Global Verge Files Civil Complaints Against Derrick Rodgers, People Helping People And Others

Global Verge’s legal team is not basting in their recent win against Zer01 and Ben Piilani. On June 8th, 2010 their filed a civil complaint against People Helping People Inc (PHPI), CEO Derrick Rodgers and several unnamed corporations and individuals.

Now, in reviewing the below civil complaint, I saw an interesting charge. Global Verge has charged conspiracy by several individuals and/or entities.

Makes me wonder how many of the current owners, equity partners, founding distributors, officers, and former e-associates who are now master distributors at PHPI will also be included in this complaint?

Here are a few other questions:

1. What happens to People Helping People, Inc., if Global Verge wins the injunction?

2. Has Frank Veron, Rick Presley, Bud Nemeth and others already received their Cease and Desist letters? Have they responded, or blown off responding like Derrick Rodgers seems to have blown off his response?

3. What happens to the distributors of PHPI, if Global Verge wins this civil complaint?

This is sure the craziest turn of events I have seen since the old A.L. Williams days when you just never knew what was going to happen.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

Global Verge Files New Civil Complaint Against People Helping People and CEO Derrick Rodgers

Troy Dooly

Troy Dooly is recognized internationally as an influencer in the areas of personal branding, leadership development, marketing campaigns, organizational expansion, and corporate launch strategies. Dooly is a speaker, results coach, and radio host. He is a founding member, show host (Beachside CEO) and News Director of the Home Business Radio Network. He is a founding member, and currently serves on the Board of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals

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Troy Dooly is recognized internationally as an influencer in the areas of personal branding, leadership development, marketing campaigns, organizational expansion, and corporate launch strategies. Dooly is a speaker, results coach, and radio host. He is a founding member, show host (Beachside CEO) and News Director of the Home Business Radio Network. He is a founding member, and currently serves on the Board of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals

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52 thoughts on “Global Verge Files Civil Complaints Against Derrick Rodgers, People Helping People And Others

  1. It just goes to show you that people can absolutely complain about anything, especially if they feel like they have been wronged in some way. I am still amazed that companies continue to ignore consumers complaints, even when most of them are just like this and would require a very quick simple fix :)

  2. In all I've read, it seems to me that comments are ranging between totally uninformed to partially uninformed. The best thing to do is have everybody put down their sticks and stop stirring the hornets nest.

    Those are happy with GV, stay with GV. Those who are happy with PHPI, stay with PHPI. If I were to view this as politics, which some of this is…, I'd be looking for whoever it is trying to run up the middle.

    I left GV because they were derelict in providing all that they said. It was my choice and my money lost. Unless of course GV is going to refund my loss's and place me back in my vacated position Otherwise everyone should just do their due diligence work and be blessed.

  3. My husband and and sister in law also attended the pre launch in Raleigh in May. We were told that we would be able to purchase phones at the convention. Thats why we drove all the way from Atlanta. During the second half of the meeting one of the top people of the company stood there and said he knew we were told we would be able to leave with phones but for what ever reason we wouldnt be able to that day. It got quiet and you can tell people were aggravated by this. We since have paid the required fees for auto shipz and still haven't received anything as of yet. Im very concerned and hope this isnt a scam.

  4. Ron,

    First let me say thanks for stopping by. Your comment is interesting and I have a few questions to ask, so I can gain clarity.

    1. Why do you feel I am a "typical average non-informed person that gets into MLM thinking they can make money without doing much except positioning?" The reason I ask, is because your statement sure doesn't add up with any of my training, or what it has taken for me to gain the financial stability to live on a barrier island one block off the beach. By the way, I have NEVER been a part of any matrix compensation plan.

    2. I was not at ANY meeting, so I am not sure exactly what you are referring. I never made any comment about being told "I could buy phones." Did you misunderstand something written here?

    3. From your comment I assume you have not read the latest post. I would strongly suggest you read yesterday's post. I would also suggest, you make sure you are talking to the right person.

    4. As for the 10 customers. Again, you need to get in touch. Even the PHPI field leaders thought this was high. I personally, do not have any issue with customer acquisition, I am a proponent of the customer rule in all companies. Again, before commenting, make sure you understand who you are addressing your comment towards.

    5. As for Cell Phones. Derrick did state last night, the phones would start to ship today. That is longer than some and far shorter than others. Exactly what is your point?

    6. Well sport, you truly have shown your ignorance as to what this thread is about, and exactly what question was asked. After you take the time to research who I am, and what this community is all about, we welcome your future comments. However, if you are just coming by, to see your name in the comments, then I suggest you not put your foot so far in your mouth.

