Garrett & Sylvia McGrath Live The Three Characteristics Of A Servant Leader

Daily we read and hear about so called “leaders” who do nothing but look after their own self-interests.
But every now and then, we run across people who put others first. And this is what we call Servant Leadership.

The catalyst for this post today, is because this last month I had the privilege of being introduced to a true Servant Leader. Not because he told me he was one, but because his team proved he was one.

As a matter of fact, according to his team, his wonderful wife is the other half of this Servant Leadership story.

Garrett & Sylvia McGrath
Garrett & Sylvia McGrath

After talking with Garrett I decided to write this article.

The Three Characteristics of Servant Leaders:

1. They are Consensus Driven – True Servant Leaders, fully understand what Abrham Lincoln understood. That in order to bring unitity to any organization, you have to first surround yourself with people who will make up for your weaknesses. Servant Leaders understand there are no lone rangers. They create what Seth Godin calls a “Tribe.”

2. They Walk In Humility – In other words, they would rather talk about their team’s success, than they would to toot their own horn all the time. When Garrett and I spoke this last month, it seemed that every other setence he was talking about the success of one of his team members. From the small successes to the big ones. Servant Leaders live and die by their team’s success.

3. They Are Risk Takers – I am not talking about the typical risk taking that all leaders are willing to do. I am talking about the risk they take on those others have said are not worth it. They don’t care about the lack of pedigree, education, sir name or past occupation. All they care about, is the heart of the one they are mentoring. When they find people who are 100% commited on reaching their Chazown (Life Purpose), then they take the risk and in most cases, will mentor a person to reach beyond even what they thought was possible.

Now you know first hand the Three Characteristics you should be working to master. They are also the Characteristics you should be looking for in a Sponsor if you are looking to launch your Network Marketing Career, or are moving to a new company.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

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2 thoughts on “Garrett & Sylvia McGrath Live The Three Characteristics Of A Servant Leader”

  1. Troy…
    You nailed Garrett and Sylvia McGrath! They, in my opinion, are the best networkers I have ever been around for one now obvious reason. THEY ARE GREAT PEOPLE!
    Look at what they do…what they stand for…what the end game really is for them….it to make this planet BETTER, one person at a time.
    I love those people. And respect those people. And admire them…because the DO what they tell others to do. There is no entitlement…just massive action!

    You are a tribute to this industry Troy. It is much better with YOU, Jim, Rod, Sylvia and Garrett in it! Thank you!

  2. Troy

    You have done it again. Clearcut leadership vision with meaning something hard to combine with servant …….. Some idiots think that all they have to do to be a “leader” is make a big check…. And we see some in this Industry that big check and they steal money from their downlines….. “buy my training,” or my “books” which are trash…..

    I learned the lessons of leadership in the Army…. As a Sargent I ate after all the men in my platoon (30) ate. When I was a Captain and Company Commander I got to eat after all 240 of my men and women ate (560th Ambulance Korea). I ate LAST no matter how hungry or cold I was!

    So to me a true MLM leader eats last. No front end money making recruiting systems, big priced DVD’s, Pay $9.99 for a super magazine with a CD/DVD…..

    In this hedonistic age of JOIN MY RECRUITING SYSTEM (so I can make money on the front end (the low ranks eat last) I get puke sick of these rip-offs.


    Troy – Save this for a WatchDog Expose on Front End Scams

    Great Article
    Rod Cook

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