Global Verge Attorneys Demands MLM Help Desk Cease and Desist From Allowing The Distributors To Be Heard

Rod Cook the MLM Watchdog Speaks Out!

Send Your Complaints Directly To The Missouri Attorney General’s Office.
Contact Blake Crocker of Crocker & Crocker the Global verge Attorney’s With Your Frustrations If Your Are A Former Distributor, Vender or Partner.

Crocker & Crocker look like fine attorney’s, and I am sure they are experts in their field of Telecommunications among other things. However, from reading their letter it seems perfectly clear they did not do the due diligence on any post except the one titled “Global Verge Shut Off By Their Provider Activation King Wireless Because of Money Owed.

They did not seem to dispute “Global Verge Founders Pay Escort Service $150,000 Then Ask For Refund”

And he sure didn’t read my last post where I made it perfectly clear where I stood on on removing or limiting access to former and current distributors who want to exercise their Freedom of Speech titled “Global Verge Going After Bloggers For Purported Slander After Chris Greco Contacted MLM Help Desk

Here is a link to the letter sent to us: Demand Letter From Global Verge Attorneys

Here are the items I question, and are why we will stand firm. (Well unless Kevin Thompson tells us otherwise)

1. We have not made any defamatory statements. We have shared our opinion based on the facts we have at hand. We have also made it very clear when the facts change we gladly update our posts for any and all companies. In the case of Global Verge we at one time reversed our stance and took them out of the MLM Scam Alerts. Based on their own actions, or the lack there of, we put them back.

2. We have not compared any of Global Verge services to anyone elses, because they have not ever started selling their services to the public, nor have their provided their phones or services to us to test, as so many other companies have done.

3. Since we have not published any false comparisons of Global Verge, so we have nothing to remove.

What I find perplexing is the fact the only specific this attorney mentions is just “title” of a post. He does not dispute the facts of the post, nor does he provide specific links to any other post which Global Verge is whining about.

Here is my response to his letter.

“Mr. Crocker,

As you can see I have cc this to my personal attorney so he can be kept abreast of your communication.

Under the U.S. Code: Title 47 Chapter 5 Subchapter II Part I Section 230, I have the right to post my opinions and to allow others to post their opinion.

As a matter of fact there are many Global Verge advocates which post in favor of Global Verge giving the public a balanced view of this situation.

So, outside of my attorney telling me otherwise, those posts will stay, and this letter will be made public.


Troy Dooly”

Well, you can decide… Are all of the frustrated current and former Global Verge distributors crazy, or somewhere in all of this craziness is there something that is just not right?

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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129 thoughts on “Global Verge Attorneys Demands MLM Help Desk Cease and Desist From Allowing The Distributors To Be Heard”

  1. hello blogger, i was reading your posts on MLM Help Desk Home Of The Maverick Leader – Troy Dooly | Blog | Global Verge Attorneys Demands MLM Help Desk Cease and Desist From Allowing The Distributors To Be Heard and i really liked them. one issue that i noticed whilst browsing through your blog that some of the links aren't working and giving error. this makes the reading experience a little bit bad. you've a nice blog and i will request you to update the hyperlinks so that fascinated folks can get all of the information they intend to have. By the way are you on twitter?? i would definitely like to follow you and get updates in your blog.

  2. Nicole,

    Not sure what Chris's address is, but if you have instructed your attorney to sue, then I am sure your attorney has already been on Chris's website and will see the address of Chris's attorney from the federal lawsuit he has filed against Global Verge. Hope that helps. Also Chris has paid a hefty fine from the FCC due to publicaly showing private info.

    Please keep us posted. By the way, if you are a member of Global Verge, you should contact the Identity Theft folks out of Atlanta, they are very good and will take care of all this for you.

    As a side thought, how have you determined it was "Chris publizing, your name, email and phone", which caused the ID Theft? This will be good info for our community.

  3. i need a good address on Chris Greco, folks- I have instructed my attorney to sue him for posting my private credit card information on the open web- resulting in someone stealing my identity.

  4. Yes Chris, the world is waiting. Lets have the physical location of your "operations." If you have all you are saying, it should be no problem at all to reveal it to the world. Again, just wanting to SEE for myself, and anyone else that is truly interested in Panther Mobile, the actual daily operations of Customer Service, Rep Support, product shipping, provisioning, collections, and the "infrustructure" you say you have to support all these people. Address and hours of operations, and we will make appointments if necessary.

  5. Chris, I would also have to agree with Concern Associate. We are simply looking for the truth.

  6. The above comment was removed by Troy Dooly on behalf of Simple Mobile who called and stated (per Cathy), Neither she not Simple Mobile posted the above comment.

    At 12 noon Feb 5th 2010 we moved the post.

    Living An Epic Adventure,

    Troy Dooly

  7. I'm not interested in seeing pictures. I personally would like to know the physical address of where these operations take place. Do you have an open door policy so we can see ourselves how well the company operates, and see the validity of what you are saying? I'm not questioning your integrity or desire to help all that are involved. I'm simply saying that to me, there is much more than that to make this business work. Just like I said earlier, you only have to look back at the long distance and local phone, even VoIP market, to see it takes much more than just having a product to sell. Management, operations, marketing, rep support, customer support, is all equally important. I want to SEE that it is solid, not hear about it. I believe others would like to as well. We just simply need a physical address and the OK to visit, during hours of operation of course, and by appointment if necessary.

  8. Chris, if this is what you said and it's in fact is the truth-then you should have no objection posting this letter to our wireless community to preserve your integrity to the field.

  9. Our current location corporate is in South Carolina, We will be moving that to Tampa, FL. with the panther deal, We have right now 78 people on staff, This includes the corporate retail stores. Send me an email I will send you pics of these stores and offices and the address to said locations. We will be doing shipping out of Texas near dallas, Right Now that comes out of Daytona Beach, Fl.
    Our rep support actually pics up the phone with real answers, I answer every email Hell its 1:30 a.m. here and I am responding to You, I am hands on, and I really am an open book, Perriod. If an associate comes to a corp. store they will be helped and there issues addressed and that is company policy, I am doing two things that have never been done in MLM, Bringing in Retail Stores as a source of revenue to the Distributor, and Bringing in EVERY WIRELESS company so that they have Multiple Streams of income, Not just One Product, But ALL PRODUCTS. So as I said Feel Free to stop by.

    Chris Greco

    P.S. I may not be there cause 80% of the time I am on the road in my Ford King Cab Duelly Driving to open another Store.

  10. December 8th is when they stopped using our unlimited system on the 13th I didnt know this was the case, This is why I posted the records to show that I didnt know what they were doing when they started buying mass amounts of page plus pins, thats when we started having issues, and you never heard me say that again, and I emailed people directly on this issue, So thanks but please get your facts straight when we found out they were activating on PP on december 16th, We came out and told GV in a letter from Us that the data was not unlimited and they were doing an unethical practice, and yes this letter was sent to the AG in missouri with the certified letter number from the USPS showing we sent such letter, But thank you.

  11. Chris people have a right to worry about your trust-worthiness, and your lack of good judgment. I am not arguing for GV ,nor am I promoting any other product.

    I am just reminding people that you were part of the lie.Even though became a victim of theirs.

    Because what you done was unethical. I will always remember what you said on those calls.

    If you wanted to be honest on those calls you would have been straight forward ,not building the belief of a imaginary product.

    dec 8 you posted those calling records, then came on the call posted on GV on dec 14. ,that was recorded on dec 13 and still misled E-associates.

