Disrupt Worldwide Really Poised To Change Network Marketing Or Just a 2.0 Remake?

Disrupt Worldwide - A New Vision & Mission Or Just Another 2.0?
Over the last few months I’ve watched and listened to all the rhetoric and hype surrounding the closure of Wake Up Now aka #WUNLife and how other companies like Wealth Generators and Pro Traffic Plus were the new “Wake Up Now scams” because former top leaders had taken their teams there.

Then word leaked out that Kirby Cochran, former shareholder and CEO of Wake Up Now had launched a new international company with his brother Gary Cochran, and people started calling it #WUNLife 2.0.

But it wasn’t until I received a call from Jason Elrod, the former president of Wake Up Now, telling me he, had moved his family back home, and was staying in the direct selling industry, launching his own company with a partner, that I really started to read the pro and con buzz about 2.0. I was particularly interested in what the critics had to say when they started propagating that Disrupt Worldwide is another scam, like Wake Up Now.

Author’s Note: Wake Up Now was never found to be a scam, nor was it’s founders, shareholders or officers ever investigated or charged with any crimes. One of the former major shareholders Kirby Cochran was sued by the Board Of Wake Up Now after he was terminated for $70 million dollars based on a lack of fiduciary controls.

In February of 2015, Wake Up Now did announce the closure of their network marketing channel in the USA, and it’s my understanding the company is now liquidating all assets to payoff short term creditors which include former distributors which  may be owed past commissions. 

So are the critics and proponents right -- is Disrupt Worldwide and other companies just WUN 2.0, or at least in the case of #LifeDisrupted is this a brand new network marketing culture working to use a Blue Ocean strategy to create something completely new?

Well here are a few thoughts on 2.0. First of all we should dig a little and see what the definition of “2.0” is, not what we think it is and if it applies to Disrupt Worldwide aka #LifeDisrupted.

The Oxford Dictionary tells us the following.

Definition of 2.0 in English:

Used to denote a superior or more advanced version of an original concept, product, service, etc.

Origin:Early 21st century: from Web 2.0.

Definition of 2.0 in:US English dictionary

So we know it’s a tech term that came from the Web 2.0 trends of the 21st Century. So does this apply to Disrupt and/or any other company where former reps, and/or executives, shareholders and founders have gone? I guess that is subjective and totally up to those who feel like their companies meet he definition or 2.0!

But, let’s not beat around the bush, let’s look directly at Disrupt, to determine if it fits the definition of 2.0.

Disrupt’s tagline is: “Progress Doesn’t Happen Without A Little Change.” This tagline in and of itself doesn’t fit the definition above for 2.0. Nowhere does this tagline talk about creating a more advanced version of an original concept, product, service etc.

But what it does tell us, is that Disrupt is founded on progress and change. Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner authors and creators of The Leadership Challenge have shared case study after case study the following:

Leaders search for opportunities to change the status quo. They look for innovative ways to improve the organization. In doing so, they experiment and take risks. And because leaders know that risk taking involves mistakes and failures, they accept the inevitable disappointments as learning opportunities. 

If we exchange the word “Change” in the above paragraph to “Disrupt”, then we can see that based on the tagline found on www.LifeDisrupted.com that Disrupt is founded by leaders who understand that through both failures and successes they will become better leaders.

Does this mean others will still see Disrupt as a 2.0? I’m sure they will, and for whatever reason, no one will change their mind. But if you are reading this, you need to figure out for yourself is it really even matters.

Many companies are build on a past failure. These leaders learn from their mistakes and create something better. We would not have electricity, had those early pioneers not been willing to hit 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 1000.0… until they got it right!

The founders of Disrupt are Jason Elrod and Rea Nichols both have had their shares of great successes and grandiose failures in their careers. But what else they seem to have in common, is the ability to grow through both the ups and downs of their careers to create far more success than failure.