    Well, I am looking forward to reading more from you in the future. Just make sure you understand what the main issue is fully about before spouting off.

  5. Troy is just another typical average non informed person that gets into MLM thinking they can make money without doing much except getting a position. Troy I was also at the pre,pre launch event in Raleigh. I was never told I could purchase a cell phone at the Raleigh meeting and neither were you; unless it was from your mis- informed up line. PHPi never told us we could.

    PHPi never said the final comp plan was completed and finalized. PHPi is continuing now to improve our comp. plan…WOW how refreshing to have leaders willing to continue giving and making it better for the average and ordinary guys and gals that have never made money with other MLM deals…well with PHPi they can! Troy with 10 customers we will all earn at least three times more from our WORK than with 3; hello is anyone in there? Hello Troy are you in home? This also makes us a real business Troy. We are actually selling products Troy; a real BUSINESS Troy. WOW what a novel idea for MLM! selling a product; they can't make me do that.

    Troy we are now, in just 3 short weeks, shipping Cell phones, that are active and workable, to thousands of reps all across America. Troy you should get a JOB my man it takes some small degree of intelligence to run your own MLM business! If you can remember your URL go into your Virtual office and order you one! P.S. URL means your web site address. Virtual office is……..Oh never mind TROY just ask somebody!…..Good luck buddy, you're going to need it.

    Troy PHPi is paying us today……already in 3 weeks….did you hear about that ? Probably got that confused also. As soon as you find out what Virtual office means go look.

  6. Reginald,

    I admire your honesty and I to stand for the same principles that you do. It is very difficult to see the conflict created during this time when we should be coming together. Economic challenges might not compare to death and devastation, but it will be almost 9 yrs ago when we endured the 911 tragedy. Oh how people flocked to the churches and came together. No matter the race, color, religion, sex, age, or national origin. And then a short time later, people are at each others throats again.

    I'm sure that what PHP is going through is growing pains. I personally couldn't follow them for the way they decided to go about starting this company. I don't blame them for doing it. I'm sure it was with the best intentions. But trying to take as many reps on the way out is a little unethical. Everybody just needs to concentrate on the company that they are at and be successful. Jumping company to company is the same as jumping from church to church. If you go in looking for flaws, you will find them. No church is perfect (or company). But if you go seeking the Lord, His word says in Matt 7:7" Ask and it will be given to you, Seek and you will find, Knock and the door will be opened." Our Lord is our provider, and not the company.

    I will pray that no matter what you do, that He strengthen you and help you be the leader that the people in this season need. Blessings to you and your family.

  7. Millie and Walter,

    I too am an Independent Representative of PHPI, but I originally signed up with Global Verge. My biggest prayer is that what I am reading regarding the deceit and misuse of individuals' trust, is misconstrued and embellished. I pray this not only for myself, but for the people I have encouraged to become apart of something that appeared to be a legitimate opportunity to find monetary success. I have worked hard to continue the the tradition, the legacy passed on to me, of being a servant to mankind. An altrustic virtue carried out because it is deeply imbedded in my soul. Are you telling me that I am leading my flock to their slaughter?

    My intent has been to introduce my colleague's, constituent's and family members to an opportunity that would provide them with financial freedom. I've been a proponent of Network / Multi-Level Marketing for many years. I just never found the right product that would successfully work for the average(and beow) individual. I believed that PHPI was that fufilling opportunity.

    The $49 sign up fee seemed reasonable, and the $39 autoship/eship seemed reasonable as well. Especially when it included back office support and a nutrtional supplement in the shipment. Having owned several businesses in the past, I know I paid far more than this for start up and secretarial work.

    I am a Disabled Veteran of the US Army. I hate to think that the Freedoms and Liberties that I proudly served to protect, are being misused and abused to pad the pockets a few modern day pimps! All gave some, but Some gave all. It is for this reason I will not tolerate nor condone behaviors unbecoming of leaders. I want to know how deep this rabbit hole goes. Who are the ones Directing the farce, if it is that, and how many of us have simply been HOODWINKED!!! Is there any help for the widows child?

    I initially started out with Global Verge and they didn't deliver what was promised. My upline then contacted me regarding the PHPI opportunity. The name and concept struck a cord in my heart. People Helping People, I'm all for that. My question is it a lie, or simply a new endeavor experiencing growing pains. Is there any help for the widows child?

    Considering we are in a bad economy, I feel honesty and compassion should rule the thought processes of our leaders. Those who are greedy and deceptive should be step out or be forced out into the light. If not, then I fear the m****** word will be f****** lost.