  12. Chris, where is the location of your customer service department? Where are the phones/sims shipped from? What about representative support? What about billing/collections? How many people on staff, and where? Do you have an open door policy at your corporate headquarters, and where is it? I don't see that on any of the sites. I have no doubt your stores are great places and that you have great people working around you, I'm just asking all of this because I think it's important to people as they look at your program. These are things that GV hid from everyone, and obviously had none of to support their reps and customers. I think you are an honest guy, but these things need to be cleared up.

  13. Troy let me answer some things here, One that is NOT A REPLICATED SITE, every person is put into others downlines, Two I am posting Pictures of some of our actual Wizard stores, and further I have emailed these to you troy, So that is answered, As for me I have done what I said we at panther have done what no one else has, given the associate, the ability to sell all prepaid wireless services and take payments for all wireless companies and make a commission, and over 70% of our commissions come from products folks can anyone else say that. Hmmmmm sure not GV, and further I didnt disapear but went to the next post, But I checked today so heres the answer, Now Akw and UW is a s corp, period, Which is under the parent company Mobile Pro, which Is on the site, so yeah do your research, and If I scam someone call me on it but last I checked I have paid with my own money!!! 11 peoples membership for panther I have the paypal, these people wanted to join but didnt have enough to join, I paid it because I know they will do well here at panther and further I know how it feel to be burned by GV so thats what it is I am emailing Troy pictures of the Corner Stone store, and please go to Daytona Beach, Las Vegas, Sanford, Myrtle Beach, Nashville, Boston, Little Rock, Norman, Midland, so please get it right, At least my company pays commissions and produces what it says perriod.

  14. I am not arguing for GV , I am just reminding people that you were part of the lie. even though became a victim of theirs. it was only by them not paying you. because what you done was unethical. i will always remember what you said on those calls. If you wanted to be honest on those calls you would have been straight forward ,not building the belief of a imaginary product.

    dec 8 you posted those calling records, then came on the call posted on GV on dec 14. ,that was recorded on dec 13 and still misled E-associates.

  15. but on the call you promised they were not using Page Plus, and that you could call any number and get any provider on your phone. BS. I know you can call #737 on any verizon phone and get page plus , because it is Page Plus Network. You were part of the lying propaganda machine.
    I'm saying , I'm not to quickly going to trust you for that fact. Fine it was part of your beef, but that was after the conspiring with them. You are a dealer same as me. you have various ways to sell prepaid service, but you personally saying you are a MVNO. You will have to prove that by giving the name of that MVNO, and let us check it out for ourselves.

  16. Spoken like a true winner Troy. Of course, I am involved in a wireless MLM, but I am not someone that thinks others can't do well, and that we can't all improve the industry together. My company has competiton, it makes us better, and likewise for them. We need a few companies to do it right so we can improve the image that GV gave wireless MLM.

    My point is simple. It's not enough to be able to just activate cell phones. Remember the Long Distance deregulation? There were over 900 companies that jumped, thinking it was easy. Lots of people lost, not because they joined malicious programs, but because people miscalculated what they really had to provide. A company must be able to activate, ship, provision, support 24/7 for their customers, provide rep support, and have a corporate infrustructure. Wireless is a VERY expensive business, and very technical. The MLM side is the easy part. I just would like to see that we are all on a level field here, and that the very important information about any "wireless deal" is addressed, and I really only see a few people in the industry doing that.

  17. Charlie,

    I respect your opinion, which is why it went live. However, ALL the players should be reviewed and investigated. And as for Chris, at least he is willing to answer his critics. That is far ore than others in this saga.

  18. Michael,

    You ask some great questions. I believe they cover this on their live calls. But let's see if we can get Kevin, Harry or Chris to answer these. Harry and Kevin founded Panther mobile, and I believe based on the area codes from both of those gentlemen they are located in TX.

    And let me say, I respect the questions and concerns you raise, and have no problem with your overall focus. I just don't want to focus JUST on one person, every player should be reviewed for people to get full disclosure.

    I think part of the situation surrounding all of the GV/AKW/Panther issues is because people did not check out ALL the players… Those in the USA and outside in other countries.

    You bring up great points, please keep people digging.

  19. Jim,

    Thank you for sharing this. If more people would figure out we "MLMer" are a community, not a bunch of Cannibals trying to eat each other, before we are eaten, we would not have the outside anti-MLM Zealots taking potshots at out.

    This reminds me of some very far right-winged judgmental Christians I have as friends… Instead of picking up their wounded and helping them when they fall, sin and make mistakes. They come in for the kill and rip their hearts out.

    Networkers do the same thing. Won't to know an inside secret? Most CEOs of competing companies are friends. They talk on the phone give each other encouragement, and do their best to help out when situations arise.

    They also WARN each other of snake in the grass "MLM Vampires" who come knocking acting like a friend, but looking for a way to manipulate the compensation plan, to get all they can, before going on to the next unsuspecting company.

    Keep up the great work.

  20. Then lets end this debate on Chris. Possibly this has been covered, but I'll ask it here.
    1. Where is the corporate headquarters for Panther Mobile/Activation King? What is the address, and is this the location where the customer service, rep support, provisioning, shipping, etc. takes place. If we have this, then I'm sure someone can stop by, since he is "transparent" and end the speculation all together.

    From the stuff I have read, Chris addresses the many locations, and says they are representatives working from home. No problem there, but I still have not seen any indication of an official location, but I will admit, I have not read all of these posts of comments. Again, I'm not attacking Chris's company. I know nothing of it. But I think there are a lot of confused people here with questions that have not been answered. Good luck to all of you, whichever business you are building.

  21. Troy, your advice is wise. Let me give you an example.

    Lightyear has Sprint MiFi and so does Tele-Verus. I did the math and saw that theirs was a bit cheaper for the endline consumer. That is because Lightyear pays us reps more residually. No different that one Chevy dealer selling their car a couple hundred bucks less than another.

    But here is my point.

    I called a top Tele-Verus leader and we talked for a half hour. We compared, in a friendly manner, the pros and cons of each business model. We became friends and he is going to help me save a lot on travel. Yes, we are competitors on one product, wireless, but we can compete as friends and actually help one another. We each have products the other does not and are now going to be each other's customer.

    Troy, I am thankful we have YOU to throw the mud where it needs thrown and I can keep it off myself 🙂

  22. I am just stating my experiences like every one else here, In my dealings with Chris G . I found him to be as big a scammer as GV. Each person needs to go and ck it out for themselves. In my opinion GV, Chris Greco, and others like them are what ruin MLM

  23. Charlie,

    You happen to be with a great company now, so why jump on Greco? Wouldn't be more advantageous for people to research Panther Mobile? Chris is one player in the big picture. Although your opinion is important, it is easy to see you have not read through the comments to see Chris has addressed the picture you paint already.

    Josh Henderson doesn't teach you guys to build your business this way. Share facts, or share opinions backed by facts. In this case you have not checked out Panther, nor do you know the owners. Call and talk with them before just making a blanket statement.

  24. Chris Greco the Hero of the Hour! What a laugh! get in a car and ck him out. I was burned by GV but learned my lesson, I went down to Orlando in early Dec. looked up Chris's web site for Activation King went to his non exsistant locations, a women answered the door at this dump of a house that was one of the address he showed she said Chris was a relitive and he just used her address on his site to make it look like he had more locations. Thats when I quit GV. If You want to be involved in MLM and Wireless do what I did get in a plane or in your car and go ck out who is there. I found a very credible company, went to there headquarters cked them out in every way. I am a happy camper now. dont listen to me or anybody else, dont waste 6 more months on another scam. ck it out first for yourself

  25. Charlie,

    Now maybe you should do a little checking on Panther Mobile before you call them a scam. Let us know what you find out. There are some great companies out there.

