GiConnect Offers a True Dual Band VOIP GiCell Wireless Phone MLM Opportunity

GiConnect offers what other MLM wireless mobile companies have only talked about. A True Dual Band VOIP and GMS Cell Phone MLM business opportunity.

The GiCell is manufactured by TeCom: Telecom and arm of the international billion dollar giant, TECO industrial group. TECOM Co., LTD., is a leading manufacturer of telecommunications equipment and was established in 1980 in the Science-Based Industrial Park at Hsinchu, Taiwan.

The advantages of the GiCell:

· Cut your cell phone costs

· Free international roaming

· Keep your existing numbers and services

· Free calls to anyone in the GiConnect network worldwide

Here is a brief description of the GiCell:

Dual GSM/Voip cellphone supports both GSM 900/1800/1900 and Voip over a WiFi (WLAN) network. In Hot Spots, it is a SIP based Voip phone connected to the GiConnect Voip network.

· Tri band GSM and VOIP SIP base

· 1.3 Camera

· MP3 Player

· Video Player

· Stereo Bluetooth

· 1000 name phone book

· Speakerphone

· Java MIDP 2.0

· External Memory Slot: micro SD

· E-Mail POP3/IMAP4

· WPA Security

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32 thoughts on “GiConnect Offers a True Dual Band VOIP GiCell Wireless Phone MLM Opportunity”

  1. Trying to get my gicell to work here in Russia, sip server information that I enter keeps returning with entry error. How do I set the phone back to it's factory settings, I have no password when I purchased the phone from steve in Florida. Help!

  2. I have a gicell and presently in Russia, i can not get it to work. Trying to use Voip, when I try ot connect to the sip server it keeps giving me a reply Network error. What do I need to do? And what is the password to return it too thefactory restore settings?

  3. @Troy

    I am in South Africa, Entrepreneur for the past 18years, I came to know about Giconnect through browsing the Internet. I was not referred by anyone hence it becomes difficult for me to get started on their MLM opportunity.

    May you find out from Kuba who's reference number should I use? are there any other people using Giconnect services in my country?

    B Regards

  4. Bill,

    I have WinXP, Win Vista, Win7 and I have yet to have any issues using the GiCell with my computer.

    I have used the voip side of the phone and have not had any issues. By any chance did you reset the default settings?

    As for the service side of things. Since I work directly with Kuba, I understand I do not know who the regular service works.

    I'm interested in your responses, because I will ask Kuba about them.

  5. Not so fast. The cell phone is perported to have aircard features but if you have MS XP, which most of us do, it won't work. Further if you want to hook up as a VOIP phone you must have the access code or other security information before it will hook up. But what is most troubling is that giConnect is the worst company I have ever encountered for service. If you need assistance forget it this company sux big time.

  6. Kimmo,

    I think the main reason is most people were looking for a recruiting opportunity, not a real home based business. Unlike most of the wireless operations launching daily, giConnect had advanced products which are aimed at b2b sales. Most folks just wanted to recruit, and not become students of technology.

  7. Troy,

    Thanx for the Reply. Sorry to hear they've pulled back from US.

    – Do you have any information of WHY?

    Last time I heard of Kuba (Feb) he was planning to conquer Europa!

    – Have you heard about that?

    Thanks again,

    – kimmo

    P.S. Keep up the good work!

  8. Kimmo,

    I'll check into things over there. I had not talked to Kuba in a few weeks. From my limited understanding I was pretty sure GiConnect had for the most part pulled back on their US MLM operations.

  9. Hi Troy,

    I've been waiting your article on GiConnect's Compensation plan.

    I know there is a Plan. But does it work?

    Time is passing by and it keeps me wondering if You've found it as difficult to reach GiConnect as it has been for me within a couple of last months?

    …I've been asking for the refund. – Without success!

    Keep on the good work!


    For Ernie: – Wait for Troy's comments before you join!

  10. This makes sense. I'll get a hold of David and get a full update. Thank you for keeping us posted on all this news from TeleVerus.

  11. Yeah Troy the phones have been up on the website since November., and can be ordered through any rep's website within the company. As with any voip phone, you have limitations which we let the consumer know before purchasing:

    1. Works in wifi/ hotspot areas
    2. Works where 3G service is available with data sim card

    Now using your phone in a wifi or hotspot area, there are no issues with utilizing the voip service, but you are confined to those areas. Now when it comes to using the phone outside of hotspots or wifi areas, you are at the mercy of the 3g coverage area of either att or tmobile (if you are already a t-mobile customer), neither carrier's 3g coverage blankets the whole US., this limitation is faced by any voip company using gsm phones.

    Not speaking for David, but I believe I know why he may have said what he did, as a business owner he wants to put out a product that don't just work for some but all. Due to the mobile voip technology being fairly new, and most consumers not fully understanding how to use the technology on mobile phones, you will save yourself a whole lot of time and effort if you find a viable solution to service the masses.

    That's exactly what has been going on here along with a few other things that I am not at liberty to speak on. I'm sure if you get in contact with David he will fill you in. As a matter of fact we have a huge announcement call on Thursday at 7pm central if you want to listen in.

  12. @_emay,

    Are you saying that TeleVerus now has voip service working? If so this is a great thing. When I talked to David last, he said they still have not got the voip working. As for the differences in the phones, I can't talk to that issue. I would have to test the Nokia phone.

    I can say this phone is a smart phone, so if the nokia is a smart phone they may work alike which is great. I would love to have two companies with working voip.

  13. Hey Troy ,

    That phone don't do anything different than the nokias used with televerus, If you are already a att or tmobile customer you can put your sim into the televerus phone and do the same thing. You have the option of making a voip call or a gsm call. If you are not a att or tmobile customer, you can purchase a att sim card with a data plan and make voip calls anywhere att 3g service is available. If you are in a wifi hotspot area you can make calls that way too. So to be honest, I don't see any difference between the two phones.

