Five Methods To Handle A MLM Crisis

After writing on the current Amway .vs Mona Vie situation, I thought I would share the five methods you can use when facing your own MLM crisis.

1. Don’t become part of the problem. — Concentrate on the worthwhile things in your MLM Business that can be turned around. Focus on answers and solutions.

2. Remain committed to creating a new life for yourself — Even through the darkest and most depressing times I have faced in network marketing. I have  woke up each morning determined to stay the course for as long as it lasts. Keep your heart and my mind completely on track. Either swim toward solutions or sink and lose everything. And most of all have a Never Give Up Attitude.

3. Allow the experience to open you up to what you need to learn — Every situation is an Epic Adventure, so learn from them. Learn that if you open your mind to the voices of others, you will open your life to receiving your good.

4. Engage in acts of selflessness — Even if it seems insignificant, devote yourself to giving of your time or money. Many of us have been blessed with benefits both immeasurable and incredible. Establish yourself in a community of people who will come to your aid when you need them.

5. Aim at responsibility, honesty, and integrity at all times — We are all part of the whole, and however we act determines what we receive. There is a law of cause and effect, and what we express comes back to us faithfully. So show empathy to others and keep focusing on the big picture.

Take and write these down, focus on them when you need them the most.

Never Give Up,

Troy Dooly

p.s. I took these five methods from an article I read in the newsletter “seeds of Success.”

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