George Madiou is Officially the New CEO of DNA aka Data Network Affiliates

George Madiou – founder of the Network Marketing Magazine, talked to MLM Help Desk for close to two hours today, and officially verified he is the new CEO of DNA aka Data Network Affiliates.

George and I go way back, and as I stated over the weekend, I was not going to voice my opinion until I had talked to him personally. Well here is the conversation in a nutshell.

1. I still have the same concerns as I have had since day one of the legality of using an MLM compensation structure to pay distributors for collecting license plate data.

2. I believe without proper training the distributors who collect this data are leaving themselves and the company open for huge litigation.

3. I respect George Madiou and believe he cares about the distributors he serves.

As I have said in the past only a court can decide about the legality of any company, so time will tell.

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15 thoughts on “George Madiou is Officially the New CEO of DNA aka Data Network Affiliates”

  1. birds of a feather flock together…

    people of the same attract the same…

    They hired Chris…that says something

    I would not go near them with a 10 ft pole

    They are tarnished…

    There are better companies out there

    This is just the mlm leap froggers going for a gold rush

    Now they want you to pay after the free sign up…looks pushy

    The industry is smarter than this…there have been too many rodeo's already

  2. You might have to move DNA back to the scam side. First let me be clear I am an affiliate. I have been with DNA since it came online and have recruited other affiliates. If you get a chance to read their compensation plan. You will notice that they are suppose to pay $2 for your 20 tags and $2 for all the people you sponsor. Well they paid the $2 in your virtual account that you can not touch. But they sent out an email on the day of payment stating that NO money will be paid out for the people you sponsor for 3 to 6 months now, because the advertiser did not pay. They are pushing these cell phones for a smoke screen to cover up that they did not pay like they claimed. You stated George Madiou was a friend of yours. You might want to tell him to rethink his position with DNA before his name gets soiled.

    In closing, for a company to wait until the day of payment and then make up a story why they can not pay to me is sneaky. As for now, I am not promoting this opportunity anymore and I hope you continue to do follow ups on this opportunity.

    Thank you

  3. Kerry_Semper_Fi …

    We'd have to disagree that no one learned anything from Buzzirk, Zero01 and Global Verge …we think alot of people learned one thing for sure! ALWAYS do your research and CHECK THINGS OUT BEFORE you get sucked into something without recourse and lose precious time, effort and money – – let alone one's losing credibility with people that don't always understand how they could've possibly "slipped the surly bonds of earth" into something as dissappointing as any one of those Global Verge promises or for that matter… PROMISOR's! Semper Fi

  4. This just really sounds like bait and switch get a whole lot of people like buzzirk did on hype and once you got everyone signed up for free now have them upgrade to make real money and now lets put out a $10 cell phone plan that can make worldwide calls and lets add some other products and services so we can take there eyes off of the collecting data part.

    So troy you are telling me its friend to get 100,000 reps into a company for one product and then switch mid stream.

    Correct me if i am wrong the whole point and selling part was you collect data and didnt have to talk to no one to build a business now with a $10 phone deal that sounds like pie in the sky like buzzirks pink elephant you will have to talk to people to sign them up for the phone deal and anything else they put out…….Hmmmmm smells fishy. Dont talk about a product until it is in real life have we learned nothing from buzzirk and zero1

    Semper Fi

  5. Unanswered Questions …

    We totally 100% agree that NO ONE person should be slamming other people or what other people CHOOSE to do! This is where the professionals are separated from the kindergarteners. When people are willing to slam and attack others – they're NOT focusing on their own business and the people they NEED to be helping.

    As for telephone numbers, physical address etc., – people SHOULD already know NOT to become invovled and RUN from anything that doesn't provide complete transparency INCLUDING a proper address, support / contact phone and other pertinent information! The LACK OF those things SHOULD BE a SURE RED FLAG for those who DO know and have prior experience in such dealings!

