Global Pros Leadership Contacts MLM HelpDesk With Current Facts

Well, it has truly been a crazy few days in the MLM Wireless niche over the last few days. After our post on June 8th, 2010 on Global Mobile Pros, Global Pros and other MLM Wireless Companies, a couple of the equity partners and officers of Global Pros called to fill us in on some of the current facts.

The following are the highlights of our conversation:

1. The updated official documentation filed in the state of Nevada should at any time show the updated managers of Global Mobile Pros, LLC and Global Pros, Inc.

However, in the mean time, Ron Williams and Robert Cartagine equity partners and managers of Global Mobile Pros, made very clear the following in regards to Chris Greco:

– Chris Greco is no longer a part of the ownership or leadership team of Global Mobile Pros, LLC or Global Pros Inc. And Greco doesn’t have any type of distributorship position with the company.

– Chris Greco was not forced out of the company by John Gopaul or Susan Bateman, but left due to personal reasons.

2. Global Pros will be a Network Marketing company.

3. Neither Billy Nash or Rhino Wireless, is not now, nor has he ever been an equity partner or a member of the management team. He has acted in a consultant basis, for the two companies.

4. The Global Pros leadership team is interviewing MLM consultants and MLM Attorney to find one which can work well with the management team.

We have formed a solid working relationship with the leadership at Global Pros and Global Mobile Pros, and look forward to providing ongoing current information to the field as it becomes available.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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5 thoughts on “Global Pros Leadership Contacts MLM HelpDesk With Current Facts”

  1. Truly amazing! Chris is on a mission it seems to go through as many MLM companies as possible. Thanks a lot Chris! You continue to hurt the industry!

  2. Partners,

    Rumor has it, Chris is still holding conference calls for some company. Not sure which.

  3. Hey Troy!

    Just a few days ago, we visited the "Excel Wireless Communications" site online. Can't say exactly which tab we found it on, however, there was a small message to visitors that Chris Greco had been involved in CONSULTING FOR "Excel Wireless Communications", BUT …was NO longer there and had moved onward to build his own company.

    Strangely enough THAT COMMENT has since been removed in the past 72 hours?

    Now this IS particularly interesting given the assumption that Chris Greco WOULD (?) be coming to Excel and ALSO …that Chris Greco has NOT appeared on the scene for a few weeks ongoing that we've noticed. Aside from ANY personal issues Chris Greco is having or not currently, we'd have to ask those 4 notable questions: Why, Where, When and What? Thus far Chris Greco seems to be all over the place and frequently enough that questions are flying about WHERE he is and WHAT exactly is he doing now?

    As the Wireless MLM stories continue to HEAT UP again, it seems totally reasonable to expect even MORE changes across the board. KEEP UP the GREAT Reporting Troy and NEVER QUIT – distributors EVERYWHERE NEED YOU ON their side and protecting the INTEGRITY of the networking and marketing industry!

    Semper Fi

  4. William Spivy,

    I never said Greco was anything at all. All I did was point out, and ask the question "why are all these sites using the same Google Ad Sense account.

  5. I'm glad now chris greco can come to Excel. We will welcome him with open arms. But troy how do u know greco isn't like Phil piccolo a consultant with owner ship in his wifes name? Should be interesting to see. I welcome greco and his knowledge to Excel. And think global pros has made a massive mistake.

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