Global Verge Reps Say I am Biased Against Zer01 And Buzzirk Leadership

Global Verge Reps say I am biased against the Zer01, Buzzirk and leadership of their companies over all the other MLM Wireless Companies.

Over the last few days I have received both emails and phone calls from Global Verge Reps who all say the same thing… “Troy you are being very biased against the founders and current corporate leadership.

All the calls have been very professional, but each was ended the same. I would hear the propaganda of the company, and none of them had done any true due diligence.

They have read something I have written and had decided I must be with another MLM Wireless company. All except one had taken time to read my bio to fully understand where I stand and why I am willing to post the information I do, Global Verge, Zer01, Buzzirk and many other companies – pros and con.

So, I decided to open up this concern the MLM community as a whole. Based on your comments I will know for sure how the masses feel about our reporting on Global Verge and other companies we have blogged on over the last few months.

I know you are all busy, growing your respective businesses, but if you could take just a few seconds and share your thoughts I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance.

Never Give Up,


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8 thoughts on “Global Verge Reps Say I am Biased Against Zer01 And Buzzirk Leadership”

  1. Troy

    An interesting comment came form Arthur Smaal of Next Day PC(who issued GV with a notice of cancellation), they indicated that since they took GV on board in Oct 2008 there have been 3000 people that have become affiliates and form that he has had 10 sales. He hazards a guess at usually 50% of people signing up with his service well 3000 is a great deal less than 15,000 or 20,000

    Too many questions, not enough answers.

    Keep up the good work sir!

  2. Gary,

    You rock!!! Thanks for being straight up, and posting. However, I did post on this very subject last night when it was announced and said it was a great thing for the field.

    However, just because they process the cards does not guarantee commissions will be paid. I do not say that because I think anyone would keep the money, we just don’t know the contracts with the processors on how much money they are going to hold in reserve. There is still the possability that GV will need to process August autoship before all commissions are paid.

    Now as for 40K distributors. Read my post from last night. The numbers have ranged from “close to 30K” on official GV emails, to Steve Lewis stating 40K, to CEO of Zer01 stating 50K. There has never been an official press release on the amount of distributors who have joined, are still in and who’s cards have been charged. Once the processing is complete then an official number should be reached.

    I agree with you that none of the companies were ready for anything. Not even the release of just a few phones at the very first Tech Conference going to Wireless Insiders, Journalists, and the top tech bloggers in the business such as Tech Crunch. This is highly out of the norm. And the real amazing thing to me and others is there are no Social Media videos showing the demonstration of the phones.

    Backing up just a little, when a founder of a company has been putting this deal together for three years, the current business has been running for 8 months, if they had a business plan and cold hard cash to launch the business why wasn’t there any infrastructure? No employees, or anything.

    And I am still confused on why a company who puts out propaganda stating “we will be bigger than ALL the current players, would not be ready for a small number like 40K reps. Of all the companies I have covered in the last five years, none which have gone on to become multi-million dollar companies started without infrastructure in place. They had their issues so don’t get me wrong. But everything was in place, and the issues were handled fast and smoothly.

    Besides, don’t let this 40K number fool you. This is not a huge amount in six weeks. Check the records of XanGo and MonaVie and 40K in six weeks is not large or out of the norm.

    If they do what they say they are going to do I will fully agree with you, they will become the most successful story in Network marketing. In my 27 years as a rep I have not seen a company get off to such a nasty start. I pray they pull this out. However, from all the press now coming out of the Wireless and Tech arenas, this is starting to look like E-Verge all over again. Which may be why the AG of Missouri decided to open open up the case against Mark (He is the one who needs our prayers right now. I know he never meant to violate his probation.)

    Gary, I agree if a leader is going to work GV they need to focus and do it. However, ask yourself this question… If just 25% of what is being said in the tech arena is correct, what exactly are you going to market?

    Just the above information alone should be reason enough for GV Distributors to think twice before offering this service.

    Gary, the beauty of MLM is not the ability to invest and lose, it is the fact average people can see their dreams come true by finding a legitimate company with a legitimate product, and working with a leader who cares as much or more about them, then the leader does about earning or losing a few bucks.

    Again, thank you for your open comment.

    Never Give Up,


  3. Troy, sometimes you seem to jump before the gun has shot! Global Verge has just announced they have required credit card processors and have already begun to process so they can release commissions. I believe Global Verge, Buzzirk, and Zero One were not ready for such an onslaught of distributors joining the company. Infrastructure was not ready, but they are now positioning theirselves for the coming growth. 40,000 disributors in a few weeks is incredible. If they do what they say they are going to do this will be the greates MLM company to date. So the decision is either get onboard and work your business, or sit by and wait to see. I had rather get in this business and ride the wave to either greatness or spend 39.00 a month and lose a few hundred bucks. Thats the beauty of mlm.

  4. Troy, that’s straight up real talk. I appreciate all you do for the mlm community. Keep it coming

    See you at the top

  5. NGSI,

    Thank you for the kind words. Sometimes I get to feeling like I care more for distributors than they do for themselves sometimes. Maybe that is how our troops feel in the middle of battle sometimes too.

  6. Troy, the more I see and hear from you the more I have a level of trust that you are doing a great job exposing this for what it is.

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