Global Verge Going After Bloggers For Purported Slander After Chris Greco Contacted MLM Help Desk

Global Verge sent out an email to the Global Verge and Global Mobile 1 distributors stating the Global Verge attorneys were going after bloggers for purported slander after Chris Greco of Activation King Wireless and Unlimited Wizard contacted MLM Help Desk last Thursday.

So what is it, that MLM Help Desk, or more specifically Me – Troy Dooly said to cause Global Verge to issue the following segments from an email Ted Robbins the President of Global Verge sent to the e-associates?

“Hello e-Associates,

It certainly has been both a hectic and exciting week here at Corporate and I would like to take this time to bring you up to date on some of the things that have been happening.

First of all, as I mentioned on this past Thursday night?s corporate call, the blogger?s have been out in full force. Without going into too much detail this blogger activity started with someone printing statements from a disgruntled vendor who was denied system access after we determined fraudulent activity on his part. This disgruntled vendor contacted a blogger with false claims. The blogger in turn printed these claims without verification.

We have proof of everything and there is not a single bit of the information that is being printed that is true. Unfortunately in today’s world, there are those that attempt to benefit from the work of others as well as those that try to profit by attempting to bring others down.

I believe in the philosophy that what goes around comes around. Therefore, because of my belief system, I stand on the knowledge that the proof will be in the pudding.

That said, I want to let you know that Global Verge is not sitting idly by while these bloggers slander us. Our lawyers have contacted the parties involved and the false allegations will be dealt with through the court system.”

Well, we have not been contacted by any attorney representing Global Verge, although we have heard from Global Verge triple diamonds who took offense at the fact I personally called them out in this continual shell game.

Now, let’s take a look at the law where it covers slander, liable, defamation where bloggers are concerned.

We fall under the following Federal law.

Now, the question is… Have we published anything which can be seen as slanderous, liable or deflationary? I think that depends on who is right and who is wrong. If Global Verge is telling the truth, and nothing but the truth, then they will take offense to what we published. However, if Chris Greco is telling the truth and nothing but the truth. The Global Verge should not feel sad about what we published, they should feel bad about screwing their distributors for this long.

Here is the summery of Section 230 of the federal law.

“Section 230 Basics:

* Section 230 grants interactive online services of all types, including news websites, blogs, forums, and listservs, broad immunity from certain types of legal liability stemming from content created by others.

* This immunity covers defamation and privacy claims, as well as negligence and other tort claims associated with publication. See the Risks Associated with Publication section of our legal guide for more information on the legal claims online publishers may face.

* You will not lose this immunity even if you edit the content, whether for accuracy or civility, so long as your edits do not materially alter the meaning of the original content. We analyze in detail the types of activites that are covered by Section 230 and those activities that fall outside its protections in the Online Activities Covered by Section 230 and Online Activities Not Covered by
Section 230 pages of our legal guide.

* Section 230 does not apply to copyright infringement claims and other intellectual property claims. For information on protecting yourself from these types of claims, see the section on Protecting Yourself Against Copyright Claims Based on User Content in our legal guide.”

The above protects our subscribers as well as MLM Help Desk as a blog. Our goal is to allow a safe environment where people on both sides of an issue can have their voice heard. Sure we sometimes come down on one side or the other of an issue, when it violates our personal values and ethics. But that has never stopped us from allowing both sides to be heard.

We will continue to stand on our First Amendment Right, and fight for the rights of those who post on this blog.

My question is why is Global Verge so concerned with what Chris Greco has publicaly stated and published at

Maybe it is because ALL of the emails Global Verge sent over the last few days are not completely true and accurate.

Look I think most common sense folks fully understand this is one of the most bazaar situations in the history of Direct Selling, MLM, Telecommunications and the Wireless wars. And only a court of law will finally decide who stands responsible for the outcome.

Hope this clears up a little of the emails Ted Robbins sent out. And if be some chance we are contacted by an Attorney, I can assure all of those who have commented that it will take an act of a Federal Court to get us to remove any of your comments or our posts.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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112 thoughts on “Global Verge Going After Bloggers For Purported Slander After Chris Greco Contacted MLM Help Desk”

  1. David
    Not everyone has a great web site but i can assure you i have a simple mobile sim card in my iphone and it works great and i personally met chris grecko he just opended a store here in myrtle beach sc he is a good guy who does good business get your facts straight

  2. Hey Troy!

    Dysfunctional is a word not totally yet defined in anyone's world. It all has to do with "What IS Normal?" which should be printed on every t-shirt people wear across this universe!

    NO one that has any sense of pride, honesty or humility would "gloat" over anyone else's demise period. We're just grateful that within our belief that we're guided by a higher power and good people along the way …that we were pointed in a RIGHT direction to learn what we did in order to make a very positive and conclusive decision about all of this.

    Again …with good people such as yourself and others in this community who …granted were highly upset over all of this …WE THANK YOU and THIS COMMUNITY for the fortitude, vigilance and forthrightness to provide everyone additional information needed to READ, THINK and MAKE the RIGHT decision!

    An Epic Adventure in the Making …Miracles DO Happen!


  3. Partners,

    One thing you will learn about this family… we are dysfunctional, but most of us don't gloat over the pain of others. You are like others who truly want to see GV work. My words of wisdom is look for a good replacement which will offer what you feel were the positive side of GV.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  4. Hello Troy & Community,

    We'd just like to say "Thank You" Troy and community for keeping us all informed with enough good information to make a positive and conclusive decision. Eating "crow" grilled over coals with a bit of BBQ sauce is not fun for anyone and we are both deeply sorry for any harm as a result of this situation. We are not exempt from having been harmed also.

    While some things did happen positively …there are still things that concern us. It has never been anything other than our intention to be professionals, honest and ethical in all our dealings and to continue finding ways to help other people have success in life. We have in fact pulled GV from our list of recommendations.

    There are some really good people still with GV and we personally hope that everyone who still remains …will make the decision to abandon what "could have been" for the better solution of "what can be" …with a more "wireless able" deliverer of products, services and reputable company.

    We encourage everyone …read, learn, listen and make a RIGHT decision!


  5. Well my phone is activated with Panther Mobile. I signed up last night, and had an e-mail on what to do to activate it while posting a reply to another post. It's active and I have made and received calls. Anyone have any questions, call me. 850 530-3815.
    I will answer any questions I can.

  6. Wow there are still believers????? This was sent to me today???? Who is giving the industry a bad name???
    January 30 at 8:04am Retail stores open in FEB. Chris tell us more about retail stores??
    I know you THINK you know what you are talking about, but you don't. I mean…you REALLY don't have a clue.I currently own and use a GV phone and so do my team members. I earn great income with GV and you should be ashamed of how you prospect.
    I don't really think you see how you look to other people when you act like this and you are giving our industry one more reason to distrust the industry. "
    The retail stores go live in February…right around the 15th.
    So stop prospecting us and especially stop using GOD and his blessings to make you sound credible.

  7. I signed up too, and requested my phone set up. I have a phone not in use with no service. I will post when it is up! I have been with GV since June, Waiting to get a phone before I started marketing. I suspended service in Sept, and reactivated it in Dec. Canceled a couple of weeks ago. The bad thing was, I left LightYear where I was making money, not a lot, but more than I was paying. I will not stray this time! I knew better, but fell for the hype. What a sucker I was!

  8. I'm confused. Why is it now Panther Mobile?? I thought it was Activation King or Wizard??

    Is there any place there to see the Comp. Plan?


  9. Excited,

    Panther Mobile is a company owned by Harry Aston and Kevin Sipes. Now I have heard Chris, Kevin and Harry have in the last week entered into talks, but to my knowledge I have not heard if anything has been inked yet.

