Direct Selling News Releases The Top 65 MLM Companies Earning 100 Million Or More

MLM Company Reviews: Direct Selling News releases the Top 65 MLM companies with annual earnings of $100 million dollars or more in wholesale volume.

This is the first comprehensive report we have seen in a while of the top companies, and it provides a great look inside of the Network Marketing profession.

One of the great things about this report is the fact it opens our eyes to just how BIG MLM is worldwide.

MLM Companies Per Country:

The USA leads the world with 44 MLM companies earning over $100 million a year. They also have 8 out of 11 MLM company who earn over a billion dollars in annual revenue.

Japan comes in a far second with 14 MLM companies earning over $100 million in annual revenue.

Germany comes in third with 3 MLMs. One of three countries outside of the USA which is home of a MLM company earning over a billion in annual revenue.

Verwerk & Co. KG (3) the parent company of JAFRA Cosmetics (which in 2008 earned $602 million is sales) earned $3.4 billion in global sales in 2008. Verwerk was founded in 1883, and is currently in in 61 markets with 530,000 distributors. Now, think about that for a second. They only have 1/2 million reps, yet earned $3.4 billion… I think their sales force is focused!!!!

Germany has 3 MLM companies and Peru 2 earning over $100 million in annual sales.

Brazil comes in 4th, but is the third country outside of the USA which is home of a MLM company earning over $1 billion in annual sales.

Natura Cosmeticos SA, (8) earned $1.9 billion in annual revenues in 2008. Now here is another company rocking in annual sales with less than a million reps. Natura has 700,000 reps in 9 markets.

China ties Brazil with 1 MLM company earning over $100 million in annual revenue.

Mexico is also home of one MLM company earning over $100 million in annual wholesale revenue.

Sweden is the 3th country to be home of a MLM company earning over $1 billion in annual wholesale revenue.

Oriflame Kosmetiek B.V. (9) earned $1.9 billion in 2008. Founded in 1967, is the market leader in over half of the markets where it does business. they are in 61 markets and have 2.8 million distributors worldwide.

The United Kingdom is the last on the list of countries which is home of a MLM earning over $100 million in annual sales.

This is a true testament that MLM is alive and growing worldwide.

Now a few other interesting facts I found in this research report are as follows:

The 10th largest company in annual wholesale revenue is Forever Living Products (10) earning $1.7 billion in sales.

For those readers who don’t know, Forever Living is the world leaders largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of Aloe Vera. Forever Living Products has 9.3 million distributors in 137 markets, yet we never seem to talk about this company.

Forever Living Products is a prime example, proving you can build a solid residual income which can last for generations!

The other crazy fact I found interesting is that MonaVie (14) founded in 2005 did $854.9 million in 2008, and Noni (25), XanGo (65) and Agel (58) three companies which are as old or older, are only listed as doing “more than” $100 million in annual wholesale revenue.

It just goes to show, you do not have to create the category, to become the dominate leader!

I also found it remarkable that one company, who is only doing business in two states (Texas & Georgia) and only 5 years old, did $825 million in 2008. Ignite Energy was founded in 2004 and really did not enter Georgia until a year or so ago, is flat breaking records like crazy. And the really crazy fact is… They only have around 160,000 reps.

Excel Communications may be dead, but the remnants of it’s old leadership still knows how to grow an MLM in the state of Texas!

Then there is Stampin’ Up (44) which in 2008 did $200 million selling rubber stamps. Talk about a company and its field force who is not participating in the rescission. This company should be an example for us all. I hear all the time, “the recession is killing my business,” then I run across a company who is not selling a “NEED” but a “DESIRE” and look what they can do!

Then there is Keller Williams Reality (55). Although wholesale revenue was down from 2007, they generated over $3 billion in transaction commissions.

Seriously, if these distributors can earn $3 billion dollars in the ONLY MLM in Real Estate, why can’t the rest of us earn a few million, instead of using the excuse… No one wants to do business with an MLM company?

Well, you can review the whole list for yourself at Direct Selling News.

Direct Selling News is a website owned by Video Plus, the owners of Success Magazine, Success From Home Magazine, Your Home Business, Empowering Women, and a few others I am sure I am missing. They produce most of the top recruiting DVDs and CD we all use in our businesses.

