Derek Broes Can He be Trusted To Launch and Run The New MLM Company Revolucion

Derek Broes is not a Network Marketing insider, MLM Pro, or even an average distributor. Until a few months ago, his name had never been associated with Direct Selling in any way. So why now, should the MLM Community, especially the distributors of the new MLM Company Revolucion?

Well before I give you my personal opinion, let’s get to know Derek Broes just a little better. Here are a couple of videos we pulled down that shows Derek Broes is willing to fight for what he believes in… Even if it takes him all the way to Congress.

Here is a Hollywood Insider’s blog where Derek Broes has written several articles – Big Hollywood.

Here is a Washington Post article on Derek Broes as Exec. V.P. of Digital Entertainment at Paramount Pictures. Read Here

Here is another small article on Derek Broes from one of my favorite tech sites Read On
Here is Derek Broes’s LinkedIn profile. Here we can see he is not only well respected in one company, but over the last few years, he has earned the respect of several companies.

Derek Broes Co-Founder and CEO of Revolucion

Now, although Derek Broes cut his teeth in MLM, on a very questionable practice company, I truly believe he has surrounded himself with some of the best people to help him run Revolucion. It is also my personal opinion he has hired the best MLM Attorney in the business. One who shares the same core values and ethics Derek Broes lives by.

I personally believe Derek Broes is a breath of fresh air when it comes to Founders who are launching new MLM companies. Although, he is not an insider, has no real experience in the field, I believe his willingness to listen and learn from successful insiders, that Revolucion could become a new shining light inside of Direct Selling, especially the MLM Profession.

Stay tune next week when we start the five piece series on Revolucion WorldWide.

Living An Epic Adventure,

Troy Dooly

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