  26. I was also burned by gv, but Chris G is no hero, I went to Orlando in nov 09 to ck out Chris company activation King, What a joke, Now this clown is going to save us all. well before you jump out of one scam into another go take a look for yourself. I did, and GV was bad, I bet in a few months we will be talking about what a scam this is . there are mlm companies out there doing wireless that are good, clean, and above board, do your homework , get in your car or get on a plane check em out 4 yourself, I went to farmington Mi, good company, went to Louisville Ky and found a great co.

  27. Hey guys,

    There is another identity. Ready to Switch GV. How many personalities do you have Chris?
    Can't believe these were written to Troy, wanting his advice on your panther mobile site.
    I can hear Forrest Gump. "I didn't mean to ruin your Panther Mobile party"
    ROFLOL….Where did ya go Christopher?

  28. Concerned MLMer,

    I did check those I.P.s when we let the comments go live, they did not come from the same IP. But, again that is easy to change also… i.e. botnets. I'll dig a little deeper.

  29. No Troy, that site is a replicated site. It isn't functioning on a rotator. Chris is coming in here spamming your forum and pushing his agenda. It is weakening the forum you've created here. Don't you have the ability to see IP Addresses? If so, just take a look and compare. Simple.

  30. Unbelievable,

    First you are asking me to do something, which I can't. Since I have no interest in, or have been a part of the development of Panther Mobile or any of Chris's companies I don't have a solid answer. Logically speaking…

    From just a networking standpoint what you explain sounds like Chris may be using the site as a landing page and if someone is interested it is moving through a rotator to different distributor's sites. SOme leaders do this to spread the wealth as orphan sign-ups come on board.

    On the other hand, it may also be that Panther Mobile is creating positions with volume, and will make these available for sale. In matrix compensation plans, this is a good way to attract big players who are looking for an established check as they move their teams over.

    Again, I am speculating based on historical data. I am sure Chris will give a response which is more accurate.

  31. Troy,

    Please explain why it is that is not Chris's site. The Url shows his id 1300. It clearly is a functioning site as when you click the signup button it takes you to the same signup page format as other existing members. See Wireless Wholesaler signature, which is His id is 1296.

    I, like Concerned Mlmer, don't see any difference. Looks to me like alot of these postings about Panther Mobile being so great are coming from the same person. Please let us know. Am I missing something here? How you do this day in and day out is beyond me! Too much drama for me!

  32. I have been following this and have to agree with Michael and ConcernedMLMr in regards to not ever jumping into anything without doing some educated homework. I have "Been There" and used my emotions to make quick decisions based on what I was being told by an experienced networker.

    I have a mentor that says he never gets involved with something not at least 6 months old and has stuck by that…thus saving his credibility. I am sure a lot of us have lost that in the last year with all the opportunities that have come and GONE.

    As far as customer service, there are other very legitimate companies that are out there and do talk to their reps personally. As a matter of fact, just this Saturday, a vice president of sales was available to assist in helping a member help another member. Starting with an email to the company on a Saturday, got an immediate email requesting the member to call the vp of sales personally, continued verbally and question answered. WOW! That is personal service.

    I am not saying not to go with anyone specific, just that this thread was about dist cease and desist from GV attorneys. It seems to have gone another way.

  33. Um for your info, Global Verge was to be using our MVNO product not activating on page plus. And further I can take any verizon phone and dial #737 and get page plus, just so you know. Also GV had taken some phones and made the speed dial *611 call 611 which got verizon. That is how our phones are programed ota (over the air) to call our center instead of verizon. I apreciate your enthusiasm, But Im also no an idiot, and neither are the distributors, If I was trying to hide the fact I was activating on page plus I would have made a big stink about it perriod. And if you have been keeping up you would have seen that I POSTED THE CALLING RECORDS FROM DECEMBER 8th TILL PRESENT where they were using page plus. THAT WAS PART OFF MY BEEF. So do your research and Keep up. Further You can contact me off board at and I will allow my reps from verizon to contact you or you them and they can tell you my company status, Lets see if GV can do that, Oh thats righ they dont have contracts.

  34. This is such a circus. I have a happy home now. I have gone with Wowmobile. It is amazing to have a company do what they say. Tethering to my laptop most of the day. It is so nice not to pay a cellphone bill unlimited everything has never been so good. Thanks Troy for keeping it REAL.

  35. If Simple Mobile's name was scratched off you may want to contact Simple Mobile. Here is what Cathy from SImple wrote yesterday.

    "Hi this is the fraud department at simple mobile, We were forwarded this info today, and are asking that anyone who has an altered sim card from simple mobile. Please forward a picture to and or please call 877-238-7908. We are taking the necessary action to make sure that this fraud is brought to an end. Thank you for your help in this matter."

  36. Changegoncome,

    Take some time to review the articles we have written and that will give you a little more back story on this saga.

    As for the matrix payout… If the majority of the commissions taken in and payout in the matrix comes from the recruiting of new distributors, and not from the sale of services, then the FTC will view the matrix as a pyramid scheme. And since the majoirty of commissions come from the monthly "membership" fee, this is what the FTC will focus on.

  37. I dont understand what is going on so far I've been in GV since November and I have been getting paid on commisions and having phones activated. I am not a Trp D or even a diamond yes they are late on the phones but I was able to activate numerous of unlock phones and getting $50 plus in residual sales commisions. I might be one of the few kool-aid drinkers hear but are we forgeting about the matrix payouts?

  38. my sims card came from florida. and it took 21 days. and Simple mobile had been buffed off.

  39. This is good to bring this up. it was not long ago they had him conference call, and he was clarifying that they where not selling Page Plus, and proofing you could dial any series of number for different provider, That was a lie then , and it is still a lie now.
    The only reason he is still not with the propaganda machine is they stiffed him. Not because he grew a conscience. he using that to gain sympathy, well i don't feel sorry for him. Listen to the call if you don't believe me. the call below. go to the 25 min marker and listen to him lie his ass off.

    GM1 Activation Instructions
    by Ruth on Dec.14, 2009, under Recorded Calls
    Ruth, Mark, and special guest Chris Greco address some common questions and pitfalls in the Global Mobile 1 phone activation process.

  40. Troy just to clarify, This is the site that Kevin and Harry has given everyone even on the calls for people to sign up, this is so they can track what I am bringing to the table, So as for people that are posting the site they have is

    if I wanted to tout my own replicated site I would send people to

    the site at is only for people to see the company it is a masking site, or non functional But nice try Concerned MLMer, as for the issues with GV they wanted to do their own merchant account, fullfilment, customer service, etc. Why dont you try and see how fast I get a phone active, Bring it on, I am straight forward guy, Send me an ESN and Zip and ill have a verizon phone on for you in minutes with 200 minutes, free, See if your people at GV can do that.

    Chris Greco

    p.s. to be honest I am to big on myself to split it up lol.

  41. I was so disappointed when I found out what had happened with GV. I hung in there with them for 6 months. I was really upset when the websites came out thinking… I was in the mode of making money and then they announced that we had to have a training that was not even ready to take. Why would you get us all hyped up and then tell us we can't sell. Did GV ever stop to think that some people may spend their last dollar to pay their auto-ship because they we expecting to make money that month. But…nooo, they were not ready…just lie after lie.

    As Jay-z song says…."I got a millions ways to get it…choose one…ON TO THE NEXT ONE"

    THANKS CHRIS for not giving up on mlm and sharing Panther Mobile with us!!!

    Pamela Jessie

  42. michael to address your concerns we are a legit company, Further, order fulfillment is not a problem GV had problems cause they insisted on doing it themselves. We do have everything, and If you can tell me another wireless company that sells every single prepaid network and some post paid, in the US, CANADA, and SOUTH AFRICA, you will have shut my mouth, But ive done the research, there isnt one, WE ARE THE FIRST. So thanks and yes people need to do their research on a company that just makes good common sense, But I can tell you after the research, we will have you as a customer for life, cause there is not a product we dont have for you here at Panther or Wizard.
    Thanks for giving people the truth, though, I can respect that. And hes right do your research on any company before you decide to join them,

    Chris Greco

  43. Michael,

    Sound advice for any company someone is thinking about joining. Thank you for taking time to post.

