Global Verge Separating Facts From Fiction About Buzzirk Mobile

The Global Verge serge has quickly turned into a critical mass situation as they head towards MaxQ. But, there is still massive fiction surrounding Buzzirk Mobile, so let’s separate some of the facts from fiction.

Now one thing I found very positive is that the corporate team of Global Verge has taken some very proactive steps this week.

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1. They have forged a strategic partnership with Universal Group out of St. Joe Missouri. Having grown up in K.C., I know a little about Universal and this will be a great way for Global to relieve themselves on some of the little administrative items, that can cause a company to spend money in the wrong areas.

Without knowing all the services Global will use, which Universal has to offer, I do know it should be a good match, and a great benefit for the field force.

2. They continue to work around the clock with XennSoft to get all the glitches out of the back office, and get the complete Global Verge Platform up and running.

3. They stopped charging credit cards until they stabilized their system. However, this could also be, do to the fact their merchant provider told them to hold off. Either way, the guys are starting to charge again and have made it clear to their field force, that everything that should have been charged and credited for June will be charged and rank advancements earned.

4. This is one of the best signs that the company and its principle officers are serious about their long term growth. They have put their compliance team to work, by going after ALL websites that are out of compliance.

This tells me two very important things.

First that the company and their partners are serious about making sure they are 100% within compliance based on current FCC/FTC regulations.

Second, it shows that the company 100% focused on protecting the integrity of their reputation and the reputation of their field force in MLM.

5. The Global Verge corporate team is 100% committed to constant communication with their team. This may very well be the one element, that through all the ups and downs this company is going through on their way to ultimate success and complete profitability is the tipping point.

If more companies would be as transparent as this company is being, they might see as many of their top leaders jumping to other companies due to a lack of trust.

With all of this said, I am still keeping my eyes and ears on what is going on. I look forward to a personal call with this corporate team in the future.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

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13 thoughts on “Global Verge Separating Facts From Fiction About Buzzirk Mobile”

  1. Chris,

    Knowing what Kuba has created outside the USA, and now with the public knowing about the merger of these two great companies. I truly believe there is going to be some great growth for you and your team.

    Never Give Up,


  2. Troy

    Thanks for your Facebook friends and here is my facebook link
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    not linked right going to search not found can not see edit function would you please correct. Thanks Judy

  3. Was just sent the link for the posts and wanted to add just a few comments. I have been working with Kuba for several months by now and it would be hard for me to express everything in a few words. But first of all: he is a brilliant entrepreneur who has never worked for anyone and retired around age 38 only to become avid about the disdain for the telecom gouging of the businesses and people. So, short part of the story, all the products in the seven categories of Telecom are unique and stand alone because of his “thinking outside the box”.

    We are in a very exciting time with having this business that is a REAL business that thrives even in these economic times; where businesses save and we make money while they save.

    So, a little about my real actual experiences with the products: too many to give you all but here is the short story: in my home office I now have “no land lines” but have 4 lines for $1. /month and then I call all Australia, Iceland, Africa and more for zero in the network and my gicell.. too much good to say when I can call on the wifi-voip and or on the unlimited sim. Way too cool. So, do the products work… I use them every day.

    I can only say, that I have been networking for over 20 plus yrs and online for over 10 yrs; and I have never been so excited and busy.

  4. Eben,

    Working on getting information ASAP… Will let you and everyone know as soon as we get it.

  5. Hi

    Please will you keep me updated on any news for South Africa. When will products and services be ready & available?

  6. Hi Troy,
    Thanks for your honest comments and due diligence on this subject.
    My business partner and I have been working with Kuba Farbriaz since last year. We are using the products and services and love them. We absolutely know that we are saving money on our telecom and have access to the world’s most unique system, bar none! We have been in 62 countries and now we are entering our last frontier, the U.S.A. This proprietary technology is light years ahead of the competition, savings up to 90%. Looking forward to your next post.
    Thanks in advance, Georgeann

  7. Rod,

    Buzzirk and FDI are apples and oranges in a lot of areas and do have some similarities in others. The biggest difference is the fact FDI has formed some type of strategic alliance with Kuba Farbiark, who may very well have the world’s largest Wireless MLM company, with over 900,000 reps and millions of customers.

    And since Kuba is the mastermind behind the technology being used, it truly is proprietary.

    As a matter of act I am getting ready to post on this very subject now that FDI has made it public.

    Never Give Up,


  8. Troy,
    As a part of your due diligence on Buzzirk, how do you compare it to the other new cell phone opportunity recently announced by FDI? Somewhat sketchy info on the FDI product at this time, but the services offered look almost identical to Buzzirk. Rumor has it that the monthly phone cost will be under $50. FDI is not a start up (6 years old) and is launching this on 8/14 as an additional product to an established membership product. Let the games begin!! Limited info available at

  9. Galvin,

    From that little I have seen, there has been know mention of South Africa. However, let me do some digging forst of the week and see what I can find out for you.

    Never Give Up,


  10. Hi Troy. I appreciate your honesty on the GV opportunity. I have been to two presentations in South Africa regarding the opportunity launch in South Africa. As part of my due diligence I am trying to verify that this opportunity wil be made available to South Africans. The presenter in South Africa is very honest in his approach and does not oversell the opportunity. Is there any way you will be able to shoot me an email and verify whether this opportunity will be available in South Africa? We are being told that a launch date has not been scheduled as yet for South Africa. However we are able to register as part of a pre-launch phase in South Africa. I thank you for your time and response to this email. Kind Regards Gavin Fosker –

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