Dr Yibing Wang The Man Behind The Secret Power Of The VeMMA Formula

Dr Yibing Wang, is the man behind the secret power of the VeMMA formula. Most company owners are not medical doctors or scientists, and in the case a VeMMA this is also true. However, BK Boreyko did not let that stop him. Years ago he called upon a man who has become his close friend, and together they have created some of the world’s most powerful category creating nutraceutical products.

You can read part one of this series here.

Dr. Yibing Wang

Dr. Yibing Wang aka Dr. Y as the VeMMA family call him did not get his start here in America. He started in his homeland of China, studying eight years to earn the equivalent of a medical degree in Cardiology. After that, he went on to master the ancient arts of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Still feeling like there was something missing in his education, he came to America and once again went back to studying. He earned a PH. d. in Microbiology and a minor in biochemistry from Louisiana State University (LSU). Dr. Wang worked six years as a research and development scientist before teaming up with BK Boreyko at New Vision International and VeMMA

It is Dr. Y’s passion for excellence and his drive to creating healing formula’s for people, that he has created the secret formula behind VeMMA. Watch this video on how VeMMA is made.

Here is a letter Dr Y wrote on the case studies and their results: Read Here

Dr. Wang, did not stop with just creating a powerful nutritional formula. He wanted to make sure, what he had created really does help people. He and BK decided it was in the best interest of the VeMMA customers and team members, that they get blind cases studied done on the formula. Watch this video as BK Boreyko talks about the VeMMA case studies.

Here are a few links to the case study documents:

VeMMA Science Page

Journal of Medical Food

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry

I want to give a special thanks to the staff of Success From Home Magazine for some of the facts on the life of Dr. Wang.

And again I must make it very clear, this is an unpaid editorial. However, we did receive a few hundred dollars woth of New Vision and VeMMA products to help us with our reasearch and report.

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1 thought on “Dr Yibing Wang The Man Behind The Secret Power Of The VeMMA Formula”

  1. I was so happy to see that they had done this. I am a Wellness doctor & having this type of 3rd party validation about a product I recommend is very important.
    There are lot's of other products out there that have their 'science' page full of studies about components of their ingredients, but NOT about the actual product itself. This is very important, because I could find many studies about the health benefits of grapes for example, but if I make a 'grape superjuice' & I pasteurize the grapes at high temperatures & don't take any precautions about the environment around the juice as I am filling the bottles it won't have any of those health benefits left.
    The VEMMA studies are the best quality you can have – randomized, double blinded AND placebo controlled.
    Something to be proud to promote.

    To your health!
    Dr. Marco

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