay with the thruth y Im one of thoes victims that oredered a NEW PHONE and after 2 months I got a refurbished phone instead and also diferent model and a scratch sim card with global mobil one on the top and I paid for the activation $9.99 and never got my service plus the phone after 1 month didnt work no more, and there are many like me do your math what did they did with thoes funds may be paying the lawyers they use to file a lawsuite to zero 1

  6. Troy: I was in a 7-hour meeting with Mark P at the Global Verge Corporate Office earlier this week.

    Lots of EXCITING things happening. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately Lawsuits takes the focus of what GV is all about. . . .The REAL Focus is helping people Build Home Based Businesses in order to attain financial independence. FREEDOM ROCKS!!

  7. Troy: I was in a 7-hour meeting with Mark P at the Global Verge Corporate Office earlier this week.

    Lots of EXCITING things happening!! This is just the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately Lawsuits take the focus of what GV is all about. . . .The REAL Focus is helping people Build Home Based Businesses in order to attain financial independence. FREEDOM ROCKS!!

  8. I sit astounded, reading this- having just read through this thread. I got a call out of the blue from a php rep and every other word was Global Verge This and Global Verge That… php leader has been contacting several members of my downline prior to contacting me- even thought the person doing the contacting knows full well who they made those network connection through… (now That's Integrity, right??!!!!!!) What could have been a Big splash in the mlm world has been reduced to a quick sizzle as the whole company goes up in smoke because of inexperience and lack of integrity. i believe that the biggest problem facing php is that the so-called "leaders" really think the folks that joined GV with them actually joined Them and not GV.

  9. Kevin, if you are one of the many that jumped from GV and followed the misguided information from Frank, Beth, Rick P, Bernard, Bud, and yes Derrick, well I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but everyone of them signed non disclosure statements. I'm going to keep saying it but when the dust settles GV will still be standing. So many people hated on GV but time will tell.

    Real Source

  10. Kevin,

    Excellent comment, and great points. It will be interesting to see what others have to say.

    I will point out one item you brought up. "Why didn’t GV issue a cease & desist to the other wireless companies when the mass exodus from GV started back in late August, early September or those that ran to FDI, Panther, DNA or Zoom, or even Lightyear? "

    1. FDI and Lightyear had been in business longer than Global Verge, and their owners were not part of Global Verge.

    2. Zoom Mobile owners went to WOW Mobile the division of a 10 year old company.

    3. Panther did not officially launch until 2010, and it seems they have been in a long term battle with Kevin Sipe.

    4. DNA was not in the Cellular business until 30 days ago.

  11. Troy,

    Some interesting points have been brought up.

    But prior to Global Group parting ways with GV, there were NO real customers (other than some reps who had service) & the service was "going to be rolled out to the leaders 1st at the Florida convention" – how long after Team GG left did the GV convention happen & how many phones (with service) actually rolled out ?

    Would the standing policies & procedures at the point in time that Global Group left be null & void since there was no service to actual customers. GV came through with alot of empty promises, & excuses since mid summer thru to the time Team GG left

    Wouldn't GV have to reveal alot of information in order for a fair ruling. Does GV really want to air their laundry and go down this path?

    Someone in GV sent out an e-mail after the leaders in Team GG left, indicating that "Global Group was on our 15th level and not the largest team in GV (or whatever level it was) so who were the others before & why did they NOT step up to the plate & let their voices be heard. And where are they now? Or do they even exist?

    The leaders in GG put their livelihoods on the line as well as their integrity doing multiple meetings in multiple cities over the course of many months

    Let's see if GV actually follows through or is this a scare tactic from GV. Or maybe a forged document … there seems to be a couple of those going around lately …?

    If the Cease & Desist order was NOT signed by Derrick, then who did & a handwriting expert would be able to verify if it was or not.

    If it wasn't his signature wouldn't any document with his supposed signature on it as well as the Cease & Desist Order be considered Null & Void as well?

    Why didn't GV issue a warning to Global Group right after they left that they would be in violation of the policies & procedures instead GV waits & now sees what is happening with PHPI and then decides it is time to make a move.

    Why didn't GV issue a cease & desist to the other wireless companies when the mass exodus from GV started back in late August, early September or those that ran to FDI, Panther, DNA or Zoom, or even Lightyear?

    It would be interesting to see how a court would rule & in whose favour.

    Let's see how this rolls out

    Kevin S


  12. Kip,

    I am working with Ted to create a five part series on Global Verge to cover some of the old concerns, the current adventure, and the future growth the company is expecting.

    I 100% admit I was hard on GV, as a matter of fact I may have been most vocal and hardest voice against them. Mostly because we only had the recordings, and what was given to us from one side. Now, that GV has opened up and is sharing their side, it is easy to see the picture is far broader than what we have seen in the past.

    I still hold GV responsible for some of the glitches and lack of communication, but I do have a much better understanding in some areas.

    Ted, and I had our first call not to long again, and he was very straight forward with me. His first words were "Please don't take this personal but, I am not sure I can trust you!" I laughed, and said "Ted in your position I would feel the same way."