    And Troy, you already know that we never give up. We simply find a different route to reach the objective. Keep up the good work.

  8. I too am out $90 for what amounts to a whole lot of HOT AIR. They took my auto-ship over a week ago now and I still don't have a thing to show for it? The Incredible launch is way overdue and I am trying to get my money back, which I will most likely take directly to Global Verge. Regardless of how great their launch may eventually be, I no longer want to be associated with PHPI and the ongoing "HYPE".

  9. There was a recent meeting with Derrick Rodger & some of the leaders regarding the comp plan.

    Some changes are being implemented – Troy I'd like to send this to you when I get home tonight, but can't find your e-mail address


    Kevin in Canada

  10. Troy, I have seen the PHPI pay plan as a friend keeps trying to recruit me. It is changing and is still very vague in some ways. You actually have to look at several documents to see it, it is not all in one place. Somehow I don't think that is an accident but I could be wrong.

    Because I was an E-associate for a short time I get all their propoganda too.

    Atlhough I fully understand the customer rule, this pay plan (and many others) is a joke. The little guy does not stand a chance. I hate the word breakage because that is just money taken from the little guys. I honestly believe these plans are simply designed to have these people go out and work their behinds off only to have most of the money go to a very very small percentage of the people. In the best of circumstances VERY VERY FEW people are going to get 10 customers and 3 reps.

    Anyone involved in GV last year remembers that the "diamonds" were making an absolute fortune while everyone else got nothing. That is why they sat there, knowing exactly how bad things really were, and said NOTHING. THEY had too much to lose.

    It looks to me like the PHPI group is trying to re-create exactly what they had a year ago at GV. These guys made an absolute Killing. Small wonder they have jumped right back in. There is nothing wrong with trying to reward leaders, they should be, but every one of these plans seems to be worse than the one before it. Talk about greedy.

    Seriously people, take a look at what you are going to have to do to qualify. The vast majority of you will never see a dime in commissions from any of these companies because you will never qualify. Your money will be going to Your upline and they will be happy to take it.

    Just my opinion folks but this is not for the average person. Read befor you pay. If YOU believe YOU can do it then go for it. Don't do it because someone else says you can.

  11. PHPI Associate,

    I am a firm believer in a "customer rule" because it keeps the company balanced and well within compliance with state and federal laws. Now 10 customers is truly unique and to change from 3 to 10 customers does give the company potential for some huge breakage. Maybe this change is so the company can increase cash reserves for their pending legal defense against Global Verge. Which might be a good thing for distributors, if the company is going to survive.

    Now, I can say, that while companies are in pre-launch you can see all kinds of changes. Part of a pre-launch is for the company to work through any glitches. If PHPI and their consultants realized the compensation plan would not work with just 3 customers and 3 reps, then they may have realized there was a needed change. If this is the case, then I would question whoever originally designed the compensation plan.

    If I were in your shoes, I would start asking questions upline as far as you need to go, to get an answer you truly feel is legit as to why this chance was implemented.

    As for the phone issue, this is happening all over the place. I have a feeling many of the companies have realized it is better marketing if the phones have the company name on them, or at the very least have been flashed with the company logo. This may be why the delay. Plus it is a way to build attendance at the meeting. It registration has been low, this will boost the attendance, and conventions when done right, are huge money makers for the company, and allow them to plan the next big event, which is very positive for everyone.

  12. Troy,

    I just received word that we must now have 10 customers to receive the particular pay we were promised from the beginning. From the day I started promoting this company, I was told that we would need 3 customers and only 3 personally sponsored distributors, but 1 week after I have paid over $90, I am now being told that I need 10 customers and 4 sponsored associates… I have proof that they did this, and a LOT of people are upset about this! I was told one hing, jumped in, then told a different thing!

    ALSO, we were told that we will not have product to sell for another 90 days! That means another $120 will go into this before I ever get my first real check!

    We were all told that we would receive phones at the prelaunch event in Raleigh, NC (May 15th); when we arrived during the LAST ANNOUNCEMENT we were told that we could not purchase phones that day. We are now told we must be at a Charlotte event to buy phones. Phones range from 60 bucks (crap phone) to 800 bucks (new HTC-600 on ebay)

    What do I do, Troy!!???

  13. Chris,

    We can't get a straight answer from anyone involved with PHPI either. Corporate will not answer emails, phone goes to Voice Mail and mailbox is full, trouble tickets are not answered. Derrick Rodgers said on call that he has not been served any papers and was not involved in any lawsuit as stated on the "rumor sites" on the web and if he ever is served papers "you guys" my distributors will be the first to know.

