Global Verge Goes Private Global Mobile 1 Under Construction Seems like Deja Vu

Global Verge Insider, tells one story, but the Global Verge websites tell another.

Well, folks have been asking for a Global Verge update, so here you go.

1. has been placed in private registry. What I find interesting about this is the fact the Federal trade Commission sees this as a red flag, and the sign of a potential online scam. Why would Ted Robbins take this site private with all the critics already watching their every move?

2. is still under construction. Now, I have listened to all the calls, and read the emails. I understand that in April some new powerful phone service is being launched. But can’t Mark or Ted shoot a video telling people what is happening?

3. this is the official blog of Global verge seemly run by Sheldon Worthington. Well Sheldon has created a category on this blog called “Global Verge Misconceptions Put To Rest.”

Now here is a little from this post…

His first and only post as of the writing of this blog article is titled “I Can’t Stand NO More”

He goes on to write…

“For the past 18 months, I have witnessed countless attempts to maliciously slander GlobalVerge and its founders.

There have been numerous impudent attacks trying to destroy GlobalVerge through untruthful fabrications, deceit and defamation as well as extortion, larceny, thievery and about every other type of nefarious act one could imagine.

Never have I seen such a conglomeration of charlatans amongst some of our former vendors, consultants, partners, former e-Associates and some of the so called “Internet Watchdogs.”

Now, I had to laugh at this little rant he went on, because it just goes to show that even after all that has transpired some people just can’t see the facts.

Let’s take a quick look back in history…

On January 21, 2010 I wrote a Global Verge article titled “Global Verge Shut Off By Activation King Wireless Because Of Money Owed

Then on January 25, 2010 I wrote a post titled “Global Verge Going After Bloggers For Purported Slander After Chris Greco Contacted MLM Help Desk

Well, after those two posts Global Verge sent us a Cease and Desist letter. So on January 29, 2010 I wrote a new blog post titled “Global Verge Attorneys Demands MLM Help Desk Cease and Desist From Allowing The Distributors To Be Heard

Then on February 2 2010, through my attorney Kevin Thompson I responded Officially to Global Verge, asking them to provide speficially what we had gotten wrong. To date they have never responded.

So why is it, that the Official Global Verge Blog through Sheldon Worthington putting out such out of this world propaganda?

Could it be that “Sheldon Worthington” is really the founders of Global Verge? Maybe that is why there has not been any updated posts.

With Frank Veron taking Global Group out of Global Verge, I am not sure if there are any distributors left. For close to a year, it was made clear Global Group was the largest leg in Global Verge.

I guess we’ll see what April brings.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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48 thoughts on “Global Verge Goes Private Global Mobile 1 Under Construction Seems like Deja Vu”

  1. Real Dealer called out Chris with DNA before anyone…check the date on the post below…

    Now… Real Dealer is calling Wow Mobile to recruit everyone from DNA, ZOOM, GlobalPro's etc…with tomorrows big announcements of two more major products Liberty are secretly bringing to the line up…

    Folks…Wow has best marketing plan and payout…not to mention Randy Jeffers lies straight in bed…all you dist need a check up from the neck up !…kool aide = NO CASH !!! BAD RAP!!!

    I have extensively reviewed the wireless companies top to bottom…WOW!

  2. Patti, that is a great question. I am not sure I would call him the mastermind behind DNA. If I were to pick a "mastermind, I would have to pick Tony (Anthony) Sasso. He is the database king, and I have followed his career for years. Although, I do not like all he does, I do respect his ability to make money with his databases.

    From the folks we have talked with so far, Piccolo is either a great guy, or the worst guy in the world. We are still looking for information proving Piccolo has done anything illegal. So far, we have not been provided one shred of evidence to show Piccolo is anything, but maybe the most unlucky networker in MLM history.

    If you or anyone else can provide valid documentation Piccolo has been investigated, and/or convicted of any type of fraud please send it our way.

