Five Principles For Creating MLM Success

I just opened my current Success magazine and flipped to Tony Robbin’s article on Principle’s For Success. These five principles are rock solid.

I don’t care if you like Tony Robbins or not, if you are growing a Network Marketing company, this article could be the catalyst for your growth in 2009.

Here is my rendition of what Tony wrote…

Tony Robbins

Five Principles For Success

1. Raise Your Standards

Raising your standards is another way of saying “You must turn your “SHOULDS” into “MUSTS.” When you turn your “shoulds” into “musts” your whole life will start to change. Not just your business life, but every aspect of your life. When you feel like you have to get something done, YOU WILL ALWAYS FIND A WAY!

If Paige and I would have waited to have kids until we had the money we would still be talking about having kids.

2. Change Your Limiting Beliefs

Having a Goal is not enough to cause you to reach the goal. Your goals must not conflict with your eternal beliefs. If your beliefs conflict with the goals you set, then you will self-sabotage your efforts each and every time. Let me give you an example… You may have a burning passion to be financially independent, you deep inside you don’t want people to judge you, like you judge rich people. These are two conflicting goals caused by your limiting beliefs.

3. Model Strategies That Work

After 25 years of studying successful people, I have found that ALL successful people, from every walk of life leave clues, for those who follow after them. As Networkers, we all have very successful upline leaders who are living the lives we dream of. Stop being shy, and contact them and find out what strategies they have used to get where you want to be. By listening and following their lead, you can collapse the time frame it took for them to reach where you want to be, and get there in half the time.

4. Intensify Your Emotions

I believe you should Live Life Like An Epic Adventure. However, if you stop and think about it, every epic adventure has highs and lows. Life is just like that, we will have highs and lows, but if we intensify our emotions to focus on our objectives, then even when we are going through the low times we will roll right through the lows and back to the highs.

Lance Armstrong is a great example of someone who’s world was rocked right at the high of his epic adventure. But, he did not let his emotions get the better of him, and as I am writing this post, he is preparing for his return from retirement to claim an 8th Tour De France. It is during these down turns in our epic adventure, that determine how we finish our race.

5. Give Much More Than You Expect To Receive

We were all put on this earth for a purpose, what the ancient Hebrews called our “Chazown.” If you will make it your focus to live your purpose, and give back to others more than you take, then you will soon find that the success in life you are chasing, will show up.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying your life will become a utopia. But, it will happen. For almost 10 years Paige and I chased a dream of moving from Independence Missouri, to the Emerald Coast of Florida; specifically a small barrier island, where the town of Destin sits. During that 10 years, we went through a medical crisis with Tessa, a personal bankruptcy, our son going to jail several times, and Paige having a miscarriage. But, because of giving more than we expected in return we finally stopped chasing the dream, and watched it become reality.

Through those 10 years we never stopped giving to others, without expectation. Paige helped a single mother, walk through the premature birth of her baby girl. A baby so small she fit in the palm of my hand, and was not fully developed. Paige was able to relate to her pain because of her own lost. Today that baby is healthy and running strong.

I was able to stop a man from throwing himself off a bridge because he thought his life was worthless.

We owned a restaurant during this time period and were able to rally our patrons to give money, gifts and food to those at Christmas who did not have enough money to pay their monthly bills, let alone get gifts for their children.

In all these cases, these folks were not able to give back to us, nor would they remember us today.

But, I firmly believe that because we gave with a pure heart, and did not expect anything in return, that we have been blessed with a life most folks only dream of.

I am not talking about a life, like we see running around the internet with the fancy cars, homes big enough to fit the Queen of England, and countless trips to the end of the earth.

I am talking about a life where we both work from home, we have the time to enjoy our children, and we can walk to the beach anytime we desire.

In closing take time today to write these five Principles For Success on a 3×5 card and carry them with you wherever you go. Read them often!

Never Give Up,


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  1. These are amazing lessons wrapped in an incredible life story that you just posted that was a unique way of restating Robbins’ points. Keep up the good work Troy!

    I work with a man by the name of Paul Beatch who has helped change my life and my wife and three children. I was 19 and single when I met him with nothing going on in my life. He was my upline Emerald at the time in AM/QUIX, and now we are both in MonaVie with Orrin Woodward’s organisation TEAM. I can’t wait to get him onto the internet in a format where he can share with others. I can’t wait till he moves through the ranks on MONAVIE TEAM and is on stage again sharing.

    There is no one as humble, encouraging and as wise as him when it comes to Christian values lived through a robust family and business life impacting people across Canada. He’s probably had an effect like this on a dozen men’s lives through regular business and network marketing. Love this industry and what it can potentially become if we learn to do it properly.

    Dat Tos last blog post.. Merchant Account Terminology

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