DNA aka Data Network Affiliates and Narc That Car May Be Running Interstate Crime Campaigns

This week one of our Investigative Advocates brought to our attention some very important information which could cause some MLM License Plate collecting companies some major issues.

This new concern, which surfaced this week, comes from the fact License Plates and the information contained on them is not the property of the individuals driving the car. After doing a little research in my own home state of Florida, I am quickly learning that the license numbers, actually the license plates themselves belong to Florida.

So, what happens when this data is collected by employees, or independent contractors working for a private company, with the specific purpose of reselling this information for a profit?

In some, if not all States it is a crime, and seen as selling stolen property of the State who issued the License Plates. This could place both Data Network Affiliates and Narc That Car in a position of defending the actions of their distributors and themselves from running an Interstate Crime Syndicate of independent reps who are selling information which is to be used only by the State and law enforcement.

I strongly suggest distributors of DNA aka Data Network Affiliates and Narc That Car check on the laws in their specific state before beginning to collect license plate numbers.

Now, I have heard Data Network Affiliates is not looking at the License Plate Data, as their main core business in the near future, and will soon be revealing something that will revolutionize the MLM world.

If any DNA reps can give me some details, I would love to hear what this is. It DNA is leaving behind the License Plate gig, and moving to provide services or products to legitimate end users through their field force, then I want to know.

Although, I have asked some hard questions over the last week, I will also be the first one to yell from the tree tops, if Data brings out a viable business for distributors, which will not bring the regulators calling.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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21 thoughts on “DNA aka Data Network Affiliates and Narc That Car May Be Running Interstate Crime Campaigns”

  1. Troy,thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question. Good luck on the path which is your life, Sir..



  2. Is it illegal for State Patrol officers to be gatherring this info for D.N.A. selling it for a profit as is typically done? I feel as though it is a serious violation of my privacy when an officer is gathering this info as he is writing me a ticket while working for the state or any other time. This info can get into the wrong hands,and I'm sure it does, putting me in danger from a number of negative scenarios. I can't believe these officers who are doing this are within the parameters of the law. It is a scary enough thought of citizens collecting info on me and is even scarier knowing that state employed officers are doing this on and off duty. I am extremely bothered by this whole deal. People should mind their own business.

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  4. http://bit.ly/d9RBOw
    Troy, DNA actually has 4 different divisions, one of them is Wireless Business. http://bit.ly/d9RBOw
    You can actually get Unlimited voice/text and data for $20/month on Sprint back bone
    Here are more plans, compare that to any ATT or Verizon unlimited plan, its more or less 50% off http://alexander.datanetworkaffiliates.com/conten

  5. Hawkster,

    Thanks for stopping by. Since you did not mention your state for whatever reason we can't check the statutes. However, there are several states with statutes on the books which can placed the distributors in those states in legal jeopardy based on the fact they are paid by a private company for information belonging to the their respective states.

    And, if you don't mind please provide the location on your state website where a 3rd party public company or person can gain "public" information on license plate registrations. Since the plates are registered to VIN numbers and not specifically to people, I would love to validate your comment.

    As for a the great tool for law enforcement, exactly how did he see this as a help?

    Now, we have made it clear databases have been used and will continue to be used in the future. the issues are the tracking and the fact both companies have lied about their current involvement with federal and state agencies.

    We have also questioned the use of an MLM compensation plan to pay independent contractors to gather information for the company .vs paying them to selling a product/service to an end user. The laws are already in place which govern this issue, and I am not sure why distributors bypass these questions.

    A business can run a legit operation, have distributors sign up. the company can place this new information in their data base (you do get paid for entering your own lic number) and then knowing they will have to change the comp plan, they will have just built their data base by tens of thousands, and the distributor is still the one who will lose.

  6. I would like to say that as a retired LEO I went to my State Attorney and ask his opinion about CSI, he said that all of the information is public and there where no laws being broken! He also thought it was a great tool to help law enforcement agencies.

  7. Kay,

    Welcome to our community. Let's see if you can provide facts, not just opinion.

