Does Game Loot Network Make Sense For Network Marketing?

Lance Baker Turns Book Into Thriving Gaming Platform

Over the last few years I have been studying the gaming industry and how gamification worked inside other verticals and in some cases what seemed like totally unrelated industries.

I’ve also been watching how small game development studies would self-fund some of their games by incentivizing the players to upgrade, answer surveys, or just down right pay cash to rank up, add a weapon or gain additional help from other players.

So, when MLM attorney, Kevin Thompson  introduced me to Lance Baker, I was more than just passively interested in what he and his team were developing.

Game Loot I soon learned Baker had written a book Game Loot on the gaming industry, so I figured that would be a great to read and learn what his thoughts are on the gaming industry.

As I dove into the book I gained a better understanding on the foundation in which the Game Loot Network was built.

Then I read a report on, which stated 1 in 4 Americans play games attached to a well know IP (Intellectual Property), like Batman, Transformers, Legos and Starwars.

I dug deeper and started reading articles over at Developer Economics like:

Business Model combines Magic and Algorithms in Mobile Gaming

Where I learned that…

By implementing lifelines, offering new question packs, and decoupling game boards from the premium upgrade, we have in subsequent games removed the limit on how much money you can spend.

In other words, what Lance Baker had written about was truly validated by the big data associated in the research done by others.

I dug deeper into the science behind the mobile gaming craze, and read…

The Science of Mobile Game Marketing

The research in this article shows that…

Most people find apps by browsing the App Store or Google Play. A close second is recommendations from friends and family. People across the globe discover games in those two ways. It is as simple as that.

A lightbulb went on for me. If Game Loot Network was a membership based platform, where gamers from around the Globe met, became friends and were playing each other, then not only would relationships be forged, but if these gamers were having fun, they would in turn tell their friends and family about things.

So now instead of having to go search on Apple or Android, folks could just hang out and play games.

Although it’s still in the beta stages and with some of the games not launched yet, I have learned through Lance Baker and his team that new games are right around the corner. And that Game Loot Network has now teamed up with some well-respected game developing studios to bring in some pretty cool new games.



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