  3. Chris Greco Reputation is shot…this guy leaves GV, trashes them, now goes to pather, now trashing them, now hes at DNA…soon to trash them too…hes just trying to bag cash quick.
    Hes just a leap frogger MLM er with no integrity…Ha like hes a leader…Move n switch
    FYI: DNA = do not apply

  4. Chris, or should I say whatever your real name is, the many alias you have. When is the last time you flew on an airplane? How can you tell so many lies. If you or any of your pathetic followers were in Orlando you would've counted 250+ people not 27. You also would've noticed the phones that were distributed had all different area codes and numbers, not Jacksonville numbers. Chris, you know time will tell, everything comes back around, and when it does, man I wouldn't want to be attached to your fat *ss, because it's gonna hurt. Continued

  5. When you were with GV, you promised the world, it was all bull**** you didn't have anything, you blew smoke right up everyone's *ss, and GV took yet another blow. Then on to Panther Mobile, the next best thing since sliced bread, and again GONE. Now DNA your words "We're going to kick everyone's *ss". I saw Troy's post that said you were not in Orlando because your Father had passed away that week. I am sorry for the passing, but how many times have you told people that. Chris people will find out the real you, well whichever name you will be using, and see you for what you really are. If all the bashing is true that you have said about GV why don't you post your schedule, time and places you will be for next week, and maybe we will see who shows up to serve ice you. hint hint. Again time will tell everything, and Chris you keep it real, if you knew how. Real Source.

  6. Mark Petschel announced the opening of the Global Verge Technical Support Center about 8 times !!!
    Number of employees and phone number undisclosed.
    The GV Center cannot hold.

  7. that is right troy and i promise to make a splash 100,000 distributors strong in New Jersey you can bet your ass on it, And further Whats the Big Deal? OOOHHH your selling xtreme mobile, LOL overpriced as usual, And also Your selling SPRINT CONTRACTS out of raymonds store, What happened to that MVNO? LOL another lie! furtherjust so you know I called dan at sprint that is being stoped dead in its tracks, Thats why the slow roll out, The Problems they are having is the can only get jacksonville market phone numbers!! LOL, And this is just a ploy to recruit more in and get more money to close the doors with, AKA E-Verge, So yeah with DNA i am about to Blast GV, cause see we have the same buzz (no pun intended) as last year with GV except we have real wireless products behind it!.
    So Real Source keep it real, I bet this is old weak ass mark or ted, What happened to the Blog and how misconceptions would be laid to rest LOL, Oh thats right another deadline or data you didnt meet, As for your meeting, Total in attendance was 27, Half of that was GV staff, so where were the hundereds they spoke of, See I got mine on tape to show my numbers, Sure didnt see Pictures of a crowd, Be ready for investigative reporters everywhere you turn and at every meeting.
    you personal Thorn

  8. support tickets? did those really exist? I tried once and got nothing for 2 weeks by that time i fixed it on my own! I agree with you on the recorded calls webinars are for support i thought…never got to ask any questions myself and now that i think about it they were all the same. Empty promises and my personal fav. "opening in two weeks!" GV. what a joke.

  9. AWESOME CHRIS!!!!!! I was a rep for gv untill December 09. I was only in a few months. Ordered a phone which i still havent seen and was told i would be getting a refund and in typical gv fashion…another lie! So tell me how do they call it "slander" when it all TRUE! And the story of the mother/daughter could be very true because my father and i felt the same way. Wish i had the money to go to florida would love to kick some verbal ass with you. Have a good one and take care. You have my support.

  10. Real Source, have you been under a rock ? Do you understand how many people have been swindled by Global Verge,Buzzirk,Global Mobile 1,Zero 1 etc. Don't try to tell me it was all the vendors fault either. You would have to be an absolute IDIOT to join GV. WHY CAN'T THEY HAVE LIVE CONFERENCE CALLS AND ANSWER QUESTIONS FROM THE REGULAR REPS THAT NEVER GET HEARD. WHEN YOU HAVE TO HIDE BEHIND RECORDED CALLS, THERE'S A PROBLEM. NO MATTER HOW YOU TRY AND SPIN IT. REAL SOURCE, MYSELF AND MANY OTHERS HAVE PROOF OF OVERCHARGING AND NOT RESPONDING TO SUPPORT TICKETS.