    We've all paid for EShip that include a nutrient that we don't even know what it is. Nothing on web site under health products. Understand that Derrick also said at a meeting that it would be 4-6 weeks before they ship them. Don't understand how they can charge us for something that they have not shipped and will not ship for weeks.

    We are so tired of being told things and then they change. No one will be up front about who is really behind this company. The leaders talk of millions of $ behind it – where is there any evidence of this – It certainly hasn't been spent on the web site – it's a disgrace and embarrassing. There is no credibility on the site either. The corporation is not even registered in North Carolina. Mr Rodgers did not disclose to any distributors that he had worked for GV.

    Many of us think that PHPI is really owned by the top leaders like Betty, Beth, Bud, Frank, etc. and they have hired Derrick as the CEO. They have not disclosed this and it may not be true, but they are so secretive and full of continued belief and of course hype. In our opinion Derrick is doing a horrible job as CEO and for this company to survive it needs some stronger management. So many reps have worked so hard and invested lots of time and money. It is sad but they will probably be the ones that are hurt in the long run.

    It is this type of stuff that gives Network Marketing a bad name when it really is a wonderful way to do business. When will they ever learn that reps want honesty and answers not hype. If the company is honest and the products are good and fairly priced – everything will take care of itself

    The Raleigh meeting was a joke. Cost $79,99 – Opening night party was a bomb with basically no food and held in the lobby. No phones to purchase and take home as promised. Everything was very sketchy and minimal info at best.

  14. Chris,

    I was one of the ones that stayed with GV and I have absolutely no problem with ex-associates being allowed back in. How could we? Most were misled into leaving. The only ones that were not allowed back were the PHPI leaders. I remember getting emails from PHP stating that GV was experiencing problems and Global Group had the solution. These emails almost seemed to come from corporate. How many people jumped without knowing the truth? I can honestly say that this was the only positive thing that has come out of Greco's mouth was announcing Global Groups departure. This made me investigate and see what they were attempting to do. They were luring current GV associates with lies about going out of business and disconnected corporate phones due to lack of payment. Their whole tactics were deceptive and dishonest. There has to be laws broken here.

    As far as Global Verge, they are not a perfect company. But they have proved that they are here to stay. Does AT&T announce to all their customers that they are having large data problems and are cutting data plans by 60%? Sometimes companies have to work through issues that they encounter and can't be relaying everything that happens. This would create kaos. The survival of the company is more important not just for the owners sake, but for all the associates that benefit from it. I've always received my commissions and now I have and EVO to help promote further. I see progress, commitment, and integrity from corporate. Regardless of what happened in the past, we have the future to look forward to. An it looks bright! I ran into an aquaintence this weekend with an EVO and guess what? He was paying $40/month more than I was and signed a 2 yr contract. He wasn't very happy about it. But this is what we have to offer.

    The facts are that Global Verge has never stood up and spread rumors about other companies. Or used unethical tactics to try and recruit from other companies. And they were always accused when they stood silent. Now, everything they are deciding to do isn't just for them to clear their name, but also for us to continue to have the ability to grow our businesses. Take a moment and see what the other companies are doing and saying. Who would you rather go with? This is why I chose to stay and am very happy that I did. Thanks Ted, Mark, Jan, Ruth, and the other leaders that cared enough to work through the storm in order for us to have the company we envisioned. And though it is still a working progress, we are well on our way!!

  15. New Hope, you must be mistaken GV for PHPI, they are the ones that don't have phones, they have Vitamins. GV reps have had the latest and greatest smartphones in hand since March 31st, when they launced their Sprint Members Only Plan, $79.99 mo Unlimited Everything with $14 rolling back into the Matrix. On May 1st they launched their Retail Plan A, and Plan B to non members. Last Friday GV reps were able to place orders for the new Sprint HTC EVO 4G that just went on sale to the public, and exactly 7 days later as of this past Friday, GV reps have this hot phone in hand. By the way for every EVO phone purchased $54 rolls upline and $14 per mo from the service. GV has an unlimited supply. I guess you also didn't know GV reps can get the new Sprint Overdrive wireless modem, Air Cards, Solar Chargers, Residential and Commercial Voip Service starting at $17.99, Fathom Video Conferencing, Pow-R-Savs, Water Machines, Golden Egg water purification, travel site, shopping mall site, restaurant certificate, id theft protection. New Hope, the coming soon statements are for many more new products and services GV is adding to their HUB. New Hope you can wake up now, Thursday will be 1 year you have been asleep, but hey just think you didn't miss all the headaches over this past year, you can go in your backoffice and order an EVO and you will be using it within a week.