So, if any of you wonder about the list, you can rest assured they know what they are talking about. They compiled this list from records and records accumulated from Hoover’s Company Records, Dun & Bradstreet, SGA Executive Tracker Companies, Standard & Poor’s Descriptions Plus News, Company-Briefs-Gale Group, Duns Market Identifiers, Market Guide Company Profiles, America’s Corporate Finance Directory, Directory of Corporate Affiliations, some of the companies own websites, the Direct Selling Association, the World Federation of Direct Selling Association, etc. And, they have given the companies all a chance to correct any incorrect information.

Never Give Up,


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18 thoughts on “Direct Selling News Releases The Top 65 MLM Companies Earning 100 Million Or More”

  1. Jordan,

    Excellent points. And something all distributors should fully understand when they hear about "money stories." Most money stories are not "duplicatable" for the masses.

    Thanks for stopping by, always great insight.

    Living An Epic Adventure


  2. Good points. I still think MonaVie had a bigger advantage since the company was under the umbrella of Monarch and therefore the distributors just rolled into MonaVie under the same corporate roof. This wasn't considered cross-recruiting since Monarch founded MonaVie. Nor did they have to leave their paychecks to join MonaVie.

    On the other hand the leaders such as Randy Schroeder, Anne & David Feinstein left other entities (and their paychecks) to join Agel. I'm sure not everyone followed them from their previous companies as was the case when Randy S. left agel to join MonaVie. Anne and David were some of the leaders that stayed with Agel.

    As far as Randy Gage and Eric Worre are concerned, publicly they said they came out out of semi-retirement to join Agel. However, they were well-connected and had quite a following to build a big organization fast. Whether they brought downlines from other companies or not remains unknown…they said they weren't part of other companies prior to joining Agel but you can't believe everything these leaders say publicly. Lots goes on behind the scenes as you know.

    Thanks for the great insights!

  3. Jordan,

    You are correct on the order of launch. MonaVie launched in January and Agel launched in Feb (Information pulled from the informaiton the companies sent to Direct Selling News).

    However, both companies launched on the same playing field. Dallin brought leadership from Monarch and Glen brought his from Synergy and Natures Sunshine along with top industry leaders such as Randy Gage and Eric Worrie, The XanGo boys brought leaders from Noni, and Noni is the grand daddy of them all. So with all due respect, I still believe it is a fair comparison.

    Very few companies ever do a clean launch. They are all soliciting top leadership to launch the company. Which is why we see so many of these great companies entering into lawsuits against each other.

    And on that note, I was glad to see Dallin stood by his word on "Free Agency" and let Raven Starr leave so publicly and move to Agel.

    Jordan you hit on a very good point. Companies need to focus on their internal processes to make sure they are ready for expansion and able to handle the grow distributors can bring to them. And it will be fun to see how all these companies do over the next few years.

    We already know YTB has fallen off the list for 2010 due to a 50% fall in their revenues. And with so many mergers, it will be fun to watch.

    Thanks my friend for stopping by.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  4. Thanks for the great post. I found one error though that you might want to correct.

    MonaVie is actually an older company than Agel. MonaVie officially launched in January 2005. I was actually part of the first pre-launch meetings with Dallin Larson in November, 2004. As you are probably aware, MonaVie was founded by Monarch Health Sciences (founded in 2003). I met some of the top leaders of Monarch before the launch of MonaVie. One of the main reasons MonaVie was able to come into the launch with so much momentum was because Monarch already had a leadership hierarchy to plug directly into MonaVie. This is why it is unfair to compare MonaVie's initial growth to other companies that didn't launch with field leadership already intact. (References:

    Agel started "pre-launch" activity in March, 2005 with the first products being shipped in May 2005.… Their "official" launch was on September 2005 at the first Agel World Conference. They have done quite well for themselves but could have done better had they timed their international expansion plans better. They didn't have enough support and infrastructure in place to launch in as many countries as they did. This caused many to leave the company…they spread themselves to thin to fast. They seem to be recovering from this now though.

    Looking forward to seeing these industry number in the years ahead! Thanks again for the post.

  5. Chris,

    I think it's the way the question was asked "More than $100 million" Some companies like XanGo who are in the middle of a Shareholder Lawsuit might not want to disclose how much they are making, because it would give written evidence their minority shareholders could use to strengthen their case.

    The good news as I see it, we have a very strong profession and we can be proud to share it with others.