  11. Well, I can't answer for Chris, but I do know his brother and father pasted away in the same week, and this may be why you have not heard from Chris.

  12. That's funny those New Sprint Samsung Moments, and HTC Hero's that have Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text, and Yes! Unlimited Data for $79.99 that the Triple Diamonds have ordered and received don't look like – your quote was ("and maybe have signed a contract with a Kansas City company that refurbish phones/packages them and ships them out.") Time will tell. Real Source

  13. Chris, what happened to you in Orlando, you promised all this big negative news about GV, that you purchased all these tickets, and you would expose GV, blah blah blah. The fact is you were nowhere to be found, seems to be your motto these days, underground. I guess you didn't want to see the 300+ people at the event, the excitement of people getting phones, yes New Samsung Moments, New HTC Hero's, New Blackberry's. Let me tell you that Moment is SWEET, Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text, and YES! Unlimited Data.

  14. Right! Your exactly correct. But you could have retrieved GIA wholesale or ala carte through another company than going through GV. But you know I know this stuff. And if your really smart then you will figure out how I know this about GV's scam. Look at my title name. I'll give you a hint. The "Rabbit" represents how deep the GV hole of BS that I know about. And the "Little" represents the amount of information that I will put out there re: GV. Since I somewhat signed a non-disclosure agreement. And the "Black" well……..there's only 1

  15. Yes! But that's just it. They are blowing smoke about partnering with Sprint. GV is trying like crackheads to get in the doors of the major carriers. Not even there go to guy Raymond. Who does no more about the mobile service has those connections. They are now trying to partner (and maybe have signed a contract with a Kansas City company that refurbish phones/packages them and ships them out. GV still his bs'ing to find these contracts with major carriers or resellers. That's why trying to bring on other products as a diversion.

  16. Wow I have to Say that is about as close as it Gets!! as for them using raymond reseller account with page plus, Your right they Were, But PagePlus Shut them off because they were selling the plan for 59.99 instead of 39.99
    So thats Nice, As for Noel, He was arguing with Mark Because Noel as well was owed money, And I have been told he turned their office phones off because of NON PAYMENT!! Also What about GIA?
    Yeah another False Promise!! I want to thank you for your post

  17. Rabbit, are you telling us that Global Verge, is having a break with ANOTHER "partner", just like with Zer01 and Activation King ??

    My, they have no luck with their "partners".

    Last I heard, their new "partner" was Sprint…

  18. Nothing is happening because Global Verge doesn't have anything. All those so called employees are just a puff of smoke behind Mark and Ted's cunning propaganda. And let me tell you. They are good! But it's nothing more that a bunch of bull. I know first hand about everything. All the closed door and behind the scenes crap that they are pulling. And long story short. As Mark put's it! "These members are paying our bills". And you better believe that it's true. He means GV's bills, his, his wife's Deborah, Nicole and Ted. All that they are doing is buying themselves time to come out with crap products that are already out or that you can get anywhere. Then, just sticking a higher price tag on it, and making member think that they are getting a good deal to possibly make commissions on. I've been on the inside and I know exactly what they are doing, have been up to and are planning. Look for a youtube video that I will be doing very soon that will outline all those questions that you Troy and your followers have been asking answers to. I'm not just talking a bunch of hype as they do either. What I will have to say will answer most questions and shed light on some of this nonsense of Global Verge is doing. Now, to answer your question Troy about Sheldon. He was hired by GV as the website designer, along with Nathaniel ??? As for the Global Mobile 1 site being down. It's down because, Chris Greco was right about GV talking to the major carriers and having contracts to do business with them. They never had and now they are trying to muddle their way somehow to stay afloat until all the dummies keep paying membership fees etc….Mark and Ted had to use Raymond Knights reseller setup through Page Plus and WOW mobile. There no MVNO and they don't have contracts with major carriers. Hell, their not even paying Raymond Knight. It just gets his reseller commission from the Global Verge members that are on CDMA or GSM. Oh! And for your final answer Troy. The real reason why Global Verge changed and shut their numbers down was due to the fact that Noel (the guy who did or may even still controls or controlled the VOIP service was not paying GV members their commissions on services. Or let alone shipping VOIP products to customers/members who purchased VOIP. So, in a nut shell. Mark was in battles with him and decided to not give him that much power to control the same VOIP service that GV ran/runs their daily support office from. But, my youtube video will have a rehashing of this later. So, for all you active GV members. Keep being dumb and let GV rip you off until you are forced to do a chargeback to your bank for whatever you dished out to them. Thanks!