    But, I'm just a little guy with a lot of friends in this community.

  10. I'm confused. Why is it now Panther Mobile?? I thought it was Activation King or Wizard??

    Is there any place there to see the Comp. Plan?


  11. I just got off the call with chris and panther mobile, I got to say, that was refreshing, to have someone tell it like it is and not say how much what is, not these ridiculous prices the GV was giving, I signed up with panther today. and im happy i can finally sell services promised.

    andrew davis
    panther mobile

  12. For everyone that wants to know whats going on, No GV is not a part of panther, Yes Panther and Wizard have formally merged and will continue to do business as panther mobile, I would love to answer all your questions and I will do my best to do so, Please feel free to be on the call with Me and panther today at 4pm here is the info you need to get in, and I look forward to helping everyone get what was promised with us here at panther mobile
    4 pm eastern today Friday

    conference line

    1-218-936-7979 access code 291472

  13. Also anyone can see what we are doing easily by going to my info is there and I can be reached 24 hrs a day thank you, and I hope we can help

  14. David,

    Powerfully written… I will gladly stand beside all and pray for the people in GV corporate and the field. This has gotten so crazy I think we can all use some prayers.

  15. We have had it changed to a 3×9 matrix and I invite everyone that wants more info on what i am doing to be there with me on the call today, This will explain what happened what I started and now the merger of Wizard and Panther where we are going, so here it is
    4 pm eastern today Friday

    conference line

    1-218-936-7979 access code 291472

    hope to see you there

  16. I got involved way back in May so I have listened to a LOT of this and have never heard so many excuses and "mistakes" in my life. I am dating myself I guess but much of the time I felt like I was listening to Abbott and Costello doing their "Who's on First" routine. Anyone can make a mistake maybe a few but we all know the old saying: "If it looks like a duck and It quacks like a duck………This duck has laid nothing but rotten eggs.

    All I came into this world with is my integrity and i intend to go out with it.

    Folks, if you decide to stick with these people I honestly wish you well. Just take care of yourself and please be completely honest with anyone your bringing in. You owe that to them and yourself.

  17. There are so many issues here that it is unbelievable. Given the number of issues here there are only 3 reasonable explanations. 1. These people are liars and frauds. 2. They are completely incompetent. 3. They are both.Take YOUR pick.

    Ted and Mark have NEVER taken responsibility for anything or given a DIRECT answer to a direct question.. It's the vendors fault. It"s the E-associates fault..etc. Now, even if it is true that it's the vendors etc. they are guilty of being incompetent because they obviously can't choose good business partners.

  18. Oscardee,

    I hope with you, for all the men of integrity that want this,need this to work. I have a few dear friends who understand the potential of the vision of network marketing of something we all have in our pockets called our mobile phone. These men and ladies jump started their business using the trust and the integrity that they have earned.Because they are men of integrity they will do what is right when they have to, if they have to.We must ask ourselves, knowing what we know today, would we jump in head first and present the GV potential hopeful opportunity the way we have and the way we have been taught. Those that understand that last sentence truly, not much more needs to be said. Now what can be done with what we have learned? How will we use it to grow who we are, to grow our dreams.
    We know a Christian by their fruits and the consistent changes they make in their life when they stumble and fall and who they become as they cry out to the one and only true God of the Bible. God alone is in control ( and what joy and peace there is in that promise )
    Indeed nothing is impossible for the Creator of All. But I have found that many times my dream had to be re focused as I humbly found that my dream was not the plan he had for my life and that truly is the real blessing.
    Hang on to Eph.3:20 my friend, as GOD is able to do more than we ask or IMAGINE

    Together, those that PRAY, lets pray that the door stay open or that the door slams shut but that we come a quick understanding of who is in control so that we can become better stewards of our time and gifts that He alone has granted to us.
    Something tells me that BIG changes are ahead

    Now for the naughty side of me. Whats up with this constant reminder


  19. DONT BELIEVE A SINGLE WORD TED ROBBINS SAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LIAR !!!



  20. Here is the answer, I have been working diligently with my new partners at panther mobile at look I want to do this right because that is what the field deserves, further this company will be transparent as to profits and margins, We will be live on monday and associates can take orders tuesday, to prove the service is valid and legit, we will be sending Troy Panther phones on CDMA, GSM, and IDEN from all of the networks we sell, And to give validity to what we can do and what we are offering you in the field, no b.s. with commissions, no lies, no calls with im excited 30 times, just facts and the ability for you to sell wireless, I will have an audio clip on the site within the hour at And is any other questions ask me here or directly at

  21. Thats , powerful Chris
    I dont know guys but lets wait to see what GV says tonight at the conference call, I still want to know what tipe of commisions you are gonna pay Chris since there is no room for a good kickback is gonna be residual like global verge? we need more information about your compensation plan to see if really make sence change for better or wait untill GV gets a deal with Simple Mobile.

  22. Chris,

    WOW! Talk about transparent and authentic! I don't know about all the techie stuff (Yes I do, I've had to study it for the last nine or ten months) But, when a person comes forward and addresses his critics in such a straightforward manner, that is tells me a lot about the person.

    I would sure like to see this type of honesty at GV corporate.

  23. ok let me address a few things, paul I admit when I am wrong, and I was wrong for that, nothing else I can say for that, Info has since been removed. Now for these other people, Yes how our agreement worked is I allowed GV to use my agreements with Simple Mobile, Xtreme Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, and our MVNO product, we do have an agreement but we were an upstart and we still focused on all the other prepaid products we are suing not going we are suing them now I will post the case number and the original complaint . AND HAVE YOU HEARD THE TUESDAY CALL, where are the commissions we have to wait 60days to process a file TED wow, what are you using a commadore 64. as for orders being caught up on thursday ALL ORDERS WERE CAUGHT UP, now they say 98% so they lied, then they said sims were out but all went out today, which is it, more smoke and mirrors, further, then a dual mode phone dual sim mark does not mean gsm and cdma, wow, Now I have to say thats bad, and the phone is a w008 a chinese trash phone, further they claim GSM is unlimited DATA, wow simple mobile which I am a master distributor is 20MB or 40MB of data, further their CDMA contracts lol they have another Page Plus dealer code thats why they have limited data, so thats crazy and its a bold face lie, and they say it takes 24hrs to activate a phone, another lie, you can go to simple mobile at as well as and pay less than half of what Global Verge is charging, And they said excited 11 times, its laughable folks, it is really crazy that they can say they caught up and all is well and its a bold face lie!! now if you in the field let this pass when you get burned its on you not anyone else, you own it, When I make a mistake I own it, I make no excuses I own my mistakes, now what mark says another week, so what happens next week, another week?
    Make your choices folks, and check your number with the providers I listed I know you will be a simple and page plus customer, If your a mobile pro customer you still belong to us you can stay here or port to that nightmare at GV go straight to the provider.
    We will have retail sites up at this coming week, how were we able to do it so quickly but it took GV 3 years and they still dont have it yet. so its up to you, you can either have a product that works and is activated now or with GV 24hrs, so make your decision so I can tell you Panther Will blow you away, dont believe me, Ill activate everyones phones here on one of our prepaid partners for FREE for a trial ill give you 200 minutes just to try the service for TROYS viewers only, now lets see GV do that.

    Chris Greco
    Panther mobile

  24. _Arthur,

    Let's slow down a second and look at several issues.

    1. The company was formed in 2008 out of the ashes of e-Verge. The same top field leaders were at e-Verge who are in the field today.

    2. Ruth, Jan, Frank and Bud just to name four are all top recruiters and field leaders within the Global Verge community. All four have been advising the founders over the last few months. Some since the beginning. And don;t forget about Mark Ryder and Jim Hillman who are on all the old calls. Where have they been lately.