  44. Folks, before you hastily run off and join ANYONE, you need to do a few basic things first.
    1. Visit a corporate office. Not a retail outlet, not kiosk, not a UPS store. Visit the place where the customer service, order fulfillment, provisioning, billing, collections take place. At least demand to see proof of that stuff before you "get excited" about a bunch of internet testimonials.
    2. After doing the previous, would you be willing to invest money, and your reputation, on what you found. Is it professional? Is it viable? Is the right infrustructure there to support you, and thousands of reps and customers, the same as a major provider?

    I'm not attacking Chris Greco. I know nothing of his company and won't comment good or bad on it. But folks, after seeing what happened at Global Verge, don't just get hyped up into the next "wireless flavor of the month." Do some true due dilligence and have some forsight on what's actually viable out there. There are companies that have EVERYTHING. Maybe Chris's is one of them, maybe it isn't.

  45. Ok so the issue at hand was why couldnt akw fullfil orders, Because GLOBAL VERGE INC, Did not ALLOW US TO. Global Verge wanted to do all Fulfillment. So Activation King Wireless, Had no say on shipping, activations, etc. this is why it was such a cluster F*** over there. If AKW had been doing it it would have been seamless, But unfortunately they wanted to use their merchant shipping and activation staff, and well you see where that went.
    So we werent "suppose" to do anything but give GV air time which we did up until the point they could no longer pay their bills.
    As everyone else can see I can get any one elses verizon phone up on the network in minutes. Why not GV? Im not their and they are still having major problems. But I am not having those issues at Wizard AKW or Panther. It is what it is.

  46. Troy,

    I'm sure you can track IP addresses big guy! Go ahead and match them up!

    This multiple personality trick has been used in forums for years. There have been MANY people outed over the years when forums began to publicly display the IP addresses of their posters. I'd offer you advice to do it as well. Just helps to keep things more legit in my opinion.

    And I hear what you're saying in regards to GV and who's at fault. All I'm saying is that Activation Wireless was "supposed" to be fulfilling orders but that never happened. My question would be why?

  47. Jean just so you know I sent cathy from simple mobile to this site. One so she could see that this was bigger than just someone sanding off a sim card. So contact them and see what they Say, And I encourage everyone who has one of those sim cards to contact them as they are trying to prosecute GV for fraud. So again Nice try but If I wanted to have people contact simple mobile I would have given out the CEO's info, But again, You GV koolaid drinkers Keep trying. It sure looks like you are throwing it all in even the kitchen sink. I admire your loyalty, but you have to face the facts, You have a company that lies to you on every call, Doesnt meet deadlines, And keeps your money, Does anyone have an answer for why commissions wont be paid for another 60days, ……………….crickets…………..exactly I didnt think so,

  48. Chris,

    No worries, I figured you would be watching, and would have a direct answers.

    You are providing the facts for people to see. Keep it up.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  49. Concerned MLMer, As me coming in as a partner and too see the people that come into the company because of the GV fiasco, this is the site Harry and Kevin have asked people to go to, I dont have time to make posts like that. And one this can be tracked by the i.p. address and email, I am much more intelligent than that, Ok I know I was involved with GV for a few months, But everyone makes a judgement error once in a while 🙂 Try and contact the people who are posting. But if it makes you feel better, LOL, but seriously last time I checked my name is not Mark or Ted, And I have been straight forward,

  50. Concerned MLMer. You might add to the list the Simple Mobile one. The question out there would be where would the fraud dept. get this posting? Any fraud dept. I have ever known would not be
    using this type of site as a resource. Also, the posting seems very similar to one that went around to Global Verge reps from a supposed disgruntled employee at the support desk which proved to be a bogus one.

    I would hope that everyone realizes that anything can be put on the internet. I have been in the Telecom Industry for over 30 years and really resent all the misinformation that is out there all the way around. People should be free to make there own choices and it's a shame when things like this bring questions about the entire industry. Do lots of reaseach and choose the one that's right for you not the one someone talked you into!

  51. Concerned, I love sceptics and cynics. I never received wireless with GV after $160 of payments (my fault for staying as long as I did). I have it (service) with Panther. I posted my # on the old post and had a guy call (on my new panther service) and ask me questions about my experience. I am real and not Chris. The service is working, the price is great, I have spill that I am getting paid on, nice web site and awesome marketing ability that comes with it. I have had e-mail conversations with Chris, Spoke on the phone to Harry and Kevin (maybe just Harry x 2). IF…Panther keeps doing what they are doing (Being transparent and delivering on their promises) Then this could be a proven top notch company. Right now I WE are an unproven company with a lot of potential. I am going to ride it to the top, and I invite you all along for the ride. Research it and follow up. Oh, by the way if I keep getting spill like I have been soon my 3rd level will be full and my service will be paid for without ever having to 'sign someone up'. I will bring people in, but It is just a cool thought.

  52. Concerned MLMer,

    ROFLOL… I always love the way you share with this tribe! Maybe after running around with Global Verge, Buzzirk Mobile, or is it Global Mobile 1, Chris did get a little personality disorder. Lord knows I've been on the outside and get dizzy reading through everything trying to figure out all the players.

    Seriously, you do mention one situation, which may or may not be Chris… You state "The problems they experienced were also a result of their relationship with you!" I would respectfully disagree with that statement. Chris was only around the last quarter of 2009. GV has had issues since the very first day they changed he name from e-Verge to Global Verge.

    Maybe the issues are with Xannsoft (spelling may be wrong) and their software solution. I have always wondered why a company like MonaVie would buy out their contract if their system was so good.

    Keep the thoughts coming you stimulate thought for all to read.

  53. So here are the following people who've posted in the last day or so and all are claiming to have moved from GV to Panther Mobile (note: I am NOT a fan of GV either, but I hate scammers – Chris – you have a lot to learn about online marketing buddy – the game you're running is one of the oldest tricks in the book):

    MarkP – goes to Chris' Panther Mobile site
    ITS TRUE, is it? – goes to Chris' Panther Mobile site
    Amanda PANTHER – goes to Chris' Panther Mobile site
    Tired of Waiting GV – goes to Chris' Panther Mobile site
    I am Shocked – goes to Chris' Panther Mobile site
    eric – goes to Chris' Panther Mobile site
    And of course Chris Greco himself goes to Chris' Panther Mobile site

    Folks, I think we have a case of multiple personality disorder!

    Nice try Chris! I'm sorry but your Panther Mobile is no better than GV. Remember, GV was using you as the go to guy (we heard you on their calls). The problems they experienced were also a result of their relationship with you! Why on earth would people be dumb enough to work with you after the stuff they went through with you supplying GV?????

  54. Have to say I am shocked to see that the GV scam looks to be at an end, With Everge and all that, I thought they would be around for along time, But evidently not, with this panther company out there I really think they are in trouble.

  55. Also notice how in EVERY SINGLE one of these posts about Panther they go to the SAME Panther site and funny enough the contact rep on the site has an email that says "chris@….


  56. Does anyone else get the feeling that all these "Panther" posts are being done by Chris Greco? The language used in all of the posts are strangely similar to Mr. Greco's posts.

  57. I signed up for the GSM Pro Builder Plus for $ 179 and with this package if I just sign up 1 person a

    month I will never pay for phone service again. I didn't even mention the marketing these guys have

    that comes with the package at NO EXTRA COST. Someone asked about customer service, I sent

    a support ticket in on Sun. at 6:05 pm and had my question answered by 6:14 pm. These guys know

    how to run a business.

