Defeating Unemployment – One Direct Seller at a Time

For finance analysts and business owners alike, the end of 2011 means one thing – budget outlooks for the coming year. And for many, it comes as no surprise that the latest reports released by the Congressional Budget Office are far less than ideal.

While forecasters estimate that the national unemployment rate will remain well above 8 percent through 2012, and perhaps even longer, even Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke stated earlier this week that the pace of progress of labor market conditions will likely be “frustratingly slow.” Several analysts have largely credited the slow progress to structural impediments in the labor market, including the “mismatch” between existing job openings and the characteristics of job seekers – many of whom are highly qualified college graduates and experienced professionals in search of a new career path.

Where does direct selling fit in, you ask? With countless individuals facing job cuts, reduced pay or hardship in applying for their first job out of school, the direct sales channel offers a unique, challenging – and rewarding! – opportunity for people of all ages to launch a business with the backing of an industry that has been in important part of the U.S. economy since the early 20th century, not to mention the network of millions across the globe who find direct selling to be a source of empowerment and extra income.

Consider the millions of people out there who are unemployed or underemployed and searching for an opportunity to put their skills, knowledge and motivation to succeed into practice. These men and women of all ages and backgrounds can each find their own personal success in direct selling, whether it’s a stop-gap measure until they find a new traditional job, or something they find to be a long-term source of income! With so many individuals striving to earn an income, many of the jobless are merely looking for new ways to channel their energy into a career that produces results, provides opportunities for flexibility and enables individuals to gain invaluable business experience.

While it may be cliché, recognizing the “glass as half full” is as important now as ever; while the national unemployment rate has seen little improvement over the past few years, now is the perfect time to spread the word about all of the opportunities direct selling has to offer!

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