    Well, I wonder if this advisory board will receive legal assistance when their names are made public, and if a regulatory agency comes in to clean house? I bet not, they will be held liable and left to use some of the money they have made off the backs of honest, good hearted folks who have become addicted to the Kool Aid.

    -Arthur keep them coming… I love your stimulating thoughts my friend. Maybe Ted and Mark just want to share the responsibility with other public figures if and when the company closes.

  25. Troy, do we know if GV customers are all E-Associates and ONLY E-associates, or if they sell bogus plans to plain customers too ?

    For a MLM, it should be easier to placate/bafflegab E-associates ("your SIMcard is in the mail"; "don't be so negative"; "hey, it's only $79!"), than plain customers who only want a cheap, _WORKING_ cell phone (expletives implied).

  26. But, Troy, GV just formed a formed an "Advisory Board", composed entirely of Triple Diamond "leaders", whose purpose is "to convey information and get feedback and ideas" !!!

    "We think this system will be a great way for you to feel you have a voice into us through your upline Triple Diamond and then to the Advisory Board."

    Yes, a MLM dream. A council of yes-men who have a vested interrest in keeping the money flowing to them, but without any actual responsibilities or power.

    Maybe the Advisory Council will timidly tell Ted that their E-associates downlines are fed up and want refunds. Nah, that'll never happen.

  27. Call the feds,

    Powerful comment, not just for Chris but for an and all people who may have documentation.

  28. Chris if what you claim is true about fraud … sanding sim chips, selling 20mb plans as 5gig plans as well as wiring money offsore, MVNO is a lie etc…. and you have the documents and emails to prove this then I don't think you need to wait 6 months to crush GV. Sue them for the money you are owed, inform the AG and FTC and telecom regulatory bodies about what is going on and inform the MVNO's that they deal with right now about what they are doing … end this Ted & Mark show and another conviction to their record. I think if you do this they could be done before Feb ends! Make sure you nail the Koolaide pushers who know the inside info and continue to bleed the downline for membership fees.

  29. GVMember,

    We have a couple of companies scheduled for review starting in Feb. so stay tuned. This post is not the place to mention names. However, feel free to contact me offline and I can lead you to a few who do have their act together. None are perfect, but all are solid.

  30. unbelievable,

    You are correct their calls are not live. However, rumor has it they did hold a live triple diamond call, maybe that was what he was referring… Although, I am not sure there all that many triples left.

    Chris did address the website creation issue in a comment he made here, but it is a good point.

    I do find it interesting that with all the months under the bridge GV has not focused on customer support as the #1 issue. You can't run any company, especially an MLM in the wireless world without a solid support and tech team. How is anyone going to have confidence in bringing on customers?

    Now I can tell you when a raid on a corporate office is scheduled, it is when it's least expected. Just ask Randy Jeffers how it works over at WOW. He can tell the story of how a radi takes place, when you least expect it. They sure don't want you prepared.

    Or ask ASD, it was a weekend when they got hit.

    Another thought… According to all the calls, folks have been working around the clock 7 days a week at Global Verge so I bet someone was there.

    These are sure great questions…

  31. Troy ,
    Please let GV people know about some other GOOD MLM HUB Marketing companies in there. Ill be interested on that.

  32. Panther Mobile is already a MLM company? i see they offerd 2 services GSM and CDMA but … no DATA service? is that the reason they partner with Chris Greco? . Is he gonna be merging just customer service or technologies? Panther Mobile uses a 3×7 matrix and the intro package will cost you someting between 34.95? or have to uplevels with marketing material including your phone service $169 or $179 and if you sponsor 1 person each month on this levels then you wont have to pay a monthly service for your phone , back office, or marketing materials. In other words they will give you free service and free back office and marketing links every month if you recruit 1 person at least a month but if you sponsor 3 that month is 3months of free service , 10 people would be 10 months free service. When Chris Greco parthner with Panther Mobile is gonna be same comp plan? or he will be doing a new 3×8 ? MATRIX pls we need Answers CHRISS..

  33. Chris you still have not answered one of my questions.

    Why is it that you chose to violate people's privacy to discredit Global Verge?

    I could care less about you ongoing dispute with GV. That is between you and them. My issue has and always has been the callous and unethical way you treated e-associate's privacy. You posted their names, addresses, phone numbers and emails on your website. You made no attempt to block, hide, or cover up identifying information. Had you done that, I would not be all over you like a rottweiller on a steak bone. These people were put at risk. You will not have any sympathy whatsoever from me for any repercussions you suffer as a result of those actions.

  34. Mr. Clean? That's great! I was thinking more that Ventura guy. But anyways. Don't worry Troy. I'm sure he meant it with a lot of love. All jokes aside. I think it's safe to say that some of us don't question the motives of Ted and Mark regardless of their background (people can change), but there's too many undotted i's and uncrossed t's. At this point I don't agree with the silence stand. It does give too many doubts about the company. Yes, sometimes childish remarks are not worth the time. But in this case, staying quiet might cost them many more associates. I could never follow a business person that attacks others anymore than a politicians that try and point out the flaws in their opponents instead of concentrating on how they can have a positive contribution to their seat. Again, I'm not making excuses for anybody, but GV does have a lot of work to do. And I think now is the time to disclose. What happen? How did we get here? And how will we move on? These are answers that can unite and allow to move forward.

  35. Ted says at 58 sec. that "this call is Jam Packed". I've been following since June 09 and last I heard these calls were no longer held "LIVE". So how can this be?
    Also, listen as they dance around the CDMA data issue. Though they never come out and say it, they admit it's not even a 5g cap.
    They have been saying for months that they are ramping up support. I don't know alot about Chris, but I did see some issues he was having with his company support as well. One customer in particular, used craigslist to make his problem known. I'm also curious as to why the Unlimited Wizard site was created in December 09, while merged with global verge. Anyone can do a whois search and see for themselves.
    And what about this recent email from Nicole at GV corporate. Dated Jan 24 2010. I can't see the AG showing up at corporate on a Sunday. Can't see anyone from corporate being there either.
    Troy, this one is definitely "an adventure".

  36. Just for clarification. Are you saying that you have dropped out of GV and are now distributing Simple Mobile? Or it is Global Mobile 1, now backed by Simple Mobile (not Buzzirk)?lol

  37. The bloom is not just off the rose but its black and rotting. GV has so much bad press I don't see how they can effectively keep their people on board, never mind expand. They brag about the VOIP and how it beats everyone else on price and if that's true they might have something they can build on but how can anyone there be trusted?

    Last question for anyone from GV. To the so called leaders, why have you not personally gone to the GV home office in MO. and demanded to get every last detail at what is going on? Why not? If you have 100 or more in a downline you have an obligation to get the fact in light of all the crap that's going on. If you are still recruiting and not knowing every last detail you are being quite dishonest.

  38. 5. Since you can get a phone up and running in a short time and you were with them for a few months. why are they having such a hard time getting SIMS , connecting those and CDMA and all the other bottlenecks?
    6. Responding to some comments here, how is GV getting their mobile phones working as some have stated here?

    I understand the comments of GV supporters here but this mess has been going on from the beginning. They have a lot of money so the resources are there to hire or outsource any service they need to get something right unless the offshore accounts are simply getting fat with as much cash as possible in case of a legal shutdown.

  39. Chris,

    Comments are long and in 2 or 3 parts.

    I have some question that have never been "directly" answered by anyone with GV and some others as well. I appreciate your comments on this post.
    1. GV claimed to be an MVNO. I don't think you are even an MVNO. You are a Master Agent reselling for other companies on the GSM and MVNO side separately. Is that right? I don't care as long as the service is there. Shed some light please?
    2. Your coverage map for GSM is similar to the map Verizon advertises on TV claiming AT&T has bad coverage woth G3. If I get a SIM card from you for a Motorola phone what should I expect for coverage? I live in south central US.
    3. Tell us about the arrangement you had with them and who were the GSM side and CDMA providers, if you can? I know your privacy should be respected.
    4. Where were they getting their phones? My guess is they were buying warehoused surplus phones overseas.

