First Orrin Woodward And Amway Now Randy Schroeder And Agel Who Will MonaVie Take On Next

Late Last Year Orrin Woodward, former Amway top distributor, left and took 15K distributors with him to launch T.E.A.M., and when their non-compete was up, joined MonaVie and Amway sued. Now MonaVia has (according to legal allegations made by AGEL) allegedly paid Randy Schroeder, former Agel star, the equivalent of $3 million (SEE RANDY”S COMMENT BELOW) to come play ball for the MonaVie team.

Now, I have not yet had the privilege of meeting Randy or Orrin personally. Although I have read Orrin’s book, and have followed Randy’s career over the last few years. From all I have seen of these two leaders, it is my personally belief, that if they decided to make a move from Amway & Agel, it was caused by one of two situations…

1. The companies were moving in directions that went against their personal values.
2. They felt deep in their hearts, that MonaVie offered a level playing field for EVERYONE on their teams. (see: Is MonaVie The #1 MLM Business Opportunity In The World)

But, the real question we all need to ask, is…

How will all this payout, and will it hurt the MLM profession as a whole? I am not talking about Randy & Orrin leaving their former companies. I am talking about company CEO’s sending their legal teams after these two.

Think about it for a second, when we join a company, we are told to “TALK TO EVERYONE.” Yet, when we feel it is time to leave, we are told “DON”T YOU TALK TO ANYONE.

I do wish the best for Orrin, Randy all the people and companies involved.

Now, I do think I may join the DSA this year, just to go to the annual convention and see how all these CEOs act around each other. Could be a pretty good fight.

Here is a great link Rod Cook, the MLM Watch Dog put together on all of these actions.

Never Give UP,

Troy Dooly
The Maverick Leader

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6 thoughts on “First Orrin Woodward And Amway Now Randy Schroeder And Agel Who Will MonaVie Take On Next”

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  4. Great balanced post. Good estimation on Orrin and Randy. Companies that think they own people are about to get a rude awakening in these new times. Instead of focusing on making their opportunity better for the people that are involved and that they want to attract, they focus on forcing people to be connected when they choose to do otherwise. Amazingly backwards.

    Dat Tos last blog post.. Dial-UP,IP,Wireless-What’s the DIFFERENCE?

  5. Randy,

    Thank you for commenting and setting the record straight. I was wrong for writing my original post and not sharing both sides on this on going situation.

    I am truly sorry to you and Tara for what I had first written.

    Never Give Up,


  6. I am Randy Schroeder. Internet posts such as this are in some ways amusing…but in other ways troubling.

    For those interested in the truth…here it is:

    I left Agel because I lost confidence in key areas.

    I joined Mona Vie because I consider it to be the finest network marketing company in the world. Those who turn to me for leadership deserve the best.

    The “signing bonus” given me by Mona Vie? Exactly $0.00.

    I have been and remain an advocate for the entire industry of network marketing. I wish you will…irrespective of your company of choice.

    Randy Schroeder

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