  6. DNATagTeam Member …

    Interesting system you have set up such that if anyone clicks on your ID name here @ MLM Help Desk …they are redirected to your capture site WITH the EXACT name of the city THEY live in or near BY! Must be a system / software YOU have that identifies OTHER peoples IP addresses and what city they live in.

    Don't know about anyone else but everyone should know by now …the internet is NOT the safest place to "play" online without having someone hack into or identify your personal and private info along the way. Just would caution others to be careful "clicking" on anything these days if they don't have the appropriate "security" on their internet that IDENTIFIES sites that could be dangerous.

    Good for you that you've found an interest and are willing to risk with a new company. It's those that take those risks sometimes that find out which companies are in fact good or bad ones. Reading your post here …you seem like a very friendly, helpful person and experienced in what interests you.

    Best of luck to you for now and in the future!

  7. I have monitored the launch of DNA and it looks fishy. First the product was just go and get License tags and get others to get license tags then you get paid. Now the brought in a bunch of guru's like George M. and Chris Greco to run the show. Everyday they add more products that already exist and products that other affiliate companies are already selling. I am not being negative but just up front. There are so many affiliate companies feeding you to join them but dont offer much. Now OK! all this HYPE about $10 a month plan with nationwide calling plus data and web, is all it is "JUST HYPE". Now take a look at what Chris Greco offers. NOTHING NEW! I dont see any benefit to what DNA cellular company offers only that he thinks that he can sell more phones. We came here to DNA to make money not pay $10,000 or more for a phone storefront. I surely will not be upgrading just to satisfy these GREEDY guru's. Thanks Troy for confronting how people destroy MLM.

  8. Hi Troy,
    You read all of it?
    Did you miss this?

    (In bold caps) "GAME OVER – WE WIN!".
    (I had no idea this was a competition!)
    or this:
    "ABOUT NARC: "Dallas-based Narc Technologies Inc., offers a simple explanation. They want you to rat on your neighbors. The firm's Web site,, is designed to collect license plate numbers and locations so lenders can more easily repossess cars when the owners default."
    I'm pretty sure that, in the beginning, DNA used almost a carbon-copy of Narc. (I am not defending Narc, either) I just know that the word "repo" was used by DNA, as was "Amber Alert" used by Narc.
    Also, when I joined, the company 'concept' was collecting licence plate numbers and submitting them. No 'Pro- upgrade", and no "Phil Piccolo" (as far as we knew).
    I thought that was easy enough to understand, at the time, but still couldn't figure out if there was a product.
    Now this 'DNAconnects"
    "1) DNA Connects Business To People
    2) DNA Connects People To Business
    3) DNA Connects Business To Business
    4) DNA Connects People To People"
    Sounds like good ole' advertising and affiliate sales. Nothing new. And still no product (of their own), just other people's products for which anyone could be a direct affiliate and get the full commissions offered.
    I find it hard to believe that Madiou has pulled a brand-new thriving, cell-phone company out of his back pocket.
    If someone wants to explain the concept and product for me,.as it is NOW..please do.
    All I see right now is an affiliate club, that costs money if you want to do SOMETHING faster (I don't even think licence plates are involved, now, or they have taken a serious back-seat to the hoopla.), and pays smaller commissions than if you joined the companies (Telfund, Wowmobile, Dish, DirectTV, ADT, etc.) directly as an affiliate.
    And there is STILL no address or phone number!

  9. I have read everything which has come out. I would not call it "slamming" narc. They do show the growing differences between the two companies. And if you can't fully understand the concept of the company, please don't join.

  10. I find it hard to believe that Madiou is actually reading the stuff being sent out as a pop-up on the DNA site.
    Slamming Narc doesn't impress people.
    Why not work on improving your own deal instead of seizing the opportunity to deride another?
    All very school-yardish.
    Still no phone or address.
    Sounds like a resale of Telfund, Wowmobile, ADT, Dish, Direct, and on,..but no product.
    Oh yeah, a 'DNA' decal on the phone.
    Is that the product?