  40. I think GV messup on putting to much HYPE on a product that is not READY and they blame it on the e-associates when they where calling 5g on their calls , thats why everybody is talking about GV just because we focused in a superphone o super wireless service that is not Ready. By the way I call SIMPLE MOBIL at 1:30 am Central and guess what ? a live person answer my call and I already filled an aplication to be a distributor of Global MObile 1 …..Sorry …. SIMPLE MOBIL.

  41. I agree with you 100% David. But my comparison to Gates was not to imply that the result was of equal potential. It was strictly about a starting point. Nobody really knows how far a business can reach. It was not easy to start the business that I've had the past 10 yrs (and yes, I am only a steward of it). There was times that I wanted out during that 1st year. But my family and I have been so blessed because of it. Maybe I am a big dreamer. But I've seen first hand that nothing is impossible for the One I serve. That's why I choose to wait and see what happens.
    Thanks for the reply David. And you to Troy.

  42. GVMember,

    One last thought on the hub marketing. Why pay to join a company, when there are MLM hub marketing companies a person can join for free who have the same products, better compensation and leadership who have been in business for years?

    If I put a couple of other hub marketing companies beside GV, I still see huge issues from the basic foundation of the P&Ps and compensation all the way to the hype marketing.

    Until all of these issues are fixed at the very heart of the matter, the rest of this is in my opinion is just hype to keep the eyes off the main issues.

  43. GVMember,

    It is true they have a hub marketing program. However, before the wireless buzz, the company was not growing. If frank Veron, Jan Johnson, Matt Jamison, and Bud Nemeth had not joined this company, the company might have already been out of business. Although I may not agree all the time with these leaders all the time, I acknowledge several as friends, and they are some of the best recruiters on the internet and inside of Global verge.

  44. Simple Mobile is pretty new on the board, but from all customer reviews they seem to be keeping up with their calls.

  45. Ok for everyone talking about the non disclosure that was an amendment to my SERVICE AGREEMENT with Global Verge, what that means is I was bound by it as long as that agreement was honored, SO GUESS WHAT, THEY BROKE IT WITH NON PAYMENT, so there is no Non Disclosure at all, because GV broke the agreement, AS FOR LEGAL ACTION, if GV was going to sue me they would have, They dont want all that was said to be public, so they are standing there with HUSH MOUTH, why because, Oh we are activating phones, and we are caught up, I proved that was a lie, We got our own MVNO, again they Lied they are using page plus, So drink that koolaide, How is that 39.99 plan tasting at 79.99, tastes like Fraud to me, Further I didnt Stab anyone in the back Petchel and Robbins have a very long record of F***ing people, So when my company was owed over 18,000 I had to walk away, So if protecting my business is stabing in the back so be it, and if shining light on the truth is hurting peoples feelings Too Bad, Cause if I hurt your feelings heres a tissue, but maybe I can save the innocent guy who cant afford that 40.00 a month from getting scammed, And if you all believe in GV SO MUCH, tell Mark and Ted to Let you see the Authorize.Net portal oh thats right they cant cause they got cut off and Frozen, Further, Phones, so let me guess they answered all those tickets and everyone has their phones? WRONG I got 43 phone calls today from e associates jumping that SINKING ship (your words) to come somewhere they get there phones in three days, and there is tracking numbers, etc. Not handwritten envelopes with simcards that are sanded and have stickers placed on them. You can say what you want but I promise you within 6 months Panther Mobile will crush Global Verge and every one else in wireless MLM, perriod. And hey you got your I phone activated, thats great, through who? air voice, Hows the NO DATA treating you, please Enjoy that koolaide, and cant wait to see the roaches run when the lights get turned on.

    Chris Greco

  46. yes troy, in order for you to be approved to Have such a license you have to go through a rigorous background check which they could never pass, and this is why verizon turned them down for an MVNO. Further no member of your Board or anyone that has ANY decision making ability can have ANY felonys on their record, no Wireless company will give you an MVNO and no most resellers, i.e. Page Plus, Simple Mobile, etc will touch you either, case in point simple droping them, So let me see Simple had data, but you got dropped so now they go airvoice, Um yeah hows that No Data treating you, I can tell you troy when the other company IF THEY ARE EVEN USING ANOTHER COMPANY finds out they are rebranding sims, BOOM their Done.

  47. 1.- Now, that everything is comming to light , i just want to say that Global Verge is not only providing Global Mobile 1 service, lets forget about that.. they dont have those agreements with nobody yet on the wireless part is obiously that they are desperates in close a deal or see another alternatives, while they blind e-associates by saying all is under control. BUT if you notice GV have a HUB marketing meaning they have other products and services that are working great and actually saving money to customers for example the TALK SMART, SOHO, VIDEOPHONES, this is a main products for companies like 5linx, ACN this are inc 500 companies. How about GV TRAVEL , this site have excelent commisions and savings. GV SAVINGS MALL and RESTAURANT . COM. I personally enroll more pleople just by saying that they can click in our Savings MALL and go to Target ,purchase something, save some money on the sale and receive a commission for it .

  48. You know.. After following this for so long i finally broke down and activated one of my old phones through GV. You know what? It worked out great! No problems, no delays, and Clear as can be.

    So this discredits to me everything that is being said on this site. Its sad when people try to demolish another company because of growing pains. Look at the google phone, its not right yet either, so i guess it is a scam too?
    I also have a friend who uses one of GV's smartalk office voip phones. He to this day has had no problems with it.
    So for people to say that GV is a scam and has no products, just tells me that they do not understand what they have. GV has products, GV has a cell phone, GV is going through some growing pains, But Please name to me ONE company that has not had growing pains…
    Everyone, you are taking the word of a man who runs this site who in many peoples opinion looks like Mr. Clean sitting in front of a American Flag, which he uses to as a front.
    Please take a look at Chris's websites.. Are you Honestly going to tell me you would even consider that a corporate website? much less a business website? Like i stated yesterday, my 12 year old does better websites than that. I would not buy from anyone who cant even pay to have a professional website built, Much less would i buy from someone who berates and fills a forum full of BS about other companies.
    I like to keep my children and their childish games in daycare, so when i get home from a hard day of work i can relax and enjoy their company. Its a shame most parents didnt spend that time with their children and teach them that also.. this forum really shows the maturity level of such a sad thing happening in a childs life. when they become adults they want to be on the front lines of the battlefield to stop someone from succeeding in what they could not accomplish in life..
    I dont really care what the replies to this may be as i know i will get them, but i would not expect anything less from this group here.. take the hint…

  49. Paul,

    A true scholar you are my friend. I can't put words in other peoples mouths, but I do think I can give you a solid reason you do not see people blaming Chris for any of this. Chris and his companies have only been involved with Global Verge since the last few months of 2009. Most of these issues go back to the middle of the summer.

    And I think if you listen to the calls when Chris came on board or read some of the emails sent from corporate and the top teams, it is somewhat confusing to tell if Chris is just a vender, or was a true partner in Global Verge.

    Most distributors who came into Global Verge on the promise of category creating wireless services, which never came to pass, then went through all the current frustrations, just want their money back, and really don't care about Chris.

    Those who do care have been bold to bring up some great issues here on the blog.

    The question we may all need to ask, is who broke what agreement and when? If Chris's NDA was attached to some other agreement, then the breach in the mai agreement, may have made the DNA null and void.