Does this mean that Disrupt Worldwide will become an iconic company, and go down in history as their greatest accomplishment in modern history? NOPE! But it does mean, that if they continue to attract the right talent around them, they could literally disrupt the status quo of network marketing, and create a new way of doing business.

For example, they are the first company I have found in direct sales in the USA, which right out of the gate is teaching their people to use cash over credit. This one process alone, shows me they are willing to walk their walk. Heck even most churches lead with credit cards for paying tithe, which they preach “be debt free.”

Disrupt has teamed up with Bradley Wilkes and his team over at WingCash.com to offer the Disrupt Distributors an all cash option when it comes to joining the business. But instead of stopping there, they expanded it to the customers as well.

Now for those who may not know, Bradley Wilkes is the Founder and former President and CTO of ProPay, one of the most respected names for payment processing in America, and specifically inside of the direct sales industry.

I would bet a nice steak dinner that Mr. Wilke’s had his team do some due diligence on the Disrupt team prior to inking a deal with them! This is just one of the strategic partners who have found they way into partnership with Elrod and Nichols.

Author’s Note: Using cash in business today is not the norm, and can cause some frustrations. However, from Bob Dickey to Dave Ramsey to Eric Worre we are being taught that debt is not the answer. For a company to take a stance and say, let’s offer a cash solution, and then reward those who use cash with lower prices, then I say ROCK ON! 

But, wait… “Troy what about the fact some of the products look like Wake UP Now products? Or the fact Eric & Todd Turner aka Seamore & Chaycen Green joined Disrupt. Or the fact that dude from the hood by the name of Daryl Kingston Djuan aka “YG for Young Genius” joined Disrupt doesn’t that somehow prove that Disrupt is a 2.0 of #WUNLife?”

Well on the surface I can see how folks might see this as some indication of a 2.0 of something. But only if we assume that Green bothers and Kingston are more advanced or represent a superior version of who they were when they were marketing Wake Up Now. And from reading what is on some critics sites, I sure don’t think they believe this at all. 🙂

Author’s note: Seriously, do you think three of the highest paid and most owed former distributors of a failed company is going to jump right back into the frying pan if they remotely thought, Disrupt was just a 2.0? Would they put more of their money and all of their reputations behind something with a foundation that shaky? I can’t find a logical conclusion to that train of thought! 

But, to just state Disrupt is a 2.0 based on the fact these men have joined… well then you would also have to conclude that Wealth Generators, where Brian Roberts and Brandon Boyd landed is also a Wake Up Now 2.0. Or that Pro Travel Plus aka PTP is a Wake Now Now 2.0, because #LadyBoss Robyn Mancell and former Denver Bronco Gerald Willhite land there. Or based on the fact two of the former controlling shareholders of Wake Up Now, Kirby and Gary Cochran are founders and officers of a new network marketing company called Global Communication Network, that it also must be a Wake Up Now 2.0.

But again using the definition found in the Oxford Dictionary, we can see that none of this is true! There is no wake up now 2.0, just like there is no MoanVie 2.0 -- unless you believe Jeunesse Global the company who bought the assets of the failed giant is trying to create a more superior version of MonaVie or the products.

No what we have is a group of men and women who launched a new company and are willing to do what it takes to create a successful business.

I can say I have found some great examples of how Disrupt is far superior to any former company:

1. When you read their P&Ps you find the following two polices (and don’t get me wrong I am not saying these policies are perfect, but these stood out):

2.8 Insurance – Business Pursuits Coverage

Disrupt encourages Distributors to arrange insurance coverage for their business. A homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover business related injuries, or the theft of, or damage to, inventory or business equipment. Disrupt Distributors need to contact their insurance agent to make certain their business property is protected. In most instances, this may be accomplished with a “Business Pursuit” endorsement to an existing homeowner’s policy.

11.5 Unethical Sponsoring

A. Unethical sponsoring activities include, but are not limited to, enticing, bidding or engaging in unhealthy competition in trying to acquire a prospect or new Distributor from another Distributor or influencing another Distributor to transfer to a different sponsor.