  58. I listened to every call since Jan / 09 and was never able to speak with Ted or Mark. Since last Fri I've

    had three questions answered by Panther Mobile and spoke with the CEO Harry Aston twice. It took

    me less than two days to figure out that Panther Mobile would be my next home.

    Saturday night I signed up, ordered a phone and before I got my email confirmation the CEO Harry Aston

    called me. Harry told me he was training someone and asked if it would be alright if he listened while we

    discussed my account. I ordered a phone that had already sold out so he asked if I wanted it on back

    order and it would arrive on Thurs. – Fri. I laughed cause that would only be a couple days after the

    normal delivery date. Remember, this is the CEO calling me back from customer service. WHAT ?


  59. Casper,

    I too, am one of the "lied to" e-associates…………I turned down other really good companies because I trusted the people who sponsored me into GV…………having wasted more than 7 months, plus all the money, I am fed up. Yes, Ruth Mayne & Jan Johnson aren't standing up because they are all making mone off of you and me.

    Let's hope they get shut down.


  60. Panther Mobile is real, I just signed up, I am so excited, YOU HEAR THAT TED I AM EXCITED EXCITED, but at least its for something tangible, GV is DONE. TOOT TOOT TOOOT, (tapps)

    Kevin and Harry thank you for bringing on chris and blowing this thing WIDE OPEN.

  61. Chris, Kevin, Harry, you guys are awesome, I am cancelling my auto ship tomorrow with GV and moving to panther, they activated my phone for free with 200 mins, I still dont believe it, I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. It is refreshing to see a company actually do what they say on a call, and Canada, South Africa, Are you kiddin me? I signed up tonight, my phone is active and I am selling service right now. I just wanted to say I am finally being able to do what Global Verge Promised me I could do for the last year, IT TOOK FIVE MINUTES TO SET ME UP, MARK TED WAKE UP!! GAMES OVER.
    Just wanted to get that off my chest.
    Also have you tested their products yet troy?

  62. TROY WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW, A MLM COMPANY THAT ACTUALLY DOES WHAT THEY SAY, are they for real? I just got my phone activated, 10 minutes ago for FREE, I cant believe this! Troy please please please let us know if this is legit, I dont want to get burned again.
    But I havent been this excited in 8 months. Let us know if we can trust this company.

  63. Troy are they for real? I am going to take my entire downline to Panther if this is legit, I am tired of the B.S. at GV and If i can just move my downline to a company that actually produces. ITS DONE, and I got my 200 minutes on my blackberry storm for free I have to say I didnt believe it but its true, Chris is the real deal, I am genuinely surprised that someone actually does what they say. I heard from someone high up in GV that Hulk Hogan was considering leaving GV for panther have you heard anything on that.
    let us know troy please. thanks for the constant updates.

  64. Troy I just got off the call tonight with Panther Mobile, WOW they just lay it out there, I really am shocked at how they did that!! To be able to say we will just give you 200 mins for a marketing tool has never been done, this SH** is crazy, Why would GLOBAL VERGE let this guy go, they had to know they were done, Troy have you tried or tested there service is it really what they say it is, my 200 minutes are working in less than 5 minutes, I am tripping right now, I have more excitement for this than I did Zero1, Please let us know how their Service Works. Also is Unlimited Wizard gone? or is it still Direct sales can someone answer this for me. Thanks for the info Troy your site is awesome

  65. um the difference is I am bringing in my products and its more than .25 cents, and further Light year is Post Paid, and no one wants to be in a contract, Do the math, 75% of americans went prepaid last year instead of contracts, 37% just in this quarter alone, europe is 80% prepaid, 20 post paid, So here is where the money is, and Oh Distributors Make 20% on all international air time they sell, and further, when they sell our verizon product i am introducing and Canada they make more like 12.00 per customer, so listen to the whole call not parts, But thanks for your input, and I can appreciate your enthusiasm for light year, but Contracts are a dying breed catch up.

  66. Jacklin,

    Thank you for the kind words. I also want to welcome you to the community. Your comment is not only professional, it is full of wisdom.

    Agian, thank you for stopping by, and by all menas come back often to offer words of encouragement and wisdom.

  67. Hey Troy,

    Thanks for the updates. I can't believe their attorneys risk to send out a letter to you. Woaw! they open the gates for more troubles, and risk the existence of their company. I hope those guys learn a lesson, and stop lying to real people.

    By the way, i have a quick message for some of you in this blog. I do understand your frustrations and concerns about GV. However, your life could be much more profitable, if you allow yourself to learn the basis of network marketing.

    Making money online is not about joining one company to another, it's all about setting yourself on a path to freedom. Now, the question is HOW?? Well, It's just the little things that you neglect in a regular basis.

    Be consistent, and have a clear vision on where you want to go and what you want to accomplish…

    "Work Harder on yourself instead of your business opportunity." Jim R….

  68. Eric,

    I just listened to a Panther conference call, and based on the call I would say Chris has partnered 100% with Kevin and Harry at Panther.

  69. Their comp plan is terrible.

    $5 per phone sale??? That's it?
    $.25 cents per month per customer????? Yikes.

    You might want to look at Lightyear. They pay $25 per personal phone customer (as well as some additional bonuses if you get a certain number of customers in a certain period of time). They also pay up to 10% on personal customers and they pay 1% to 4% of the actual bill on your team's customers!

    So, if you have 100 customers on your team in Panther Mobile spending $60 a month you earn just $.25 cents per month ($25 total in residuals). The same customer base in Lightyear would generate you $60 to $240 a month in residual commissions.

    Panther is also a forced Matrix. There isn't a single long term MLM company that has lasted more than 3 years that uses a forced matrix!

  70. Light year pays up to 10% if your personel customer billing is $5000+ (FYI, unlimited wireless plan pays half). Takes a while to get to that volume. Start off at 1%.

    In Panther your personel customer is $2.00 each. There is also possibility for spill at panther (Which I have benifited from). If I have 100 personel customers then I am making $200.00.

    At Lightyear, how much do you make off a phone sale? if I remember correctly, $0.00. That may have changed.

    I believe LightYear is a good company. There were things that I liked, and things that I believed held me back. I haven't found a perfect company. When selling and recruting while in LightYear I had a hard time overcomming the Boost and Cricket lovers. With Panther I can't find an objection that I can't overcome, YET. I wish you the best with LightYear, but I believe that Panther will create a lsarg presence and go far (as long as management and us leaders don't mess it up). Lightyear pay plan PDF

  71. Troy please find out for us the status of chris and his company with panther, I mean I want to go to the real deal here. I was burned by Global Scam and would hate to be again, But I have seen chris can produce, He told me that He was trying to iron out a deal for austrailia. I just dont wanna join and chris is not a real part of this company please let us know

  72. I invite everyone to hear the call tonight at 9pm call
    712 432 0075
    access number is 257746

    for exciting news for Wizard and panther Mobile, International plans services and whats new

  73. Ready to Switch GV,

    This is a great question, and I am not sure I have all the answers because I am not part of either company. However, in talking with all three gentlemen, here is what I do know. For the rest you would need to talk with one or all of them. We will be doing a review on this company in the month of Feb and continuing to monitor as they move forward.

    1. Harry and Kevin are the original partners in Panther Mobile.
    2. Chris has entered into some form of agreement with Panther to provide contracts with all the major wireless players
    3. I have reviewed the compensation plan of Panther and suggested a couple of small changes before entering into a major launch. Kevin and Harry acknowledged my concerns and were going to talk with their MLM Attorney's to validate my concerns.
    4. Chris has been an open book since he first emerged on the scene back with Global Verge. During the early days if I had a concern Chris would come on the blog and respond, or send an email explaining issues I had, or notifying me due to his NDA he could not divulge what I was asking.