    Real Source

  16. Real Source

    Wow , I joined GV June 17th 2009 and I'm out now / But looks like from what you just posted I guess i have'nt missed anything ! Still announcement very soon , coming soon , New products coming soon , very excitied , etc. GV reps still don't have cell service they can market to the public..

    Good Luck !


    WHO DOESN'T WATCH your videos all the way through? ANYONE who watched YOUR video stating YOU WERE starting a NEW Wireless business INSTANTLY KNEW after a few moments it was all in GOOD FUN and NOTHING MORE!!

    FOLKS PLEASE WATCH EACH VIDEO POST that TROY DOES ALL THE WAY THROUGH and if need be MORE than once. It's just LIKE a MOVIE – – EVERY TIME you watch it over and over again YOU DO FIND OUT SOMETHING NEW you never noticed before! That's WHY MOST of us continue to WATCH movies we like over and OVER again!

    SORRY if this post OFFENDED ANYONE! However, we must ALL CONTINUE to LEARN and KNOW what it is we're commenting on BEFORE we comment at all!

  18. Real Source …

    Yep right on! First it was water machines, electricity savers, travel sites, shopping malls and the like PLUS they were "going to" have wireless that only a few SUPPOSEDLY had and said worked!

    NOW it's a merger with HUB, Inc., and the ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE that bombed 18 months ago on it's own or at least NO ONE was that interested in promoting. MOST restaurants that DON'T allow smoking anymore WOULD NOT allow even a FAUX CIGARETTE such as the ELECTRONIC ONE and now GV has MERGED with them and this silly notion! WHAT's NEXT?

    WHO KNOWS? However, we'd have to say they have a pretty "BIG DOG under the porch" attorney firm working on THEIR behalf to punish some and ANYONE they feel helped destroy their good name. WHO's NEXT on their list …again WHO KNOWS? Right now it seems there's quite a few that maybe ARE NOT prepared for what's about to hit them! We'll wait and se when the REAL STORY comes out and HOPEFULLY for SOME that WILL BE sooner than later!

  19. Cathy,

    I think you're completely off base on your ongoing "assumption" that Troys video announcing he was going to start his own MLM Wireless company and enter a completely insane market. In my opinion, this was Troy;s moment to have some fun with the followers of this board, correct me if I'm wrong but he was being sarcastic and I found it to be funny.

    I am involved with PHPI and my experience so far has been one that seems to parallel those of GV a year ago. My up-line and his brother who have direct access to Bud have told me a lot of deceptive things. Just Thursday, they told me this lawsuit mess was untrue, it's already taken care, and anyway GV is going out of business in MO. All three of their responses contradict each other, are wrong, and fail to address my questioning them of the existence of these documents. When I combine this, with all the other Hyped announcements, and promises of availability of cell phones that still aren't hear, I am taking my ball and going home. If I listen to my up-line, "they want me immediately removed from the company" for bringing up this idea of a lawsuit.

    Since I've never been exposed to GV, I may look at them after I have to chance to see what Troy digs up in his forthcoming 5 point series. I commend them as a company on their follow-through of exercising their legal rights. Sometimes, things aren't always as they seem…..


  20. Kevin, GV has their focus exactly where it needs to be, they are adding more products and services to the marketing plan for all their distributors. They finally have hooked up with the right people that can help them take this company to the next level. No more Zer01, No more Greco's, they have the hound dog on their porch now. There are some new products that will be announced very soon that will put GV far out in front of the competition. Stay tuned.

    Real Source

  21. William, dude, wake up and smell the coffee, GV got screwed by Zer01, and it was proven in a court of law. If you signed up in GV because you thought they had this latest and greatest technology, that this phone was going to work on the moon, what do you think GV thought they had. William , just imagine if you thought you had the exclusive rights to a product that could change the cell phone industry at your finger tips, and you shared it with thousands of people, and come to find out it didn't exist, would you put your head between your tail, or would you take every bullet that came your way, keep moving forward, and make things right for the people that stuck behind you. I already know the answer for you William. I applaud others that saw the vision and stayed the course.

    Real Source

  22. William,

    I think you might be doing exactly what I have done in this case. You are assuming there were no phones from the very beginning. However, since GV just won a personal fraud judgement. There is a good possibility that Piilani did provide phones, that were suppose to work. Especially since the tech world was also fooled and gave him a special award in the new product category.

