Five Steps to Raising a Dead Downline!

One of the biggest hurdles you’ll face in building a solid and productive [tag-tec]downline organization[/tag-tec] –
if you haven’t already done so – is to avoid the “Treadmill Syndrome”.

You know you’ve developed the Treadmill Syndrome when you’ve worked your tail off to bring 10 new
distributors into your business last month, only to find out from your last downline report that
you had a net gain of ZERO.

How could that be? Simple, really. While you were busy enrolling 10 new people in their dreams,
10 of your existing distributors lost theirs. 10 minus 10 is just not good networking math.

Once you succumb to the Treadmill Syndrome, it’s only a matter of time before frustration, fatigue
and anxiety start zipping and zapping your enthusiasm; which, inevitably, will lead you down the
burnout trail.

WARNING: The Treadmill Syndrome can be a Terminal Disease!

The good news is, there is a cure.

The cure has nothing to do with hoping you find new [tag-tec]distributors[/tag-tec] to replace the ones who drop out.
You might think it’s easier to give birth than it is to raise the “dead”! In network marketing,
we often refer to inactive distributors as “deadbeats” or just plain “dead”; but are they really
dead, or just in cardiac arrest?

Once upon a time, you obviously thought enough of them to introduce them to the business.
Chances are, they not only had signs of life back then, but in your opinion, they probably
possessed all the qualities necessary to achieve tremendous success in this business.

Let’s look at 5 steps you can take to resuscitate your near to nearly departed distributors, as
well as keep your new distributors from going into cardiac arrest:

Step 1: [tag-tec]Discover their passion.[/tag-tec]

Get to know your distributors on a personal level. Find out exactly what their dreams in life are.
It’s important that they know exactly why they’ll be doing the business. The “why” is what creates
the fire – the fuel that’s needed to connect you with your dreams. It’s what creates the passion
and gives you the level of determination you need to overcome the hurdles you face every day in
your pursuit of success. It’s just the same for your distributors. Bring them back to their “why”
and you’ll see sparks of life in their eyes!

Step 2: [tag-tec]Have them make a commitment to themselves.[tag-tec]

Ask them the price they’re willing to pay in terms of time and sweat, and what they’re willing
to give up or sacrifice in order to achieve success. Have them put this commitment in writing
with the date and their signature, and place it somewhere in the house where they’re constantly
reminded of their commitment to themselves.

Step 3: [tag-tec]Help them develop a complete goal-setting program.[/tag-tec]

In order to know where they want to be in the future, you need to know where they are now.
Have your distributors take inventory of all aspects of their lives and work: physical, mental,
emotional, spiritual – in addition to financial. Remember, network marketing isn’t just an
industry or an income; it’s a way of life. Connect with your downline on a personal, spiritual
or emotional level. It’s emotion – not logic – that drives the human spirit to higher and
higher levels of achievement.

Step 4: [tag-tec]Help them become conditioned for success.[/tag-tec]

Believe it or not, most people who struggle to achieve success don’t believe they’re worthy of it.
Remember, a big part of your work with people is to help them establish and maintain a positive
belief in themselves. It’s important that you take the time to help them with a self-evaluation
of where their strengths and weaknesses lie. And it helps to define weaknesses as undeveloped or
undiscovered strengths. For example, they may be strong on desire, but lacking in self-esteem,
or perhaps they have a strong belief in themselves, but very little faith. On one hand, they might
think that money is the root of all evil, yet they desire to be wealthy. It’s important that they
start from the right frame of mind with a clear set of values. Work with them to be clear on
these points. Once they are, you help them keep their strengths in their face!

Step 5: [tag-tec]Develop a game plan.[/tag-tec]

I can’t emphasize enough just how important this really is. You can have all your other “ducks in
a row”, but if you’re lacking a game plan, then it’s all just wasted energy. Can you imagine “America’s
Team” (The Washington Redskins, of course) marching into the Giants Stadium to take on the “boys”
without a game plan? They could have all the belief in the world, coupled with a large dose of faith
and enormous self-esteem – but let’s face it; with no game plan they would still get “cremated”.
The same holds true for your new distributors. If you put them in the field without a game plan,
they’ll get “cremated”, too. And cremated is a state where no matter what miracles you try to pull
off, they’ll remain very dead indeed.

There you have it: the 5 steps to resuscitating your downline. They work. I know. And in this man’s
opinion, it’s got to be easier than giving birth!

Kevin A. Lehmann

P.S. Kevin A. Lehmann was the founder of ProSTEP Inc., the world’s largest support, training and lead
generation company to the network marketing profession between 1994 – 2004.

Never Give Up,


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