  11. Troy…
    I first thank you for your openness and fairness.
    I didn't really know much about George Madiou and you really helped clarify that.
    Yes, I agree that the running of the start of this company has been not been as organized and professional as I would have liked to have seen. But in looking at the overall concept, to me it is impressive and an incredible opportunity for people if it all comes together.

    I am hoping that with someone as credible and experienced in this industry as George is that he
    will truly be given the 'running' of the company and direct them in a stable and professional manner for long term growth that we all can benefit from and be an example in our industry.

    For me, I'm willing to take the 'risk' in this startup looking at the potential of the company and opportunity. I know some are not and I would recommend that those who are not, take the conservative approach and 'wait and see'. The bottom line is that 'time will tell'.

    I love the idea of multiple income streams from 1 company and 1 team. The data gathering, is truly just a door opener and a way for the company to have someone, regardless of their economic status to start to change their life financially (based on the legality of the collection and that it generates revenue for the company.)

    I try to help everyone I speak to, to understand that the data is nothing more than a door opener for people and not the end game. As their income comes in, they need tto proceed fully into the program for the long term residual income we all desire.

    My eyes are open – I understand all of the concerns – and I hope that everyone choosing to participate in this program looks fully understands all the risks and concerns – and ALL startups have them – some more than others.

    Again Troy, thank you.

  12. I don't care if the Pope takes over as CEO, it smells funny. It smelled enough to send Blechman off in a silent rush.
    And I doubt they even HAVE a lawyer. Announcing "Canada is wide open" without informing the 'data-collectors" that there are very strict stalking laws and that it will be very easy for someone, taking plates, to be charged is somewhat reckless. (They only need to be observed twice, and the complainant felt 'threatened'.)
    What's their response going to be? " I send licence plate data to a company in the Cayman's that has no real address, or phone, or contact info, and they pay me if I get more people to do it, too."
    Hello, MLMCourtCanada!
    (By the way, a mall or church parking lot is generally NOT public property, and if you're taking pictures of people , on private property, you can be asked to leave – and if you continue, you can be charged with trespassing. Just because it is an area open to public access, does not make it public property. IF however, your submission of DATA to DNA or NTC causes someone to be damaged, whether by disclosing that , for example, "the mayor's car was parked by the massage parlor",(when it was being driven by his mechanic ) or some carloans guy uses the data to find and accost his estranged ex – then, there's a whole ''nuther kettle of litigation fish.
    I worked in repo. 'Lost' cars are not that hard to find. People usually have them in the driveway, or over on the next street. That's it. What's the point in hiding a car miles away. Are they going to take a cab to get it, when they don't have money to pay the lease?
    High end vehicles that are STOLEN, usually disappear. No DNA rep will find it because it was chopped and shopped within 24 hours of being lifted. Or put in a shipping crate and sent to the third world. It's not in the church parking lot.
    So, explain to me again what the data is for.

    Are they saying they have contracts for this data in Canada? A contract with a company with no address?
    Basically, there's no product, and no means of income VISIBLE to PAY these reps for the data.
    The travel vouchers, reward dollars, all that crap clearly say "Bonus" on them, which means, a free extra , and hence, is not a product. So, where's the product? How is this no address, no phone, no contact info company going to make deals with ANYONE?
    If they are working under another name to get these contracts, then it would be important for them to disclose this to the reps (I think there's a law covering that).
    Personally, I don't recall ever seeing anything online with this many red-flags.

  13. Troy, thank you for all you do in trying to make sense of all this non sense for us distributors. Over the past 5 years or so it seems like MLM has become the wild west and in the end it's at the expense of the distributor. All the hype and all the drama just gives the industry a bad name and really makes it difficult to make an honest ethical go of it any more. Thank GOD I have found my home/homes in solid honest and most importantly ethical companies that help people save money and earn money without crazy amounts of money to get started or unachievable sponsoring requirements to get paid. I will not post the names of these companies here because I hate it when people do that but I will offer up my email address to those that would like to build a relationship with me and hopefully I can save them a whole bunch of time and misery. Thanks again Troy for putting yourself out there on our behalf. Andy "your black ops friend"

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