    I have never met any of these gentlemen personally. Although Harry and I have talked numerous times over the years due to the fact he was deep in my organization at INVISUS Direct. I should disclose he was way past my standard payline, and I did not play a role in his joining the company at the time.

    From what I have seen so far, I can say Kevin knows SEO and programming. Harry is a professional marketer with a background in infomercials, lead generation and organization building. And from what I have seen, Chris knows wireless far better than I do, and most of the people I have talked to lately.

    Hope this helps.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  74. Chris

    I am not with any Telecom company by all means. However, by reading all of the drama of what's going on with Global Verge, I got to give it to you on how you handled all the criticism of you and AKW by GV and it's supporters like a long person in the eye of the F5 hurricane.

    You just simply called out on GV Ted and Mark on their bluff and I really felt bad with the GV distributors of what they're going through. They really don't deserved this.

    Keep up the good fight.

  75. Troy I just got off the call for Panther Mobile/Unlimited Wizard, that guy Chris really lays it on the table, the reason for the comment is its real troy, he activated my phone and gave me 200 minutes to try the network for free, and I am standing here in shock, what is it that they are doing at panther that GLOBAL SCAM isnt doing? and further What is chris's involvement in panther, If I knew that I would sign up today. Is he part owner or what, Can you find this out troy, I just want to see what the deal is. I dont want join this company if chris can just go to another company, I need to know that hes there for the long haul.

    I have to say I am impressed by the 200 minutes free, I think that and with them saying service in canada and south africa is ready, It just put the nails in the Global Scam Coffin.

  76. Thanks Troy,

    I will be happy to give you an honest update as I progress with my business relationship with Kevin and Harry.

    Wireless Wholesaler

  77. Troy I have a question I hear all of this with Kevin and Harry, Is Chris Greco a Owner of panther or a partner or what is his involvement, I was on the call and I am excited about panther, But I am only going there because of Chris expertise in wireless, I can tell you while he was just Wizard, I called him and had my phone active in 5 minutes, while I have been trying to do this same thing with GV since, November. So please give me any insight on this situation and Chris involvement, I want to go wherever Chris goes as I see his ability to make me succesful in wireless. Please give me any insight you have.

  78. Wireless Wholesaler,

    Thank you for stopping by and sharing. From what I have seen so far Kevin and Harry are very transparent. Like some of the other MLM wireless companies, they have opened up their back office, listened as I shared some concerns on their P&P and compensation plan, and have been willing to continue dialog even when we have not completely agreed on issues.

    I am gathering facts and look forward to doing a review on the company in the upcoming weeks.

    Please keep us posted on your experience as you grow forward with this company.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  79. Hello Troy,

    What the biggest ship to sink since the TITANTIC?
    The Titantic went down from hitting an iceberg.

    Global Verge will sink from self infliction and so will the credibility of those TRIPLE DIAMONDS,DOUBLE DIAMONDS etc. that go down with the ship.

    I jumped of that sinking ship two month ago (after 6 months) of wannabe business men, pulled the classic shell game,bait and switch. They use people and throw them away and that is apparent with every person they HAD a business relationSHIP with.

    I as well am pissed off that this company still exist.
    I will donate to the (attorney fund cause) to get them SHUT DOWN…with pleasure, for the people that lost not only money but the damage to evreyone's reputation.


    Wireless Wholsaler

  80. Hello Troy,

    I typically would never bash a company,however…
    They took advantage of a lot of good people and PISSES ME OFF TOO !

    This company deserves what the have coming to them and it is self inflicted,they have no one else to blame but themselves for the SMOKE and MIRROR,Shell Game,Bait and Switch SCAM

    Ever since I jumped of the Global Verge Ship…did I type ship? Whoops!

    I was searching for a company and was introduced to the Owners KEVIN and HARRY of ( VodaText and Panther Mobile). Kevin is a programming WIZARD and SEO EXPERT and has extensive Telecom and networking experience. Harry has a passion for getting things done and fast too, my customer service has been a joy. I joined Panther as a PRO MEMBER and ported my number over and HARRY called me personally to assist me,within no time at all my number ported seamlessly and now I am saving $100 per month since breaking my contract with my old carrier on the CDMA network. I am amazed how they were able to keep me on the (same exact major network for $39.95 with taxes included) compared to what I was paying before $138.00 .

    That's $99 back in my pocket per month…

    I never had service with GLOBAL VERGE thankfully, I was smart enough not to gamble with me phone number or service with them.

    Now I can recoup some of my loses from that "Global Verge SCAM"..!!!

    As well as anyone that we can help to do the same.



  81. I left GV in May 08. That was when they changed their name from E-verge, It was obviouse, they changed the name to get out of paying me (and us) my "Hard earned commission's" So To me, I can't believe they are still in Biz. Thankyou for the Opportunity to be heard by the AG. GV is a group of — narcissistic con men.

  82. We are announcing Just for MLM help desk readers, have a CDMA verizon or alltel handset, Ill activate it for you free for a free trial No limit on phones either, we will give you 200 minutes free just so you can see we are for real and we are here for you, Hey why you have to wait Days and weeks at other companies, I am saying put up or shut up, We will activate your handset no strings just to show you we are for real, try it.
    And I encourage everyone to try it and then let me know what you think

    Chris Greco
    panther mobile

  83. Just an update of things to come Folks Panther will Have service on Rogers and Or Fido maybe both I am Having this Beta tested, If all works well with our activating here in the US, then We will have it as one of the panther products for the people in Canada that have been left in the cold (pun intended). We look forward to growing with you in Canada and I can tell you I am working on South Africa and Austrailia.
    So we have big things coming and we actually produce.

    chris greco

  84. Troy,
    Once again THANK YOU for keeping everyone updated. MLM is a Great profession if you choose the right vehicle. FYI FDI just added FDI MOBILE to our many other services. We have our Own 3G Network. And it WORKS!!! $69.95 UNLIMITED Talk, Text, & Web Plans. No Credit Checks & No Contracts. Plus Family Plans comming soon. I will keep you posted. <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  85. Wow.. you really think the stores will open around the 15th. Stop kidding yourself. I been in since June 20th and the only thing that has been consistent has been excuses and delays. They don't even have their stupid certification for the stores they've been talking about. If GV even send out a phone by the 15th I'll pay your autoship for a year. Contact me Steve Quarley at and I will give you my number. Oh and just so you know I did reach double diamond in the company before I decided to tell my team to stop wasting their time & money. We're moving on


  86. Suppose they have "sold" 1000 prepaid subscriptions at $80 each. Minus the cost (those plans aren't actually free, y'know) let's say $45 cost. Minus the comissions, say $10 to the guy that sells the phone plan and $10 to his uplines (they're a MLM, remember?). Now multiply by 2 (months since launch). Do you come anywhere near $35M ? Didn't think so.

    Of course that supposes that they have no G&A costs, but adter all then they are a fly-by-night operation with no offices, no full-time employees ( Triple Zircons aren't actual employees in my book), and a Post Office box costs peanuts.

    They will never reveal any verifiable sales numbers, never reveal how many of those were activation failures, never reveal how few refunds they have ever given if any.
    But, they can come up with numbers like $79 Unlimited Data or $35M, or "7 crates of phones" when it suits their narrative.

    But if you tell them they"re spouting a lie-a-minute, they'll hit you with a C&D letter, –bank on it!

