Donna Gunselman Top Female MLM Leader Goes From Defeat To Victory Helping Abused Women

Donna Gunselman, wasn’t always the powerful leader she is today. But after 17 years of emotional and physical abuse she not only broke out of the relationship, she also learned what had kept her in the abusive relationship for so many years.

After a couple of years off to heal and to grow personally, she is back with a vengeance. She is providing guidance to women and children who are victims of abusive relationships, by offering them entrepreneurial mentoring, personal support and answers to questions only a person who has live through the hell of an abusive relationship will know.

Donna Gunselman

I was sitting here today and Donna called as she was walking down the beach picking up Starfish, just to say “Troy thank you for your friendship.” As we chatted I could hear the passion and excitement in her voice as she shared the vision she has to help others succeed personally and financially, so they don’t have to live in the danger of an abusive marriage or any other kind of relationship.

As she was chatting with me, it took me back to days as a bounty hunter and body guard, when we would work for families to help them get their daughters out of abusive relationships and into safe houses.

It also brought a little sadness as I realized there are still girls and boys who are victims, slaves if you will of the sex trade here in the USA, who like Donna have been brainwashed into believing they are worthless and no one will ever love them.

Listen if you know someone who needs to hear Donna’s story. Someone who may need to contact Donna, then send them this article, or better yet, send them directly to Donna’s site.

This compelling story of victim, to survivor to victorious champion will give hope to others who may be going through a similar situation.

Donna Gunselman’s personal site

What is Donna Gunselman Doing Now?

Donna Gunselman’s Personal Coaching Site

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4 thoughts on “Donna Gunselman Top Female MLM Leader Goes From Defeat To Victory Helping Abused Women”

  1. Concern MLM,

    I respect your input and straightforward opinion. When I launched this site I had four objectives in mine.

    1. Current MLM News which truly effected the distributors
    2. Report on questionable companies with Scam Alerts
    3. Training from solid leaders, plus my own
    4. To review Servant Leaders from all kinds of companies

    We created our categories in a way to keep all this information separate and targeted. Overall I think we have done a pretty good job. Although there are a few which have slipped through, we have been vigilant to keep MonaVie distributors from blatantly posting about their business on a Vemma article, or Global Verge on a XanGo article.

    We have given a little to much room for some in specific areas, and admited that a few weeks ago, when I went in and deleted several comments on several articles.

    I fully understood based on the organization Donna was in, that some links would go to questionable "training" programs. However, her story and true passion is so great, I made a corporate decision to allow it anyway.

    I can assure you we will be staying impartial, and it is leaders suck as yourself, who are willing to share their opinions so freely which once again shows we are building a family, not just a website.

    Thank you for being a rock solid community member.

  2. Troy,

    Donna's story is very motivational and is a story that many should also listen to. I do have a family member that was abused not once but twice and I see the pain in her life, so I perfectly do understand. The major concern that I have in this community, is too many people are using this forum to promote opportunity, motivational web portals and to trash other companies for their own self interest.

    I mentioned this concern after reading this posting and just wanted to voice my personal opinion of what I know and it only an opinion.

    Troy, I would just like to see that MLMhelpdesk stay impartial and if there are unethical companies that are just taking advantages of people it should be expose so that we can have a community where we can trust the integrity of the people who are posting these information.

  3. Concern MLM,

    Thank you for your input and honest opinion. I assume you do not know Donna, like I do. Or maybe you have never had a mother, sister, or daughter who has been abused. I fully understand Donna is with MonaVie and that Jim has built sites to promote his MonaVie business.

    However, based on Donna and what she have overcome I am will to support her. She is no different than any other Servant Leader I have supported and written about here at MLM Help Desk.

    How come you have waited until now to mention this concern?

    If you know something I don't feel free to connect offline at, you know I'll listen.

  4. Troy, we love to hear people stories and we love the community that is being build to bring information to your readers, but I must say when MLMhelpdesk become a dumping ground for people to promote their opportunity and their personal web based business, then there is a problem. More and more I see that distributors from many network marketing companies or company that is recruiting people into their motivational system, all have one goal, to promote their business model and I think you should not allow this to happen. Troy we support you and the information that you bring to this community and we do not want to see this community become the tabloid. More and more people are finding ways to get unto MLMhelpdesk to promote their mission, cause or even promote motivational tools and upcoming events thus stearing people blindly because that story or person was feature on MLMhelp desk and gives the impression that Troy Dooly has given the stamp of approval. Perfect example is Donna Gunselman link that brings you to other motivational sites that are being develope with only one thing in mind to promote a future tools system that will become another corruption in the business support material. When you look at these folks, they have never really had the level of success but the sales of business tools and selling of their books. This need to stop as this forum is becoming a dumping ground for garbage.

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