    Although, I am not an attorney, I have a feeling this personal fruad judgement is huge and goes a long way to validate Global Verges point they were fooled also.

    It will be interesting to see if Piilani appeals.

  23. I agree that mark and Ted saying they had the phones was a bold face lie. And distributors cam sue for it. And they can't blame it onBen they said they were using it a lie what's new.

  24. Darryl, good luck with that, I think GV's new bulldog would eat you for lunch.

    I've said this to many people, GV is a Hub Marketing Company with a recurring membership fee, if you bring 3 members in, you qualify for all 9 levels of their Matrix, whether you sell any product or not. If you wanted to just sell phones, then you should've turned off your autoship, kept your position in the Matrix, and just worked your day job. Then when GV launched their cell phone product, turn back on and go sell phones.

    Real Source

  25. Cathy, I don't know where you get your information from, GV reps have had, and been receiving the hottest smart phones thru their Sprint's Members Only Plan $79.99 Unlimited Everything since March 31st. The new EVO was just released to the public 1 week ago and GV reps already have them in hand. Your statement "PHPI committed that they would start a company and not take a dime from anyone until it was ready to roll out and have products within reasonable reach." Cathy, sure they promised that, because they couldn't take anyone's money, they had no products. The one thing you neglected to say is what they did do and take. They went after every GV rep they could get, raping people's downlines, countless emails slandering GV. Cathy, all the things you went thru with GV last year, I don't see anything different that PHP has done, didn't they promise to launch a few mos ago, didn't they hold a big meeting and took people's money to attend, people that thought they were getting a phone, we're into June now. When will PHP be able to retail a phone to a customer, and how much do you make for that sale, do you even know that yet? I feel you and many others that got misguided from the PHP leaders are in the same position you were with GV 1 year ago, the difference, GV is rolling now.

    Real Source

  26. Longtimer, I agree, there are some things that could've been played out differently, but in the long run, GV was lied to, they thought Zer01 had the technology, then they thought Greco was the answer. Everyone is finding out what he's all about. In the meantime, GV still promoted they are a Hub Marketing Membership Company, not a cell phone company. Everyone had the right to turn off their autoship if they wanted to wait for a phone to come out, or they could elect to refer a few members and get paid from the matrix and any sales from the Hub. They gave everyone til May 31st to be able to renew their position, since they now have retail and member phones.

    Real Source

  27. William, what is up with 4 weeks, dude reps already have the new EVO in hand, they were just released 1 week ago. Wake up!

    Real Source

  28. Real Source, the point I am trying to make is that all this litigation is going to hurt everyone involved. I don't see anything good coming of it. If GV truly has momentum, then take advantage of that momentum by providing value for their distributors through products and services they can market and get paid from. If they are focused on litigation,(which is what it seems), then that takes away from them growing the company and making it what they promised it would be a year ago.

  29. Hello Longtimer,

    With regards to: "If however proprietary infromation was taken, well that is a different issue and, if true, Mr Rodgers, PHP and his legal team may have a very bad day in court over that one. Unfortunatley it may be a bad day for PHP distributors also."

    We would say you could have a point here for sure! The questions still remain as to WHEN, WHO, HOW and was it DURING, BEFORE or AFTER the people involved NOW in PHPI accessed and procurred this action? THAT in and of itself would be proof as to the above questions.

    In any event, this is ALL going to play itself out one way or another and it WILL BE interesting given OTHER people in OTHER companies that apparently HAVE DONE the same, as to HOW and IF they also will be sued on the very same actions!

  30. Cathy,

    ROFLOL… Have you watched the video on my new MLM Wireless Company? If not then you might want to watch it, then come back and update your comment.

    As a matter of fact I will not respond to your comment until you have had time to watch the video.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  31. Cathy,

    The civil complaint was filed on June 8th, 2010. It can take several weeks for the local Process Servers to locate and serve each party. And, timing is everything, so it does not surprise me at all when different lawsuits will be coming into play.

    This will be interesting to watch.

  32. LongTimer,

    WOW! Thank you for taking time to write such a in depth comment. I would like to address a few things you bring up.

    1. I do not think any of us see GV owners as victims. Although, I do think they may have a bad habit of finding the wrong strategic partners sometimes.

    2. We do have hours of conference calls where former officers, top distributors, and yes even the owners of GV have said what has turned out to be bold face lies. However, the question I now have to ask is… Were those lies intentional or based on the facts at the time? If the facts changed because strategic partners were lying to the owners and officers, then who should be help liable? We all know the ultimate responsibility is the owners Ted and Mark. But, I am not so sure any more, that what was being said, was all propaganda, and bold face lies. I want to see more evidence as it comes through the court.