    I am looking forward to getting more of the Global Verge story out to the public.

    I have a feeling there is a boatload we do not know!

  13. What's absolutely ironic is that when I tried to address this in a email to my up-line last night they responded as if I was pulling their leg. I've slept on the information above and just recently sent an inquiry to my up-line again, one of them immediately responded that they wanted me to be immediately removed from the company, that I was confusing PHP with another group??? I guess I'm getting fired from a MLM now of all things.

    Thank you for allowing me to cut my loses. Whatever happened to under promise and over deliver?????

  14. Chris,

    Look at the responses here. You should check out Global Verge now. They have the best network coverage, and they REALLY have the new EVO phone. I just ordered one.


  15. Finally! Troy I know that Global Verge hasn't been your favorite MLM over the last year or so but you, and I like many others, were told things about the company that simply were not true. I voiced my concerns to the Leadership of PHP that I trusted and never got the full story on anything, so I went straight to the man to get the truth. Ted Robbins went out of his way to fly cross country to meet with our group and I am thankful that he did. The evidence you show is the same I saw that day. Hearsay is one thing, but the facts are there. I lost a wonderful friend because I did what I thought was the right thing for the group that I serve but I would do it again in a heart beat.

    Global Verge took the high road for months, corrected the problems (most of which were caused by unscrupulous people), and the company is doing just fine. Were there mistakes made? Absolutely. And Global Verge learned a lot from those mistakes.

    It is time to move on and let the people who stuck with Global Verge through thick and thin, and those of us who are recent additions, get on with the business of doing business.

  16. I remember back last year when Global Verge was boasting about having a celebrity involved with the company. It was my understanding that they had Derrick Rodgers the former football player as a spokesperson/representative of Global Verge. I don't know if he was a distributer, but they defintely were proud of the affiliation. But, not the same Derrick Rodgers. I will let you know if I get paid later this month.

  17. Kevin,

    You are correct! Which is why I shot the video and asked the question. If PHP's field force doesn't know who is leading the company, then you have to ask "Who is leading the company."

    We have stayed away from PHP giving plenty of room for the launch. However, with the website being a private registry, owners not listed, corporate officers not pictured, it does not look like a legit MLM launch. It looks like a company taking folks money, promising the moon, and not delivering. Now we learn not only is the bulk of the field force from Global Verge and open to major cease and desist lawsuits, we see that at least one of the corporate officers is also subject to a cease and desist lawsuit.

    When will this stop! When will the average distributor be able to just build a business and earn some money without the continuing saga of the wireless wars?

  18. Troy, I was in Raleigh NC for the pre-launch the weekend of May 15. Derrick Rodgers of PHPI is a middle aged Caucasian male that kinda resembles Joel Osteen, only shorter. Definitely not the Derrick Rodgers of the Dolphins and Saints. The misinformation out there in the field must stop. It damages us all.

  19. Real Source,

    The more I see the more I think you may just be right. I remember John Gotti being called the Teflon Don, and I am getting the feeling Global Verge may be the Teflon Wireless Don.

    If you would have asked me a few months ago, what I thought, I would have said "they are doomed." However, the more info I get sent to me, and the fact all these other folks seem to be running scared and not responding through the courts to refute what Global Verge claims, the more I think, I may have been wrong in some of my opinions on this company.

    This in no way, takes away some of the things they have done or said on calls. But I am getting a lot bigger picture of things.

  20. Troy, I've been saying it for months and months "just wait and see" Alot more is coming out. When all the dust settles over the coming mos and years, you will see that it will be Global Verge the one that is still standing. No company has taken as much abuse, and been thru so much turmoil, especially in the early stages like GV has. This Company is not going away. It will be one of the amazing stories in MLM. Oh yea, different Derrick.

    Real Source.

  21. Chris maybe we should talk.
    .-= Paul Douglas´s last blog .. Paul Douglas Awarded Leader Of The Month By MLM Wireless News =-.

  22. Allison,

    As you can see by question #3 that is the exact question we ask. Some sites such as the highly visited site "" has listed Derrick Rodgers the former NFL Player. While the PHP site doesn't really say anything.

    At no time did I say without a shadow of a doubt it was the former NFL player.

  23. Troy,

    Thank you for your ongoing unbiased reporting. I am a professional sales person who can sell ice to an Eskimo and have done well in my sales career. Because of my sales ability, I am approached all the time by various members of MLM opportunities and I consistently turn them down because of my personal past experiences and skepticism of the industry. As a business person I realize the value a MLM can have in helping bring companies to market it's unfortunate too many of them are filled with hype.

    My gut was telling me there's more to the under-delivered promises so far of PHP but I thought what if this time I'm wrong? Regardless of how these so-called leaders of PHP address this matter, I am implementing my exit strategy ASAP.

    Who has a real product, that people need that you would recommend to your friends looking for a direct sales opportunity? Feel free to respond to my personal email if you'd like.

    Thanks again for your wealth of information!

  24. Um, Troy, Derrick Rodgers of NFL fame is an African American. The Derrick Rodgers of PHP is a Caucasian.

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