  19. Concerned,

    The sad thing about all this is the fact, GV has not sued, and I mean really sued any of their former strategic partners for going anywhere else. Nor have they sued any of the distributors for contracting with their former distributors.

    So, I am not sure anything is unethical, until we see the documentation. And if GV broke the agreement first, then it is a mute point. I heard it is this same partner who turned off their corporate phones for non-payment. So let's see what happens when the truth comes out.

    It would be a lot easier if GV would talk to someone, but all they do is blow all of us off.

  20. That is the goal. There are several folks from around the country who are going to be there, and at least two with investigative backgrounds. Let's see what comes of all this noise.

    By the way check out today's GV post in about an hour.

  21. Hello Troy
    Can you ask your connection who will be in the crowd to video this event? just like 10-15min worth. Post it on youtube and show all of us GV in action. I wold love to be there but i wouldn't be welcome, i am GV basher. used to be a Rep but i rock fell on my head and i came to my senses and dropped out.

    The guy wrote "Hey Troy, come to the Global Verge event in Orlando this Tuesday night, and then post a comment. " Buddy if i would love to meet you. Your the first moron i have seen defend GV in a while. lol. grow a brain buddy its over.. matter of fact it never began! You must be one of the people who used the buzzirk phone. liar scammer! lies and Bullcrap! perhaps ill meet up with you in Orlando and knock a few teeth out of your head. lol. nono sorry troy these guys anger me. alot.

  22. "100%out of the communications business the VOIP "

    Well, Ted Robbins wrote in his letter that there is a slight hiccup with VOIP commissions and residuals. But that will be straightened soon ?

    They still have the FATHOM videoconference product, surely that has not been deep-sixed yet ?

  23. Anyone else notice that they have no comments on thier blog, Wouldnt want to give people a chance to complain would you mark and ted, Or should I say Bevis and Butthead, LOL but seriously MARK AND TED I AM CALLING YOU OUT ON THE CARPET RIGHT NOW, YOU ARE BOTH A BUNCH OF COWARDS, CANT WAIT FOR ORLANDO IT WILL BE INTERESTING TO SAY THE LEAST!! ALL THE REPS YOU BURNED IN CENTRAL FLORIDA WILL BE THERE CAUSE I AM PAYING ADMISSION, THIS SHOULD BE FUN.
    Further EVERY product you launch I will expose, All of them, Like Xtreme Mobile, Oh yes I did contact ALL OF YOUR REPS TO TELL THEM THEY CAN GET IT AT for 44.99 instead of the inflated 69.99 price. Troy I am sorry but these Guys are a bunch of ASS CLOWNS, AND I SAT QUIET BUT I WAS CALLED TODAY BY A WOMAN DEVISTATED BECAUSE HER DAUGHTER WAS DEALTHLY ILL BECAUSE MARK AND TED LIED TO HER AND COULDNT RENEW HER PHONE!! You guys arent just scam Artist but just bad people all the way around, Further I cant wait to EXPOSE YOU SCUMMY WAYS IN FEDERAL COURT!!! ITS OVER IM CALLING YOU OUT!! Put up or shut up time, WHAT HAPPENED TO GTS WHY HAVENT YOU PAID COMMISSIONS, I PROMISE YOU IT WILL COME UP IN ORLANDO. Sorry Troy But I am Tired of these guys hurting innocent people and that story of the mom and her daughter getting sick because of these absolute IDIOTS, got to me! No I wont bash them on my calls everyday but I make a promise to Beat ANY AND ALL PRODUCTS THEY EVER LAUNCH (if ever) BY 10 to 20% period! Have a great day Mark and Ted, I hear that train a comin, called the Karma train.