  14. Judy,

    I am having so much fun with the phone. Having the Sim card slot is a blessing, and the voip is saving me money on my bills.

  15. Another job well done Troy. And yes, I have a GiCell phone and yes it does work in WiFi and with the Att Sim card. I took some awesome pics on the camera super simple to do. 23 conference calling and watch this: I talked for over an hour on my GiCell to Denmark to Jan's GiCell
    Cost: Zero yes Zero
    Why? GiConnect Network to Network. Customer to customer! And, my TriNet to GiCell same thing. Keep up the good work Troy! The truth will set you free.

  16. Devendra,

    First thanks for sharing your heart. We do understand the partnership betwen FDI and GiConnect did not work out. However both companies have been working to gain back the trust of both their customers and their distributors.

    Instead of just venting can you provide more details to your frustration.

    In reviewing years of data we did not find any former partners who claim Kuba is a fraud. And with close to 30 years in the profession, I would not call Kuba "famous" inside the USA at all. Although he does a pretty big following internationally.

  17. Giconnect and FDI are scam, These company changes the plan , Do not provide customer satisfaction ,provide prover service. if you joined the company then you will not get any reply from them. Kuba is fuck…..CEO of Giconnect. , who is very famous fraud person in MLM industry . Do not join it.

  18. Paul I agree with you 100%… Which is why the phone comes completely unlocked and has a place for a sim. Hey for less than $25 a month for the house and cell it's not a bad deal.

  19. Must be time for the end of the world. I am actually agreeing with Chris Greco.

    The wireless VoIP would indeed more geared for international calling (calling Canada anyone?), as Chris mentioned.

    It should be pointed out that if you like to walk and talk, or God forbid drive and talk, you will find reception hit and miss as you move between towers as the latency changes. An imperfect science so far, but one that will only improve.

  20. Must be time for the end of the world. I am actually agreeing with Chris Greco.

    The wireless VoIP would indeed more geared for international calling (calling Canada anyone?), as Chris mentioned.

    It should be pointed out that if you like to walk and talk, or God forbid drive and talk, you will find reception hit and miss as you move between towers as the latency changes. An imperfect science so far, but one that will only improve.

  21. Larry, this happened to me also. If you are not using stereo surround sound then pull your speaker jack out just a little and the whole audio can be heard. Not sure what they did on their end, but the original is the same.

  22. I listened to the webinar the transmission dropped several times the the voice quality was poor (echoes). Maybe the problem was on my end. Has anyone else had experience with the quality…I saw Troy's video and post…service looked solid. Also the comp plan looks to bw pretty deep in order to make any money…comments please

  23. Concerned MLMer,

    you make some good points. Here is my personal experience.

    1. The GiCell has been solid on the public wifi's I have been using down here.
    2. Because AT&T still uses 800 band, it does not work as well as it does on T-Mobile and Verizon chips.
    3. I know it is not mainstream for the average America, but it is sure main stream worldwide.

    I see your point, but I am not sure if the service will be 100% unlimited. If it is, then you have a point. And you are correct I still need to pay for the Sim service.

    Excellent points my friend. I love the conversation.

  24. Troy,

    VOIP by itself is an imperfect product (not 100% clarity, depends on bandwidth, etc). When you combine VOIP with a hot spot/wifi you open an entirely new can of worms. VOIP over WiFi as it is today will never be mainstream (just not reliable enough). However, down the road (probably 10 years before it's mainstream) WiMax will be rolled out which will make this type of service much more attractive. But as it stands right now many of the main wireless providers are rolling out unlimited everything on wireless for very little cost which makes Wireless VOIP sort of obsolete don't you think?

    I mean the whole point of using your VOIP on a wifi hotspot was to avoid using your wireless minutes so you don't pay overage charges, right? Or perhaps so you could lower the $150 a month unlimited everything plan and just use your VOIP over WiFi. But now that companies have all the unlimited everything plans, there's no real point to VOIP over WiFi. Afterall, to get the SIM Card to work you still need to pay an actual wireless company for wireless service.

    Anyway, just my opinion.

  25. Comer,

    You ask a great question. One of which I can't directly answer. I can say that GiConnect is NOT a traditional MLM company, nor do they offer a traditional "no of little training involved" product or service.

    I had to make several calls to Kuba asking many questions about their products. I had to watch the training several times to fully understand. But once I understood about the equipment, set it up correctly, it has worked without an issue.

    Let's see if former FDI Connect reps have better insight into your question.

  26. Ernie,

    That is a great question. I am going to do an article on their compensation plan in the next few days. It is not like WOW, it is a 6×4 matrix with a 5 customer qualification placed on each reseller. With the monthly autoship for distributors at $40.00 and customer service at just under $25.00 it is easy to earn enough commissions to pay for the service. But it is not at all like WOW.

  27. Michael,

    Thank you for this input. What you state makes perfect sense. The same thing happens when using a satellite dish on an RV when it is moving. Which may be while using a sim chip from a traditional wireless carrier is a good idea.

    You provide great feedback.

  28. i had the GI CELL a month ago and it didnt work like it was advertised.alot of dead spots and wfi isnt strong in not so strong wifi areas. best in hotels,starbucks, office building, or nay hot spot with open wifi, but traveling , walking, drivings, really suck! i wouldnt recommend it. thanks for the post

  29. Troy been reading all your posts…

    Cool phone…do Gi have referal program were you can get the service free like Wow Mobile ?…

    I am in college and need to save my money, but don't want to do the business with all my study

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