    3. Like you I am looking forward to the upcoming series. The more facts we can put together, the better every will be at deciding who and what really happened and is happening.

    4. I agree, the distributors at GV, past and present have been through the fire. Those who have stuck it out, have Rhino thick skin, and may turn out to be some of the smartest distributors in MLM history… Or some of the most craziest before tis is all said and done. Either way I stand my by original statement months ago " If Global Verge survives it will be due to the distributors."

    5. I agree the case against Derrick may be harder to win in the long run. However, there are right ways to launch a competing MLM company, and a wrong way to do it. When a company is launched and the founders are not thinking everything through, then the average distributor can come out the biggest losers. there is one ace in the hole for Global Verge… Federal and state courts have already rules around the country that the MLM Company OWNS the LOS (Line of Sponsorship). If the majority of PHPI is proven to have come from past and current Global Verge distributors in the downline of the master distributors of PHPI, such as Global Group, and other organizations, then a win may be easier than some expect.

    6. Your statement does ring true in most companies in regards to delivering on what is promised. However, GV can now prove it was a strategic partner who caused the lack of delivery, and have a Summery Judgement to back up the claim. They can also fall back on the fact, the wireless side of things was just one division and product offering. This will truly be interesting to watch. And I believe it could set some new rules for companies in the future.

    7. This will truly be an interesting case to watch. At the end of the day, let's pray the distributors in both companies realize this is a risk in joining startup companies, founded by former distributors of competing companies in the same MLM niche.

    If PHPI hires a rock solid legal team, who is willing to provide us their side of things, we will surely get it up for all to read. Even if they do not provide us their side of things, they had better hire a rock solid legal team.

    The thing I am wondering is, who else will be added to this civil complaint who are owners, offers or top distributors of PHPI? If to many folks get tied up in this issue, then who will be left to run or grow the company?

    Again great value added to this article and thread.

  33. I simply can't bing myself to see Global Verge ownership as victims in any way other than the fraud perpetrated by Ben Piialani. They lied, misinformed, allowed others to lie and withheld information from the distributors all last summer and fall. Now other leaders who knew also bear responsibility but GV (Ted and Mark specifically) had a responsibility to the field and they blew it. Plain and simple..

    I certainly look forward to hearing what is said in your series Troy but Mark and Ted will never be victims in my book. They had complete control of the facts and information and chose to sit there tight lipped cashing checks the whole time.

    As a confirmed networker and briefly a former e-associate I wish nothing but the best for the current Global Verge reps, I really do (PHP reps too for that matter). I simply can't agree with what GV put the distributors through. There is absolutely no justification for that and never will be in my book.

    As for the claim against Mr. Rodgers, while they may win, and a temporary is quite likely, I think it will be much harder than the case against big Ben.

    I am not a lawyer but I have been involved in several non-compete cases (not in network marketing) and they can be very difficult (certainly not impossible) to enforce. On the face of them they are often viewed by the courts as a restraint of trade. Add to that the fact that GV never got it's act together and delivered the service they promised and they may be on real shaky ground as far as non-compete goes. A very good argument could be made that they did not act in good faith making the agreement null and void.

    I would also see a good lawyer blowing all kinds of holes into the whole stealing of downlines concepts in this case. Again the argument would be that GV never delivered and also that they decieved and misled the field, thus breaking any claim they may have had in that regard. There are far to many recordings and former reps out there who would be very willing to provide statements in that regard. Once again, GV did not act in good faith towards the distributors and the courts would take that into account and my guess is it would carry a lot of weight.

    If however proprietary infromation was taken, well that is a different issue and, if true, Mr Rodgers, PHP and his legal team may have a very bad day in court over that one. Unfortunatley it may be a bad day for PHP distributors also.

    Nevada may grant a temporary injunction but if you read it, section 11 of that agreement says it is governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachussets, not Nevada. Sounds like it is very possible that some laywers in Boston may be the ones doing final battle over this. Unless the parties come to an agreement this could take quite a while.

    This is going to be complicated but Troy, you are correct about this. PHP and D. Rodgers had better get out in front of this and they should do it fast. That was the biggest mistake (among many) that GV made and PHP seems to be making the same one. As the old saying goes shining light on something like this is the best disinfectant.

    At least we may finally find out who the real people behing PHP are. it sure is sad that it takes a court to do that.