    Paul, I love your comments, they cause everyone to stop and think a little deeper.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  50. Oscardee,

    On the surface I have to agree with you. However history has proven, that when the regulatory agencies get involved, they go after more than just the corporate folks. They also look at the field force to see who has the biggest footprint on the internet.

    I would be cautious…

  51. Oscardee,

    I have to admit with no disrespect meant here. You are a much bigger dreamer then I,and actually I dream pretty big. Ted and Mark will never be able to be compared to a Mr. Gates and what I trust for all involved is DISCERNMENT. My shared wisdom would be to trust in Prayer for a clear peace of the path one should follow and grow themselfs and their business,after all we are truly only stewards to what has been trusted to us. Be wise and do it well.

    Here's a quote that I appreciate


  52. I find it interesting that Oscardee, is the only other commenter to pick up on the back stabbing. I realize this blog post is about Global Verge's plan to take legal action. I also realize that as a moderator Troy, that you will keep things focused on the topic. However, how is it that Oscardee and I are the only ones who bring up Chris's part in this mess.

    Why is it that you chose to violate people's privacy to discredit Global Verge?

    How can we trust you when you have no regard whatsoever to the non-disclsure agreement you signed?

  53. Oscardee,

    Thank you for this info. This helps people to understand a little better. Please let us know about 611 as a last verification.

  54. Its funny Chris , I call the number 904-778-5125 "your Number" and its the "same" number we had from GL(OBAL VERGE to get in touch with you for all the issues that we have with the service when you were part of Global Verge. Everytime we called before and Now we would go to this stupid machine telling us that your voicemail is full and can not redceive any more messages. but the best part is trying to get to customer service at 888-909-4927 same thing you dont get a real person to talk to just a stupid machine that tells you to leave a message and somebody will get back in 40 min THAT NEVER HAPPEND""" and WOW if you press 2# for sales SAME THING leave a message.

  55. You might not get much data intensive usage out of the I-Phone because Simple Mobile data caps at 40MB for $55. The CDMA Phone that you have caps at 20MB of data with the unlimited Voice and Text for $39.95. If you are paying much more than those prices, it is not an ethical price point for consumers. I had the GM1 "service" at the basic plan. I then became a Page plus Dealer and ran my own number to find out that I had 20 MB of data also, so I made out. The closest is $59.99 for 50 MB, but the providers don't offer that much data.

    I had the wait and see attitude also, but the leadership has not been transparent for the last 6 months of my time with GV and that is the real reason to leave! Bill Gates was a visionary and leader, something that Mark and Ted are not. Now they want to have the Advisory board to "listen" to the field? I wonder why NOW at THIS TIME and not 4 months ago?

  56. It does read Simple Mobile as the carrier inside the settings. No software. Also received confirmation texts from Simple Mobile when it was activated. Haven't called 611. I'll try that when I'm done charging the phone. But it is Simple Mobile.

  57. Oscardee,

    You bring up an interesting point. Does the phone read Simple Mobile is the carrier or does it just have their name on the software? WHich company answers the phone when you hit 611? This might clear this up for folks.

  58. Concerned,

    Thanks I thought that was how it is, but wasn't sure. And in reviewing the pricing between GM1 and PP I think the FTC might not like the fact, the retail price at GM1 is so much higher than the fair market value of the service. This may be seen as an incitement to bring people into the compensation plan so they can earn commissions off their own product instead of attracting retail customer sales

    It also raises another question… Will the retail pricing at the retail stores be this high price, or much lower so GM1 can compete with other retail outlets in the malls and shopping centers?

  59. Oscardee,

    Again, you make solid points and I am glad you are posting.

    However, what good is it for a person to plug the holes in a sinking ship, if the caption and first mate, keep running the ship a ground? Or worse yet, they keep lighting the fuse of the ammunition inside the ship and blowing holes in it?

    I do agree, you don't want to necessarily jump in just any passing ship. But maybe a good idea would be to take a life raft and swim to shore so you can get a clear look at what ships are on the horizon.

    As for Microsoft, the answer is YES. He paid around $50K for DOS an alreadt proven system and went to IBM and cut a deal. From that point on everything is history. Although they release each piece of software with a glitch or two, they never release untill years of beta testing has been performed. GV is not Microsoft. There is not rocket science. All the players are suppose to be experts. Since there are several other MLM Wireless companies up and running, I don;t think we can blame this on software glitches. But this is what we have heard every time… "Its the venders, software, merchant accounts…

  60. Oscardee,

    It was not just the person heading the wireless division. It was the founders themselves. We have several recorded calls where it was very clear Mark was the one leading the charge on Global Verge offering 5G services etc.

    It was also Mark, Ted, Steve and Craig, all founders and or corporate officers who were saying "The phones work, we're shiping, this rocks." Then they turned they story. Listen to all the recordings we have here.

    And, if you go back to the old e-Verge videos and recordings you see the same track record. One week they tell the world there are phones, the next week there were never phones.

    Here is another issue. They have come on board with traditional cell phones and could not handle the activations of their own reps (all internal consumption, not good) how are they going to handle the hundreds of thousands of activations from regular wireless customers? According to GV recordings they have over 40K if each rep just brings on 2 new customers per month, your at 80K activations a month. What happens then?

    From what I have seen NONE of the venders they have brought on board have ever done anything close to this amount of monthly business.

    But you do bring up some great points for people to ponder. The best statement is… "I'll wait"

  61. I believe you are right Troy. "Unlimited" is really just a marketing term in the wireless world. However, it seems that the plan they are selling as "unlimited" (usually 5gb) is really only giving people the max that Page Plus gives for the $39.99 plan (50mb). I could be wrong on the Page Plus cap, but its somewhere in that area. The point is, they are selling the "unlimited" plan, when Page Plus does not even offer it, hence it's a HUGE lie.

  62. OK. Point taken. Then how was I able to activate if their activation codes were suspended due to fraudulent activities? I activated GSM ad CDMA. My iphone reads Simple Mobile as the carrier. How can people say that they dumped GV?

  63. Unbelievable Scam,

    Powerful point. It's one thing to private label a service which is offered through a company. In the software world its called SDK (Software Development Kit) and I know of a few VOIP companies who offer this, or even the GV University is a good example. But the wireless services offered through GM1 come from federally licensed telecommunication carriers or through their approved resellers, who have been approved through a process established by the federal agency governing this industry.

    I would question if Global Verge can get a federal or state approval to provide their own license based on the criminal history of the owners. Now, I could be wrong, but every federal license I hold or have held, can not be held by anyone with a felony.

    Does anyone have solid input on this issue?

  64. Why does everybody keep calling this GM1's service, they are reselling another product under false pretenses. It is against the resellers policies to sell their product as your own, case being (Simple Mobile) dumped them.

  65. PART 3:
    I see more reward in running to try and plug the hole that's sinking the ship and remain on course than to jump with somebody that all we know about is that he is willing to backstab anybody to make a buck.
    I know every company likes to refer to the beginnings of Microsoft or Yahoo. Do you think that when Bill Gates started out, he fulfilled every order on time and on schedule? Do you think every software he made was without glitches? Even today there has to be constant updates to remove glitches to all software. Imagine how many people backed out when he (Mr. Gates) fell behind due to sudden success and overwhelming orders. I bet they're regreting it as we read. And even their children will pay. Or I should say, they will not receive. Tough choice. Take your time and make the right one. Again, I have activated my iphone and a droid in the last 2 days. Activation codes are intact.
    Be safe.