  24. Hey Troy,

    If it is true that People Helping People (Frank's New Co) is partnering with some of GV's former suppliers then lawsuits may be a possibility against PHP and GG top distributors. The melaluca case versus max gxl did set a president for this kind of unethical activity. Are you going to do a blog on PHP and how real that opportunity sounds like the old GV story again.

  25. Anyone notice that they havent met their deadlines again, So they do a meeting in Orlando!! and they offer triple diamonds the phones, I bet it will go like this, Here take the phone and hold it for the meeting say how great it is recruit recruit, Then give them back before you leave because we have to turn them back into the Sprint store before our credit card bounces, Sure dont want to have to tap into Our Overseas Piggy Bank

  26. Anyone notice that they havent met their deadlines again, So they do a meeting in Orlando!! and they offer triple diamonds the phones, I bet it will go like this, Here take the phone and hold it for the meeting say how great it is recruit recruit, Then give them back before you leave because we have to turn them back into the Sprint store before our credit card bounces, Sure dont want to have to tap into Our Overseas Piggy Bank

  27. Troy I have People Comming With Video Cameras this will be great, I wonder what service they will say is on the phone or how many Sim Cards they will put stickers on, Oh thats right they are selling Xtreme Now LOL MVNO my ass

  28. Oh troy I forgot to say GV is 100%out of the communications business the VOIP company GTS left for GG I forgot to say that, Its funny, WHY ARE ALL THE VENDORS LEAVING, ICANT BE ALL THE VENDORS FAULT LOL

  29. Well, I will not be there, but we do have a few reporters who are scheduled to be in the crowd. However, tomorrow post will ask some very important questions about Global Verge and some of the information they have been telling folks.

  30. I signed up for the Global Talk Smart Voip Service when GV offered it. My phone still works. I have no access to my account back office. The GTS website does not link to anywhere. The number listed on the GTS page answers and will then disconnect s you. I heard that GTS was going over to Frank's new company. I guess I should shop for a new Voip carrier.

  31. Hey Troy, come to the Global Verge event in Orlando this Tuesday night, and then post a comment.

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  33. Troy, here's the E-mail from December, where Ted Robbins claims that Global Mobile One is a MVNO:

    "Global Verge is a MVNO ie a Mobile Virtual Network Operator. This means that Global Verge provides their mobile phone service directly through the carriers. The data for Global Mobile 1 customers is housed on a server and this same server is also used by other carriers."
    "These server administrators can see any carrier’s data. However, the only way to determine which MVNO a specific customer has gone through is to know the specific MVNO code and the customer service agents at the server location do not have access to these codes.
    Therefore, when the server administrator looks at their information they will not be able to discern which carrier the data is from, but just that the data is on their server."

    This is complete word salad to me. It's clear Ted is new to that fancy-schmancy MVNO business…

  34. Troy, you missed the paragraph in Ted Robbins March 12 Letter, where he admits there is a slight hiccup in the VOIP product commissions. Maybe you can get more details from a GV associate, if there's any lef.

  35. Samuel,

    This is just great. Now I have to tell my broker to sell the stock, and I have to tell my attorney to cancel the new position he just set up for me.

    I sure hope you are proud of yourself. As a matter of fact, I may just go twitter this myself. Networkers just when you think you can believe everything they are telling you.

    I'm sending you my attorney's bill, and you have to cover any losses in the stock.

