Dreaming of a Less Stressful Holiday

It’s early September, and already the stores are full of Halloween decorations. Before we know it, we’ll be gathering for Thanksgiving and looking forward to Hanukah and Christmas.

It’s just about this time that many direct sellers are getting ready for holiday sales. In fact, many direct sellers do most, if not all, of their selling activity during this time just to earn extra money for the holidays or qualify for great deals on holiday gifts that they’ll buy themselves! Consumers are also finishing up their shopping lists and want to find interesting gifts – which they can do in a less stressful, more fun atmosphere through direct selling.

While you may not be able to avoid the mall completely, direct selling is a great way to get a jump on your shopping list. And consider this:

* Instead of driving circles around a mall parking lot, you can park in your host’s driveway.
* Instead of battling the crowds, you can relax with family or friends and take your time perusing the merchandise.
* Instead of standing in line at the cash register, you can fill out an order form at your leisure.
* Instead of lugging bags of gifts out to your car, your purchases will be delivered to your home.

Hard to argue with that! To see if the gifts on your list are available from a DSA member, check out this list of companies. Happy shopping!

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