  66. PART 2: Let's recap.
    During the summer, people were calling Global Verge a scam. Why? The person that was heading the mobile division was suggesting some very questionable methods in carrying out the launch. He was removed. Then we started complaining that nothing was happening and the zero1 deal fell through. Everybody starts screaming "scam" again. Certain opportunities open and we are rolling again. Then we start complaining again and the GM1 replicated site comes online. We're rolling again. Where are the phones? They came online a short time later. What happens? Thousands and thousands of orders and activations are placed in a very short period of time. GV is overwhelmed! Not prepared! This does not make it a scam! If anything it's a good thing that we are getting this kind of results or else there wouldn't be much money in it.
    You think it's wise to follow somebody that has no loyalty? No dignity? Someone that want's to profit from all the hard work we already invested? I say no. I'll wait.

  67. PART 1:For all you GV associates that are just reading these blogs to help decide what to do, I'll suggest 1 thing. Wait! Will it be easy? No. But at this point what have you got to loose? Another $40? What have you got to gain when all this is streamlined? As a wise man once asked,"Who is the bigger fool? The fool himself or the fool who follows?" Anywhere you go from here, be prepared to start ALL over again.
    Let's recap!!

  68. Hey GVMEmger, I also was a GV Member and i waited several months of nothing. I stopped my autoship immediately so no more funds can be taken. I advise that you do the same and then try to get your money through your Credit card company. Good Luck, If you are interested in a Wireless company that has been around for awhile, you can reach me at my e-mail Take care J

  69. Troy this situation with the Global Disaster Show is insane. I just talked to a Triple Diamond in Co., and she told me that ALL is great with GV. I had to laugh. At this point anyone who stays deserves what they get BUT I do hope you are able to put the information in the hands of the right authorities so that this festering boil of a company can be lanced once and for all.

  70. Just wanted to jump the comment over here since they were more recent. Thanks.

    First I wanted to thank you Troy for the steps you take to maintain privacy when t is requested and also for making sure that everything that gets posted is within the guidelines of the law. I think the accusations are a little lobsided but usually the negative people are the ones that speakout the most.
    With that being said, I wanted to add a little bit of positive. Within the last couple of days I have been able to activate a GSM phone (iphone) and a CDMA phone (droid) through Global Mobile 1. I assure you this would not be possible if all accusations were true. I will admit it is odvious that they have fallen behind in many areas (support tickets, delivery of SIMs & phones, etc.) but that does not automatically make it a scam. There has been progress and that is all we can ask for. Nothing gets built overnight and without glitches. I'm not making excuses for anybody. I'm just telling you what I have been able to receive through GM1 which would not be possible if all the accusations were true.
    Thank you for your time and I will be posting again. Living in anger and hatred is bad for the soul.

  71. oh also just so people know if you dont get some one please try again you will reach one of 97 customer service agents. thank you, and we look forward to helping you in wireless with panther mobile.

  72. Gv Ember its real simple, I POST THE COVERAGE MAPS FOR A REASON!! DUH I know all the services I sell are not the best, it all depends on the customer, But thats WHY I SELL EVERY SINGLE ONE, no one does that, and for your information just so you know I have been busy making sure that this all goes right and I can tell Everyone now its official, We have merged with PANTHER MOBILE, yes its true, whats that mean, Much more customer support, better back ens and back office, and our ability to sell every single prepaid product, Now to get back to what you were saying GV needed me because they HAD NO AGREEMENT AND STILL DONT to activate phones, why cant they activate GSM, because I took that away, now they are charging 79.99 for unlimited data on PAGE PLUS, now I sell that product too and I sell it for less than the asking price 37.99 so how is that a scam I am saving people money, And I state what the data is when they buy it, period. So look if you really want to sell wireless service with your own site we can do that for you, now you have to know that my phones are slammed right now because e associates know when I left so did the service, as for GV that was their cluster F, not mine, I gave them access to the services at a cost, thats it, and they owe me money by the way. so Send me an email to now and illl get your number and call you, further People who paid for domains for us and been waiting I have already refunded as a courtesy and am still building their site, asked for a change so its being rebuilt, so I am in this to help and actually make money honestly and us and panther mobile will be able to do that for you. We officially launch WIDE OPEN Monday.

    Chris Greco

  73. Paul,

    I do not believe we are on the same page but I love you anyway 🙂

    The company is incorporated out of South Carolina, not Florida. We all know they have locations in Florida, we reported on that months ago. However, until Chris Greco decides to give the official name of his company publicly and not just the DBA names people may have to contact his former partner Raymond to find those answers.

    We must all remember WhoIs is only as good as the person who put the info into the system when they registered the domain names. And in some cases domain names have information which is located in a completely different location than the servicers and business is incorporation.

    By the way if you look through all the reports on GV you will see we talked all about Chris and Activation King Wireless when the merger took place back in late 2009.

    But, good post.

    However, in listening to the Global Verge latest recordings, it is also clear that Raymond purports to own the main Jacksonville location, your guess is as good as mine on who is responsible.

  74. if it makes him look like a fool, then what does that make you? I mean if you know and evidence is presented they are scaming honest people, if you stay in what does that make you? Think about it

  75. Concerend,

    Correct me if I am wrong. But even the phrase "unlimited data" through the Global Mobile 1 providers have never been true unlimited?

  76. Sorry Troy a Whois search has proven you wrong. Activation King Wireless and Chris Greco are both based in Florida. Both have violated the privacy of e-associates. I am not a lawyer, nor am I familiar with Florida privacy laws, but I am sure these e-associates have grounds to launch a complaint against Chris Greco and Activation King Wireless with the FCC, and the Florida State Attorney. That way true lawyers can determine if a law has been broken.

    725 n pine hills rd
    orlando, FL 32746


    Administrative Contact:
    greco, chris
    725 n pine hills rd
    orlando, FL 32746
    Technical Contact:
    greco, chris
    725 n pine hills rd
    orlando, FL 32746

    Registration Service Provider:
    Yola, Inc,

    Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.
    Record last updated on 28-Oct-2009.
    Record expires on 29-Oct-2010.
    Record created on 29-Oct-2009.

    Registrar Domain Name Help Center:

    Domain servers in listed order:

    Domain status: clientTransferProhibited

    The Data in the Tucows Registrar WHOIS database is provided to you by Tucows
    for information purposes only, and may be used to assist you in obtaining
    information about or related to a domain name's registration record.

    Tucows makes this information available "as is," and does not guarantee its

    By submitting a WHOIS query, you agree that you will use this data only for
    lawful purposes and that, under no circumstances will you use this data to:
    a) allow, enable, or otherwise support the transmission by e-mail,
    telephone, or facsimile of mass, unsolicited, commercial advertising or
    solicitations to entities other than the data recipient's own existing
    customers; or (b) enable high volume, automated, electronic processes that
    send queries or data to the systems of any Registry Operator or
    ICANN-Accredited registrar, except as reasonably necessary to register
    domain names or modify existing registrations.

    The compilation, repackaging, dissemination or other use of this Data is
    expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Tucows.

    Tucows reserves the right to terminate your access to the Tucows WHOIS
    database in its sole discretion, including without limitation, for excessive
    querying of the WHOIS database or for failure to otherwise abide by this

    Tucows reserves the right to modify these terms at any time.

    By submitting this query, you agree to abide by these terms.



    SEE THE MESSAGE FROM GVMEMBER in responde to Chris Greco Message!!! about contact info>


  79. We just tired of BS dont talk bad of Global Verge when you have same and probably worst issues with your websites Its under construction???? and… Man you must have lott of emails because you never return my email since Sunday well I just send you a new one just in case you forgot and by the way that authomatic response you have setup on your email REMOVED since that never happend " Thank you for your Interest, you will receive an email shortly that will explain the opportunity in more detail and what you will need to get started.
    We are glad to have and ready to show you how to make money in wireless"" So please Chris dont try to be the Hero Here if you have what you said you have then also talk about the Coverage in your services I see really shitty coverage in some maps and its not clear exactly what commisions, opportunity or cellphones nor procedure how to get started, i think you just trying to make it look like Fraud.!!!

