DS Domination Review: Is DS Domination a Pyramid or Viable Business Model & Income Opportunity

Over the last few days I have seen a rise in people asking about DS Domination. From CEOs to new entrepreneurs looking to get rolling in a home base business want to know if there are any issues. After investing several hours at reviewing corporate videos and what others have written and spoken about the company,  I came to the following conclusion…


Before I share my conclusions, you can also find several articles on DS Domination at BehindMLM.com which will cover issues I have not addressed.

1. No “About Us” page on the DS Domination main Website is a huge FTC Red Flag.

2. No Refund Policy – Without a doubt this is a tough one because  all DS Domination has to offer is a training platform. However, in order to protect the company against chargebacks or fraud complaints, they should establish some form of refund period. And in order to comply with the Direct Selling Association standard of excellence they would need a long term refund policy.

3. Use of “Walmart” name in video! Without a written agreement in place with  Walmart the company is asking for some major blow back. I couple of years ago MPBToday had issues because they were using Walmart in selling gift cards. And the most current company to face issues has been Lyoness. (In most cases hat happens is reps for the company HYPE the connection between the company and Walmart.

And I am using the following definition for HYPE!


5. exaggerated publicity; hoopla.
6. an ingenious or questionable claim, method, etc., used in advertising, promotion, or publicity to intensify the effect.
7. a swindle, deception, or trick.
4. By legal definition not a traditional “Affiliate Program”, but is by definition a Multi-Level Marketing Compensation Program! MLM Attorney Gery Nehra wrote a great article explaining this and showing four specific state’s laws as an example –  Are Two-Tier Affiliate Programs Multi-Level Marketing?
5. The DS Domination Compensation Plan in its current form, may very well be seen by regulators as a Pyramid Scheme. My professional opinion is that, due to the fact the company currently has a qualification in place, whereby a DS Domination affiliate, after paying their $9.95 monthly affiliate fee, MUST also personally buy any product they are going to sell, creates by legal definition an illegal pyramid scheme.
Let me state, I do NOT feel the founders of DS Domination did this purposely, but never the less, I do believe that based on current regulations, both at the state and federal level, this is an issue.
Here is some additional references to valid my professional opinion…
MLM Attorney, Kevin Thompson  Resources:
MLM Attorneys, Grimes & Reese Resources: 

Direct Selling Association:

Code of Ethics

The Difference Between Legitimate Direct Selling Companies and Illegal Pyramid Schemes

Legitimate Direct Selling vs. Illegal Pyramid Schemes

In closing it is my professional opinion that if DS Domination can fix the red flags, they offer a viable training platform for anyone looking to build a home base business selling on eBay or Amazon.

However, I do not see DS Domination being a long term network marketing business.

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14 thoughts on “DS Domination Review: Is DS Domination a Pyramid or Viable Business Model & Income Opportunity”

  1. I none of the company’s you mentioned “require” anyone to be on autoship. However, they all do have a personal qualifier to receive overrides on their organizations.

    They can earn personal commissions with less than a minimum, but to max the compensation and get paid for developing a sales organization they must meet both the personal and group volume requirements.

  2. Hi i do not understand why qualifiers make a company a pyramid. Mary Kay, Tastefully Simple, Eniva and many others require people to be on an autoship and/or purchase a certain amount every quarter in order to be paid on their group volume.

  3. Hi. I do not understand why qualifiers make it a pyramid. Mary Kay, Tastefully Simple, and many others require that you either be on an autoship and / or purchase so much per quarter in order to get paid commisson on your group.

  4. Ty, always glad to hear from you bro!

    Without a doubt, everything I have heard about the underlying business seems solid. People are using the education they receive and are making real money following the strategies.

    Please keep us informed. I am watching the income opportunity side and with folks like you on the inside, I figure before too long I will be able to do a new report.

  5. Hey Troy,

    I have been testing DS Domination over the last couple of weeks. One of the things that struck me is the fact that 89% of the sign ups I am seeing are customers with no affiliate status.

    To me, that is the exact opposite of a pyramid and I can’t think of a single MLM product in the world that is purchased by nearly 90% customers who are not participating in the compensation plan.

    I am also seeing a lot of people making money online for the very first time.

    There is a lot of ongoing training and our team provides a lot of benefits outside of what is offered within DSD (I was actually featured in Entrepreneur Magazine back in the day for my own eBay business). So yes, you can learn the basics in one month but if one wants to build a longterm eBay business, I don’t think they would drop out at a high rate.

    A lot of times, people quit in MLM because they are spending more than they make, with DSD at $20 a month, it is pretty easy to break even if you follow the basic training.

    I continue testing and watching closely….will report back in the future.

    Hope all is well, my friend!

  6. Hey Troy! I think a big con to this is how easy they made it to have no incentive to stay. I have a few marketer friends who told me people they had under them quit way to soon. Being as I am a curious person, I looked into DS Domination. I mean they give away the jist of the system and what you have to do in the sales page. I believe you mentioned something like this also in your video. Why would the average person stay if they can learn EVERYTHING needed here in less than a month. That leaves no incentive or long term value to keep paying monthly and staying. Maybe this is why some complained and told me most were dropping. They joined, learned it and left. Ugly cycle I guess.

    Thomas Zinsavage

  7. I joined DSD to fully assess the system and canceled within a few days due to concerns about the model and training. I have no issue with drop shipping or with pricing products to what the market will accept. However, in addition to several issues including the copyright issues raised with the copy and paste method, I don’t believe this is a true drop shipping method because there is no agreement between the affiliate/member and a drop shipping company. In a true drop ship arrangement I would market products at retail that the drop shipping company I have the agreement with agrees, in advance, to sell to me at wholesale and then ship on my behalf. That is not what DSD teaches. DSD teaches you to find a product on Amazon, copy and paste that listing on eBay and then when that item sells, go buy the item at Amazon at a cheaper price, and have Amazon ship that item to the eBay customer as a “gift.” There are a few problems with this method. A huge one (in my opinion) can be seen in this example: I see an ad for a car for sale, I copy the ad and list that car for sale at a higher price and in a different location (without the owner’s knowledge or permission), I sell the car and only then buy it from the actual owner, and request that the owner ship it to the buyer as a gift (while the owner thinks I am the actual buyer). I think this business is very risky and won’t last long unless it changes its black hat tactics.

  8. why do you have to “own” the product? So you have to purchase it from Amazon – take delivery of it, Hope it sells, then re deliver it to your customer?

  9. Anytime a program uses a big name corporation’s logo to legitimize themselves, run far, far away from them. There have been too many similar instances of illegal use of other logos, and none have ended well, as far as I know. Besides, when information about the “opportunity” is limited, it is a giant red flag.

    Just saying……..

  10. We have heard that same claim. However, as long as a corporate co-founder has a live video stating “people must own the product to receive commission” it’s an issue.

    I am sure the guys, will get it handled!

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