  36. Yes! I am joking! I am sorry for anyone who believed that I was really leaving. Someone told Harry I was Going to GV. I Will stop being a trouble maker and only post revelent information. To Troy, Sorry for my brand of humor on your site that is supposed to be informative. I'll stick to twitter to air my different brand of humor. I am sorry if this caused anyone to run to signup with GV or to stay on with them.
    My recent post Secret Ingredient Coming to Stores Near You

  37. I think I read your sarcasm on your post, but just to clear this up, you are joking right? lol

  38. I can't wait to see Sheldon debunking Global Mobile 1 "myths".

    By the way, Global Verge will distributes "phones" to Triple Diamonds that show up in Orlando next week.
    Still no specifications on the Global Mobile One private label phones.
    Are those part of a sample batch they received from their manufacturer (if any) ?
    Or are those merely obsolete/surplus phones refurbished with a new cover ?
    That wouldn't surprise me at all.

    Oh, Global Verge are taking orders for 1Gb Sprint Datacard modems, but they have no photo, and no model number. Mark P has claimed that they have *ample* inventory. Pity he doesn't seem to know inventory of what.

  39. Troy,

    Thanks for providing an update on Global Verge. Your update has 1000% more substance than their twice weekly updates.

    See YOU at the top!

  40. You have a great sense of humor! Troy Dooly has done a great job of exposing the facts. Chris Greco has at least supplied products.

  41. Each rep will earn $40.00 per customer each month that they pay their bill. $15 will be paid up 15 levels (1$ per level) it is a 3X15 level matrix. $ 15 to join. $5.00 paid per rep on each level. Max payout With 2,523,359 reps in a maxed out matrix is $12,516,795 monthly! Join me as the first MLM Billionaire! I will post signup details as soon as it is set up and ready to roll out. Guys, "Its Coming Soon".

  42. Sam,

    Sadly this is not new from a technology standpoint. The phone Chris sent me is a duel band phone, and GiConnect has had a dual band phone for years (which is my main cell phone these days (and they have 800K customers worldwide).

    Now had you told me Z.A. Communications was on any exchange but the OTC (pink Sheets) I would have got excited, there are tens of thousands of companies trading or not trading on the OTC. This has become a way to do reverse mergers with public shells.

    And with the big four already in a price war, and lowering their prices, I am not sure the pricing is a big deal.

    And, this sure sounds like last year, when in August Zer01 would launch their new phone.

    At the end of the day, the war between MLM Wireless companies will all come down to customer service, tech support, and which field force is the most honest.

  43. Actually Troy My mouth will only get bigger, Because AKW and Panther Mobile have exclusive rights to the new T-mobile Unlimited Plan, unlimited talk text data, tethering, canada and mexico!! for 47.99 April 15th, SO MY BIG MOUTH STILL SAYS BLAH BLAH BLAH GLOBAL VERGE IS A SCAM!!! Sheldon never came out with posts cause he does not want his personal dirty laundry aired out, Notice they didnt even keep the deadline on the blog!! that is funny!!

    And as it Stands, AKW and Panther has service in the US, Canada, India, Russia, China, Senegal, South Africa, SO PLEASE LOL, I find GV funny now, its like putting Pauly Shore in the Ring with Mike Tyson in his prime (AKW being Tyson) We knock them out with our pinkie, LOL,

    All jokes aside , When another company launches 8 Us services and has over 50 phones on thier site for sale, and actually gives reps a REAL COMMISSION, Give me a call. Till then Mark and Ted Are like Bevis and Butthead, huh huh huh huh huhing their way through Network Marketing and Ruining good peoples Lives, I will be on the Phone to Sprint Today, I guarentee they dont get that service just off my name. Thanks.

  44. I spoke to one of the last five GV reps yesterday! What she said really got my attention. I did some checking, and now I think I am signing up at the top of the matrix with GV. Here is what I was told. They are partnering up with Z.A. communications (traded as zaco OTC) which has a dual band product that will be partnered with squint (possibly T-Dribble) and use the HTC Evo as the flagship phone. (Wii-Max enabled) The Service is supposed be released Aug. 2, 2010 and the division of GV will be renamed as…Excited Unlimited Wireless (EUW). The service will be $44.95 unlimited Talk, Text, Data (3G and 4G where available with Wii-max) and unlimited international calling. This will put Chris Grecco and his services in the gutter with his big mouth!

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