  80. No kidding… we charged you for Unlimited Data, but you only get a limited amount, because they are selling you a Page Plus service that costs $40 less than what we charge. They dont have control over that part, but they sure will charge you for it. These guys are total liars. "Oh, but we'll refund you if it doesn't get fixed, no need to call in." Haha, like all the other people that have requested refunds that haven't received them? Can I have some more Kool Aid please?

  81. Check out this latest call…. Mark and Ted are talking about having issues with data on the CDMA side; DUH! Go the the bottom link and forward to the middle of the file! Hilarious! I'm glad that I didn't recruit anyone into this "BUSINESS". Ha Ha

    By the way, David you should offer your services to Chris…. might be some great income available! I'm just saying……

  82. I never disputed that the Akw website looks bad or cheap even. But you went there and got info off it right. Then I made my point. People could give a rats ass what the site looks like as long as the consumer can get what they need that's what counts. But hey let me ask you how many phones is Gv activating NONE wow you people are really drinking the koolaide well when u get burned by GV I told u so.

    We are announcing later today a huge announcement that will greatly affect everyone in MLM wireless

  83. Now if you GV reps get off the kool aide and get some coffee and think whats next???
    Its a mass mutiny…now those who go WOW…perhaps I will join another better wireless company before 50k GV distributors do…then you will beat the masses and be at the top for once…
    If we are recruiting the top dist from GV now "WOW!"…more are sure to follow. I suggest you jump ship…before your are the last one to turn the lights out, and miss the train at the station going the other direction uptown…Take heed in this post…I know whats happening

  84. Actually they have some great products that i have seen myself and currently sell.. Maybe you should look before you speak.. it makes you look like a fool

  85. Chris,

    Im sorry i seen the website you Quote as being Activation King, And i must say my 12 year old does better webwork than that. So saying that is your website makes me think you must be quite young, and you just could not watch a company succeed in doing something you could not do.. I feel sorry for anyone who buys a phone from you, as you look more a scam then GV at this point in my views.. I do websites for a living, and All three of the sites you state look like they were put together in about 10 minutes.. That Screams Scam to me

  86. Stay away, I have a refund on a position That still has not been paid. Maybe by posting SOMEONE WILL GET OFF THERE BUTTS..I cant believe people are still drinking the koolaid when they have sim cards they cannot activate, and paying 40 more a month for a lesser service than there paying for.

    Original order NO. was 532715 This was suppose to have been refunded and sent out to a wrong email through commission plus, and when scott was handeling that. I still have not seen it in my gv wallet or how access it?
    Subject: [#YWI-217485]:

    Hi Allen,
    You were refunded through our commissionsplus wallet account but you did not withdraw those funds. We are no longer using that wallet system now and those funds will be transfered back to GV soon. Then we will reissue those funds into your new GV wallet and then an email will be sent to you giving you access. I do not have a date that this will occur. If you have any questions you can email

    Thank you,

  87. Well GV Ember If you contacted me which my cellphone is posted on my sites 904-778-5125 I would gladly help you out the over 250 plus e associates who have switched are already activating phones, and selling phones. And I have a complete list of phones, plans etc, I only sell two on my site because thats what sells I have sites up like that has 4 phones i believe, and also we have a 100 plus person call center at 888-909-4927, if you dial extension #2 we will take care of you, Or you can contact me via email, all have been answered, And as for me acting like a kid, Maybe, But Mines better than theres, No seriously I am just putting out the truth and giving people an opportunity, thats it.

    Chris Greco

  88. I have a member on my team in GV that receive his sim card yesterday, the funny part is that shows a sticker on it that says Global mobile 1 , when you remove that sticker is showing Simple mobil, Whats going on????… then we went to Criss Greco website to see if we can sell retail phones or see how we can join his Team but till now we havent receive any call regarding activating a site with him. Try to contact customer service or see a list of complete phones and dont see anything that gives me a good felling. at this moment I think Global Verge and Criss Greco dont know what theyre doing only fighting like kids instead of thelling the truth.

  89. It looks like Zer01 was correct in stopping the relationship they had with Buzzirk. Apparently all of this adds evidence to me that Buzzirk did breach something, do something illegal, or make promises they could not keep within the contract they had with Zer01. Keep up the good work Troy and good luck Mr. Greco!!!

    P.S I have been saying they were deceptive and dishonest for months. It is good to see the truth come out!!!

  90. What a brave sole you are Nicole, in reality you really didn't lose much of a job, because if and when the feds raid GV and if you are in the office at that time, you will be guilty by association, you've saved yourself a lot of trouble my dear,
    I salute you for your bravery!!
    You will end up with a better career soon

    Good Luck Nicole,

  91. Here is the bottom line, Global Verge, Buzzirk Mobile, Global Mobile 1, whatever the name of the company is and will be next week, they are "Guilty by Association" by having a conficted criminal in their organization, he has been conficted of investment/ securities fraud, "Guilty by Association", no matter what they say, 18 months of $39.95 per month from nearly 20,000 distirbutors and no product no service, please do the math!!!
    Wake up people, if it smells bad it most likley is.

    Kudos to Chris Greco for stepping up and saying enough is enough!!!

  92. Troy I wish that they were trying to take people out of GV but I can assure everyone I have absolutely nothing to do with them and never will now or in the future, Further we have posted pictures of what they were doing to sim cards on I was sent these from e associates that were upset. wait till you see these! This is why they can no longer do GSM activations Simple Mobile Had thier codes revoked for fraud!!! Look at the pics for yourself, as for info I have posted I am sorry if anyone is offended but it is collateral damage, In that I am doing all I can to give out the truth and Proof of this scam.

  93. Paul,

    AKW, is not a Florida company, so coming to Florida may not be their best move.

    I read though a few emails from Global Verge, and talked to an old business partner of Ted and Mark's yesterday and here are a few questions people may want to ask.

    1. How did Chris Greco get into the back office after last Thursday when Ted Robbins made it clear on a conference call they had cut all ties and locked him out of the back office?

    2. Has anyone checked the email headers to see if the emails came from anywhere by

    3. How do we know that Global Verge did not give Chris Greco the documentation, so they can move folks out of Global Verge and pay less commissions?

    4. Why is Global Verge suddenly turning the focus away from wireless over to VIOP services?

    5. Why is Global Verge sending anything to their attorney's, when the act of a vender breaking into your private system a criminal act, not a civil act?

    But, what do I know….

  94. Chris Greco,

    Chris does bring up a great point.

    If someone can send me the original email we can check the email header to see where it truly came from. If it does not show any other email but support, or a private email Ted has at gmail then it could be fake. But if the only two emails are Ted's, then this would put the whole saga into a new light.

  95. Pingback: Tweets that mention Global Verge Going After Bloggers For Purported Slander After Chris Greco Contacted MLM Help Desk | MLM Help Desk Home Of The Maverick Leader - Troy Dooly --
  96. Your in trouble Troy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!