  87. Hey I have to say Panther Has done everything it has said, My site was up within 5 minutes and I am selling wireless, Wow I waited 8 months of For this why did I wait so long, I feel like a fool. I want to thank Panther for providing the service that they said, and further I look forward to all the new things chris is bringing to the company I just got off the phone with him and service in Canada and South Africa Wow, Rogers and Fido in canada I think this is great also for the Gv members in canada that have waited and got nothing! Thank you chris and panther mobile, I cant wait to grow with this company and see what happens next!

  88. jean spencer,

    So you know AKW and Wizard mlm are merging with Panther Mobile, Meaning All of our stores are now becoming Panther Stores, also Our customer service 888-909-4927 ext 0 is being transfered over to Panther Mobile, And Our Headquarters will be located in Florida. This company will be transparent and I welcome all your questions. Thanks

    Chris Greco

  89. I think GV should stick with manipulating their own rep base, not fighting with Troy and people in the industry that smelled the rat long ago. I think they just bit off more than they can chew, and probably are going to get raided by the AG or FTC, possibly even the FCC because of all the complaints filing in. People will come out of the woodwork now, so get ready GV, you've earned everything you are about to receive.

  90. Hey Ken Jay! Totally agree with you on the Panther Mobile….sure is a refreshing breeze of relief compared to the Crap Sandwiches GlobalVerge was feeding us. Now it's back to building the trust again with the willing customers that were on stand-by….Thanks again Troy for Bringing the Truth!

  91. As a former GM1 e associate, I To got tired telling potential customers next week I could sell them a phone or the next week or the next week…..well that never came. I do want to thank Harry and Kevin for the Panther Mobile opportunity. .I have my second month of free service with Free autoship. I look forward to a long business relationship with Panther Mobile. Welcome to the team Chris and GM1 e associates.

  92. Never I will take this under advisement and bring this to my partners at panther, thank you for your comments if you have any issues please let me know.

    Chris Greco

    Looks like phones are on and retails open what so hard for that other company to do it?

  93. Hey Troy Thank-You in a H*U*G*E Way for all that you do!! I was a GlobalVerge Member and hung in there despite all the negative publicity. I thought "Hey give'em a break" it'll work out in the end…well it only got worse.

    I jumped on board with Panther Mobile, and I have SERVICE – Active and Fully Functional Web-site – Not to mention Spill-over to boot. I enjoy the wireless industry and it looks like my family and I have found a true company and business model.

    Troy Dooly…Keep on doing what you're doing!! We're Behind you 110% my friend….It's an honor to call you friend!!

    Most Sincerely,
    Gene Hughes

  94. Sam. I am not putting you down for doing what you did but I would really like to know how much research you did on Panther Mobile before you signed up? Who are the owners? How long have they been in business? Why do they only list a P.O. Box for their corporatate office in Dallas? Why don't they list any of these details on their website? Where does the $ go for activations and memberships? What kind of customer service do they have since it says that one of the reps will
    contact them back or they can send an e-mail – no mention of a customer service dept.

    These things would be very important for all of us to know so if anyone wants to post the answers
    to these questions people have been hounding Global Verge for months about, I would take this more seriously, otherwise I would be careful what you wish for.

  95. Hey Troy Thank-You in a H*U*G*E Way for all that you do!! I was a GlobalVerge Member and hung in there despite all the negative publicity. I thought "Hey give'em a break" it'll work out in the end…well it only got worse.

  96. I signed up last night and I have spill already. I activated an old phone (hadn't been in use for over 6 months) with panther today, and have called and recieved calls on it.. My panther site is up and I will start vewing the training sites they have.
    Chris, If we can get the activation fee waived or reduced to $5.00 for ported #'s I will bring a butt-load of customers. No other suggestions at this point. (don't you hate it when people want even more?).

  97. They have a customer service # to call, the link for a rep to call back is to be able to have a personel touch whith those who have questions. The rep has the option of displaying this if he/she wants.

    Where does the activation fee go when I pay it to sprint, T-Mobile, ect., do you ask them when you activate a phone?

    The address is a valid question, but I have Chris's information who has partnered with them. Memberships money "What does my $79.00 monthly auto ship go to?

    Every month we purchase your cell phone air charges for $39.99 or $50.00, and then $25.00 feeds the Matrix payout on your behalf. The balance of $4.00 is used for admin costs".

    There is 24 hour customer service support.

  98. Just want to say I think It looks bad for Global Verge when they do something like this, they said nothing all this time, no all of the sudden you really hit the truth they have now wiggle room, distributors are flying off the sinking ship, so they send out that ridiculous letter.
    I can say I left GV last night, I canceled my autoship. I have 312 people in my downline, I make good money but Cannot do this anymore. My upline told me we have to wait 90days for commissions now. Its a Crock, I went ahead and signed with panther mobile lastnight, guess what I found out, my site was up in minutes and I could sell wireless right away. Why couldnt GV get it right? Well I really see not feel that I am now with the right company. So for the distributors that are waiting, you can do what I did and get what you have been promised.
    Also kudos for making it a 3×9 matrix.
    Keep standing up for whats right troy dont let them get you down,

  99. Thank you troy and I will continue to do so, As for the plan for them to open stores, Unless they are opening Page Plus Stores, I can tell you I know Airvoice turned them down on the GSM side, this is coming from the Owner of AirVoice, They have been deinied H20, and Simple I pulled their codes and they Have been turned down, So they Have no GSM product, they have PagePlus, They must have three or Four Dealer Codes because Page Plus Has shut down Marks Codes, And They have stated Quote "Chris is you find any other codes they are using to Provide a False service on our system. Anyone with a GV phone can email
    Address your email to Jim Koval or Kevin Cornell and these Guys will Shut them all the way out with any codes they are using. So I think it would be interesting If everyone emailed page plus that is having a data issue and see what the real deal is.

    As for AKW turning them off, It is a fact, and I will state again, All codes used by AKW for all services were pulled and cancelled by AKW and removed GV from our system. This can be proven and If you wish I will send you a copied page of the suspended users from our dealer logins so you can see Mark and Ted Were suspended by AKW. and I will use all my influence with these companies to keep them Shut Out.

    Thanks for honest and real views, even if they are not always in our favor, Like the AKW site and other issues, I respect your views, and I use these opinions to make my company better.

    Chris Greco

    I cant wait to be able to have you with us at <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  100. Troy you stand up for whats Right and do not let these guys with their mickey mouse lawyer, go silent, You reported FACTS, I am an E associate and ever since King Activation, left GV they have been unable to activate my sim card that I paid 14.99 for and then another 14.99 and 79.99 for the plan and I have NO SERVICE, so I am going to check out that other company that has stated they would take on distributors and let them start selling now. I wont say names but I will post if they can do what they say shortly.
    thankk you troy for giving us a voice


  101. Chris,

    I know some have taken pot shots at you, and others have brought forward some straightforward questions. Each time you have been very transparent and came forward to answer the concerns.

    Thank you for being authentic and coming forward to share your side.

    I also found it very interesting that GV did not provide the evidence that everything is cool at GV. This is not a criminal situation on our side it would be civil, All they have to do is prove two things…

    1. You as AKW did not turn them off.
    2. AKW is still providing them services.

    It sure seems easy to me.

  102. What a Crock! This is just another spin of the facts.

    If all orders have been shipped, and GV does have service, then what is the problem?

    Seems to me that the problem here isn't with Troy, MLM Help Desk, or Chris.

    If you have a GREAT service, then put it out there for ALL to see.
    If you don't, then do the RIGHT thing and be honest with your distributors.
    Could it really be that simple?