    1. What proof do you have that Narc is tied into all 50 states DMV? The reason I ask, is because Tallahassee has no clue who Narc technologies is. Plus you will states do not just connect with outside data bases when it comes to DMV info. especially in regards to License Plates. So please provide valid documentation we can investigate from 3rd party government agencies to back up your claim, and not just company propaganda.

    2. Where did you learn people were questioning DMV information being sold? But, if you are selling to the client the personal whereabouts of innocent people, while you collect this information on private property (which does include shopping malls, churches, and schools) then you and Narc may be breaking several stalking and privacy laws on a local, state and federal level. I guess when the first lawsuit is filed we'll see which of us are closer in our deductions.

    3. Now, as for the facts, Why do you feel my facts are not correct? You did not present any valid info to discredit my facts.

  8. You need to get informed.
    1. The data base of a company formerly known as Narc Technologies, is linked to the Dept of Motor Vehicles in ALL 50 STATES. This took a lot of security clearance. Would the DMV in all 50 states allow access to their data base for a company that was selling illegal info???
    2. NO personal info from the DVM is sold, nor is it even valuable to the clients. What is sold is the date/time/place the vehicle was SIGHTED. This is totally PUBLIC INFO & not owned by ANYONE. The fact that a car is parked in a Wal-Mart parking lot at any given point in time, is PUBLIC INFO.
    3. Please get your facts correct before spewing out your negative opinions.

  9. Troy someone sent me an email this week and gave me this phone number with a pre-recorded call.

    641-715-3800 pin 78994# (may I suggest the option#2 which is the 10 minutes overview, however the other options, 5 mins or 25 mins is available as well).

    Once i heard it was NARC I hung up – but I figured you can use the info.

  10. Paul,

    George is a personal friend of mine. He has a passion to help the average folks in MLM. Just a little over a year ago, he stopped charging for the Network Marketing Magazine, and launched a powerful niche social community giving away the magazine.

    I will be calling George tonight or tomorrow to get the inside scoop, then I will be reporting.

    This could be a really interesting change in events.

  11. George Madiou was on the DNA conference call last night announcing he is the new CEO. I don't know anything about him. Is that good or bad for DNA?
    My recent post Progress Update!

  12. GVPit,

    I have not seen anything official stating George has been hired. I did see a post on his Facebook wall asking the question, but until I hear from Him personally (which I will call him tomorrow), then I am withholding my comments and opinion.

    But… If I find out it is the truth, then stay tuned because I will have something to say.

  13. There was a conference call Sun. evening (that I missed) at 5:30pm PST. They also sent out an e-mail…Introducing The NEW C.E.O.
    of Data Network Affiliates Inc


    SUNDAY – 8:30PM EST
    712-432-0075 PIN# is 605196#

    George Madiou is a full-blooded Entrepreneur, complete with validating credentials, Degrees in Marketing and Management from SUNY and NYU (could ya guess he's a native New Yorker!) To date George has owned over 30 businesses, and says they varied from wildly successful to outrageous learning experiences. Among other successful ventures George has achieved high pin levels in two different network marketing companies.

    The Network Marketing Magazine . com

  14. Rich,

    Dean, was going to take a couple of weeks and relax and get this behind him. I will reach out to him this week and see if he is ready.

  15. Gregg,

    I know this is the rumor, but until I hear from George personally, or see on his Facebook page, or receive a personal email form him, I will hold my comments.

    Dubli… Well everyone knows how I feel about that one also.

  16. ROFLOL….

    Ok, Sport,

    Now that we see the level of your education, can you take a second and intelligently respond to the concerns.

  17. Troy, what do you think about DNA hiring George Madiou as CEO given his association with Phil Piccolo? Coincidence with all the rumers?

  18. Troy,

    Do you think it is just a coincidence that D.N.A hired George Madiou as the new CEO, concidering his association with Phil Piccolo?

    There are just too many "coincidences" that makes D.N.A look an aweful lot like Dubaimlm.

  19. Troy, are you gonna be able to come through with the interview you were hinting at with the former CEO of DNA? That, if you can pull it off, should answer a lot of questions.

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