    From: GlobalVerge []
    Sent: Sunday, January 24, 2010 8:03 PM
    Subject: From The Desk Of The President Sunday January 24th

    Hello e-Associates,
    It has come to our attention that some of you may have received a fake reply from the GM1 support ticket system with false information in it regarding Global Verge. In the email notification that I sent out yesterday I referred to the disgruntled vendor and the tactics that he was using in an attempt to slander us. The emails that were sent today purporting to be from the support staff (using the names of Nicole and Ruth) are just another example. Because of what he did with the emails today we now have additional proof of his fraudulent actions. If you have received such an email you are personally witnessing what we spoke about in my notification to you yesterday. It is hard to believe that such deviant behavior exists, but unfortunately it does.
    We have taken steps to further secure the ticket support system to which he had access before we terminated our relationship a couple of days ago. Please know that all of the emails that were sent contained false information and numerous fraudulent statements. We have forwarded all of these emails to our attorneys and are pursuing all legal avenues available to us against this person. If you have received an email purporting to be from GM1 support, please forward it to us and we will send it to the attorneys as well.
    We would like to assure you that NONE of the information contained in any of these ticket replies is correct or true. As I stated yesterday, we are moving forward with activations, filling orders, have sent the last SIMs and are shipping phones. We also have a stellar relationship with the Attorney Generals.
    We are committed to your success and are just as upset as you are at the lack of integrity by this sole individual. Rest assured we will continue to push forward in making sure that this person is brought to justice and that the company and the opportunity are secure.
    Ted Robbins, President
    Global Verge

  97. You are going to love this Troy – GV Employees asking for Forgiveness!!!!!!!!!!

    ——– Original Message ——–
    Subject: [#QPU-130602]: plan not connected to phone
    From: "Support at GM1" <>
    Date: Sun, January 24, 2010 1:00 pm

    Unfortunately I work here at Global Verge and I cant allow the scam to continue anymore. Folks chris was right and They are scamming you here, This is coming from Me Nicole at Global Verge, ok this has to stop I know when I send this info to chris and when I send this to you my job is gone But I have to do the right thing, its all true We cant activate any phones, We have had the GSM product pulled from us by Simple Mobile. and yes it is a fact we are using pageplus right now to activate your phones and it only costs 39.99 not 79.99 that some of you are paying, Please forgive me for my part in this, I just cant do it anymore, and I know chris will do the right thing and post this to stop this maddness, and I would advise everyone that wants a real service. that is active now and wants to sell retail see chris.

    Ticket Details
    Ticket ID: QPU-130602
    Department: General
    Priority: Critical
    Status: Open
    ——– Original Message ——–
    Subject: [#DBN-168846]: phone order
    From: "Support at GM1" <>
    Date: Sun, January 24, 2010 1:27 pm

    Hi e associates,

    This is Nicole at Global Verge here in Lees Summitt, Mo.
    I have to stop this maddness, It is true, It is a SCAM, I can no longer work here and tell you people about this I am advising you to cancel your auto ship asap, The attorney General was here today and threats of Criminal charges are coming from the office of the AG to us here, I am sorry but I cannot Be apart of this scam any longer Chris was right to leave, and he is puttiing people on for retail now, IM DONE WITH THIS SCAM@@Start Print
    Global Mobile 1

  98. If I were a distributor, I too would be worried about my privacy as well. Particularly when a former vendor has seen fit to dishonor a non disclosure and confidentiality agreement. Seeing the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of e-associates posted on that vendor's website is a direct violation of privacy.

    Although I am not a lawyer, nor have I ever played one on tv, if I were at the Florida State Attorney's office, I would be launching an investigation at AKW. If I were an ambulance chaser in Florida, I would be contacting e-associates whose privacy was violated to join in a civil suit. If I saw my personal information posted like that, I would not hesitate to file complaints with the FCC, FTC, and any other government agency with three initial names, the Florida State Attorney's office, and the BBB.

    As I stated before, these actions taken by Chris Greco, has destroyed any credibility he nay have had with me.

  99. This is laughable, Really Ted so now when anyone comes forward in your company you will blame it on a vendor WOW, look its simple it came FROM YOUR COMPUTER YOUR EMAIL TED, is the address you send all your letters from the president from, Your are the funniest President of any company I have ever seen, So let me guess the 984 people in tickets your employee gave us must have magically got a sim card, LOL, the LIES keep coming, well TED the writing is on the wall, You need to keep your office locked, and when did you start giving your vendors access to your system and back office? if your doing that WOW, talk about unorganized, Look I will continue to pound this company until changes are made. Or I just pass you up, Just in case your keeping score, Ted we have 209 official sites that are now selling wireless that were e associates, what about you? oh thats right you dont have retail, and your activating Page Plus, phones. Well just to let everyone know You dont have to pay GV 79.99 for page plus, walmart has it for 39.99 and we have it for 37.99 through Wizard, My note to the Distributors, How long will you let them continuously lie to you, They said they were caught up we proved they are not, they said they have agreements with the carriers, WHICH ONES? LOL they activate on PAGE PLUS now, and Simple Mobile pulled thier codes for sanding off the simple mobile name off the sim card, what do u call that? fraud? I think so.

  100. Death to GV,

    LOL… I'm not in trouble, I called it as it was. When asked about the emails in question I was very clear… If they were real Global Verge would not respond very fast. If they were fake then Global Verge would respond in a fast manner.

    However, in reading the above, it does bring up a great question… How do we know some disgruntled vender sent those emails? How do we know Global Verge did not send them to make it look like a disgruntled vender?

    I don't understand how late last week, they made it clear they severed all ties to AKW, yet, they are saying he had access after the fact.

    Something just does not make since here. Since when are venders given access to a companies back office? Now I am not sure with all the difference players who has access to what, but if I were a distributor I would sure be worried about my privacy.

    But, from the looks of things, the email came from the Global Verge servers, not from a disgruntled vender, former partner or anyone from the outside.

  101. I wonder how many digruntled employees mark and ted can claim, so I guess that if anyone else sends out emails from GV to the field they are disgruntled, I would say that they are smart and are jumping off the ship before it sinks, and I really wonder how they are taking that? I mean no statement as of yet WOW, If someone at my company did that I would be out That DAY and denouncing the email, But nope ted and mark just sit there quiet, Truth hurts. And Unlike others that let you get away with it, I wont. and My company will be filing suit for the money that is owed.

    Chris Greco

  102. Casper,

    I do that one MLM attorney has been contacted about this situation. Who knows where it might go. The sad thing, is no one really knows where the money is… I talked to a insider today, who is still owed hundreds of thousands from the e-verge days, and WOW… If enough rocks get turned over, there is no telling what bodies are going to be discovered.

  103. Death to GV,

    This is very interesting. Here is my take on this situation.

    1. If it is true, and coming from an employee on the inside, then Global Verge will be slow to respond.

    2. If this is from someone playing games, then Global Verge will be fast to respond.

    This has to be one of the more interesting emails I have seen lately. I can say this, the sentence structure looks like a few other emails I have seen lately, but I have no way of proving or disproving it is from Global Verge.

    Wonder what we will see next?

  104. Nice job on the video. Maybe all the e-associates who have been screwed by the company should consider hiring an attorney for a class action lawsuit for what Ted and Mark have done. All this craziness would have never happened had Ted and Mark delivered what they say they will deliver. For all of those that are defending GV, how many times do you need to fall backwards before enough is enough. I have reps that signed up last summer and have made a whopping $88 because they stayed in the program because Ted and Mark kept making promises. Many have finally had enough. Now GV and Globile Mobile employees are sending emails out indeed confirming that there is fraud going on and everyone is getting scammed. Ted and Mark can say all they want about getting attorneys, but remember there are thousands of angry e-associates who feel they have been mislead, lied to, never received commissions they were suppose to, trouble tickets never answered. I think it's Mark and Ted who should be worried.

  105. Thank you troy for standing up for what is right, you want to know why they havent had a attorney contact you because they know its true thats why they have gone quiet, Where is ted robbins now after the tickets have been posted, They are no where to be found!!! Anyway, I chris greco will make it my personal mission to make sure they stop lying to the field and do the right thing or get out. At the same time I will continue to set up the e associates that actually want to sell wireless service and have them set up to do so, Something Global Verge has still yet to do? wonder how long that will be, Anyway We are available for you at <a href="” target=”_blank”>

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