  103. Wow there are still believers?????
    Retail stores open in FEB. Chris tell us more about retail stores??
    lefthernameout"wrote this to me??
    "Lefthernameout" January 30 at 8:04am
    I know you THINK you know what you are talking about, but you don't. I mean…you REALLY don't have a clue.I currently own and use a GV phone and so do my team members. I earn great income with GV and you should be ashamed of how you prospect.
    I don't really think you see how you look to other people when you act like this and you are giving our industry one more reason to distrust the industry.
    You are not a leader, you are a fool.
    The retail stores go live in February…right around the 15th.
    So stop prospecting us and especially stop using GOD and his blessings to make you sound credible.

  104. Paul,

    I can see your point. But in all my years in corporate America, and MLM I have yet to lose a lawsuit I was involved in. Wait that is not true, I did lose one with Peter Mingles one of my dearest friends these days. I had to pay him a $1.00 and Gerry Nehra a whole lot more than that. However we won the rest, and in the end it was not about the money invested to win, it was the fact Peter and I got to know each other better and today serve side by side at the Distributors Rights Association fighting for the little guys.

    Although, I do not go looking for a fight, I have no problem standing up for what is right. If people take a passive attitude on life, then they will watch their Rights slowing diminish and before to long we will be left without a place where we can voice our opinions.

    I don;t know a major company in America who does not come out and face their critics. these days most companies small and large listen to their customers, and distributors. They go to where the conversation is and enter into it.

    Prime example close to home is ELER8. When Sandy Greenburg the founder through his Board of Directors decided to shut down the MLM side of things, he did not hide, he called us, the top distributors and others. Then he sat back answered emails from the field and agreed to be on our radio show.

    When leaders are transparent and authentic, then they can overcome anything. When they hide the truth and go after those like the community members here on the blog, then it just causes people to wonder even more.

    Time will tell.

  105. Ever been sued? Never a fun experience. It is draining and straining. Your whole focus is on your defense. You get swarmed with paperwork and discovery. Everything seems to get neglected. You whole priority is the suit. Even if you do win, you could still lose. The only winners are the lawyers.

  106. Troy,
    Those that know you, know your agenda,and simply put, your agenda is your desire, your passion to help share truth( lies have a way of exposing them-self ) so that people can grow and become the best they can be. Those that know you ,also know who you answer to.

    Well done my Friend. Its not often we find someone willing to watch our back and then with love also encourage and help build strength in what we do.

    For all that know Troy, look to Philippians 2:3-5 and read a good reminder of our friend.

    To those that don't know Troy, read Phillippians 2:3-5 and I encourage you to get to know him.

  107. Hi Casper, I have some former GV leaders in my business who, like you, spoke up and warned their troops. I admire that. People will forgive you for being mistaken. They are not so willing to forgive someone who is misleading. Don't beat yourself up for making a mistake. Because you came forward, it proves it was an honest one on your part.

    Best regards,


  108. Troy Stand up for whats right!! Freedom of speach is what its call MARK and TED, If you were not so bad at keepin dedlines and promises you wouldnt be in this boat with other companies taking your people

  109. Chris can you tell us more about Panther I tried to get on the call today but the lines were full, I am a present E-Associate, but if Global Mobile doesn't come clean about selling me Page Plus I will make the move to your company, Further can you activate my sim Cause I called today and was told they no longer could activate the Simple Mobile cards. Lastly when can we see the new comp plan and when can I activate my phone on the Trial I hear everyone talking about? Any answers would be great I know your busy, or if anyone else knows? thanks

    Erik Dias
    Cancelled GV today

  110. I am Tired of this!!!! this is all trash, I refuse to be apart of a company any further that Doesnt produce!!
    Come on Mark 60 days before we see commission, Really I have cancelled my involvement with Global Verge and made the switch to Panther Mobile today, at least they have an actual wireless product to sell and dont lie about its abilities. I can believe I was duped for so long. Troy Ill send my order for my phone that I never got and my sanded off sim card to the AG, lets see how they take that.

    Juan Caramada
    Former E associate as of Today

  111. Troy I cancelled my autoship five minutes ago on-line for blatant if not a scam MISMANAGEMENT of GV, I have stood up for them so many times, but no more, Mark you promised us phones, I ordered mine December 2nd, Guess what, I never got it and I have filed for a charge back, And I thank you for the info sir, I will forward this to the AG in missouri and lets see what happens, I don't think Global Verge realizes what they have started by sending this letter.
    I think they have sealed their fate as doomed, So I have to ask you what do you think about Wow mobile and Panther Mobile as my new home.
    Thank you for all you do Troy.

  112. Troy I want to say the only reason they have come out and sent that letter is because when Activation King Wireless Shut them off from service it broke them, they have been back peddling ever since and with distributors jumping off that sinking ship everyday, Mark and Ted are getting desperate, If you have any issues, I will make my company attorney available to you anytime!, I find it laughable, that they didnt send that letter for the escort service, nor the zero1 bait and switch, yet they knew WHEN I CHRIS GRECO, Shut them off at AKW they were in trouble And when it went public oh no, yup they knew they were done, So I would like to say, I have forwarded all the relevant documents to the AG office in MIZZ. And I thank you for standing up for freedom of speech, did mr.crocker mention the fact that they said they were all caught up on orders, and then I posted they were not with facts, What about they were activating phones, but oh no our data is having issues, Huh is that because you were activating with Page Plus that only offers 20MB of data? I think it is laughable that AKW has not received a letter stating the same at our office, I think that the truth scares them so bad that they see the end of the road, and see the distributors leaving for other companies.
    I am moving forward in a positive manner with Panther Mobile, But I will continue to push this head on with any questions asked or stated, I look forward to being able to provide what others have only promised, Anyone can contact me by email at and further, you can see just why GV is scared by seeing and, GV had their chance but couldnt pay their bills, I am moving forward with a real transparent company, I call on Ted and Mark to open the books if all is Kosher in the land of GV. But that wont happen cause its not.
    Thank you troy for giving us all a voice and for fighting for rights of the distributors!. Again if I am of any assistance please contact me.

    Chris Greco

  113. Casper,

    I know the personal pain you have endured through all of this. What you lost, and what could have been if things had played out right. Thank you for standing for what is right.

  114. Post 2

    I would also like to know the breakdown of the business volume. They have put out to the field that they are a $35 million dollar company already. Well how much of that is monthly memberships and how much is actual sales of products and services? I bet that 90% and more is monthly memberships and that means they might legally be a pyramid. Is that correct? I'm just speculating and asking. I'm not an MLM lawyer. You must have over 50% of sales for actual stuff and not memberships, I think.

    Global Verge leadership will not come forward and directly answer questions. I got another idea. How about GV opening the books, all of them, to you and some of their own top triple diamonds? Get it all out. The answer is no because what we would all see might be pretty awful.

    Keep up the good work!!!

  115. Troy,

    Post 1

    Great job and thanks for standing up. I'm in for the fund if you need it. The comments by the attorney for Global Verge are an extension of the practices they have followed from the beginning. GV sat down with them and spun a story so they would write you the letter. If they took the time to see who and what they are representing, they would feel like fools.

    The day Piilani dropped them with Zero 1 and the superphone, Global Verge announced that afternoon that they had another and better company with the same phone and technology. The same day!!! What a crock. That phone never existed and still does not exist. They morphed into a discount cellphone reseller with Chris Greco and also some deal with a VOIP company. It's nothing like they told people to jump in and pay their money for. None of that happened.

  116. Troy,

    Thank you for standing your ground on this and backing up all the thousands of hard working e-associates who have been lied to and misled for so long. I am sure I am not the only one who will do everything in their power to see that GV gets what is due to them. You made a very interesting point how many of the GV leaders like Jim Helman, Jan Johnson, Ruth and Frank Varon don't speak up. I sure hope just like GV gets justice served for all they have done wrong that the leaders will to. The gloves have come off Troy. I am behind you and now justice must be done!

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