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  6. There are indeed many companies on the list doing 'more than $100m', who are doinf WAY more than $100m in actual fact, but don't disclose their revenues. XanGo for example is up around the $500m mark but listed as 'more tan $100m', which although true is hardly close to accurate.

  7. Jimmy Prince,

    Thank you for coming by and bring a live testimonial for one of the great companies we have in Network Marketing.

    If more companies would look at the FLP business model from the inside out, they might grow to do a billion a year also 🙂

    Living An Epic Adventure,


  8. FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS (FLP), a 31 year old company, just keeps on soaring in revenues and territory worldwide every single year. I am leading a group of distributors down here in Florida and now looking to expand throughout the states. Anybody interested, watch this video that will give you an idea of what ordinary people just like you (from the UK), think about the business we offer
    Here is my business page

  9. Troy:
    With regard to the inclusiveness of this list, you’ll notice the disclaimer at the beginning of DSN’s article – that they compiled these companies by doing research of publicly accessible data. Only then did they contact the companies to corroborate the data.
    Hence, companies with over $100M in revenue whose data is not publically accessible would not be on this list. As stated in my previous post, I personally know of several companies that are doing more than $100M that aren’t on this list. Why? Precisely because their data isn’t publicly accessible. In fact, DSN includes an asterisk next to the companies that didn’t respond to DSN’s attempts to corroborate the data. That shows how tenuous these numbers are.
    As stated before, this is a good starting point by the DSN but far from an all-inclusive list. You’ll see on the article’s introduction that the authors of the article invite companies to contact them with updated information. They conclude the introduction of this article by stating, “We will be the first to admit that this list is not complete. We did the best we could.”
    I applaud DSN’s efforts to chronicle the biggest companies in our industry. However, I anticipate the second version of this list to be more accurate. In other words, this is a work in progress.

  10. Hey Troy,

    Have you heard any news about

    It’s the new latest and greatest travel company, I thought you would have mentioned them by now. My up-line started pushing it last week…looks interesting but I have some concerns. Any input would be appreciated…Adam

  11. Brent,

    Your company is always a breath of fresh air, because the founders knew in advance the direction they wanted to take the company, and have stayed true to the vision.

    I agree in a few years, your company will be on the list of $100 million or more!!!

    Never Give Up,


  12. Hey Troy, Ambit and Ignite are both on the list…and only in just a small portion of the territories that my company offers for electricity and natural gas.

    Also noticed a couple of telecommunications companies.

    Amazing where my company will be in a few years using both of these two powerful products to market with our MLM opportunity.


  13. Mark,

    You do bring up a great point. However DSN published this list in June and to date no company has come forward to dispute the finding. If you have documentation I’ll gladly publish it so at least over here we can publish more of the facts.

    As for XanGo, and a few others I did notice it state “More than $100 million” this could be left open for interpretation. Although they have laid off hundreds of employees in the last few months.

    And it must also be stated this is $100 Million or more on wholesale volume, not off of retail volume. With the Juice companies I am not sure if wholesale consumption is the same as internal consumption.

    I’ll dig a little deeper after the weekend and see if I can get some answers from DSN.

    Never Give Up,


  14. EliteGroup:
    This list is far from comprehensive. These are the only companies that Direct Selling News could find that are $100M or above. However, we all know many, many more that are doing $100M or more.
    Case in point: Unicity (which is the second-generation reincarnation of Enrich) is doing close to $200M but no one ever mentions it.
    Another example, Young Living Essential Oils is over $100M but it is nowhere to be found on this list.
    Additionally, DSN’s limitation are apparent when they can’t get the annual revenue of companies like XanGo, etc. XanGo is doing much more than $100M/yr.
    However, many of these companies that aren’t on the list probably don’t care that much. I’m sure they care more about how their own company is doing than about notoriety.
    Conclusion: Good starting point by the DSN but far from an all-inclusive list of $100M and above MLMs.

  15. Notice I don’t see Ameriplan on there. I wonder why they keep saying they are a $100 million dollar company? At any rate, still a great post, thanks for the info.

  16. Wow troy great stuff I love this industry I didnt know germany was even in the game that is HOT. People have to stop worrying about all the small things and really go out there and help real people change there life with real companies products and services.

    Great post troy

    Semper Fi
    Never give up

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