Five Strategies To Developing Your Brand

Five Strategies To Developing Your Brand

1. Live Out Your Core Values: Write down your core values on a 3×3 card and carry it with you always. Your core values, whether personal or professional that directs your daily interactions with others.

2. Write Out a Personal Creed: Again, use a 3×5 card to write out your personal creed. A personal creed goes much deeper than just a mission statement. Creeds are always tied to your core values.

3. Listen to Your Raving Fans: It’s the raving fans (people you interact with on a regular manner) which have already decided what you stand for! If their perception of you is different than the brand you are working to establish, then you had better be listening to see why they see things differently.

4. Create An Epic Brand Experience: Apple, Starbucks, and Hallmark are three examples of Brands that have created Epic Experiences. Now think about “The Donald”, “Oprah”, and “Jesus Christ”, all three are multi-billion dollar brands in and of themselves. Each cause positive emotional experience with their raving fans. By the way, creating an epic experience will also bring some form of controversy.

5. Just Be Real: Many people today think the term “Authentic” is an overused phrase, and doesn’t have much meaning. Yet, when I talk to raving fans about the brands they are loyal too, the answer is always the same, whether it is a corporate brand or an individual person. Their #1 qualifier for staying loyal to the brand is authenticity!

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