  34. I left out one important point. It is awfully suspicious to me that this GV "lawsuit" that appears not to have been served on anyone yet, by the way, occurred the day before GV's announced "redemption day." This was a sorry attempt to bring back in all the reps that have fled, and they were told they would be restored to their original placements if they rejoined by May 31. Wonder how that made the ones who've stuck in with them feel? So when there was no huge influx of "rejoiners," GV went on the attack, and it appears, dragged you right along with them. Again, as a potential competitor, I would respect you and your opinions much more were you to get out of the middle of this one. Let's not have all the bad guys or new guys beating up on the only viable guys, huh? It's just a bit too transparent. And GV's timing was laughable.

  35. Troy,

    I would think that in light of your announcing that you'll be starting a company to go after the huge surge in prepaid wireless, that you might consider recusing yourself from this silly attempt by GV to soil the good guys who are trying to make a good thing out of what GV ruined. Whatever PHPI is or is not, they are not the scam artists and crooks the leadership at GV turned out to be. PHPI committed that they would start a company and not take a dime from anyone until it was ready to roll out and have products within reasonable reach. That's what happened. I have my PeopleZwireless phone in hand, only a week after the soft launch and first time I had been asked for a miniscule enrollment fee. GV, on the other hand, took my money and that of countless others, for almost a year, still promising (I hear they are still promising with no real viable wireless product) to deliver something they clearly did not possess the business acumen to produce. I am fighting with them now for their charging me month after month for a service that never was provided. Instead of "manning up" and paying me my money back, they're trying to pawn it off on a vendor. I paid my money to GV, not the vendor, yet they say I need to get my refund from the vendor. That's not the way it works, Mark and Ted, but it's just one more example of how GV management is never in the wrong. But with you, Troy, becoming a competitor in this heated race as well, I would think you would have the professionalism to bow out and not stir the pot. For my money, PHPI has not lied to me, but I have almost a year's worth of a lying track record from the GV folks.

  36. Perhaps I should file a lawsuit against GV. I lost all my money and my credibility with my down line. I stayed on that “titanic” too long! I heard both Ted and Mark say on conference calls that they had the super phones that they were hyping. That was the only reason that I joined GV. I was only interested in the super phone, not their over priced water machine or the power saver that is not guaranteed to work at all. How many times did they both say on conference calls that they were shipping phones to Triple Diamonds? Let’s put all the lies on the table and nail all those responsible.

  37. Although I myself personally never signed a ND agreement with GV. I know they have it in the TandC and P&P when I joined.

    I am not a lawyer, and never played one on tv, here are my suggestions to anyone that still has access to their GV back office and has plans to change companies.

    One do not download or in anyway copy, save, store or move any information from your back office.

    Two, go to your account settings and terminate. And do so before you start enrolling distributors and/or customers.

    Play by the rules, be honest and ethical, to limit your risk.

    I ended my membership with GV. I wish GV well and truly hope they do accomplish what they set out to do. But you have nothing for me in Canada. I can no longer wait for something that is being worked on night and day and still not here.

  38. They made one CEO step down due to their legal actions against an individual. Should prove interesting, if Derrick Rodgers will step down so PHPI distributors don't get caught in the crossfire. Should the injunction against PHPI be granted, many distributors will get hurt. If that is the case, it may backfire on GV.

    Many people that have gone to PHPI and other MLM Wireless companies have left GV for a multitude of reasons. The primary being the inability to earn an income due to the unavailability of an in demand product (I mean who really cares about over priced water machines and power savers). Take away the ability for the people of PHP to earn an income due to an injunction, and GV will only alienate themselves further.

    This action may come back to bit GV in the proverbial @ss.

  39. Kevin, if you had been wrongly accused, and had gone thru everything these guys have for the last year, would you just sit back and take it. The best part is the business is starting to explode now because of the vindication. So hey what's wrong with just a little revenge, and alot of momentum. Timing is everything, with all the other wireless companies struggling and GV starting to roll, people are starting to flock. Kevin, seems like pretty good leadership to me.

    Real Source

  40. Kevin Berry,

    Thanks for taking a second to post. This is not just Global Verge, lately we have seen several lawsuits across all niches inside the MLM arena.

    I guess it is only ridiculous, if GV loses the lawsuits. If they continue to win, then maybe it is a great move after taking heat for the last 12 to 18 months.

    Lord, knows I have been very hard on GV because they would not communicate at all. Now it seems others are not wanting to communicate with the public or through the courts.

    Should be interesting as we move forward.

  41. Global Verge is getting very ridiculous!!! They need to focus on growing their business instead of focusing on litigation. Seems like misguided leadership to me.