B. Allegations of unethical sponsoring must be reported in writing to the Disrupt Compliance Department within the first 90 days of enrollment. If the reports are substantiated, Disrupt may transfer the Distributor or the Distributor’s downline to another sponsor, Placement or organization without approval from the current up-line Sponsor or Placement Distributors. Disrupt remains the final authority in such cases.

C. Disrupt prohibits the act of “Stacking.” Stacking is the unauthorized manipulation of the Disrupt compensation system and/or the marketing plan in order to trigger commissions or cause a promotion off a downline Distributor in an unearned manner. One example of stacking occurs when a Sponsor places participants under an inactive downline without his or her knowledge in order to trigger unearned qualification for commissioning. Stacking is unethical and unacceptable behavior, and as such, it is a punishable offense with measures up to and including the termination of the independent consultant positions of all individuals and/or entities found to be directly involved.

C. Should Distributors engage in solicitation and/or enticement of members of another direct sales company to sell or distribute Disrupt products and services to, they bear the risk of being sued by the other direct sales company. If any lawsuit, arbitration, or mediation is brought against a Distributor alleging that they engaged in inappropriate recruiting activity of another company’s sales force or Customers, Disrupt will not pay any of Distributor’s defence costs or legal fees, nor will Disrupt indemnify the Distributor for any judgment, award, or settlement.

Disrupt even covers some Dos and Don’t that other direct selling companies ignor or never publicly talk about, like raiding other companies, or putting up a video about why you left a former company.

Something else I saw was in the compensation plan document.

As a company, we reserve 65% of the company’s total global volume to pay to distrib- utors as Global Overrides each month. The Global Override Commission is calculated based on your Qualified Volume for each commission period. As your QV grows and you advance through the ranks, you will be able to increase your earning potential each month.

I called Jason Elrod and asked him specifically to explain to me what “we reserve 65%” means? He didn’t hesitate, he came right back and said “we took your advice and like companies in highly regulated industries like insurance, real estate and financial securities, we opened a commission account and we sweep the commissions owed to the Disrupt sales team into that account, so they are not co-mingled with our general operating fund! (I’m going to do a separate post on what happens when this isn’t the norm.)

So, when I look at the 2.0 crowd I do not see that they are using the Oxford definition. Instead I see them trying to spin a narrative to met their personal agenda, similar to what we see politicians do to get elected. This doesn’t mean that all their agenda’s are unethical or wrong. It just means they see things from a different worldview, and in most cases nothing ill change it!

This is just the first of a series we are going to do on Disrupt Worldwide, as we continue to consult and work with their corporate team and field leaders.

In the next few weeks I will interview Jason Elrod, Rea Nichols and some of their founding field leaders to get a solid feel for past, present and future of this team.

Now does this review and others we do mean that without a doubt Disrupt Worldwide is going to be the next home run for you and your team? Does it mean Disrupt Worldwide will totally succeed and become a household brand? Does it mean my opinions based on the facts as I know them, and or uncover them are 100% accurate?

The answer to those questions is NOPE! At the end of the day, no one knows what can happen. But what I do know is this. If you will do your due diligence, hunt down all the pros and con on Disrupt, discern all you read, call people in the company, ask the hard questions, and follow your gut, then at the end of the day, if you decide to market for Disrupt and join as an independent professional with their company, that you will have a great chance of hitting your objectives.

But it takes more than just joining a company, or marketing for a company. It means you need to go back to school and become a student of business, network marketing and most of all Disrupt! Remember this is a business, not some get rich scheme.


Disclaimer: Although author is a strategist to the founders of Disrupt Worldwide, this editorial review, as well as the views and information expressed therein, are the sole opinion of the author.  This editorial nor any of its content has been reviewed or approved by The Disrupt Worldwide founders or any representative prior to publication.  Any discrepancies, misinterpretations, or misstatements regarding the Disrupt Worldwide business model are the sole responsibility of the Author.





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